3251/A Wisewoman's Advice

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A Wisewoman's Advice
Date of Scene: 22 October 2015
Location: Dun Realtai
Synopsis: Yari visits Inga for healing and childrearing advice.
Cast of Characters: Inga, 691

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
With typical punctuality, Yari's over to the norse-styled cottage of one Wisewoman Inga. She pauses, admiring the decorations and the rustic nature of it. While she much prefers the light and hum of an advanced war machine of a camp, there's something to be said for the peace and homey feel it gives off.

Yari's dressed in a simple kimono today, red and black pipe hanging out of her mouth. She looks more than a little ragged, with bandages on her arm and head, the creep of post-battle exhaustion all over her face.

Nor is she alone. Looking in much better shape, petting Yari's tail with a look of honest worry, a bright eyed young asian girl clad in a similar outfit looks in wonder at the door in between peering over at Yari. She opens her mouth, thinks better of something, and closes it.

A pause, and then a knock. Yari calls out.

"Ensign Takane reporting, Ma'am, with one civilian! Permission to enter?"

Inga has posed:
Before they even reach the door, they are greeted by the bleeting of goats. Two goats stand in a pen, poking their noses out in hopes of food. "Meeeeeh!" they cry. They're kind of adorable.

Inga is ready to open the door when Yari knocks--she is a Seer and had advance warning as well! "Yari, do come in. Welcome to my hall," she says, motioning her inside. Inga then smiles down the the little girl. "Hello Linh, would you like a piece of pie and some apple cider while I work on Yari here?" she asks.

Inga is dressed in the style of Dun Realtai's folks, a long dress and underdress, an apron over that, her hair tightly braided. The inside smells like spiced apple, an undercurrent of other various herbs from where they are tied to dry around the main room.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari manages a smile as Inga greets them. "Thank you, Miss Inga." She offers a short bow.

Linh turns away from the goats, looking a bit fascinated. She's a simple village girl, after all, and has never seen such an animal from a far-away country as this!

"Pie? I'd love some!" Speaks the young girl, voice chipper and warm. It's a little forced, and she's seemingly reluctant to let go of Yari's tail. She almost seems to be hovering protectively in a very childish way.

Yari kneels down, and gives the girl a pat on the head.

"I'm told Miss Inga is a good cook. Save some for me, alright, Linh?"

The girl considers, then smiles, and finally just hugs Yari. The ninja winces a little, but finally there's a bittersweet smile to the woman.

Then, following her nose, she's off to the source of that delicious pie-based scent.

Yari chuckles as she stands up, ready to follow Inga off.

When they're alone, and Linh has gotten her pie and cider, Yari frowns. The injuries don't bother her.

"...I've been in pitched battles and dangerous missions. I've almost died several times, and I've seen good friends pay with their lives for their services to the Empire. But I have never been as terrified as I am right now, Miss Inga. My upbringing wasn't exactly conventional. I'm out of my depth." She admits.

Her injuries have been patched up well, but her back and arm was caught in what might have been some kind of high explosive blast.

Inga has posed:
Inga nods to her head to acknowledge Yari's bow, motioning for her to have a seat. "Why don't you tell me what happened while I get Linh some pie," she says to Yari. "You may have some after I heal you," she adds with a smile.

Inga moves to the kitchen space, obviously showing signs of modernization where other areas do not. A piece of pie is cut and served on a plate alongside a cup of cider, placed on the curiously modern looking table. "Come along and have a bite to eat, Linh," she says gently.

Once back to Yari, Inga rolls up her sleeves and begins going to work, unwinding bandages to inspect the damage. "I do not think you will need these anymore," she comments, placing them aside. She winces somewhat at the injuries. "Terrified? Why?" she asks, then looks back toward the other room. "The girl?" she inquires.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Linh squeels, then coughs, and holds it back in. Her new foster mother might just be rubbing off on the impressionable young mind.

"Okay Miss Inga!" She sits down, and soon enough, is devouring sweets and cider with the gusto only a growing girl can summon up. Nom nom nom!

Yari tries to remain the picture of stoic professionalism. She's smiling a smidge though, and that tail flicks animatedly.

"Your kindness won't be forgotten, Ma'am."

Yari doesn't protest at all aside from a wince or two. They're healing well enough, but she'll have burns for some time it seems. Perhaps some ointments could help?

"I can't give out the details, but I was on a mission. I played distraction against a powerful opponent, and was caught in my own trap."

A small nod. "Yes. The more I think about it, my Mother raised and groomed me for the...occupation I have now. I went into it willingly, but on the other hand, I wasn't really given a choice."

A small frown. "I don't want that to happen to Linh. I want to teach her discipline and honor, but I don't want her to have to strive for a caretaker that's distant. And I'd rather she not take up my occupation either, or if she does, then it's for her own reasons. I don't remember my parents, but she knew them well. She should keep those memories. I just don't know how to live up to that kind of thing. What do I do? How do I raise a child that way?" A hand runs through her hair, plain distress and worry on her face and in her voice.

Inga has posed:
Inga shrugs off the comments about her kindness. "It is only right. I assume somethng rather...drastic has happened that has put this girl in your care?" she asks.

Inga finishes examining the wounds, then pulls the small knife from her belt. She doesn't really think to give warning before she slices her arm open and blood wells crimson against pale skin. She wipes the blade on her apron, then resheaths it before dipping her fingers into the liquid. She lifts Yari's arm and begins to drawn a runic symbol upon it. And because all magic seems to glow in the multiverse, the blood shimmers with a golden light briefly before sinking in, suffusing Yari with healing energy. It's slow and sweet, like honey flowing. Within a few moment, it should take care of the burns quite well.

As for Inga's wound, it has already begun to visibly close.

"So...Linh is...a relative? She has been placed in your care?" Inga asks, wanting a bit more details befor she doles out any advice.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari's silent for a moment, then she nods.

"How to put it..." She starts. Is it really her tale to tell? But she needs to let it be known if Inga can really help.

She's briefly distracted. A knife, and Yari visibly tenses on reflex. She doesn't relax until after the knife is sheathed, finally getting the good sense to activate her armlet for a quick scan of Inga's magical energy levels, if she can even pick up anything like that with her outdated equipment.

A sigh, and the healing magic flows into her. Burns fade, and she looks over her arm, head tilting in curiousity.

"So you're an aether specialist? It looks like you have many talents." Thankfully blood magic is more a curiousity to her than any kind of thing to become upset about.

Ahem. "But I can ask about that later. There was a group of bandits. Deserters from local forces in the Asian Plains where she lived. They attacked the town, stole everything worth stealing, then gorged themselves on the village stocks before lighting the town on fire."

"I...dealt with the bandits, and just before I left I heard the sounds of someone crying. Linh's parents had shielded her from the fire, but she was trapped. I managed to get her out."

"I went through something similar, and I didn't just want to turn her away to an orphanage. It felt right. All of her relatives lived in that village, and she was the only survivor. So now it seems I have a foster daughter." From her odd tone, it's still clearly sinking in for the ninja.

Inga has posed:
Inga raises a brow. "A what? This magic...it is a gift. I am...changed from what I was," she explains, if vaguely. "Many talents, yes I suppose so," she says with a small smile, shaking her head.

Inga hands Yari a mug of cider now, and a piece of pie. Inga is always hungry after being healed, Yari likely would be as well. She listens silently, gravely, as Yari explains.

She sighs then, looking back toward the room where Linh is happily eating pie. "I see. You wish to help her, but you are scared you are not up to the task of taking care of a young girl. It will be difficult, with your work. You will need help," she says, looking back to Yari. Suddenly, a smile. "But you shall have it, so you should not worry so much. I have never raised a child myself, and my upbringing was certainly unconventional...but I think you will find that you have what is needed to take care of her. She is already attached to you," Inga continues.

"Do you live here in Dun Realtai? Or nearby at least? I'm sure she would be welcome here. I am here...perhaps half of my time. I have another place, in Chicago. But when I can, I am not opposed to helping when is needed," she offers.

"If it would ease your mind, I could draw the runes for you. See what the gods have to say," she adds.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
There's a flash of outright alarm when Inga noted she'd been 'changed'. It smacks of the kinds of things Eikons do, but the look passes quickly. Thankfully Saber truly seems to trust the woman, and so Yari lets her paranoia pass.

Yari takes the cider and pie gratefully, raising her mug before downing half of it in one go. Definitely hungry and thirsty now, this one!

Yari too turns to the sight of the girl, smiling, watching her eat. The woman looks oddly satisfied for a moment.

Food and drink are set aside, and a hand goes to her chest.

"Not fully, but Linh has a room here now thanks to Miss Saber, and I'll likely be moving in more often than not."

A small sigh, and then Yari gets into a full Doman bow of thanks.

"It seems like I'm truly indebted to the people of this place. I'm not certain if I'll be able to repay these kindnesses. But I will make sure Linh grows up into the person she wants to be. I'm honored, Ma'am."

There's hesitation, and finally, a nod.

"Normally I'd refuse, but options are slim for me right now. Alright. Do it, please."

Inga has posed:
Inga does not miss that look of alarm. She frowns slightly, a twinge of dismay in response to that alarm. She does not want Yari to fear her. Sure, there are plenty of people she's alright with being afraid of her...but not such a nice girl as this. "I will not lie. I am not...I suppose I'm not human any longer. I am myself, but I have abilities that have been given to me by the gods. I have always been...gifted such, but it has changed in recent years," she explain.

Inga makes a face, then sighs. There's no not bizarre way to say this. "I swallowed a magical bee."

"Ah good, I would expect as much from the Lady. We both hold the laws of hospitality sacred...as for repaying? Tch. It is how we must be. Who could turn away a child that needs help?" she replies. Turns out, plenty of people. Inga would know.

Inga takes a deep breath and fetches her runes, nodding to Yari. "Very well. Let us see," she says before taking a seat on one of the benches. She spreads a fur out onto the floor, then upends her bag of runes from their satchel. They glow a soft blue. These had been a dear gift.

Inga's eyes grow distant as she looks over the runes, silent for a while as she looks at them all, sometimes touching one of the carved bone objects. "You are in unfamiliar territory. This one here tells of your journey...but this here it shows a light on the path. You will not be alone, and you will grow together, for raising a child is as much growth for the parents as it is for the child. She...will be different than you. She possesses gifts of her own, ones that you may not be able to help her with. However...many will help you. She will have a gift for...creation. For protection and kidness," she says, hang hovering over one of the runes.

Inga looks up then to see Yari's reaction.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari at first looks utterly lost. 'Gifted by the gods' clearly only puts her in distress with pure Garlean paranoia. She's yet to have positive interactions with anything like that.

But her next statement hits Yari hard, right in the confusion.

Her head tilts, and she just /peers/ at Inga. "You...gained power...by swallowing an insect." She says slowly, in a pure tone of 'really!?'.

Yari's eyes close. Would she have saved the girl if it weren't for the actions of those in Dun Realtai that have so effected her? She can't find a quick answer.

"It's both gratifying and increadably vexing." Admits Yari. She's not the type to let favors go unpaid.

The glowing runes get a curious glance, the woman clearly far more used to works of magic than talk of gods.

When it ends, there's relief in her features.

"I prefer works of men over prophecy, but you have no idea how glad I am to hear something like that."

The thought of the girl growing up to be someone who protects other is more gratifying than anything she's felt in a long time.

"But in the end, that's her choice to make. No gods, no person but her."

Inga has posed:
"A /magical/ insect," Inga stressed, then sighs at how stange that is. "The Buzzing is very difficult to describe. They are sort of...agents of an earth goddess they call Gaia. You have met Riva, yes? She came into possession of her powers in the same manner. We are both chosen. Our world is...it is not in a good state. We must protect it. Save it little by little it seems," she explains further. "Sometimes, the Bees speak through me. It's unnerving, so...I'm giving you warning I suppose. My prophecies can be very jarring."

"Linh will be just fine. As will you. Indeed, you have control of your wyrd and so does she. I may see the future but I see merely different paths that COULD be the future...most are not sure things at all," she continues. Some though...some are pretty certain. But she need not say that just now.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari runs her hand through her hair, and then just peers once more.

"I'd like to say I've seen stranger things in the Multiverse." Pause.

"That wouldn't be correct. Still, I wish you luck." It grates on her, that she can't outright offer support here.

A flick of her tail, and she finishes her meal.

A sigh. "I can only hope you're right. Miss Inga, thank you, I..."

There's a speed ball of a child coming in, and latching onto Yari's tail. Oomph!

She laughs, and reaches down.

"We should get back, however, there's still lots of things to set up in Linh's new home."

"And we need to feed Trooper Constantine!" Comes Linh enthusiastically.

Yari snaps a sharp salute.

"Thank you again. Remind me to come over and cook you dinner some time." Soon enough, the two head off, Yari leaping through the forest with Linh on her shoulders, laughing all the way.