3026/WMAT C1 Maya vs. Fate T. Harlaown

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WMAT C1 Maya vs. Fate T. Harlaown
Date of Scene: 15 September 2015
Location: WMAT Arena - Northern Mountains
Synopsis: Bracket C1 WMAT 2015, Maya vs. Fate T. Harlaown
Cast of Characters: Maya, 306, Sir Gawain
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

Sir Gawain has posed:
The sun is slowly starting to set this afternoon, here at the Northern Mountains. Several helicopters litter the sky away from the mountains themselves, as distances away, people watch from on the other sides of blockades. Tonight is Round Three of the WMAT, the fight between Fate T. Harlawon and the Union's Maya. Sir Gawain, the commentator for tonight, sits on the side of one of the helicopters, a speaker system and mic hooked up, the mic in his hands. The knight is dressed in a golden suit with flowery designs, as he watches over the battlefield.

"Ladies and gentlemen!", Gawain begins, "Tonight, the two lovely ladies of hte Union, the stunning Fate T. Harlaown, and the dazzling Maya, will battle for the right to continue in the World Martial Arts Tournament, here at the Northern Mountains!" A spotlight shines on each competitor briefly as their name is called, as Gawain cheerily continues his presentation. "Get on over, and find a seat, or for those viewers at home, tune into frequency 900.5, and let us see which challenger has the skill and determination to stand up on top!" The Knight of the Sun ends it with a loud, thunderous cry. "Are. You. READY?"

Maya has posed:
Maya is clan in her junking clothing. Heavy leather armour, with metal over certain vital areas. Long blue hair sways behind her as she enters the area set up for the fight. She seems to be reay for the battle now as she looks about the mountain are going to be useful terrain. She's fighting Fate, so she's not even got her rifle out right now, she's got a deck of cards in hand, she shuffles them idly as she waits for Fate to arrive, she seems to be in a good mood and smirks at Gawain's announcer. This is going to be fun, and Maya waves to the camera and thus the crowd, somewhere on Septerra a gaggle of former pirates and Junkers have piled into the old Junker to watch this fight.

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
With her Barrier Jacket already in Sonic Form, Fate floats down from the skies to land on the main platform. Though in an aerial battle, the fight might not -remain- on that floating platform, she'll start there. Bardiche is already in Zanber form as well, prepared for a tough battle. "Good luck to you!" she calls out to her opponent, smiling softly. And as the pair of them are introduced, Fate turns to wave to the commentator as well. She's only an acquaintance of Gawain, but he is a relative of one of her good friends.

Fate has never personally seen Maya fight, so a lot of this is going to be new to her. She's studied up a bit on her opponent, of course, but there's a difference between seeing records and experiencing it directly. "Let's start with testing her reflexes out a bit, Bardi<span class=" bold_fg_y bg_n ++ he."

~chy">Yes, Sir. Plasma Lancer.</span>~

As Fate takes to the air to hover a few feet above the platform, a single ball of crackling yellow energy appears in front of her. The mage extends her free hand, and the ball elongates into an arrowhead shape, flying straight toward Maya. "Fire!"

Sir Gawain has posed:
Sir Gawain waves briefly in return to Fate, as he loudly speaks into the microphone. "And the battle has begun! Maya has a dack of cards in hand, but Fate takes the first strike, her blade crackling in what seems to be magical energy! This seems to be a warm-up attack, the small arrow flying straight at Maya! This isn't even a clue to Fate's full power! Can Maya dodge or block the strike? Or will it hit true?" The knight repositions himself in the helicopter, sitting eagerly on the edge, though it's likely not the safest place to be!

Maya has posed:
Maya has never seen Fate fight, but she has seen other people with Devices fight before. So that's something Fate casters such as the junker are uncommon even with Elites in this sector. So it was going to be interesting. Maya's got a good deal of magical power, actually abormally high even for a people as magically gifted as her own are.

Maya's quick she's got a card in hand it glows brightly for a moment some sort of ornate ward appears before her taking the majority of the blast that comes for her. She's then moving into a run, she seems to be pretty quick on her feet another card is in hand and this time the winds turn upon Fate lashing and striking out with enough force to cause injury. If she's paying attention blue energy of a magical nature is bleeding out of her body and into the card as she does this.

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
That blue energy is easy enough to notice, but the wind...isn't so much. While Fate is quite good at dodging attacks, dodging the wind is quite a lot harder. It's probably a good thing that she's already in the air, though, as the gust of magical wind that slams into her sends her flying back a good distance.

The blonde manages to right herself before landing, though, and brings Bardiche Zanber up in both hands. "Let's change tactics a bit." Hair streaming behind her, Fate charges forward, pulling her Device back... Then, midway to Maya, she swings the blade, sending a crescent of energy flying from the tip of the sword toward the Junker!

~Zanber Saber~

Sir Gawain has posed:
"Maya takes the strike in stride, running straight for a counterattack!" Gawain excitedly exclaims, the helicopter moving ever so slightly for a better view of the battlefield. "The winds are in her control, and she's going to send them to strike straight at her opponent! They hit spectacularly, and Fate is knocked back! But, this warrior's not going to let that stop her, as she sends a moon-shaped wave of energy from her blade to the Junker in a single swing! Fate seems to have some raw firepower on her side, but who knows what is in those cards Maya is sporting?!"

Maya has posed:
Fate would find that Maya's not quite quick enough to deal with melee attacks. Well ones like that, it's more like a energy weapon she has but it's far too late. She'd expect it in rifle or gun form. Her world does not ignore mass weapons after all. She's however on the move now tracking Fate and her action she's been cut up a bit. She dances about on foot for a moment longer then shifts with another card in hand, there's a rumble from under Fate's feet as the ground turns against her. The ground rumbles as the earth cracks free rising up trying to clam into her. Maya keeps moving now at high speed even as the enacts her magic.

"Not bad...what can you do?"

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
That rumbling catches Fate's attention, and she quickly glances down toward the ground. If there was wind magic before, then that must mean....

When the ground cracks, Fate suddenly seems to vanish, reappearing a short distance away as the earth spears through the space she just occupied. "This could be dangerous... Bardiche, passive scanners on." ~Yes, Sir.~

For now, Fate plays to her strengths, quickly closing in on the Junker. Rather than firing another blast of energy from the sword, the blonde uses the energy blade directly, slashing the enormous sword at Maya as she closes in!

Sir Gawain has posed:
Sir Gawain leaps to the side of his helicopter, hanging onto his mic in one hand, and the side of the door with the other, with the door being the only thing that keeps him in the air. His pilot doesn't bother trying to stop him, he already knows it'll be fruitless. "Maya has more tricks up her sleeve, as the ground comes up under Fate's feet! But Fate's wised up to Maya's tricks, and dodges swiftly! Look at her move! In a counterattack, Fate closes in, and this time, she uses the energy for melee combat, striking straight on! Will Maya dodge in return?!"

Maya has posed:
Maya is quick but she's not used to dealing with Fate's type of magic. Fate casting tended to be a lot more up close. She finds Fate closing Maya's cut by the sword. She's got a bad habit about to be honest. She's not bleeding as the energy cooked her flesh on the the pass. She's sitll in the fight however and that's when she grabs a small pendant she had starts chanting and a pair of blue translucent energy wings sprout forth from her back and she takes flight flying up and takes her rifle off her back and aims, she doesn't fire bullets, no, the housing parts and missiles rain down after Fate.

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
"Ah... you can fly, too!" Fate smiles at her opponent as those wings sprout, floating quickly back from Maya. "I won't feel bad going higher, then!"

As the missiles begin to rain down, the blonde picks up speed, darting in between the explosives with a golden trail of energy left in her wake. Though none of them hit her, one of them does detonate quite close by, prompting a wince and some char along the side of her Barrier Jacket. Even with her speed, she'll definitely still need to be careful here. "Bardi<span class=" bold_fg_y bg_n ++ he..."

~chy">Plasma Lancer, Get Set.</span>~

A trio of crackling spheres of energy form in the air around her this time, and they all fly toward Maya simultaneously, following an uneven, spiraling path in an attempt to make it harder to evade them all!

Sir Gawain has posed:
As the two fighters begin flight, the helicopter is making frantic movement to get out of range, while keeping Gawain close to survey the action. "They've taken flight, starting with Maya and her new energy wings! Maya's drawing her rifle...but those aren't bullets! Missiles strike at Fate, and while she dodges them, she still feels their impact!" Gawain's eyes are focused intently on all of the battle, as the helicopter continues to move. "Time for Fate's counterattack! This time, it's three balls of energy, and they're moving frantically in an attempt to strike Maya down! Can Maya beat Fate at her own game, or is the mage just too fast, both in offense and defense?!"

Maya has posed:
Maya knews Fate could fly and would likely take to the skies, but Fate wouldn't have expected to her to and that did give here a bit of an edge. Well in this one attack she cumes under rapid attack from a number of energy sphers and she can't dodge them all she's getting pretty down up. Maya's now dropping down at rappid speed. She swoops along the ground banks up and then starts launching pillars of flame into the skies trying to bring down Fate.

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
First wind, then earth, now fire. Missile isn't an element. Technically. ...probably.

Although she flies up from the ground, those pillars of flame follow her, and the blonde is engulfed in the fire. Her Barrier Jacket keeps her from being burned too badly, but it can only protect so much, and Fate is left with soot on her arms, legs, and face, and charred edges on her Barrier Jacket. "Best to stay in close if she can throw spells this quickly, then..." And then, Fate is gone.

~Thunder Arm~

And she's right there an instant later, next to Maya. Golden energy runs over the armored gauntlet of her left arm, and she quickly drives it upward, trying to uppercut the junker as the magical energy discharges!

Maya has posed:
Maya is now not expecting unarmed close combat like that. Or maybe she was but there was no time to respond as Fate comes in and just socks her a good one. There's doubtless several people over the years whom have wanted to do this. Fate may have made them jelous, but she got it. Maya's recovering now and she's taking off to the skies again and now comes lasers, yes the rifle has some sort od beam mode there as she starts to rain beam blasts down upon Fate.

Sir Gawain has posed:
As the Pillars of Fire set through the skies, the helicopter, as well as several others in the area, are swerving out of the battlezone. It seems there's a fair chance of collateral in this specific battle, and nobody wants that! "Maya is hit! She almost crashes, but is able to regain flight! Pillars of flame fill the sky, and they're making things quite dangerous from up here in the helicopters! We're going to need to pull out, but first, Fate is scorched by the fire! She's still going, however, and this time she attacks with her gauntlet! A burst of speed, and her energized gauntlet is going into an uppercut on the Junker!" The helicopter is just now about pulling out, Gawain waving to the crowd. "Thank you folks, those at home, after a few short messages, we'll be back with silent coverage of the rest of the match!"

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
When the rifle fires this time, it draws Fate's attention. Her Device's as well, as Bardiche lets off a soft chime. There's magic involved in that shot, and knowing that helps. Magic is defended against in a different way than mass-based weapons, so knowing the rifle is itself magical gives Fate at least some idea of how to handle it.

In this case, though, she reacts with speed rather than defense. The blonde seems to appear and disappear from sight as she dodges and weaves around the beams, though one of them does score a hit along her upper arm. Wincing through the pain, Fate nonetheless flies closer, slowing down just enough to be easily visible as she swings Bardiche Zanber around, trying to slam Maya with the flat to launch the junker back toward the platform.

Maya has posed:
Maya isn't about to think she got Fate, she has an vague idea of how she fights and she knows one thing. Fate isn't known to give up from all the reports she has seen. Maya now is noiw moving at a rapid pace and casts another spell. The card glows red, and then Maya's just /gone/ It's like she was never there. THe attack gets nothing but air in it's wake.

There's a momentary pause as Maya now appears some distance away and this time she's got another card in hand but this time? There's a spike in magical power blue flames appear and a ghostly knight in strange light armour appears he carries a bladw with no crossguar and sh slams his sword downwards dropping to the ground causing a massive shockwave of force before he vanishes.

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
It seems Fate isn't the only fast one here. As Maya disappears, the blonde quickly turns... just in time to see the incoming shockwave. She quickly falls back, but the wave of force overtakes her, sending her tumbling back and showering her with rubble from the ground.

"...Riot!" A soft chime sounds, and the energy blade shifts and extends, splitting into two thinner blades as Fate separates the handle into two, to form a pair of swords connected by a glowing chain. As she flies in to close the distance again, the mage swings her blades at the air, sending a series of shockwaves and slashes of golden energy flying toward Maya.

Maya has posed:
Maya will likely tell Fate what she did later but for now she's got to worry about the counter attack. Riot? That's a new one on her. She's clealry trying to keep the distance between them but they keep throwing melee attacks at her. She will think it was pretty impressive later but for now? She's going to be caught in a bunch of shockwaves of Fate's own making at her. She's still not out of the fight it seems.

"Not bad..."

Her rifle comes up again and fires, but this time it's not a rifle shot it's high fragmenation grenades which almost act like flak...

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
Keeping distance from Fate is vey difficult. Aside from the fact that the blonde is trained in combt at all ranges, her speed makes it hard to outdistance her.

Several of the incoming grenades are either dodged or batted aside with her swords. One of them explodes nearby, and while she's well out of range to be affected by the explosion, a few of those fragmentation shards fly through the air and hit her arm, drawing several streaks of blood. Despite the pain, Fate flies closer again, raising both swords high overhead. "Haaaaa!" The blades come down, each slashing diagonally as she tries to bring them across Maya's chest.

Maya has posed:
Maya is hit hard by the cross slash but now has Fate in range.

"I know of your world's magic it us quite powerful and refined. Yet? My own draws on the same energies of creation that forged my world..."

Theres' a massive spike of magical power from Maya now the flames are a storm about her as she works to cast. She's clearly been cut up,m burned and otherwise ripped up at this point. Yet she keeps her focus, as she draws not one but two cards. One has a glyph upon it much like the barrier she used at the start of the fight, the other has different one but it seems more disorted and unlike the first which is blue? This one is green. That's when core energy surges to the cards from Maya from the storm.

"Many forces, the power of Marduk, War and Law. The power of the fallen one the elments and the thrist for power."

Maya is almost muttering, chanting isn't needed but this helps her keep her focus and that's when reality starts to break about fate like something is pulling, teating at whatever it it that makes her up it's like Maya's trying to unmake her for a brief moment. Should this even work Fate would remain away but then the pain would come as reality over powers what Maya has done and she would for lack of a better term snap back togehte rbut not without damage.


Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
"So that's the source of your world's magic," muses Fate aloud. She may have to look into this more in the future, when she's not trying to fight against it.

Fate knows ritual magic chanting when she hears it, and although she doesn't yet know exactly what it will be, she does all she can to prepare for it. Still holding a sword in each hand, the blonde lifts both blades up and forms a magic shield in front of herself. A soft chime sounds from the blades as a sphere of translucent golden energy forms around her. ~Defenser Plus~

It's almost not enough. As reality bends and shifts, the barrier begins to warm and crack. Fate grits her teeth as she pours more magical power into it, but it seems to be only holding together through sheer force of will. Even so, it eventually cracks and shatters, leaving Fate to deal with the remainder of the wild energy tearing at her body.

"That... hurt." The blonde takes a breath and shakes her head, bringing both swords together. They meld into each other, the blade extending out again. "Bardiche, load cartridge." A chime sounds, and the cowling pulls back, revealing a revolver cylinder. The cylinder spins, locking in a cartridge, then spins again, then a third time, and a fourth. As the cowling slides back, four cartridge casings are ejected, along with a burst of steam from the center of the Device. "This isn't something I've tried before without Nanoha, but.... Haaaa!"

A quick swing of the blade sends a shockwave toward Maya, though not an exceptionally powerful one. Wha tit does, however, it keep a cylinder of swirling air formed between Fate and her opponent. Electricity begins to charge on the blade, and as Fate swings it again, lightning shoots out and into the funnel of wind. Rather than heading straight toward Maya, the bolts of magical lightning bounce and reflect inside the wind tunnel, crashing into each other and splitting apart, until they finally converge at the end and explode with concussive force.

"Blast Calamity."

Maya has posed:
Maya world was young, even science had proved the planet was far younger than anyone suspected it should be but now isn't the time for May think about such. FAte is still in the fight and Maya's still attemping to keep with it but Fate's living up to her reputation. She braces for the magic that is to come. Maya's not however doing nothing as Fate charges she casts anotehr barrier it flares to life about herk but there's so much power coming at her? The Barrier can't stop all of it as the deonation happens. Maya's dropping to the earth and doing so hard she hits causing a massive impact crater to forms. Dust is going eveyrwhere but as it starts to fade the roar of an assault rifle can be hear as Maya's starring up and shooting all teh while.

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
Powerful as that blast was, Fate knows better than to assume it's finished off her opponent. That suspicion proves true as bullets come flying from the cloud of dust left by her blast. The blonde is able to avoid most of them, but it's a bit harder to dodge when it's impossible to see exactly where the projectiles are coming from, and several of them find their mark. One of them strikes her leg, another grazes her side, and a third hits her square in the shoulder, but Fate spins with the force of impact and somersaults midair, coming back to a hover.

Once more, she splits the swords into two, and even before the dust is fully settled, she dives right into the obscuring cloud. Flashes of light can be seen as her swords swing, seeking their target over and over again.

Maya has posed:
Maya is injured she's jsut about out of it but she's haning on as the attacks come in. She's however got a plan here she sees the sword comming after her again and again some hits get her but several find themselves parried by a simple long knife? Dagger it's hard to tell but it does save Maya Maya however is now dropped her rifle and goes in for the unexpected a rapid assault with said knife. Rapidly slashing as she goes.

Fate T. Harlaown (306) has posed:
With both swords out, Fate deflects the first slash of the knife. The second is parried, but the angle is just enough that the blade of the knife slides off the energy blades and slashes at the back of her right hand. The blonde hisses softly at the pain, but manages to knock away yet another slash from the knife. The next one, though, manages to find its way past her weakened right hand and embed itself into her upper arm.

Fate's hand twitches, dropping the sword, and although her left arm still holds its blade, her right hangs limp, unable to grab the dropped sword or even rise up to motion for a spell.

"...I yield," she says softly, eyes closing. "To continue to fight in this condition would be dangerous."

Maya has posed:
Maya halts her attack at the moment Fate says she's yields. She'll put the knife away and move to ty and help her up now as the fight's over.

"Come on then lets get somewhere I can get us a bit patched up...You lived up to your reputation, by the way."