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More Like Culture Electrocution
Date of Scene: 31 July 2014
Location: The Secret World <TSW>
Synopsis: Inga gets a helping of delicious exposition. Her head doesn't explode. Progress!
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa, Staren, 151, Riva Banari, Wuyin Tsai, Inga

Wuyin Tsai has posed:

Wuyin broke out his phone.

Hex-16: did you find her?
Perehelion: Yup. In town now. Police station?
Hex-16: neg, outsiders will spook them. fire dept?
Perehelion: It's full of zombies. With fire axes.
Hex-16: we got it

Yeah, Wu thinks. They got it.


The Kingsmouth Volunteer Fire Department was full of zombies. Now it's less full of zombies.

The bottom floor is, of course, a big ol' garage for the fire engine. There is a staircase along the wall of the interior, leading up to the upstairs where it opens into a kitchen-slash-dining room full of chairs and circular tables. The next room over is largely empty, a big common area with a couch and an old TV in the corner, and a long, narrow room adjacent to that houses four beds, lockers and very little equipment.

Wuyin has helpfully thrown the zombie fire fighters out the windows. They got back up a while later, and are milling about at the bottom of the stairs on the inside and around the back where the exterior staircase goes on the outside. They don't seem to have any interest in ascending to attack, but he barricaded the doors anyway.

Inga has been laid out on one of the beds. Riva went for a run to get some supplies, leaving Wu as the local liaison (such as it is) with whoever stuck around from the outside world. He's examining a map of town on one of the round tables, having dragged it into the common room when they got here so they're less spread out.

The fog continues to surround the town, thick, impenetrable and unnerving.

Inga has posed:
Inga had healed quickly. All the wounds she'd inflicted on herself to use her blood magic have healed completely, not even a scar to be seen.

The psychological wounds are a bit trickier.

She'd slept for a while, her unconscious teeming with the multitude of stimuli in the past 24 hours. The last time she'd woken up, everything had been normal. She'd been going to feed the chickens...

Now she rolls over, groaning softly as her eyes open, blinking blearily as the dreams receed from her vision and let reality seep in. About the time she realizes she's woken up somewhere she doesn't recognize, she jumps, beginning to sit up and reach for her knife.

She's still soggy, smelling of sea water, her nose wrinkling slightly as the events come back to her. Oh, right. She'd been swept away by a wave. "...how many times am I going to drown?" she mumbles to herself before spotting the others in the room. Her eyes settle on Wuyin, wary, but clearly recognizing him. Finding that's she rather at a loss for words, she settles with "Hello,".

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Wuyin made sure he'd be in plain sight when she woke up. This is in part so he can see if she freaks out, and part so the presence of someone prevents her from doing so. Or maybe just so he can react properly when she starts melting walls or something.

He looks up from the map when Inga says something. He's quiet for a couple seconds, and then smiles slightly. "Good morning. Well," he says, "it's probably morning. The fog..." He trails off, waving a hand towards a closed window nearby. "How are you feeling?"

Inga has posed:
Inga tilts her head slightly toward Wuyin, taking in his features it would seem. It is pretty darn likely she has never seen someone of his ethnicity before. Though, with the /other/ folks around it's almost not even remarkable. She is sure he's human at least.

Inga looks toward the window, frowning deeply. "I'm...well?" she answers, obviously unsure of this is actually the case. "I am physically sound, at least--well, as much as I ever am," she responds with a small shrug. The knife is slipped back into its sheath, as apparently this man is friendly. Friendly-ish, anyway.

Inga straightens a bit, going through the motions of arranging her hair and her still soggy dress to something like order before she speaks further. "I am Inga," she informs him. Introductions seem like a good place to start. "I...have no idea where I am. What is this place?"

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    Ainsley had stuck around. She was concerned for Inga's well-being after the battle, but she had no way of helping the woman beyond the basic things any other person was capable of. In the meantime, she found herself scouting the rooftops and occasionally venturing back to the portal to Agartha to replenish her mana reserves and listen to the buzzing of the bees. She was just returning from a brief scouting trip, still clad in her leather armor from before.
    There's a scrabbling noise as Ainsley climbs back down and through a window. She puffs a breath of relief and sits there on the windowsill, rubbing at her face. Her head turns and her eyes rest on Inga, who is conscious and speaking to Wuyin. They don't seem to be killing each other, so that's a plus.

    "Hello," she greets Inga, in that gentle, 'neutral' English voice of hers for when she isn't fighting giant crab monsters. She sounds exhausted. Probably why she came back here to this little haven.

    She looks over to Wuyin and states, "Some of the ones you threw out wandered off."

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Wuyin doesn't seem to mind stares, or general appraisal. Confirming he is human is probably on top of her list of things to do, given the presence of some kind of robot, a guy with a tail and the lizard-woman, not to mention talking laser-cats and some kind of ghost clowns. 'Odd ethnicity' is practically a footnote in that list.

"A land far west from where you hail," Wuyin replies. "Does 'Vinland' mean anything to you?" His voice lowers; he's practically talkig to himself, a curious tone in his voice. "You may be from before that, though..." He's had an internet connection via his super duper cell phone and hours to kill between zombie-fighting. Research is a thing he does.

"This is the town of Kingsmouth, on Solomon Island," he finally says. And then Ainsley comes down! Wuyin turns and looks to her, nodding. "They were probably attracted by the noise. Maybe something else, though. Less here is better, I think." He looks back to the soggy witch. "Riva is looking for supplies; we have water, though, if you're thirsty." He refrains for attempting to make a joke about her having drunk her fill already.

Inga has posed:
Inga's eyes move toward the window and she's reaching for her knife again, though she does not actually draw it. This person she recognizes, for who could forget her? Lizard person, uses a sword. Inga finds herself grasping at these elements that are familiar. "Ah...hello," she greets, looking the woman over for a moment, lips pursed thoughtfully. Eventually, she nods, as if to herself. "Thank you both for your intervention on my behalf," she says, then looks back to Wuyin, frowing. "Vinland? It is not a place I have heard of," she answers. "From...before?" she then asks.

He names the place, Kingsmouth, Solomon Island...? "Strange names..."

"Riva. The shield-maiden, yes?" she confirms.

Inga swallows then, finding that her mouth is indeed dry. "Water would be appreciated."

Inga reaches for her staff, which was luckily recovered with her, pulling herself up to stand. She begins to move toward the table where Wuyin is seated, peering over toward the map he is examining. A frown creases her brow as her eyes roam over it. "Is this where we are? I do not recognize these runes," she says, pointing toward the letters.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has helped clean the firedepartment out of zombies, she was lower on ammo now but it had been worth it he thought. She came back into the room to check up on Inga, Wuyin and Ainsley she looked a bit drained but otherwise seemed chipper.

"I did a search on the town she mentioned it's a city in sweeden that used to be a major relgious center for the Norse faith, there's stil a temple there that's a cultral site however."

She looks over Inga for a moment and smiles a little bit.

"Good to see your all right Miss."

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    It's a good thing that Ainsley has survival skills. She produces a canteen the moment Inga asks for water, and opens the cap atop it. She wanders across the room, handing the canteen over. "My name is Ainsley," she tells Inga, in that gentle voice. She turns her head when Inga says the word 'runes' though, and then looks over the map. Assuming Inga took the canteen without fussing too much about how strange it looks, the lizard girl pulls a pencil out of one of her pockets and leans over the table to begin marking areas of high undead activity in the town, and tracing the area that she scouted. She is very careful and accurate, not obscuring anything else on the map.
    She looks at Inga again... and then looks at her from head to toe. She frowns for a moment, a little uncertain how to say it without seeming rude.

    "You don't know how to read, do you?"

    Because the translation effect /should/ work for a language as ubiquitous as English, when it comes to reading... if she knew how to read.

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"That would explain the language, yes." Wuyin nods at Kotone. "Take a moment to rest and check your equipment."

"Riva is the name of the 'shield-maiden,' yes. I say 'before' in relation to right now, though it is... difficult to explain." He looks thoughtful. He's watching her watch the map. Wuyin reaches out and taps the spot they're at. "Right here, yes. This is a map of the town -- at least, the main portion of the town. It is spread out across the rest of the island."

"Do you happen to know," Wuyin asks Inga, "what year it is? Failing that, who the ruler of your land is, or was, just recently?" He's hoping she has something he can look up and get a ballpark estimate before he drops some bombs.

Inga has posed:
Each new person adds a new element of strangeness. Kotone arrives, and to Inga's credit she doesn't reach for her knife. It is clear they've made a safe place here, and if they'd wanted to kill her they could have done so easily while she was unconscious.

Inga stares at Kotone's vibrant hair for a few moments before her words register. She blinks, looking distinctly troubled. "What do you mean, used to be?" she asks hesitantly.

Water is offered to her then, and after examining its vessel for a moment, she shrugs slightly and takes a drink.

At Ainsley's question, Inga scoffs. "Read? Like those Christian monks? Tch....no, it is our duty to remember and pass on our lore. The runes I can read," she answers. While runes were used to write somewhat, they were not used for much more than inscriptions. "This?" she says, waving her hand over the map, "This I do not recognize."

History buffs as they are, they may notice through the odd translation effect that she is speaking in old norse, quite similar to modern Icelandic.

Inga staightens, sighing heavily. "I am Inga," she repeats. "It is...nice to meet you Ainsley. Are you a local spirit of this place?" she asks. Though, she hasn't seen any other lizard types...

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa isn't looking for a fight she gives Wu a look given the bomb about the cultral changes to her homeland. She mills over how to go on about it. She does notice that Inga speaking Icelandic or something close to it. She thinks of how best to break things to her and Wu may be better to do so.

"I don't think your going to like the answer."

She trails off a bit looking more than a little concerned.

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    Everything Inga just said brings Ainsley's mind directly to the time period that the woman is actually from. The way she speaks of Christian monks, the language, the inability to read. It's a few measures more troubling, as it's obviously indicative of someone from the Dark Ages, someone who quite clearly isn't innoculated for a bunch of diseases and isn't prepared for the modern world whatsoever.

    Ainsley takes a moment to process that.

    "You have been displaced from your period in time to a place in the future," she tells Inga, bluntly, because she doesn't have as much tact as Wuyin does. And then she makes a throat-clearing noise, and speaks in /exactly/ the dialect that Inga is using, with some stumbling points because it is, in fact, an older language.

    "I am from another world," she says, using her native word for world, which might be a little confusing, "I am ..." She hesitates. "A wandering half-spirit, you could say. Like man, but also not."

    She clicks her tongue once, and then looks at Wuyin meaningfully, a bit apologetic and yet smoothly passing the torch to him, so she can return to examining the map and recording dangerous areas or areas of note. The temple mentioned before is circled.

Riva Banari has posed:
There is a noise of something walking up the stairway. Could it be another zombie?

No, it's too regular for their frenzied gait when alerted, or their shambling step when they are waiting for prey. Riva arrives, dressed in more casual clothing than her previous appearance: A black trenchcoat, T-shirt, with black slacks and shoes. She's carrying some bags, which she drops off on the nearby table.

"The hardware store had a sentient junk pile." Riva announces without preamble. "With a buzzsaw arm. And a propane flamethrower." She starts pulling out some food (some canned fruit, a couple TV dinners), some miscellaneous gear from the hardware store and 'sporting goods' (gun) store, and a couple packs of bottled water. Gone is the composure and dignity she had in the middle of the battle, instead unceremoniously flopping onto a couch with her water. "I'm glad you're all okay." She says. "Just... let me unwind a little bit. I hate zombies. And golems. And draug."

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Dammit Ainsley. So much for letting her down gently.

Well, okay, if they're gonna go that way, he'll go that way. "I presume you entered Agartha at some point through an entryway near your home," Wuyin says. "Supposedly, Agartha connects all places /and/ all times; I have heard that the Conductor once shook hands with a younger version of himself while inside it. I cannot think of any instances of someone travelling through to a time like this. However..."

Riva shows up. Wuyin looks at her, blinks a couple of times, and tracks her movements all the way to her collapsing onto the couch. His response is a simple, "Ah. I see." Who would put a scrap golem in a hardware store??

He shakes his head. Right, back on track. "However, it sounds as though this is your issue. I am also certain," he states, looking up from the map, "that the Buzzing is the reason you are here."

Inga has posed:
The bomb has been dropped. Now, Inga need only to try to process it. Displaced from time. The future.

Being a prophetess, the future is something she has glimpsed before. Abstract vision, dreams...but never so far.

She is quiet for a long time, taking a seat once more, her hands wrapped around her rune-carved staff as she closes her eyes and takes a few deep breaths. "Oh, the gods have such a sense of humor...how far? What is the year?" she asks, trying to prepare herself. This is enough to try to grasp, but Ainsley throws in that she is from another world, half spirit. This, she handles with a nod. "You must have wandered far--The one-eyed Wanderer must watch over you," she responds, then begins to laugh softly. "The old man has certainly thrown me into the maelstrom...the bees? Yggdrasil? I was lead to the World Tree. A buzzing, a vision..." Inga shakes her head, reach up tuck a loose strand of white hair behind her ear. Her hands are shaking.

Riva enters then, and Inga watches her set out the object before flopping down onto the...bench? She lacks the word. "Shield-maiden Riva," she greets, trying her utmost to pull composure around herself.

Inga looks back to Wuyi, nodding. "The Buzzing, is that what you call it? Agents of the gods. Long have I been pulled down the paths they have set before me....but I have never been pulled so far."

She isn't even going to ask what a golem is. Give her time.

Ainsley (151) has posed:
    Ainsley smiles as Inga seems to be taking this particularly well for someone who got forced into the situation, more or less. Or was she? The Buzzing seems to send messages, not hypnotize people into investigating. The lizard girl steps up and reaches to gently touch Inga on the arm. A simple gesture, meant to reassure her, since she saw the way those hands were shaking.
    The term 'one-eyed wanderer' makes her brain draw up two answers. Odin, the obvious choice, and then Amalthea, who was a wanderer for a time and is her sword teacher. "Yes," she says, just to support the remark. She's not sure which one is more valid here.
    Ainsley turns to find somewhere to sit, pulling a notebook out of her satchel so that she can begin to update her notes.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa looks at Riva for a moment.

"...someone's up to some mad science or ...magic it sounds like. Glad your all right Riva. If I might ask? What is the buzzing? My home world has zlich for magic unless you consider our advances in technology to be such."

She looks at Inga for a moment.

"The local year is 2012 AD."

She seems to wince a bit but Inga asked for what the year is.

"There anything else you need Inga?"

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"The Buzzing is... are...? Hm. Well, agents of the gods is close enough. They reside within Agartha, and are somewhat, ah... outside time. They do not view it the same way we do. I imagine they pulled you along the appropriate paths, and then drew you to this time, and place." Wuyin doesn't quite 'get' the Buzzing, but he's been paying attention. Then again, who can 'get' something like them?

"Your magic. Blood magic, or something very, very similar to our understanding of it. Do you typically heal so quickly?" An important question, given she was cutting herself up.

Riva Banari has posed:
"I don't know if I'd call them agents of the gods, but... They do seem to know basically everything." Riva comments from the sidelines. She comments a lot on the radio to explain to some more people who are going to arrive with more supplies. "Either way, now you're here. And with your situation you're going to have even more adjusting to do than I have."

She hums to herself for a moment. "Do you have any idea of what you need to do here?"

Inga has posed:
Inga will perhaps quietly freak out later. Despite how uneducated people might think her, for her time she was one of the most learned people around. She has seen things. She knows the stories and believes them.

At the touch, Inga flinches slightly, but does not pull away. It is strange coming from someone who looks the way Ainsley does, but the gesture itself is so human it puts her at ease. Inga acknowledges the gesture with a nod and a small upturning of her lips, a gesture that is trying to become a smile but falling just a little bit short.

Inga looks to Kotone then, who answers her question. Eyes widen. "If people continue to count the year as the Romans did...that is..." Inga trails off, shaking her head. So many years. An age it seems. It is beyond contemplation. Naturally, she wants to know if she can go back.

At the moment however, she is too afraid of the answer to ask the question.

With a small sigh she looks back to Wuyin as he explains what he knows about the Buzzing. Eventually, she nods. "I was surprised to see Yggdrasil--at least while presumably still living...and quite surprised that the presence of the Bees was not known to our lore--such an oversight!" she says, shaking her head.

Inga stands again, beginning to wander the room a bit, her eyes growing distant with memory. "Last Thor's day, my good friend died--more than a friend really, my teacher in just about all things. She was a spa-kona as well, and before she died she spoke of a journey, of honey and the buzzing of bees..." Inga shakes her head, turning back toward Wuyin. "I have learned blood magic, as you say, though it has...changed. I heal now as I never did before," she confirms.

Staren has posed:
    After rushing to find some sort-of-natural food instead of just a food-making machine, Staren returns to Agartha and to Kingsmouth. He stops long enough to run a quick experiment: Despite the fog, the teleporter still teleports objects safely. Good to know. However, he's not quite ready to try it on a person just yet. Or on food or tools, until he's run some tests... but that comes later. He takes to the air on wings (BEST MAGIC ITEM) and flies to the appointed coordinates. A way of entrance is worked out, whatever door or window he needs to go through, and he makes his way to the main room.

    Today, he's not in armor, but in his normal clothes. This means that the cat ears and tail are clearly visible. He gives a nod of greeting and a half-wave to the assembled group. "Okay, so I got..." he makes his way over to a table and starts rapidly pulling things out of his bag. "A fabber for food, just in case you need it," he pulls out a suitcase-sized box about as big as his bag, so there can't be anything more in there, "Some sandwiches," oh wait. There were sandwiches in there! Hopefully people like turkey and swiss, there's one for everyone but Staren himself. "Some bottled water..." several plastic bottles of water are set out on the table, "and some fruit." An apple or two for everyone! And that is definately more than there should be room for in that bag.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa seems to be sad as she sees Inga starting to understand the depths of what's happened to her. She paces a little bit keeping an eye on the very lost Viking woman. She watches Staren's arrival as well giving him a nod, the young cyborg is at a loss of what to say for the moment.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva listens to the explanation. She checks her phone a lot as she does so. Maybe she's checking definitions of terms on Google. Wuyan can confirm this if he peeks. "You probably have a great amount of knowledge about things. A lot of it would probably be more relevant to our current problems than..."

She pauses when Staren arrives and looks like she'd totally go for a sandwich and apple, but she refrains, gesturing to Inga. "The supplies are mostly for her. Since she's here now, we're going to have to find a safe place for her to set up shop, get her bearings, and figure out what she's going to do next."

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"They are in some way related to Gaia," Wuyin remarks. "Her servants, or..." He shrugs. "It is unclear. They have made it /very/ clear that telling us too much too quickly is... dangerous."

Speaking of dangerous, here comes the guy with the missiles. Wu offers Staren a nod, and then continues exposition mode. "I am sorry to hear that. That answers another question, though. Alright, then:"

"First, as you have undoubtably noticed, you heal much more quickly than normal. While this is very useful, it has it's limits; if you are maimed, for instance, I do not think that you will grow a new limb." Wu hasn't tried to test it. "Diseases and poisons should affect you much less, if at all, I think. Next, you will find that channeling Anima -- magical energy," he asides, "is much easier for you than it may have been before. Agartha will be welcoming to you as well. Comfortable, even. Please feel free to use it to travel about; the Custodians and the Stationmaster can give you directions."

"Finally," he says, without much pomp or ceremony, "you are, for all intents and purposes, completely and totally immortal."

Inga has posed:
Inga turns swiftly toward Staren as he appears, looking him over quickly. Not only does he have a tail, he actually has ears like a cat! Inga is rather stunned.

Without another word she moves over toward him, then reaches up to touch one of the ears. "By Freya..." she whispers, then smiles slightly. "Another part-spirit, it must be. What are you called?" she asks Staren.

Inga looks to the food then, unable to disguise her hunger. She reaches for the sandwich (okay really, meat on bread isn't really /that/ outlandish and begins to eat. She also reaches for an appple. "Hail to Idunn, I feared there would be no apples in this place. This...time," she says before looking back to Riva, nodding, her chin lifting slightly in pride. "Yes, I have much knowledge. I have been trained by the best and worked hard to learn the lore and the ways of magic," she replies.

Back to Wuyi. Inga listens, any color she previously had draining from her face. "You must be joking," she breathes. "I have...never heard of anything like this. Not even the gods are beyond death!"

Inga begins to move back toward a chair to sit, her knees shaking, but halts in her place as if suddenly the gods had yanked the strings of her orlog. Her eyes roll back in her head, her voice changing as she begins to speak quickly, the voice her own yet not.

"You squint. You strain. Are you trying to see us? Your paleolithic ancestors saw us. They tried to draw our likeness on the cave walls. People in Point Pleasant, West Virginia tried to draw us in 1967, their eyes blistered red from the sight - we tried to warn them of the collpasing bridge. What do we look like? We are in the eye of the beholder, looking out and looking in.

Do not strain too hard, sweetling. Instead, let us warn you of a disaster, three hundred years too late."

When the prophecy is done, Inga sinks forward, holding tightly to her staff less she fall over. "The gods...they are noisy as of late..." she says breathlessly.

Staren has posed:
    "Ohh, I also brought some guns..." Staren starts, and he's called part-spirit? "I wouldn't say that, but you could..." beat. "Staren. I'm Staren. Nice to meet you!" Wuyin announces immortality! His eyes widen. "Well, congratulations!" He extends a hand to Inga to shake, but she goes all... prophet-y. He just kind of stares. "Uh... did you hear everything you just said, miss?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa nods in agreement on Wuyin about helping Inga get settled in. "That's a good idea I can help with set up and anything more techinaly that might be needed."

Shje looks back to Inga and then stares at Wuyin and Inga with this look of what the hell? She may be the only mortal in the room. That's kinda of a crazy thought she queels a bit at the concept of magic for a moment.

"Nope apples are still a thing. You likely also know things long lost to the world at large as well...."

Then come the beers and she just freezes for a moment.

"Wait ... the mothman...?"

She pauses for a moment in no little bit of shock and then she looks to Inga.

"Inga are you all right?"

Riva Banari has posed:
"Considering what we're dealing with, you probably know a lot more about what we're dealing with than we do. Different perspectives and all."

Riva squints at she hears Inga engage in prophetic tones. "It seems like a lot of us deal with these messages in different ways. Wuyin rambles and you get caught up in prophetic trances."

Riva look over to Staren as he questions, and she shrugs. "Part of our thing is that we get... messages. Lore. Knowledge about things and places from the entities who decided to empower us. Inga seems to be very sensitive to these things."

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"Yes, well, they decided that having mortal agents was less efficient than having immortal ones. You --"

Inga goes off. It's rather convenient timing. Wuyin's longwinded explanations tends to be his channel for that, that much Riva has right. He lapses into silence until she's done, standing up and going to get one of the bottles of water.

When she comes back into focus, he offers it up, cap off. "Good reception here," he comments.

"As I was saying, you /can/ die, and you almost certainly /will/, doing what we do. The shadow-world of the dead is a dark and grey mirror of ours. Sometimes things linger. It can be useful to speak to them, on occasion." Not that it's ever pleasant getting there. "Find an Anima Well, or where you died, and you will return, only a little worse for wear."

Inga has posed:
Inga shivers. Her clothes are still wet, and she's afraid a chill has settled into her bones. She sniffs, looking to Staren and then Kotone. "I am fine. Yes, I remember what I said, though I cannot puzzle out what it means. Prophecy is not often direct--and this is--" she looks to Riva, blinking. "You hear it too? It is part of...what we are then?" she asks, taking a seat once more. She can't even begin to puzzle out how Staren managed to pull so many things out of the parcel he brought with him, but she does inquire; "I do not suppose you have any dry clothing in there?"

Appreciatively, Inga takes the water. She examines the contaier for a few moments thoughtfully, then decides asking what it is made of it really on the bottom of her list of priorities at the moment. She takes a deep sip, then sighs. "Thank you, Wuyin," she says.

For a long time she is quiet, frowning gently in thought, ruminating this info dump. "Anima Well...a place strong in magic..and a place where the veil between worlds is thin, yes? It would not be my first trip outside of my body...but to.../die/" she says, shaking her head. She can't imagine it.

After a little while, she starts to laugh. She, immortal!? They couldn't begin to appreciate the irony.

Staren has posed:
    Staren blinks. "The mothman?" There's a pause as he looks that up. "Oh. That was real on this world, huh?" he shrugs. "You know, if you like apples, you should go to Sweet App--" he blinks. That might not be a good place for someone... so new to all this. "...Well, there are some great apples out there in the Multiverse. Dry clothes? Certainly." He walks around Inga in a circle, looking her up and down. Measurements are calculated, programmed into smart fabric wirelessly. He reaches into the bag and pulls out basic shirt and pants outfit. "It will adjust to fit over a few minutes. And reshape to match your current clothes, I assume that's what you want?"

    He tilts his head slightly and observes dryly, "Dying isn't an experience most people have. Still, you should probably try to avoid it all the same."

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"You get used to it," Wuyin remarks offhandedly. He goes and sits back down.

Staren has posed:
    "I really hope I don't." Staren replies quickly. He spares only a brief glance at Wuyin, waiting to see Inga's reaction to the clothes.

Inga has posed:
Inga is looking at Staren like...like...well, like he has cat ears, a tail, and speaks mostly nonsense.

"I...don't not understand a thing you just said," she finally responds, looking to the clothes. Well, she'll wear trousers if she must while her clothing dries...but...what!?

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva squints at the bag. There's some shenanigans there but she's not going to call him on it. Anything to make the current situation easier. There's a /lot/ of things people are going to have to get used to. "I don't really want to either." Riva shudders. "Adn as far as what we are... I have no idea. We don't really have a formal name." Riva looks a little somber at that. "All I know is that we've got magical powers and now we're fighting horrible ocean-zombies and dealing with groups I thought were just tinfoil hat material." She flumps in resignation.

Staren has posed:
    Staren's ears splay and his tail droops at the lack of understanding. "Don't worry about it..." he says, resignedly. At Riva's explanation, he hmms. "Well... you get magic powers and immortality in the bargain? More than what most employers would give..." He blinks at a thought. "Hey, you didn't make any deals, especially not with any small white talking animal spirits, did you?"

Riva Banari has posed:
"No." Riva replies. "I had a dream where I swallowed like a thousand bees and was lectured about free will. It would have been /great/ crap for my Philosophy class instead of the moral relativism debates. And the groups I'm talking about aren't the ones who gave us our powers. They're just... the ones who give us more direct guidance. You might have heard of them. The Knights Templar, the Illuminati, and the Dragon."

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"Nothing of the sort, I'm sure. I swallowed a bee," Wuyin volunteers. He looks thoughtful. "Let me see... I know I heard something related to it... I was in Agartha, when... /ah/." He takes a breath.

Wuyin exhales in a different tone and cadence. It's like Inga's, but her prophetic fervor isn't mimicked; instead, he speaks with a certain surety, and with a hint of mirth barely audible in the strange undertones. "Come see the immaculate machine. You know her name. It rests on your tongue, a comforting weight, when you walk in the dark." He speaks a single word in loving, reverent tones. "Gaia."

"She called you. She woke you from your somnambulist life. She filled your brainpan with Anima, which flows from Agartha, from the Tree. She gave you strength to rend the lion and eat its honeyed entrails. You are the anti-body. The sickness spreads, and you must keep running." He shuts his mouth, swallows, and looks at Riva.

His expression is slightly concerned. It's out of place when he's usually calm and cryptic. "You, too? It must be all of us -- or, most, at least..."

Inga has posed:
Inga takes the clothing anyhow, for she is wet and cold and needs to hang these things up to dry somewhere. Staren's body language is absolutely fascinating to behold. Having had many cats, indeed they are sort of her patron animal, it is so bizarre to see the behavior on a person.

It's...kind of...adorable?

Inga looks back to Riva curiously. "I have not heard of any of those things. Nor of tinfoil hats," she comments. Oh, Inga not knowing about something? Shocking. "I do recall eating bees however...It was in a vision, or so I thought. I think now it must have happened. I found a honeycomb, a bee trapped in the honey..."

Then Wuyin speaks, and while he does not do so with her particular /flair/ she recognizes it all the same. She leans toward him, placing her hands on his shoulders as she looks into his eyes as if seeing the prophecy through them. "Yes, I have heard these things. Gaia. The sickness. This must be what I've been brought here for. What you have been, as well. I don't understand it all...but we must have what is needed. There must be a reason I was brought so far," she says.

Staren has posed:
    "Gaia, huh? So you work for Gaia? Or at least... you've been recruited by... you know what I mean." And then Riva lists the factions. "Oh?" He looks to Wuyin. "So which one do you work for?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa listens as she hears out a few more things.

"I don't wish to die, i already lost most of me as it is avoiding that fate."

She flexes her hand looking at it for a moment.

"Small white talking anirmal spirits? Look my general reaction is if the fiction of my world is remotly right. If your asked if you want the power? It's best to run screaming."

she looks at Riva and the others.

"I'm just a freelancer really I been falling into more fighting work really than I ever expected."

Riva Banari has posed:
Kotone causes Riva to look more closely at her with that comment. "Are you... Huh. What happened to you? Are you going to be all right?"

Inga's response causes her to nod. "Huh. So you're completely independant. I didn't think about that, but I guess... I shouldn't be surprised. With their histories, there's no reason why they would be able to ind /everyone/ like us and, uh.... recruit them." She shrugs at that. "Well, if things work out, maybe they'll make you an offer once they know you exist."

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Wuyin looks back at Inga. He nods slowly. "There is a sickness spreading through the world. It is concentrated here, and elsewhere, but not as pressingly. Not what we can handle right now, I think." He straightens in his seat. "Perhaps they believed your presence would be advantageous to us in the here and now. I can't say I understand it myself."

He shoots Staren a look. "I work for whoever is going to solve this problem. I cannot say I care very much for the undead walking the streets and the creatures crawling out of the ocean, or whatever this fog is."

Silly Staren. Straight answers are for other themes.

Inga has posed:
Inga glances toward Kotone, frowning softly. She really isn't sure what to say. She's still struggling to understand what is happening.

To Riva, Inga nods somewhat. "I see...and you are with one of these groups? You are one of their warriors? Will you tell me more about these groups?"

Inga looks back toward Wuyin, noticing her hands are still on his shoulders. She pulls back, shaking her head. "It must be so. I must be needed here, somehow. However unlikely it may seem," she replies.

Another quiet moment of thought, then Inga takes the clothes given to her and stands. "I should change and let my clothes dry...as it seems I am likely to only have one dress for a while. Then, I will go to work. I can at least make this place safe for people," she says, then moves off into another room to change into the clothing given to her by Staren.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Riva upon taking a closer look at Kotone would reveal some give aways. Her eyes are the lagest one it's clert they are not natural they look vaguely mechanical when you get a good look at them.

"I was working a courier job, when someone with military grade proethics attacked me ... I won't go into detail but needless to say I needed a prosehtic body to surive. I'm a Cyborg for lack of another term."

She does not seem happy about but she's starting to cope a bit better.

She looks at Inga and smiles fainly at her as she watches her head off for a moment and he adds.

"It goes futher than that just about everyone in the developed world is agumented evne if it's what you would likely call a brain jack. It's getting to the point in the Russia Ameri Alliance, Japan or the Empire of America you can't function without one."

Riva Banari has posed:
"I will tell you everything I know. It might help you make the decision for yourself." She smiles at that. The Templars got to her first. Who knows, maybe the Illuminati might have picked her up if she wasn't such a softie.

Riva starts slightly. "A cyborg? So you're all mechanical?" She thinks. "Huh. That's interesting." Given the amount of culture shock she's had lately, this is just another thing for the pile. At least she knows what it is! "Yuur world sounds crazy advanced." She remarks to Kotone.

Staren has posed:
    Staren nods to Wuyin. Seems simple enough. Although he might have misunderstood... Inga, meanwhile, is stranded. "I can bring you a machine to print clothes, too! I mean, um... unless you maybe would rather have someone shop for you." Where does he even start? And then Kotone hops into his boat. 'I don't think she knows what any of those words mean.' he whispers to her.

Inga has posed:
Upon getting dressed in pants and a shirt, she soon finds that they are changing on her form to become more like what she is accustomed to.

She appears in the doorway again, looking pale and startled. "What sort of magic is this?!" she asks, a dress lengthening. She's even pinned her brooches and attached her belt. The way these people so casually produce wonders is what is so utterly shocking to her.

And no, she has absolutely no idea what Kotone is talking about. She doesn't even understand what mechanical means!

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Save few small parts really. "It is in some ways in others it's not so much it's strange in some ways really. Still if you'd ever like to see Vancouver or New Port I'd be happy to show you about. "It's really creepy in some ways it's only happened in the last 30 years or so, things just took off after are point."

She whispers back to Staren.

"I was talking to Riva as she asked me a question."

She guessed it would go over Inga's head and won't press the subect.

"Your looking pretty good Inga."

Staren has posed:
    Staren looks at Inga. Now in dry clothes, she looks less like something Faruja dragged in. "A sort of magic called 'nanotechnology'." Beat. "Do you actually want to know how it works?" he tilts his head, and slips his hands into his coat pockets. "Because I could explain. Usually people don't /actually/ want to know how it works, though. Calling it 'magic' or 'technology' is enough for most..." he looks like he could go on, but is holding his tongue in an attempt to not disparage the intelligence of everyone in the room.

Inga has posed:
Inga looks to Kotone, smiling, if weakly, at the compliment. "Ah...thank you," she replies. Well, she supposes she has two dresses now, if this one doesn't just poof into smoke or some such.

To Staren, she raises her eyebrows. "I have learned that your explainations generally involve needing to also explain your explaination," she informs him, a wry amusement lighting in her eyes. "I am tempted to say yes though, just to watch you try."

Inga looks back to Kotone, then Riva. "You are both free women, I assume?" she asks, sitting again. She digs into one of her pouches, producing a carved whalebone comb that she begins to drag through her pale hair after undoing the plait. She will feel much more like herself once she's put her appearance in order again. "I had a girl that helped me with various things...assuming I can't simply go back I will have to purchase--" she frowns then, realizing something. "Tch...I will not have enough silver. Not unless..." she reaches up to touch one of her silver brooches, frown growing.

Riva Banari has posed:
"Nanotech? Of course it's nanotech. Sure, next we'll have flying ponies and orbital lasers." Riva sighs.

"Free women, huh?" Riva asks, eyebrow arched. She does, however, stand up and gestures. "Don't worry about that, Inga." She pulls out a small wad of cash and puts it on the table, as well as a radio. "I figured you were going to need these. This is what people use for trade in this area instead of silver." She indicates the money at that. Then she points at the radio. "Also, this is a device that will let you talk to people over long distances. It is called a 'radio'. If you press here, it will begin working. Press here to talk to someone else. I have set it up to communicate with those of us you have met. You can also talk to people in other worlds if you press here first. Press this one in order to go back to talking with just us." Riva explains the handheld radio device! Whooo!

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Wuyin seems interested when Staren mentions nanotechnology, but he stops himself from asking Staren to explain it all -- /this/ time. He'll bother him about it another day, especially if he's freely giving the stuff out. What could he --

No, no, don't consider the implications right now, do it later.

"We can probably spare some Pax for you to get situated. I think the exchange rate in the Multiverse is favorable, but it is what is used locally by the people who know about the paranormal." He nods at the piece of silver ornamentation. "You should not need to pawn anything."

Inga has posed:
Inga looks at the stack of cash, blinking. "Is this some sort of velum?" she asks, lifting a twenty. "How strange...it is already drawn upon," she remarks, shaking her head. She places it into her pouch though, then pays attention as Riva shows her the radio. While she is obviously confused, and asks a few questions, she manages the whole 'press buttons' thing well enough. She learns things quickly and has a very sharp memory.

"Well, that is a releif, though it certainly doesn't seem like there is a thriving market /here/. Some things can wait I suppose. There are markets elsewhere I assume? I will have to go back to the world tree...I was told I could use this," she says, pulling her Agartha conduit from her pouch.

"Well then...I will have to venture out for some things, but I can make us a ward to keep the undead out of this building. Afterwards...then what do we do?"

Staren has posed:
    Do you want knowledge?

Staren will remember that.

    Staren narrows his eyes slightly. Who's been talking about him? "That is true." Must... not... sass... about... turning... down... knowledge...

    And then Riva says something silly. "You know we have those things right? Have you not heard Rainbow Dash on the radio?" Also, he walks back over to the table and sets a tablet from his pocket atop the food fabber. The fabber is designed to be controlled wirelessly, but of course, aside from Kotone and himself, noone here is probably equipped to do that with their heads.

    Inga asks what they'll do. Yeah, what /is/ their plan? He looks curiously at Riva and Wuyin.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Yes I am why would I not be...yes I very much am a free woman."

She looks at Riva for a moment

"Err Riva..."

She trails off not going to finisht hat but she looks back to Inga noe and she seems ot be in a decent of enough mood.

"Yes don't pawn something like that that craftmanship on that isn't really seen anymore."

She pauses for a moment

"You might be able to hire someone but it's a bad idea to bring ... people in here from what I been told."

Riva Banari has posed:
Staren mentions the ponies. "You mean they're... actual ponies? Talking ponies? That can fly?" Riva ponders this. "I... see."

She plays it off with a shrug, however, and looks back to Inga. "I have to go to handle a few things." Probably involving stabbing zombies or interdimensional hijinks. "But what we do is we work on saving the world. I'll help you with what has happened in the intervening timeframe since you were in Sweden, Inga, but that'll have to take time. Before then... You'll have plenty to deal with. Just call us if you need anything."

Inga has posed:
Inga nods to Kotone. "I am very fond of these. They were gifts," she explains. There is more story there, but it is not for right now.

A nod to Riva. "Very well. I will work on things here," she says, then turns to Wuyin.

"Now, would you like to assist me in building a bone-fence?"

Staren has posed:
    Staren blinks at Riva. "Uh, /yeah/. What did you think they were? I mean, well, only the pegasi can fly."

    Noone need know that when /he/ heard what Rainbow Dash did for a living he pictured her sitting at a console in a giant weather machine.

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Wuyin stays on-task. /On-task/ dammit, no ponies!!

"Right." He stands. "We see what we can do to drum up support, here and elsewhere. We see what the people of this town -- those who are left alive -- are doing, and how they are still here when the others are long since dead. But for now, we..."

A beat. He looks back at Inga, a little quizzically.

"...we build a bone fence, I suppose," he decides. It's as good a next move as any!