2388/Mining Agreement

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Mining Agreement
Date of Scene: 05 June 2015
Location: BoF World (LOST)
Synopsis: The Dravanians come to a new world. They stage an event and they see if they can get some locals to work deals with them...
Cast of Characters: 522, 636
Tinyplot: Dragon's Bane

Ryu (636) has posed:
    The Western Spires, an area that's only really to the west of Wyndia, who had named it. It's here that an area of mountainside has been walled off and turned into a massive mining operation for Chrysm, a resource that, surprisingly, seems to replenish itself gradually after it has been harvested. That's why the mine is guarded, and why the walls have Wyndian soldiers patroling them. It's a defensible position as well as a renewable source of energy.

    The mountains are otherwise barren. There's no indication of plant life beyond a few shrubs here and there. There are, however, lots of goblins, tiny creatures that seem to be mostly giant heads with tiny limbs that like to bite anyone taller than them. There's also giant wolves, giant horses, giant bears, and giant man-eating plants. If someone is lucky, they might be able to avoid getting harassed by the local harpy population as well.

    Thankfully, there's a road leading up to the mine's big metal front gates. It's a wide road that is paved with concrete that vehicles sometimes trundle down carrying more chrysm to storage and processing facilities.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
With Ishgard having to repair itself, the Dravanians know they have nothing to concern themselves of backstabbing Dragoon leaping out of no where. They wont leave their homeland at all now and that is the way particular individuals in power would like it to stay.

So while some Dravanins, only a select few, remain back in their homelands to continue hassling the Ishgardians. Others have been chose for a most-- curious of tasks. Cause while the Dravanians have grown in number for those on land, they still can not overpower the numbers of the Union and Confederacy, thus the game must be played carefully.

This leads them tracing down a high deal of possible "aetheric" energy, the trouble is--- its well guarded from scout reports. If they have to get around the monsters... they will need to deal with the locals. So then how do you deal with the locals in order to get them to submit some of their resources over and do so without creating a needless war; Given the Dravanians don't have the power right now to deal with such.

You create a bait...

On this fine day, a roar is heard in the distance, followed by another. Several large dragons swoop down from the skies before rushing over the mountains. They were not as large as the Wyrm cousins, but large enough. They would swoop in, chomp their teeth at some harpies that may get to close in and even harass the roadways.

Any workers tried to get out, they would find themselves being chomped at. Anyone opens fire, they would find dragon fire blazing toward them. Apparently-- these dragons wanted make this mountain their home suddenly....

Ryu (636) has posed:
    The mine suddenly has a case of Dragons.

    The workers try to get the hell out of there, a few of them seen leaping over the walls to escape. Several soldiers raise their weapons but don't know whether to fire or not because dragons could very easily kill them. Some of the workers are trapped in their little shacks and dormitories and the mess hall is full of miners peering through the windows at the scaly beasts that have taken up residence. It all happens with a minimum of hassle.

    The mine goes still. Wyndian soldiers have their chrysm rifles out. Workers are cowering here and there. It's extremely tense, but no one wants to get eaten or plain killed, so nobody is attacking the invading dragons. These aren't like the monsters outside the walls. These things are bigger, they breathe more fire and they're apparently meaner.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
One of the dragons lands on the mountain side and roars out a spew of fire into the air, ignite the sky with flames for a bit, before it looks down upon the armored forces with its draconic, predator eyes. The teeth snarl and it lets out a sharp hiss at them.

Now the line...

It isn't much longer till several soldiers show up, soldiers not seen of this world, with tall walker machines, that have hidden machine gun turrets and hidden cannons. These soldiers where armor of white chrome and black. Their armor design sleek, but draconic like.

Once they get closer, the leader steps forward who has a half cape over his shoulder, raising up his hand, before reaching up to take off his helm. He looks human, all but the center oval 'gem' on his forehead. "Greetings," he says to one of the soldiers. "Looks like you have a nasty dragon problem." His violet eyes look up toward one of the beasts who is staring him right back down.

"Maybe my team and I can help." He looks to the man. "We are dragon hunters you see... but it will come with a price... who is the official in charge?"

One of the dragons tries to swoop in and a few of the new soldiers take aim and open fire with a few blue plasma shots that explode in the air. It causes the dragon to screech and take cover with the other on the mountain. This allowing some of the workers to flee.

Ryu (636) has posed:
    The Wyndian soldiers don't fire. None of the dragons seem to be attacking, and the Wyndian's aren't quite sure what to do with what they are seeing. The miners are becoming less and less petrified, many of them peering through their windows at the massive beasts and some of them are taking polaroid pictures of the dragons to bring back to their families. They're common people who have never seen dragons before.

    When the strange soldiers arrive, the Wyndians turn their attention away from the dragons, since those things are not destroying anything. There are reasons why the Wyndians aren't picking a fight... chrysm is horribly explosive and unpredictable, and firing a weapon could hit one of the storage containers and turn the mine into a hellzone of mucky arcane radiation.

    The foreman pushes the doors open and steps out to meet the soldiers. He's a stocky, short, bull-like man, complete with big horns and a nose ring. He regards the walker robots skeptically, and then the leader of the soldiers even more so. The demonstration does much to help. "We can't have a fight in here," he tells them, "It'll all blow up if we get all this giant handbags breathing their fire on us. If you can scare 'em off, we can talk to the government about getting you paid for your efforts."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The knight leader rubbed his chin gently before he raised an eye brow slightly. He glances over the Minotaur and hrms, but doesn't seem to be moved by the size difference. "The thing is, the payment is not by coin. It is by access to one of your mine shafts and thus to some of your resources."

"We keep the dragons away, as once they decide something is of their territory-- they will keep wanting to come back." He further explains, "We get paid by mining and keeping our own equipment running, as there is a strong belief your ore is much like what we need to power our machines." As he says this one of them pats the mechanized beauty.

A few of the dragons move around, though when a camera flashes, one of the dragons look over and snarls, before suddenly dropping down and moving toward where the miners were inside. Those teeth snarling as hot saliva of fire drips past those sharp teeth. It looks ready to burn the people inside of alive!

A few of the knights suddenly take aim with their own weapons. The leader of this brigade places up his hand as to tell them to hold. "I suggest you start thinking quickly..."

Ryu (636) has posed:
    The mining foreman grimaces at the man's words. He looks over his shoulder at the dragons, furrowing his brow at the creature's presence. He weighs several things in that moment, his face showing a lot of tension as the pressure of the deal is built up from the dragon. If he denies these people what they want to do here, a lot of people will die. The mine isn't equipped to deal with armed dragon hunters, let alone dragons. The foreman makes the decision, though it'll get him fired or even arrested later.

    "Fine! Fine, just get these damn things out of here before they kill my men!"

    He's desperate to get rid of the dragons. He's not a dumb man and he feels intensely responsible for these people, he's seen a few of them grow up being miners, some lived their whole lives as miners around him.

    He steps aside to let them through into the main mining camp. "Just... just be careful," he urges them. He really feels like his arm's been twisted here.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Dragon gets ready to open its maw, the heat of the flames within may be felt by those within what felt like a safe place. That is about the foreman speaks up for the good of his people and the Knight can online smile.

...and Sinker.

"Open fire!" He barks out and several blue plasma shot rounds go off at the dragon. The shots impact those hard scales, flashing in bright blue. The Dragon screeches in pain or what one may believe to be so, before it opens its wings and flies upward.

The Magitek cannons lean back with a heavy stomp of he back foot, before their mechanical jaws open and cannon blasts in the air. The Dragons screech and roar back, before a few more blasts are fired. It isn't long till the dragons are chased off and the a few knights give chase just to be /sure/. There was another shot heard in the distance and a dragon screech.

Some miners paying attention, may see it seemingly 'hit', almost dropping from the sky before taking flight again.

The Knight Leader then looks over to the Foreman. "Trust me... long as we are here. Those beasts will cause you and your men no trouble. We will see to that." He extends out his clawed armored hand. "And just to be sure your profits are not hurt to much, whatever we mine up, we'll share part of it with you, sir." There is a smile there, a very professional, business smile.

One of his men walk over, "Sir. We have reports of possible more dragons flying in. Damn migrations." He looks over to the foreman. "Sorry this is happening to your mountain like this." The man says. "Dragons love the mountains, gems, crystals, and good nesting grounds. This is the perfect place to them."

The leader gives a nod. "Just fortunate we happen to be in the air to pick up on them and really, let us face it hm-- resources are far more lucrative of a partnership then coin. Now what is your name and what should we know about the mines here..."

Ryu (636) has posed:
    The Foreman lets out a heavy sigh as they march in and begin shooting at the dragons, forcing the enormous beasts to take flight and flee. It's all a big show, but the Foreman doesn't know that. All he knows is that a bunch of soldiers tracked dragons here and they're dealing with the dragons as best they can. The assurance of not just greedily taking everything makes him nod, comforted by the professional demeanor.

    More dragons. The foreman almost goes pale at the idea. He steps into the mining camp with the soldiers, and turns to regard the leader of the soldiers, telling him, "This is the Spike Chrysm Mine," gesturing around, "I'm Spike." He shrugs his shoulders and grumbles vaguely while he walks away, seeking.

    The miners filter out of their shacks and other buildings, getting a look at the soldiers with bewilderment. It all happened very quickly, with minimal catastrophic explosions, and the miners and Wyndian soldiers have no idea what to do with the situation. One of the Wyndians frowns, and flies off while everyone's not looking, beating his large angel-like wings and heading east.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Knights start to move themselves into position to protect the area. The leader gives a nod of his head. "Pleasure is mine, Spike. You may call me Demetre. My men will setup look out locations and we will start moving in our supplies tomorrow." He places one hand behind his back as he makes a motion with his hand, before that also comes to rest at the small of his back. "We will stay on one side and thus stay out of the way of your own men. We would respect the same... and who knows... if you like the equipment you see that we move in... perhaps we can even offer that to you, but-- that, haha.. that will require coin." There was a grin, before he then moves on.

Their lord would be pleased with how well this went. Hopefully it remains this simple so they have time to establish the mine, get the machinery inside, and start to work on distributing it back to where it all will need to go.

Violence is not required-- he is reminded back of his mind.
At least not yet...