3014/Knight of the Sun Soldier of the Moon

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Knight of the Sun Soldier of the Moon
Date of Scene: 13 September 2015
Location: Dun Realtai
Synopsis: Yari is found by Gawain, training! They share words and learn a little about each other.
Cast of Characters: Sir Gawain, 691

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
It's just past noon in the village of Dun Realtai. Villagers go about their day, the hard working people hardly slacking even after such a bountiful harvest! If anything, they're invigorated. The attitude is infectious, and in a large clearing near the walkway to the Castle proper, one Yari Takane has set up a small training area.

Several archery targets have been festooned with kunai and shuriken. A training dummy shows signs of having been sworded several times. Right now? Yari seems to have moved on from physical fighting, into more mystical methods.

Another training dummy, covered in what looks to be a fire retardant sheet, is being eyed by the ninja-ess. She's in a more casual uniform today, a sleeved red leather top with her rank insignia on it, and a pair of fitted black pants fading into boots. The woman has her eyes closed in concentration. Magic lightly wafts from her as she makes handseals, before sucking in a breath.


Then she blows out a fireball. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite zoom to its target, falling a foot away. Seems she chose the clearing for a reason, as it only stays lit for a few seconds. The mix of sand and dirt liberally packed in the area makes for a quick snuffing as Yari hurriedly dumps sand atop it!

"...Still inaccurate. Concentrate, Centurion! Your mother could hit a fly with one of those!" She chides herself, frustration in her voice.

Sir Gawain has posed:
Meanwhile, some villagers had saw the fire, and not knowing that Yari is training, alerted Sir Gawain who was making his rounds. Moving at a decently fast pace, but not rushing himself just yet, the knight heads for the clearing, whistling as he works.

Though, as he gets closer, and notices what is going on, he relaxes completely, due to it atleast being less dangerous than his cooking. "Ah, hello there, Lady Takane! Training, I see?"

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari's so busy ensuring she doesn't start an actual fire in the village that she doesn't notice Gawain at first! Probably a rare thing for the man! She actually jumps a bit, and lets out a little 'eep!'. She turns around, looking somewhere between a kid who's been caught in the cookie jar, and embarrassment.

"Mister Gawain!" She states sharply, immediately slipping into formality, throwing a salute and standing at attention. It lasts for a little bit before she finally calms herself down.

"Ah, yes. I do so every day, Sir." She starts. She's silent a moment, and then actually smiles a bit.

"I want to surpass my Mother in skill and technique. You...wouldn't know anything about fire-based magic, would you?" Gawain doesn't strike her as a mage, but she's been wrong before.

Sir Gawain has posed:
Sir Gawain is used to being noticed, probably because he's so loud most can't help but spot him. However, it's not something that bothers him when he doesn't! "As long as you're being careful, that's good, because then Sir Bedivere won't get mad at either of us!" Sir Gawain grins, and he looks more like a dork than a serious knight of the people.

"You remind me of me when I was your age..." Gawain replies to Yari, before pausing and staring at himself. "Wait, I'm not /that/ old!" The knight admonishes himself, before getting a brighter grin on his faec when Yari asks about magic. "Ooh...I'm not a mage, I'm afraid...but I /can/ do this!"

In a second, Excalibur Galatine is summoned to his hand. And then, with a flick of a wrist, the blade is set alight, burning brilliantly. "Excalibur Galatine, my most faithful blade, the sister-blade of my king's own. What do you think?"

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
The mere mention of Bedivere has the formality of the girl breaking a moment, an irritated little hiss drawn out. Her tail flicks and waves in aggitation.

She could really Katon a picture of the man right about now.

Still, she calms down. It's hard to be mad around Gawain, even when he gives her fire breath.

"Of course. I wouldn't want any of the people here being hurt." Comes yari, quite seriously. There's affection in her voice. Seems the Centurion has come to admire the locals and Elites alike.

She can't help it. She laughs a bit.

"You are far too young looking to say things like that, you know?" It feels odd to smile so much.

She does blink, and then he's summoning Galatine! She hops back on reflex, as the sword alightes. Then she's right up to it, eyes burning in curiousity.

"Amazing! I knew Servants were aetheric creatures, but just summoning a blade of that quality..."

She seems to consider his question quite seriously.

"It looks like a fine blade. May I?" She offers her hand here.

Still, he did spark a question of her own.

"Mister Gawain, could I ask what it was like in the Round Table? I've heard a lot of Miss Saber, but, I'm curious about how all of you lived. Every member I've met has been skilled."

Sir Gawain has posed:
Sir Gawain seems confused, and slightly sad about Yari's reaction to Sir Bedivere. "Do you not like Sir Bedivere? He is a bit cold in demeanor, but he truly means well, and despite his caution, there are few others I would gladly give my back in battle."

Sir Gawain nods happily to Yari's care for the people, as he replies to her next comment. "I am flattered, Lady Takane! I guess 1400 years doesn't wear much on me!" Technically, his body is only 30, but, whatever.

And then, with an affirmative nod, he hands his blade to Yari. "Be careful with it, it's my only holy sword!" The Knight of the Sun grins, seeming to trust her holding it. However, about a minute after it leaves his grasp, the flame will vanish, and Yari will be incapable of relighting it, no matter what she tries. "It's fueled by my own magical energy, which means only I can use it's strongest capabilities!"

But Yari's final question puts Sir Gawain into thinking. It's short, and the grin afterwards is his largest one yet. "The Round Table was, even more than the knightly order that protected Camelot from its worst enemies, a family. We squabbled like any other family, but we could trust each other's backs any time. We sat at a table, which was round, when we would talk about our duties, with no man the head of the table. We were equals, yet, all of us were united by our bond with the King." Well, he doesn't actually mean 'all of us', but it's super close. "And the adventures, well, they've already told stories about them!"

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari frowns a bit, scowling really. "Correct. He is cold, aloof, and if it were not for these 'Virtues' he would likely have tossed me out ages ago. It's mutual. It seems for some reason he has a dislike of the Empire, and he seems to believe I intend to poison the people of the castle. Banned me from the kitchens." That last part seems to have been the snapping point, from the angry shudder it runs through Yari. She mutters unflattering things under her breath.

"...But I will admit, his concerns aren't without reason."

The blade is taken, carefully. It's a bit heavy for her, and her arm tenses to hold it. But she does so with reverence: there's something about this blade that feels special, even to her. She steps back, and works through several kata, getting a feel for the weight and length. She overextends herself at first, but quickly compensates. When she finishes, it's offered back hilt-first.

"It...this might sound strange, but it feels unlike a sword made by humans. There's energy in it. It, well, reminds me of the warmth of a morning's sun rising. It feels like a blade used for others."

She shakes herself out of her sudden blade-philosophy.

"Too heavy and long for me though. I prefer lighter and easily hidden ones."

She chuckles a bit, finding herself smiling.

"That sounds wonderful. If I hadn't met Saber, I'd laugh. It sounds like it shouldn't work. A military should be organized, strict, and with a clear chain of command." Her head tilts.

"But it sounds like you made it work. I wouldn't know what to do with a rank structure like that, but, I'm learning that Camelot was a very different and strange place. I wish I could've visited."

"I've read a few. Some of them I have difficulty believing."

She tilts her head though.

"You're very friendly for a knight. Saber of course is friendly, but there is that...steel to her. You seem more alive. Why? Was it something about your childhood?" She rubs her head.

"I've come to love this place, and I think to love Miss Saber in an odd way, despite being on the opposite side of a war. There's something about her, about you Knights that draws people in." She's rambling now.

"One day I want to see my home like this. It might sound strange coming from a conqueror, but I'd like to see villages like this spring up where there's no worries over Eikons and other beasts devouring and enslaving people."

Sir Gawain has posed:
"I do not know of your world, or what you have done. I cannot judge you based on second hand knowledge, so I will not. However, I do want you to know that the reason Sir Bedivere is like this is because he has always been the king's top marshal. Her safety was always his highest concern, and Dun Realtai has fallen into that. It does not mean you are awful! It means that whatever actions you have done are not ones he would like here, and he is overcautious. I hope that makes sense!" Gawain has no clue if it does, and that was a bit wordy, even for him, but it does show a surprising intellect to him that does not come out often. Indeed, he was never unintelligent, just...odd.

Sir Gawain watches intently, before proudly taking his blade back. And then, it dematerializes, gone like it was never even there. "It wasn't! It was granted to me by the Lady of the Lake, and it is holy in nature. It is not a blade man could replicate, and it is indeed a blade for others. To me, using Galatine selfishly...would using it against its very nature." He laughs in response to Yari, though, nodding. "It's not a blade for just anybody!"

Sir Gawain nods, his smile contemplative. "I can't say I knew exactly how it worked. I believed it was a common bond, a love for the world, and a loyalty to our country. Camelot was a glorious place! Its fall was devastating...and it will be truly missed, forever." The knight then quickly changes the subject, as it seems the Fall of Camelot is not his favorite. "Oh! My stories are the best, though they're not all true! I mean, yes, I met the Green Knight, and I fought terrifying monsters, but...I had no idea where I was going with this, actually!" The knight laughs, slightly confused.

"Cheer is essential for morale! If everyone's sad or grumpy all the time, who will cheer you up in the times of need? Somebody needs to heat up those hearts!" Sir Gawain grins brightly, turning his head to look around the area. "The king is like no other king I've met, and I find that a good thing. She does not see herself as a ruler, or above the people, but she sees herself as serving the people. Her every action has her thinking about how it will affect others, and she radiates this hope and pureness throughout her every deed! I personally try and always do her proud, and serve her until death...perhaps honor is just an attractive quality?"

"But I would say, for her atleast; she is most definitely chivalry personified."

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari considers, and it echoes much of Saber's words.

"No, no. Actually, Miss Saber said similar things, though...not in quite those words. I'm not exactly proud of a lot of the things I do. I'd rather be like you and her. But someone has to do all of those nasty, horrible things that ensure wars end up as small ones, or put people who abuse their authority to rest. For better or worse I have a talent for those kinds of things. So better that someone who was raised to do so take that burden of guilt than to let it fall to someone else." Oddly, despite all but admitting she's an assassin, there's a certain pride here. She might not exactly like what she does, but she knows its necessity and is utterly convinced it has to happen. Still, there's the smallest lingering doubt in her voice. Being around so many forthright and chivalrous people, alongside the things she's seen from the Confederacy certainly cause doubts in her, however small.

A sigh. "I guess sometimes I just wish we'd all have ended on the same side. Fighting Miss Saber, while I'd love it, I'd hate it too, if that makes sense."

Still, the man manages to draw her out of a growing funk with words and that smile.

"It suits you. Bright, if a little overdone. 'Knight of the Sun' was your nickname, right? I can see why."

Yari opens her mouth, then closes it. She simply nods as she notes the subject change, rather than digging at old memories. From the sounds of the radio, he's been through a lot these past days.

"Correct! Maintaining optimal morale is indeed an essential part of any army!' Comes the woman, slipping back into her own militant nature.

"You would make an excellent morale officer." She's suddenly reminded of her own. The similarities are a little much, and she stifles an outright giggle.

"I think you're right. The only other person I've seen that feels so.../right/ to someone like me is Lord van Baelsar. Though not in the same way."

She considers, and turns, already packing up her training equipment. She's definitely looking thoughtful.

"I should get this all packed up. Should be around the time when the little ones start playing outside." She mutters, then nods to Gawain.

"Help me pack up. In return, lunch is on me. I'd like to learn more about you if that's alright, maybe share stories about Hydaelyn." Offers the woman. Free lunch!

Sir Gawain has posed:
Sir Gawain doesn't say much, though he does say, "While I cannot condone it...if you know that it is wrong, and you truly wish it didn't have to be this way...I can respect that, to an extent!" Perhaps in the past, he wouldn't have said such things. But he's seen some very dark things recently, without anyone having remorse for them. The fact that she does, in a way, makes him feel better.

"I was indeed the Knight of the Sun! The sun herself favors me, and I favor her back. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?" His grin is radiant, as he nods joyfully about being an excellent morale officer. In a way, he kind of already fulfills that role.

Already moving to help her pack things up, the Knight replies happily. "It would be my pleasure, Lady Takane! I hope that, despite our differences and sides, that we can still perhaps be friends, or if not that, even just neighbors. After all, hope is the most important thing on the battlefield."