2491/Land So Far From Home

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Land So Far From Home
Date of Scene: 20 June 2015
Location: Crystal Valley
Synopsis: Movement has been picked up by both Union and Confederacy. An unknown group has begun to make camp and individuals go to see who has moved into the Crystal Valley.
Cast of Characters: 522, 530, 583, 604, 691, Sanary Rondel
Tinyplot: Dragon's Bane

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The crystals glow here with elegance as this area is seen as a mystic place of enchantment and magic. It is peaceful location, a place used for many locals to relax, mystics to observe the magical flow, and place that even honeymoons take place.

Who ever has come to this place has brought some type of machinery and are moving into whatever remains of the old quarry, seeming to try and establish a new location. No one knows who they are, as neither side declares them as theirs.

But for those who know Garlean Magitek, they could be confused for the Garleans, yet the technology is slightly off and so is the draconic-styled armor...

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Alerts going off with no confirmed source? That in itself was pretty suspicious. Because it likely meant whoever it was is trying -not- to be noticed. And the possibilities of who would want their activities unknown was a list long enough for Mantigora to not want to overlook the somewhat vague occurance.

Survellience first. Find out just what the source is, then worry about possible destroying it... Which would probably be why she wisely left her 'sidekick' at home and used her nearly silent hoverboard to traverse the valley until she got closer. And meet up with whoever else was coming to investigate, as well. She's had to infiltrate enemy camps enough times to know not to go running in unprepared, as brave as she may be.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen had hitched a ride with Mantigora, and currently was providing her with some overwatch. He had his rifle on the terrain, and kept flitting around for any unseen hostiles. "So far, it's quiet. But I expect that to change."

Raine Arland (604) has posed:
     The sound of a bike speeding through the valley could be heard. On that bike was Raine Arland, a mildly curious look about him as he raced through the crystalline landscape.

     "Wonder what the hell's going on now..." He mumbled to himself as he steered to and fro.

     Raine had been in the area since earlier, navigating the skies on his ship. What for? to check the place out and maybe find any valuable materials to collect. At least that was before the alert sounded on the dashboard.

     He landed his vessel quite a distance away, to keep safe, and took the bike out to approach on land. Which brought us to now. Eventually, some manner of unknown machinery began to appear in the distance, and the man in black slowed the speed of his bike down to a crawl. "Looks like that's it." He slowed to a stop by the side of a rock wall, turning off the bike's engine and peering. "....You recognize that machinery?" Raine asked seemingly no one, making himself look like a crazy person.

     "Hmmm...nope! Nothing I've ever seen!" A voice spoke up from his general vicinity soon after. After that, a figure in white shimmered into sight, floating above him and rubbing her chin with a sleeve thoughtfully as she studied what was going on in the distance. "Well, it's not my problem. Have fun with that~" And with a playful shrug, the white figure vanished, leaving behind a number of white particles.

     "...Yeah, real helpful." Raine grumbled, rolling his eyes at his companion's nonchalance. Guess he had to get closer...

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Work was over, classes were out for the weekend, and homework was... Surprisingly light. That left Sanary a lot of time to herself, and what better way to spend that time than to investigate the alert? Arriving at the Crystal Valley with her trusty gunaxe tied to the outside of her coat, she pauses to watch the unfamiliar gathering forming in the area.

     They can't be the ones that set off the alert, though. The alert mentioned armored men and large machines, so they had to be the responders. Still, she kept glancing around just to try and figure out where those walkers were coming from. "Hey. You here about the alert, too? See anything yet?"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The site ahead had a few tents setup, several walker machines that looked like advance versions of Reapers stood by. They were two legged machines with dark chrome armor, covered engine plant on the back, and a cover over where the pilot would sit for extra protection-- including what looked like an area that could raise and lower in order to protect the rider further.

The men walking around had armor on them that was draconic in appearance, with either gunlances on their backside or gunblades at their hip. Some though didn't have their armor on at all, but were in normal jeans and a work shirt. Many of them seem to be busy looking over the location.

Including some boxes being brought in by a few walking machines being balanced between two of them on a cargo hold. It seems whatever was in those boxes they were having to be careful on lowering them down and some machines would walk back off.

The sound of the motorbike does get some attention, but when one goes to investigate, he is maybe told no and go back to work.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora stifles an exasperated sigh to herself at the sound of a motorcycle approaching. It wasn't -too- loud, but still. She nods a bit to Garen as she collapses her hoverboard back into her inventory, and takes a cursory glance towards the encampment. Not that they could see much from here, even if nanotech could magnify her vision to a fair degree. The dragonic style of that armor though...

The only option was to get closer to confirm before risking any more overt actions.

"Not the first potential enemy camp I've had to sneak into," she remarks in a soft, almost humorous tone, even as she pulls out a pair of futuristic scouting eyegear and tugs it onto her head. The HUD built into the lenses flickers into her view as it syncs with her nanotech, providing a larger and more intricate display than the scouter-style holo-lense that was built-into her datacron had. "You can either sneak around or snipe from here," she adds to Garen, leaving it up to the specialist what he decides to do.

Then in a faint flicker of grid-like light the Draken faded from view, and started stalking towards the encampment. Yes, stalking. They're called Stalkers for a reason, and as far as Mantigora was concerned, information was just as equivilent to prey to hunt as skewering fleshy bodies.

Notibly it was only from vision that the cloaking tech concealed her from, save the faintest of distortions that typically one had to be up close to see. But Mantigora had more than enough experience in knowing how to move quietly and avoid making any sudden moves to go with it.

Raine Arland (604) has posed:
     (Ahhhhh crap.)

     Raine mentally cursed to himself as some people in the camp got suspicious and wandered towards his general direction. At least until they were stopped and told to go back to work. "Phew..." He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and relaxed.

     "You almost got yourself caught already. How completely inept of you~" A ghostly voice whispered to him, causing a frown to appear on his face. He didn't rise to the bait. He'd rather not get surrounded by a bunch of mean looking soldiers.

     But what to do... Raine took note of the position of the guards, and the others working in the camp, as well as the tents and the machinery. He waited for the guards and workers to move in a manner that created a feasible opening, and then he acted. "....Now." He mumbled to himself before pushing off and sneaking towards the nearest tent for a better vantage point.

     He didn't have any stealth gear, so he was going to have to do this by himself. If only he could disappear like his companion. ...Haha, no of course not.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Sanary's content to follow the others' lead, keeping one hand on the gunaxe at her waist ready at all times. There was something eerie about the whole situation, but there wasn't enough information just yet to figure out what that was. Still, seeing the walkers and the armored figures is enough to confirm at least some of her suspicions.

     "Dravanians. Fought these guys a while back. Not fun." She watches as Mantigora heads for the camp, seeming content to watch from a distance for the time being. The healer's not exactly the sneakiest type, after all!

     Instead, she puts a little magical energy into her eye while focusing her gaze on the walkers and armored men, trying to determine their weaknesses with the Libra matrix loaded into that eye. <I'll keep an eye on things from here. If you need a decoy, I'll be listening through the radio.>

Garen (530) has posed:
    "Let's keep things quiest for now." Garen says. He moves and makes note of the locations that Mantigora noted for him and aimed to slip by quietly. Of course, he was pragmatic and was prepared for things to go south, mainly by having a hand hovering over his poison-laced Vibro-knife.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The female hunter moves in closer on her unsuspecting prey. They are unaware of her presence, though one does glance over in her direction. Seeming to maybe take notice of some form of movement, but goes about their own parameter walk.

She may spot them starting to remove some parts and things from the boxes. Including laying out some schematics on a makeshift table from one of the crates...

Though looks like someone is about to be a good distraction as well.

-- SANARY --
As the female healer scans them from a distance, she will find they have no elemental details. This is either because the rules don't apply to them or the armor they have seem to negate such differences. The same goes with the walking machines and yet, some people out of the armor do have slight elemental differences of what they are strong too and weak too, but its not to drastic.

-- GAREN --
As he remains on stand by, nothing exciting finds him. As he shifts though a bit closer, he may see someone getting in trouble...

-- RAINE --
As the try to move in and get behind the tent. Someone steps out of the tent about then, walks around to reach down for one of the bags and finds themselves looking right at the young man. The human stares at the other with a toothbrush in his mouth.

He furrows his brows gently and speaks just slightly with the toothbrush in his mouth before he goes to pull it out. "Just who do you think you are?" This gets the attention of two of the armored guards near by, who turn to look and reaching for their Gunblades...

Raine Arland (604) has posed:

     That could have gone better.

     "Whoa, whoa! Let's not get all stabby shooty just yet!" Raine exclaimed, hands held up in a placating manner. "I'm no one special. I was just passing through the area on my ship and I noticed this camp set up. I got curious is all, so I wanted to see what you guys were up to! Nothing too big, right?" He grinned in a joking manner, looking more like an idiot than giving off any sort of threatening vibes.

     Welp, since he was already caught, he may as well buy some time for those other guys. "Sooooooo what's going on around here anyway? Looks mighty busy!" Nope. He was not going to strike first. These guys looked like they could take people's heads off.

     He liked his head where it was, thank you very much.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
          <No notable weaknesses I can see here... Worst case scenario, hit 'em until they die.>

     That made that idea easier, at least. If they really needed to fight these guys, at least the method would fairly straightforward. Sanary's about to try following the same path Mantigora had taken, but she Spotting the small commotion near Raine, however, she keeps her head down while trying to get to a better vantage point a little closer to him and the workers accosting him.

     <I'll be nearby. Got an idea if it starts going bad, so just... Keep that up, guy.> Would her gamble work? Hopefully, she wouldn't need to do that just yet.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Welp, looks like some kid got himself into trouble. Maybe someone will help him.

But Mantigora isn't about to pass up a perfectly good diversion, either.

Even with her cloaking field the Draken doesn't take any chances, slinking so low to the ground she's almost entirely on all fours, tail twitching just as low to the ground to even out her balance. The parts in the crates are noted, but she's more interested in what they could possibly be used -for-. So she's trying to sneak closer to the table to see the plans laid out on the table.

She doesn't need to get right up to it, just close enough she can see and possibly snap a few digital pictures.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen carefully moved forward, and then overheard the voices of the reaver guards accosting poor Raine. "Damn..." He says. So, he stalks his way over, prepping a pair of flash and smoke grenades, and also tried to imagine where to strike to take out vocal chords, and lives.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
-- RAINE --
As Raine tries to explain their story. The two guards walk over and stare down at him as well. They have not drawn out their gunblades, but they do look at one another, before back at him. It was impossible to see their faces by the way the armor they wear.

Instead the two reach for Raine's arm and go to actually /lift/ him off the guard. There was a slight blue glue against the chrome and white armor as they probably drew power to do such a feet. "You are lucky we are in a /charitable/ mood." One of the guards say.

The guy with the toothbrush snatches his bag and goes back into his tent...

Mantigora moves in closer with no trouble at all. She can see the plan on the table easily enough. The pictures will detail out parts and pieces connecting together, it also looks like their is several sheets under that as well.

It is only one piece to the puzzle, but it is all creating something. A pipe maybe? A power pump? It was hard to say...

-- GAREN --
Garen move in undetected and it is easy to see the guard placement. Some walk around the area, some are standing by looking around. Others look to be getting ready for their patrol shift. There was also some tents still be laid down and he may see two more walker machines coming down the slope with more supplies, being followed by another pair...

Garen can also see Raine trying to be removed from the area.

-- SANARY --
As Sanary moves into position, she almost gets the attention of one of the guards. He goes to move over there, but is distracted by something else moving his attention that way. It was a close call...

Sanary can easily see Raine trying to be removed from the area.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
This was the other reason Mantigora used those fancy tech goggles instead of her basic holo-comm; they have digital cameras built right into them. Look, give the mental command, and her nanotech interfaces do the rest in snapping shots of the visible plans on the table.

But of course that's not -all- of them. Of course this would be one of those 'Collect X pieces of information' sub-missions. The only upshoot is that it seems like she won't have to go crawling all over the camp looking for more parts of the puzzle.

On the other hand, just moving papers is a tricky proposition when you're trying to remain unnoticed.

But duty calls for it, and a bit of extra difficulty was hardly enough to detain an experienced bounty hunter/ex-military commando. People are still distracted by Raine's little commotion, so Mantigora tries to shift some of the papers around to see the prints beneath them as descretely as possible. It's the only way to get a better picture (literally as well as figuratively) to what they're planning to build...

Raine Arland (604) has posed:
     "Ahahaha, sorry, sorry! I was just curious!"

     Raine laughed in a disarming manner, even as he was quite handily lifted him. Wow, was that them or the armor? Probably the armor, he bet. "But wow, you guys are pretty strong!" He continued to jabber on incessantly, being a distraction to the very end. "Are you guys actually that built, or is this something your armor's doing? Its pretty cool either way! Man, I'd love to have armor that just let me LIFT people like nothing! Imagine all the cool stuff you could do with it!"

     Yap, yap, yap, yap.

     "Say, you guys like pie? I love pie! My favorite's pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top actually! And maybe a cream cheese layer on the bottom. It's amazing!" And then he lifted one of his arms, as much as he was able and gave a thumbs up. "You guys have to try it sometime. Trust me, I'm a doctor"

     He's not a doctor.

Garen (530) has posed:
    From his position, Garen made an effort to mark the locations of the guards, as well as the walkers. "Well...To step in, or to keep focused on the mission..."He ponders. He moves a bit forward, the agent watching and waiting.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Sanary can practically feel her lungs about to jump into her chest when she notices that guard starting to come her way, not even allowing herself to breathe until after he loses interest. She takes a little while longer to let herself calm down slightly before resuming her watch from somewhat closer position.

     And she's right on time to spot Raine being lifted right up! At least he's doing a good job keeping their attention. Still, who knows where he could end up if they get too far? Worst case scenario, there's always more attempt at bluffing. Sanary takes a moment to hide her gunaxe under her coat as best she can before starting to move again, trying to keep hidden behind cover while following Raine and the guards holding him.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
-- RAINE --
Raine continues to jabber at them, continuing to be a distraction as they are carried away. Neither of them really reply and as they are carried, they walk past the table to perhaps the one in charge of the camp. "What do you want us to do with him?" The guard asks the man.

<Previous scene advantage! (page if you were there during the assault on the Coerthas Castrum)>
The man looks over he raises a brow. He looks like an older man and has what seems like an off-white oval in the center of his forehead. "Hm?" He looks at Raine. "Just toss him out in the forest. If he /does/ come back... well--" He leans in toward Raine. "You wont come back, now will you?"

"Maybe if he brings us an pie." One of the other guards joke as some laughter is heard by those near by. Yeah, they are not taking Raine very serious, which is probably a good thing.

Thanks to Raine, Mantigora can get in close and start to take sneak shots of the plans. She will notice it is not /all/ of them. Only apparently for the boxes being brought in. It looks like its some type of piping system with pumps. Including maybe some kind of converter?

-- GAREN --
As he observes and watches, he can see some of the shipments being taken inside of a tunnel, along with some tool kits and other types of workers...

-- SANARY --
Sanary successful gets in closer to where Raine is being held. She may (or may not) notice Mantigora taking pictures of the blue prints...

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen watched on like a hawk, and when he spotted the man with the off-white oval, he made a quick mental picture. "That explains a few things quite handily..." He muses. He also made a note to be sure to slip some poison in that man's drink if he got the chance. For now, the agent moved quickly towards the tunnel, keeping his head on a swivel. Years of infiltrations and spy work had taught him to always be aware of your surroundings.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Pumps.. piping... some kind of apparatus system... but why build pumps out here?? Unfortunately that answer doesn't seem to be amongst the blueprints. Plenty of information and pictures here, but it's not all of the answers.

She ALMOST wishes the more technically inclined Chua was here, until she reminds herself that Skuzzler and stealth do NOT mix. She can show him the pictures afterwards.

The crates?... no, trying to dig through them would definately cause noise. She doesn't need to draw attention back to herself again.

And the guards are carrying around the boy are coming past. Mantigora shuffles away from the table, as there is nothing else to fine here.

Garen is going to investigate the tunnel. So Mantigora decides to backtrack a bit, and see if there is anything of use around the tents. One of them has to be their command center. Unless it's down in that tunnel.

Raine Arland (604) has posed:

     Raine laughs right along with them. Oh yes, he knew they were laughing at him and not with them, but an idiot does not differentiate! "Well if you guys want one that badly, maybe I might have to bring after all!" He smiled a smile that only an idiot could smile in the face of all this and added. "What you say? Eh? Ehhh? Ehhhhhhh?"

     He made comical elbow nudging motions with his arm after that.

     ...He might actually be having fun with this now.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Finding a fairly safe spot slash pile of crates to hide by, Sanary seems content to just stay by those for the time being. Raine's been removed from the premises, Mantigora's getting good intel, and Garen... Where was Gare, anyway? Hearing him over the radio, she could really only conclude that he wasn't in any immediate danger just yet.

     <I'll hold position, then. Looks like they took... Uh. Guy out of the camp, so he should be fine. And I think I see... Um. Tall... Horn lady over there.> She keeps her hand on the gunaxe inside her coat even while staying put, glancing around slowly to watch Mantigora's general perimeter.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
-- GAREN --
Garen starts to make his way in toward the tunnel. Thankfully he is skilled at using things around him to hide around, as the area is tight, full of boxes, bags, and equipment. Its also low lightening and seems like people are actually digging -- or making room for something.

Mantigora goes on the move, heading for one of the larger tents that looks about right. It seems it pays off as inside there is radio equipment, a few systems, and possible some folders. Though nothing seems to be powered yet.

There is also some Magitek equipment that is however working, which seems to be generating cool air, but there is also a few red dots on them seeming pointed at one another...

-- RAINE --
Raine cuts up with them and the man turns back to the blue prints. "Get him out of here." He says with a wave of his hand. The two guards then take Raine off and once they get beyond the camping point they actually toss him into the Crystal grassy land.

They then turn around and start to make their way back to the camping site.

-- SANARY --
Sanary continues to stay out of site, even as a guard walks past her. She can see everyone perfectly fine and as a few people start to move over to the crates. It seems like some construction is starting.

Garen (530) has posed:
    In that moment, Garen was glad that he had low light vision. He carefully moved forward into the tunnel, still expecting something to jum out any moment. But as for what was being dug up...that drew the agent's attention. If he had the chance, he would move a bit closer, and deploy some new (if low grade) tech...a small camera perfect for close up images.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
With rumors of strange garlean-styled magitek in the area of a quarry, Yari Takane has come! Wearing some basic black fatigues and shirt tucked in, the Garlean has disguised her affiliation quite neatly. Slinking from crystal-bit to crystal bit, staying low, she stealthiy approaches the quarry itself and the camp that's formed there. An eyepiece is held to her eyes as she starts to get a bead on the situation, taking pictures with her magitek armlet! She soon radios her allies to let them know she's here!

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     <We're still going quiet with this one or...? They're building... Something. I'm not sure what, but it's probably not a thing we want to see finished.>

     Sanary continues focusing on recon from where she is, occasionally glancing over at Mantigora just to keep an eye on her position. Granted, the Draken seems substantially more prepared for stealth ops than the healer, but the idea of following her in there if she chooses to isn't completely inconceivable.

     Spotting Garen heading for the tunnel, though, Sanary bites her lip and glances around a few times before starting for the tunnel herself. She's trying to keep herself out of sight as well and waiting a fair amount of time juuust in case she gets caught.

     She is pretty sure she's going to get caught sooner or later.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
The machine terminal and it's red lights don't mean much to Mantigora, but that doesn't mean that it isn't important, so she snaps a picture of it quick-like. It could be related to all the blueprints of pipes and pumps, after all.

Instead of lingering over that which she doesn't understand, Mantigora instead turns her attention to the folders. More likely to to hold potentially valuable information, and her tail gives a few flicks back and forth at the thought. She grabs a couple and starts going through them to see if she can find anything.

She might be a little more noticable in the smaller space of the the tent's interior, but right now that isn't of a major concern over getting all the valuable intel that she can.

Raine Arland (604) has posed:
     Raine found himself unceremoniously deposited away from the camp and back into the wilds.


     "Ow!" He grumbled, standing back up and watching as the soldiers turned and returned the way they came. "Could have at least set me on my feet. Sheesh!" He sighed and crossed his arms. He went silent and then brought a hand to his ear, finally speaking into the radio. After that, he went silent again.

     Amid that silence, the same white figure from earlier shimmered into sight by him, a sleeve raised to her mouth in utter amusement. "Looks like soooooomeone failed their stealth 101 classes. Low marks across the board! Wheeeeeeeehehehe~" She giggled madly at Raine's expense, fluttering in mid air gleefully.

     Raine rolled his eyes and paid her no further mind. "...Well, you're right about one thing; I'd better leave the stealth to the guys who actually can do it." Despite saying that though, he proceeded to stalk back over to the campsite. But he wasnt going to enter. No, he remained within a safe distance of the perimeter, keeping an eye out for the rest of the proceedings.

     "Wow, you must be a masochist for real. Was Peach Lady actually right?" The girl in white heckled him once more, adopting a lazy laying pose, 'lying' flat on her stomach, chin held in her hands and elbows resting on nothing as she floated. "But now I'm curious too."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
-- GAREN --
As the Chiss agent continues to move in. He will find beams placed up to help support the structure and torches actually being used, which is very low tech considering how much Magitek they are using around the area. Though as he goes further in, he will find less cover ahead of him and far more workers below. They are a mix of different races from humans, tall elves, and even a few Pureblood Garleans.

There is a large section down past all of them working, as they pick up some crates, crack them open and deposit parts down there. They also seem to be measuring and studying the crystals further in as well underground. Seems to be some lengthy conversation between two of them, but its hard to hear and to get in closer to hear would require going deeper into the tunnel...

-- YARI --
Yari joins the others! As she moves in closer she can see that Sanary is trying to head into the tunnel, but she may be in trouble! There is several guards roaming around, along with high-tech version of Reapers moving cargo side by side doing a pathway. They are getting all this stuff from somewhere.

She may also spot some activity on the ridge above as well, but its a bit further in to see and its where the Reapers are coming and going from...

-- RAINE --
Raine decides to stay back and he can see the movement, he also may spot Yari on the move in, but she vanishes from view. He also may spot Sanary trying to get in... That doesn't look good...

Mantigora goes to take pictures, but does so safely by not passing the machines. However she'll find that the images are not all that great. However thanks to maybe some dust in the air, Mantigora will notice that not only on her pictures but also when she looks with her own eyes, there is a shimmer of a beam between the two machines.

That can't be good...

-- SANARY --
Sanary goes to move toward the tunnel, only to see a lance tip come down in front of her. If she looks to her right, she'll find one of the armored dragon knights. "Hello, beautiful." He says with a mild british accent. "I'm starting to think we don't have just random public visitors." There was a sneer in his voice, and not a good one.

Given Raine was caught earlier, it was now starting to become suspicious and the alert of the guards suddenly goes up, as he taps his comm to inform others. Sanary may see a few who are not geared suddenly moving to get themselves geared.

He goes to tap her shoulder with his lance. "Let me see your hands and keep them in the air..."

<Difficulty raised for stealth operations. Camp is going on alert.>

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen takes note of the gathered races, mentally making a checklist for his garlean allies to go over. As for the conversation...it was a calculated risk, but the agent decided that it was worth the risk. So, using his ability to hide in plain sight, to an extent, and trying to mimic one of the elf workers, he does his best to get in range to listen, as well as coyly hit a recording device on his belt. The agent was ready for anything, after all.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari Takane visibly shakes as Sanary gets hit on and held up by one of those soldiers. The thought of hucking a grenade and telling Sanary to run strikes her, but then reason takes hold. It seems she has a partner, and thus, some amount of protection. So instead, Yari steathily tries to make her way closer while clutching a smoke grenade in tail and a silence Garlean pistol.

She radios the duo, "...Give me the word, and it's a smokebomb and bullets between their eyes." Comes the still on-edge words through Sanary's and Raine's radios.

Raine Arland (604) has posed:
     Raine failed to spot Yari moving in, but his floating companion didn't. Her sharp gaze silently watched the new arrival the entire scant moment they were in sight, before vanishing. ".....Hmn." She hummed thoughtfully to herself, but said nothing further. After all, it wasn't her business to notify Raine of everything. If he failed to see something with his own eyes, that was on him. Usually.

     Raine meanwhile was too busy spying on the camp ahead. Looked like that girl with the coat was...was she sneaking in or deliberately getting caught? "Oh come on- Why would she just..." He quieted down from complaining and moved to get a bit closer, just in case. But he would watch and wait to see how this turned out. He could see other off duty soldiers starting to gear up. Looks like their cover was inching ever closer to being blown.

     Hopefully the others learned something of worth in the time before then. Else this entire thing was pointless.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Time to try that acting thing she's heard so much about. Trying to hold down her fear at getting stabbed in the face, Sanary blinks slowly while looking around upon hearing the knight's voice, then staring at about neck level instead of making eye contact.

     "B-beautiful? Uh... Wait, you mean me?" She lets out a short laugh and keeps looking around slowly, trying to look as unfocused as she can. Between not making eye contact or even looking at the lance, she's trying to make it look like she's blind. "Have you seen my brother around, sir? About yea high, talks too much, makes really bad jokes?"

     She huffs slightly and begrudgingly brings her hands up. "Has... Hair. D-did he come by here?" She jumps a bit at the lance tap, putting on a fearful look while backing up a step. "You can put the sword down! I... That's a sword, right?"

Mantigora (583) has posed:
The dust is noticed, but not until Mantigora's hardwiring automatically checks the picture's turnout. It's only by the virtue of the sheer speed that Stalker nanoneural augementations work that prevent her from walking right into the beams, cussing under her breath briefly at not noticing it for herself because she still only has limited familiarity with magitech around here. And that doesn't include a lot of security measures until now.

Something about hindsight being 50/50 that the Cassians say crosses her mind, but she shrugs it off.

Mantigora takes a step back to regard the situation, debating if she could diable the sensors some how or...

... Or Sanary could radio that the encampent is catching on to things.

"Guess playtime is over." The camp is already going onto alert so Mantigora decides screw it and goes to literal smash and grab. As in just going through the sensor beams to grab as many of the folders as she can, and then heading back out of the tent.

At this point it has become more important to get what can be gotten than expend more time on being sneaky about it.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
-- GAREN --
Garen successfully moves in closer and he starts to pick up the conversation. Its a hit and miss with the noise around the area. But it seems to be something about the energy here and something about piping it. Though to where or how is not overly clear...

Though he may notice their conversation get interrupted as something hits their ears. Including as som guards come down the tunnel...

-- RAINE --
Raine moves in ever closer, a few look his way, but they seem to focus elseswhere. It is a close call, but this time they can move in closer and closer with no interference, because it becomes obvious by the sudden activation of the Walkers---

--Things are about to go bad.

-- YARI --
Yari goes to move in, only to probably hear two steps behind her and then seeing a gunblade coming in front her. "Hold it there."

Another one speaks up. "I think its obvious that---" Something catches their attention and its toward the bigger tent...

-- SANARY --
Sanary tries to talk her way out of this and the guard tilts her head. "Wait-- you were with pie boy?" He asks, however suddenly an alarm goes over their comms and he slowly looks back to her, then goes to grab for her arm. "You're coming with me!" Seems the gig was up!

Mantigora goes for the grab, snatch, and run. The alarms activate as soon as she passes the beams, but she is quick, quicker then they and the one putting together everything can get to the tend. By the time they get to the tent, she is already gone! "No!" He barks out seeing the folder gone. "Bring me those two!"

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen quickly tries to radio in what he overheard about energy and piping it, but as the guards start coming inside, they would find the strange blue elf had vanished. In reality, the chiss agent was already in motion. He had one last task to accomplish. He /REALLY/ didn't like traitors, so he was aiming to get an audio sample, video, or if the opportunity arose...eliminate a potential thorn in the Legati's side.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Decision time. Shoot her assailants and flee, or smoke bomb? Yari mentally beats down the fear at being discovered, and the concern for Sanary. There's no answer from the ninja. Instead, there's smoke bombs being dropped around her, and then one hurled towards Sanary! POMF!

Using the distraction, Yari makes several hand-signs, and then spits out a torrent of black, sludgey water that's just oh-so-good at covering up helmets and getting into eyes. It's not very powerful, but that stuff /stings/ and /sticks/. Then she's making a run out of dodge with all of her ninja speed.

"Good luck, Sanary. Run!" She radios the woman.

Raine Arland (604) has posed:
     "Wow, wow, wow..." Raine muttered to himself as suddenly the alarms went off. That was even faster than he had anticipated. He glanced aside at his companion. "Time for you to vanish." She nodded and faded away in a faint glow of light, leaving him solo.

     He took one last look at the camp, listening on the radio meanwhile. So they got something of worth? Good. Then no need to stick around here any further. He smirked and turned tail, dashing off into the opposite direction of the camp, and where he last left his bike.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Draken were intensively brave. But ones like Mantigora were not -stupid- about it. There was nothing cowardly about withdrawing from a confrontation when you have something more important to make sure gets out of it as well.

With that in mind, Mantigora doesn't bother with reactivating her stealth. Instead she fires off one of the Amplification Spikes in her nanoskin, pumping all the additional energy into her augmented reflexes and speed. Even without cloaking she's almost a blurr briefly, still having speed and evasiveness on her side as she rushes to leave the encampment.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Sanary lets out a long sigh. "That's him alright. He didn't try to-" Her face pales slightly at the sound of the alarm, several thoughts running through her head in that instance. Keep the act up or try and get out? Even with the guard grabbing her arm, she could still try to bluff her way out of that sticky situation.

     Then again, with all the words to retreat over the radio? Best not to linger around for longer than necessary. After hearing Yari's smoke bomb impact the ground next to them, Sanary lets out the loudest startled yell she can before jumping straight at the guard at full force to get her free arm around his neck. Surely, she's just trying to latch onto him as a safety mechanism and not trying to knock him over or pound his head onto the ground, right?

     Maybe the girl's just high strung or something. She's thinking a few steps ahead, at least! If it actually works, she'll just try to bolt out of there. If not... Totally an accident, right?

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
    --- THE GREAT ESCAPE!! ---

Yari uses her ninja skills which is SUPER EFFECTIVE on the helms, and while it can't get to their eyes, it does mess up their vision, including with the smoke grenades. Sanary goes to bolt for it and she finds several machine gun shots tracing at her heels from a high tech Reaper that goes on the move to try and get to them, thankfully the area is hard for the Reapers to move around in at top speeds.

Mantigora gets a clean get away and Raine has to duck as shots hit near by then, including against a crystal only inches from them as the Dragon Knights in the distance take parting shots toward him. Thankfully he is far enough away that their aim is off!

Garen goes back up but gets caught mid way. The Dragon Knights try to stop him and Chiss gets a few close calls by sword swings and shots. He is able to get a shot of the man, but he'll have to act quick as a few of them line up their gunswords and open fire.

Thankfully once every gets far enough, they don't give a great deal of chase, so they can get to a clearing and meet up, with no fear of these guys being right on their heels. This will give them a chance to look over what they have managed to get away with and discuss what they all found out.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
A good mission like this already has a meetup point pre-established for efficiency. Once she's certain the enemies aren't following them, that is where Mantigora goes to. Scounting and information gathering, a success for the most part.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen emerges from seemingly the shadows as he arrives at the meeting point, sure he had no tails. He had the proof the explained the attack of Legatus Aries, and would likely put in a request to 'coax' more information from the tribune...Imperial style.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Panting lightly as she limps to a stop at the clearing, Sanary glances behind herself once to make sure their pursuers have stopped before hunching over to run her hands over her legs. She's bleeding in several spots, although she's lucky enough to have had the shots go through cleanly rather than getting embedded in her legs.

     "Everyone okay? No missing... Anything?" As she speaks, she starts directing healing energy into those wounds, mending them slowly to keep herself from bleeding on everything more than necessary. She's more than ready to heal anyone else that needs it, at least, and she offers Yari an appreciative grin. Sanary might not have come out with any intel of her own, but... But...

     ... Okay. So maybe she didn't accomplish as much as she was hoping to. At least she's confirmed her ineptitude at stealth missions.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari, swiftly escaping, finally slows down to a jog, and then a stop as she makes it to the clearing. She pauses, breathing hard, and then just falls down and rolls over.

Abusing ninja powers to save your love and yourself is hard work.

"...Everyone alive?" She gives a laying salute.

But then Sanary's there, and bleeding. She's up in a flash, offering potions and bandages while fussing over the woman.

"...Going to get you enrolled in survival and /stealth/ classes Sanary Rondel! Look at you, shot up, at least they look clean..." Comes Yari, in full-on Garlean Centurion Lecture Mode combined with frowns and fuss.

Raine Arland (604) has posed:
     The sound of a motorbike is heard before it arrives in the clearing, Raine atop it. He skids to a stop, setting a foot to the ground to keep upright.

     "Yo. Looks like everyone made it." He greeted, giving a two fingered salute and a grin. "...So I figured out one thing from all this." He looked off into the distance in a dramatic manner.

     "Don't do stealth missions."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     "Heh. Yeah, we're... Not really meant for that, eh?" Sanary flashes Raine a grin at that, then laughs nervously when Yari approaches. "I-I'm fine! I've gotten hurt a lot worse than this and recovered no problem. This week, even!" She keeps laughing nervously while taking the supplies to chug and wrap the wounds, although she does droop a bit at the thought of taking even more classes...

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora stifles a bit of a snicker at Yari and Sanary. Amusing but also good to see an officer showing concern for those serving with them. "Thank you for the assistance in helping us all get out, Centurion." For the moment she keeps it formal, since they did just come off a mission.

Now that they are in the clear she pulls the folder back out and opens it, ruffling through the various documents within. "Rosters... shipping manifest... scouting orders..." She pulls out a portion of map. "They have been busy." She passes the map over for Yari to see. "Looks like they decided the homeland wasn't enough for them. Garen said something about energy pumps, and blueprints I saw confirm it. They must be looking for alternate power sources."

She then grins at Sanary, showing her fang-like teeth. "Oooooh, could help with survival training... though Draken regiment may be a bit... harsh for her..." She lets that trail off in a slightly creepy sounding manner.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen gives a quick look over to Raine. "Stealth missions are essential. You just need more practice." He then turns and walks over to Yari and Sanary. "Centurion. I entrust the evidence of Legatus Aries' Tribute's betrayal to you. I trust you will let him know, as well as Gaius." He says, then eyeing Sanary. "You took quite a beating, but the centurion is right. I can offer you Imperial training regiments, though they are equally as brutal. I would, in fact, be interested in seeing your methods, Mantigora."

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
"Always a pleasure to serve alongside you, Miss Mantigora. Glad everyone got out alive." A sigh of relief here.

Giving one more look to Sanary, she straightens the other woman's clothes, and nods.

"Just be careful, okay?" The only reason she escapes a hug is that they're on a mission.

Then Mantigora and Garen have her attention fully.

"A...traitor!?" She /growls/ out. It takes her a moment to calm down. But it makes sense, given the events at the Castrum.

"What evidence do you have?" She'll happily take it!

Looking over the map, she /scowls/.

"Setting up a base camp, no doubt. Mmm. All the hallmarks of one, and now they know they are being watched."

"I would suggest forwarding copies of all of this to Lord van Baelsar. Or I can deliver them personally if need be. Mister Nine, Miss Mantigora, both of you have done a service to the Legion and the Empire today. All of you have. Lord van Baelsar will hear of this." She snaps the group a tight salute.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora returns the salute with one of her own. It's mostly out of professional respect since she's only technincally a conscripted bounty hunter for hire on most records, but respect is given where it is due.

"I will make printouts of the images I took of the blueprints, and send the entire bundle along." She taps the side of her tech-goggles before sliding them up to her forehead just below her horns. "Currently in nanotech data-stores, not very compatable with non-computer systems." She shrugs a little.

Then grins at Garen. "We definately need to trade notes some time."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     There's just no escaping it, is there? "... Okay, okay. I'll try the stealth... Classes. But you know that's not my specialty, right?" Even with the awkward smile on her face, Sanary does shoot Garen and Mantigora an almost pleading look. Not that she can really count on them to save her from it considering their own offers, but... Well.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen offers a salute as well. "My thanks, Centurion. For now...tend to your loved one. I need to forward a report of this to Keeper. The Watchers can likely scour the net for matches....Would have liked to get them into the dravanian network...next time." He says. How he knew about Yari and Sanary, or at least suspected, was simple body language.