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The Broadcast
Date of Scene: 02 November 2015
Location: The Secret World <TSW>
Synopsis: A numbers station reaches out to the Multiverse. Secret Worlders suspect foul play. Prelude to The Broadcast arc.
Cast of Characters: 287, Riva Banari, 513, Wuyin Tsai, Inga, 886, 900

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Our story begins, as many do, in the boughs of the World Tree.

Agartha is warm, balmy even, and well-lit from no discernable source high above or far below. The warp gate into this Earth leads to Agartha, a place dangerous to the minds of the uninitiated -- which is to say, non-Elites who are not prepared for the mind-bending spatial scrambling that this place seems to have undergone. Enormous branches of brightly-colored wood weave between one another, above and below, with platforms and 'knotholes' of silvery portals scattered hither and yon.

The warp gate is one of these, though perhaps bigger than the rest. It opens to a wide platform (without any railings to prevent one from falling into an infinite abyss) at the top of a gently sloping 'ramp' of a branch. From there... well, who knows? Where do you /want/ to go?

Wuyin waits at the warpgate platform, holding his cell phone to his ear and murmuring into it while he stares out into the white void in the distance. There's a battery-operated radio on the ground next to him; he's kneeling down and rotating the antenna, apparently listening to both the voice on the phone and the numbers from the radio.

"...Thirty. Forty-one. Seven. Three. Ninety..."

"Do you have it yet?" Wuyin asks whoever is on the other end. There's a response, but it's indistinct. He sighs, and keeps adjusting.

Lancer of Black (886) has posed:
     Agartha. The Hollow Earth. Shambala, beneath Tibet. According to a French Occultist, it is the place where the Ten Commandments were drafted by Moses and Jesus.

     Lancer of Black has never believed in the Hollow Earth. The idea was spawned well after his life, and in any case, the only part of the world that ever truly held any meaning for him was the little strip of country called Wallachia. That still, to some degree, remains.

     But Lancer nonetheless has a duty to uphold. The numbers rattling about on the radio have caught the attention of his Master, Thomas von Richten Yggdmillennia, and, as a favor to his courtier, Lancer has come to investigate.

     The Servant emerges in Agartha and immediately pauses to examine the vast and sweeping spectral tree. It is unlike anything he has ever seen in his life, or in the new life he has been granted. For a brief instant, he wonders if this is what the Magi mean by the Swirl of the Root - but judging by the man kneeling with a radio antenna, he very much doubts it.

     Lancer walks over the platform and looks down at Wuyin. The tall, pale Servant gives him a curious stare, too polite to interrupt but far too curious not to watch.

Inga has posed:
Getting to Agartha is easy. Nothing is easier, really. It is the one place she goes to that she can't possibly get lost trying to find. The conduit makes certain of that. Of course, once at the world tree, that is a different matter. Luckily for Inga, she happens to appear directly in front of Wuyin, both hands folded on top of her oak staff, frowning gently. She looks as though she'd been in the middle of baking. There's flour on the apron she wears and she has a white kerchief tied around her head. She hadn't done much more than strap on her usual belt, make sure she had her pouch and her knife, then come straight over. "Wuyin," she greets with a nod. It's been awhile since she'd seen her...what? Bee-brother? Inga shakes her head slightly at the thought. Fellow Chosen of the Buzzing. That'd do.

Inga approaches, frown deepening. "So," she says, waiting, preparing. She reaches up to grasp the hammer amulet she wears, whisping a prayer to Thor. "I've my wards ready. What is it Wuyin?" she asks. The Buzzing was silent at present. Sure that won't last.

Yumi Musumi (287) has posed:
     Yumi Musumi was an adventerous soul... and bored.

     This is not a good combination.

After hearing some talk on the radio - and the brief but somewhat cryptic warning from Inga - she had decided it was time to have some Fun, or at least, well, go do something Interesting. In fact, it was so quiet and boring lately! Or, well, quiet. It's never boring in the multiverse, even if Yumi was pretty much the eternal house wife lately. Er, well... the house... planeswalker. That doesn't really cook.

     Yumi steps out into the tree, and pauses to look up, her eyes widening as she takes in the sight that is... Agartha. She feels a inkling in her bones, and all things considered, her hands rifle through her trio of pouches set on her side. Her Ent deck is happy, at the least.

     "It's beautiful." She breathes, finally. Thanks, Yumi.

Riva Banari has posed:
It's been a while since Riva's spent a decent amount of time in Agartha. She likes it. The place is bright and comforting despite telling Euclid to #getrekt.

Hell, Riva can look in the distance and see other Bees running here and there, all dressed in whatever the hell they're using to murder supernatural things and each other these days.

Regardless, the Templaress approaches Wyuin, looking huffy as she puts her hands on her hips and leans in towards the (still unconfirmed) Dragon, Inga, and assembling Elite group. "Okay, Wuyin, what did you do /this/ time? Is this more random chaos bullcrap?" Oh God, Riva's being the straight woman, someone save us all.

Yukihana Masamune (900) has posed:
    Perhaps the feeling of being cooped up on a magical wooden space faring sea vessel that flies is a feeling that one must get used to. It must be, considering once more Yukihana Masamune feels the need to stretch her legs. Given a convenient excuse in the form of a somewhat familiar voice being somewhat cryptic about and even more cryptic string of numbers over the radio.
    It should make for an interesting tale to tell the crew when she gets back, at least. Perhaps. Still, a trip through a Dimension Door, and then a warpgate or two places the silver-haired fox-girl at the boughs of Agartha. Scarlet eyes gaze around in awe- and perhaps with the beginnings of a mild headache as she shuffles her way along the platform, arms folded together within the sleeves of her kimono, katana slung in the sash. An elegant yet simple design of pink silk with white snowflake patterns as she approaches Wuyin and the forming group. The agent of Dragon will easily recognize her. He may also perhaps find her in miserable condition, pale, dark bags beneath her eyes.

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Rather than directly respond verbally, Wuyin offers Inga a polite incline of the head, and then very deliberately turns away from Riva and holds up a finger. Give him a minute.

He's cradled his phone against the side of his head and his shoulder. "Yes. Yes, that's right. It's..." He turns a little to the right, towards where the antenna is pointing. Then, he takes his phone, looks at the screen, and puts it back where it was. "...northeast of you. Uh huh. Uh... /huh/. Yes, I'll look into it." He lowers the phone again and ends the call.

Then, he stands up, and turns around, looking at the people that have assembled so far. Lancer in particular, who is directly in his personal space, gets a look involving a quirked brow from behind his 3D glasses.

"Numbers. All /I've/ done is track them. Do you know David Screed, in New York? Weird Non-Fiction Magazine?" he asks Riva. "He claims an anonymous man calling himself 'the Presenter' has been speaking to him through his newsletter about numbers stations, and that he gave him a frequency to listen in on." Wuyin bends down to collect the radio. There is a distinctly unsettling quality to the repetition. It's like there's something else being said, and yet...

"He threw away his radio after that. Made as much noise as he could to get it out of his head. Sound familiar?" Wuyin turns the radio off, tucking it into a pocket, and then immediately drawing a small bottle of something dark from wherever he keeps things. He offers it to Yukihana. "Miss Swordsmith," he says in an uncharacteristically gentle voice, "you do not look like you have been sleeping well. This should help."

Inga has posed:
     Others are arriving. People she has never seen before, and by the looks on their faces upon coming to Agartha, they have probably never been to Solomon Island. Which means its talisman and speech time. Inga takes a breath and looks to the newcomers. "Hello, I am Inga Freyjasdottir, wisewoman. Before we proceed out of Agartha and into our world I would like to place wards on those who do not have more long term talismans. There is an...entity. A substance. It is extremely infectious. The wards help, but if you find any strange black liquid on anything or anyone, do NOT touch it. Do not examine it. Do not even look at it too hard, do you understand?" she asks, not unkindly. She's clearly given this talk many times before.
     Riva arrives and Inga turns to toward her, smiling in greeting. "Riva, how good to see you. You have your talisman I trust?" she asks.

Inga turns back to Wuyin, frowning as she hears the repitition of numbers over the radio. Something prickles at her skin. The wisewoman fetches one of the pouches at her waist then, reaching in to pull a few small objects. When she opens her hand she has pulled three runes, the bones glow a faint blue. "Well, that /is/ ominous," she sighs. Of course it is.

Finna (513) has posed:
    IT happens without warning. One moment a certain smith may think all is well, all is good. The next, SOMETHING'S batting at her tail. Or rather... brushing it, just barely. A wind rushes up her back from behind and... in just an instant there's weight on her right shoulder.

    A single fox paw, and the head of a female Arctic Fox in full winter coat. Standing on one forepaw, body completely vertical and balanced on Yukihana's shoulder.

    A cheek lick commences! One brief lick!

    Although her gaze is fixed enough on Wuyin that there's no doubt the fox is seriously listening to the news about the debacle.

    Astute observers might see that instead of pure white, her ears and tail have a strange silvery gleam...

Yumi Musumi (287) has posed:
     "Yeah, hi, I'm uh, Yumi Musumi. Planeswalker. Magic ...ey... type person. I guess? I mean, feel free to ward me, but I don't know how it'll interact."

     She rifles through her deck. "Also, uh, pardon me, but would walking and talking trees be less bad or dragons and goblins?

     Thanks, Yumi.

Lancer of Black (886) has posed:
     "Crusader," Lancer of Black greets Riva politely, placing a hand over his chest and bowing low in the style of a knight. His accent is *sharply* and *noticably* Romanian - it comes out sounding more like "Crew-say-duhr." He takes a step back pretty much as soon as Wuyin acknowledges his existence, evacuating personal space to, again, be polite. Over the Servant's shoulder is slung a wicked-looking spear, a weapon that looks designed more for punishment than combat, though it doesn't appear to be magical in any sense of the word. The silver-haired Fox Girl also receives a glance from him, as does the fox itself. His eyes are a shining gold, like a nighttime predator.

     Inga introduces herself. Lancer places his hand over his chest and bows to her, though it's not as low a bow as he gave Riva. "I am Lancer of Black, Knight of the Dragon. Please, lady, save your talismans; my own magical resistance is not-inconsiderable. I would prefer that those without such blessings are covered."

     He leaves unsaid that talismans sound unpleasantly unChristian, because that would be super impolite.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva grumbles at Wuyin's back. He did that on purpose! Before she can get sulky about Wuyin being Wuyin, however, she looks to the others present. "Lancer! Good to see you!" Riva waves to him, smiling. Inga gets a sudden bouncing squeal, however as Riva hugs her. "INGA! Good to see you again! Man, it's been forever since we went out and /did/ things. Don't worry, everything's cool!" She assures the wisewoman, and then waves to the pair of foxes. "Hiiiii there! Hey Finna!" She approaches Yukihana and offers a hand for a shake. "Good to meet you! I'm Riva Banari of the Templars. I've heard you a bit around! Great to meet you in person!" She grins, and then also looks to Yumi. "Hey there! Have we met? I actually can't remember, I'm terrible." When she gets a chance, she holds out a hand for Yumi too. "Nice to see you as well!"

Yukihana Masamune (900) has posed:
    "I have not been well." It is a quiet, honest, admission. But not one the kitsune chooses to dwell on in the moment, opting to flow into a much more polite: "I hope you have fared well?" The bottle however receives something of a confused look, but with a bow of her head and quiet 'thank you' while fiddling with the bottle, popping it open for a sniff of the contents... Before...
    Her tail swishes. A little sway, and she turns her head to see just what's batting at her before finding a fox right on her shoulder. The cheeklick is met with wide scarlet eyes, and then a sharp yip of surprise. It is very unelegant, and the resultant heated flush on her face says she regrets making the sound in the first place, when those predatory topaz eyes of the Impaler Lord upon her.
    She seems VERY GRATEFUL for the distraction of Riva's introduction, working for a beat to recover from her fluster. The hand is not accepted, which could be considered somewhat awkward as she fips forward in a formal bow.
    "Ah... Masamune, Yukihana. H-Heard of me?"

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
The bottle smells... well actually, it's hard to tell. Agartha smells fairly pleasantly of honey all the way through, like they were inside some kind of enormous bee-hive. If you looked around enough, you might even be able to see something that resembles bees buzzing around. The bottle /is/ a sweet smell, though, but it's a different kind. (It's blueberry!)

"As well as I ever am." Wuyin smiles slightly at Awkward Fox, and nods a bit at the resident Lunar. They'll... well, maybe they'll get along. He doesn't know much about various forms of supernatural fox beyond some vague legends. "I hope you find it in you to feel better soon."

Wu shoots a glance at Inga, giving her a quizzical look over the tops of his red-and-blue-lensed glasses. She did a thing with runes he doesn't know how to read. What did that come up with? Then, he turns to Lancer more fully. Wuyin himself seems to be carrying a straight wooden club with black stone teeth up opposite sides, and a big ol' triangular piece stuck in the top. He wears it like a sword, odd though it is. That spear, though...

"I am Wuyin Tsai. I am no knight," he says, voice and expression utterly serious, "but I am an expert at swallowing bees."

Lancer of Black (886) has posed:
     "An odd thing to be an expert in," Lancer of Black replies, "But I have met many strange men, and just as many have had expertise as strange as they themselves. I am certain it is a pleasure, Wuyin Tsai the Bee-Eater."

     The fox's reaction gets another look from Lancer, though he apparently pays it no mind. Perhaps he simply thinks she's a little weird. There's nothing chastising in those predator's eyes - in fact, his gaze is kind of flat, despite the feeling of predatory power behind it.

     "The numbers, then. They are presumably a message. Do you know the contents of it?"

Inga has posed:
     "We shall see," Inga says to Yumi. She approaches, trying to give her a quick smile to reassure her before pulling her knife and pricking her finger with it. "I must draw the rune upon your skin to activate the ward," she explains. And yes, it is to be drawn in blood.
Upon turning to Lancer, she bows in return. "A pleasure, Knight of the Dragon," she replies. Her brow furrows gently at his refusal of her charm, though it is done so politely she can only purse her lips in momentary disapproval. "I am sure that you are right, but please do keep my warning in mind. Whatever resistances you have, this...infection...spreads very easily. We cannot bring it to other worlds," she cautions.
And yes, it is extremely Unchristian.
Finna has arrived. Inga greets her with a smile. She's another who has been given a more permanent talisman.

Riva practically knocks Inga over with her enthusiasm. The small woman can't help but laugh, returning the embrace. "Yes, it has. A year in fact. Strange, isn't it?" she says, her smile fading. "Too long."

An amused smile returns briefly at Wuyin's quip about swallowing bees, but fades again as she pats her rune pouch thoughtfully.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva steps back in surprise at the bow, and returns it momentarily and slightly awkwardly. "Yeah! On the radio! Everyhting's cool though."

She pauses and looks back to Wuyin, a sudden realization flashing across her face. "Waiiiiiiiiiiiitaminute. Are you telling me that we're chasing our tails for that tabloid guy in New York? This is already getting stupid. He buries everything he gets neck deep in furry-toothed conspiracy theories."

She grumps dome more for a moment, and then sighs. "Okay, /fine/. Where are we going?"

Yumi Musumi (287) has posed:
"It's nice to meet everyone!" Yumi mentally adds a 'I think'.

"Uh... okay. Wow. Blood magic?" She sounds slightly nervous. She isn't as well educated as Theo is about the actual nature of their abilities and the other worlds, and thus she's kind of confused. But she allows it! Her goblins would approve. Some of her dragons, too. Dorks.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Well I for one will accept Inga's help!" Speaks the fox, leaping off Yukihana's shoulder with a move light as a feather. She's apparently pleased with Yukihana's reaction, going by the triumphant little smirk on her face as the vaulting fox shifts to human form, fur receding into pale northerner flesh and sprouting the thing leather decorative attire of her barbarian homeland. Although if you asked them about, she's taken an entirely odd risque flair of showing off midriff and other areas. Probably seen too many other adventurers in the Multiverse doing it.

    The young woman lands with the biggest, cheeriest grin. "Finna Snowdancer. Of course, I had to greet my sister-in-spirit here first... hello, Inga, Wu, Riva! Up to the usual escapades, huh?"

    She'll grab a charm no sweat if needed. But honestly, only if the one she's received from a previous matter isn't good enough. She dangles that first and wears it...

    Only to stick out her tongue at Lancer in the next moment. "You don't know what you're missing out on. She knows her stuff. Ah well. Luna favors the bold. Sometimes."

Lancer of Black (886) has posed:
     Lancer's eyes follow the dangling pendant as Finna puts it on. Then, as politely as he can, he says, "no, thank you. The Lord will keep me safe."

     There's disapproval in his rich Romanian voice. It's clear that he's not entirely pleased by the aid of pagans. He may be willing to work alongside them and help them with a greater problem, but actually adopting their ways is something that he's *clearly* unwilling to do.

     "I am confident that between my God and my ability, the infection will find no vector through me," he adds, again remarkably politely, to Inga.

Inga has posed:
     Inga slips the runes back into her pouch, looking up. Her eyes widen slightly, "Ah...there they are," she says quietly, just before her body goes rigid. She gasps a breath before she begins.
     "We call upon their names: Nancy Adam Susan, The Swedish Rhapsody, The Gong Station, the English Woman, Magnetic Fields, Tyrolean Music Station, Three Note Oddity, The Counting Station, Papa November, and The Lonely Patriot."
     Then it is done. Inga nearly falls over, shaking her head.
     "Well, at least it was brief this time....but I haven't the slightest idea what any of that means," she sighs. Inga leans toward Finna, still a little....buzzy. "I do appeciate your confidence in me, Finna," Inga replies before looking to Lancer. Oh, she knows /that/ look. It is all she can do to keep a sudden scowl from appearing. Inga has made progress in a year here in the multiverse. She's met Christians that are not terrible, that indeed she can call friend.
     But she still doesn't like it. His feeling of disapproval is entirely mutual. But he is polite, he is respectful enough, and so Inga presses her lips shut and nods.

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"I am certain it is a pleasure," Wuyin Tsai the Bee-Eater replies to Lancer of Black, in an almost identical tone. He's a strange one, all right.

"A message? Perhaps. It is from a numbers station, a sort of radio broadcast that transmits numbers with no explanation nor any sort of clear origin. Theorists and enthusiasts have been attempting to decipher them for decades. What I /do/ know, is that it is being broadcast from more than one location --"

Inga does her thing. Wuyin pauses for a second, watching her and listening with rapt attention. Once it's done, he mouths the words for a few seconds, as if mulling it over.

He turns his head to look to Riva. "Thanks to that 'tabloid guy,' we have a lead: north-east of him, most probably there," he points at a branch in the distance, an oft-travelled one for some of them, "is roughly where the closest signal is coming from. And if something is broadcasting from the island, and we're /hearing/ it..."

Yukihana Masamune (900) has posed:
    H-huff. Well at least the OTHER fox is off her shoulder now. The kitsune quietly adjusts her kimono with a small fidget before her head dips in another bow. First to Wuyin, then to Riva. Another sniff ad the bottle and she finally opts to put it to her lips. There is a mild look of surprise at first that crosses her face, tongue flitting over her lips thoughtfully before she makes her verdict and downs the contents of the bottle rather quickly, before daintily dabbing her lips clean. Before she asks the most pivotal and important question of the moment.
    "... What is a tabloid?"

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Hmmmm..." Finna blinks a few times at Lancer, studying him. She utterly lacks Inga's cultural knowledge of the situation, but decides to clap her hands together, fingers folded together, and exclaims, "You're very bold. May he help all of us, perhaps. Whenever it's a problem on this world? You need all the divine help you can get. Skill and good steel helps a lot too."

    It is perhaps funny in a way how gracefully and earnestly Finna states such, but perhaps it's to expected of the Creation-born.

    In truth though, she's putting most of her faith in skill, steel, and the protean Essence burning in her soul.

    "I like a good mystery investigation, Wuyin! What do you expect over there? Forest? Desert? More mess in zombietown? I don't know what's that way!"

    And, well, for that matter she's nto sure what's ANY way in this place sometimes. It's so confusing.

Riva Banari has posed:
"A tabloid is a kind of newspaper that specializes in sensationalism instead of strictly reporting truthful news. A lot of them simply fabricate complete lies." Riva replies.

When Finna transforms back,, Riva is already there, giving the snowfox a big hug. They've always been helpful! The Templaress looks over her shoulder one she's done greeting Finna, peering at Wuyin. "Wait. Northeast of New York is... Solomon Island. You can't mean they're broadcasting from that hellhole, right?" There is a headshake. "So we're going to go drop everything to go try to triangulate the broadcast and figure out where it's coming from, huh?"

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"If they /are/ broadcasting from Solomon Island," Wuyin feels like this adequately answers Finna's query, just mentioning it, "and they're capable of breaking through the interference caused by the fog /without/ the aid of Multiversal communication, then this is something that is worth looking into."

He shrugs his shoulders. "Besides, what else will you be doing? I doubt you or I have much to drop. This may be precisely what we were made to do."

Inga has posed:
     Well, she is glad that was helpful to Wuyin at least. Now they know where to begin.

Inga sighs, looking to Wuyin. "Yes, it is time to get back to what we were made for."

Lancer of Black (886) has posed:
     Lancer shrugs. "The Lord defends His faithful," he replies. Beyond that, he remains silent. He sees no need to step in or interfere - these people have done this before, clearly, and when people have experience, it's wisest to let them use it.

     "Then let us go," the pale man replies.

Yumi Musumi (287) has posed:
"So, I never got an answer." Yumi says perkily. "Ents or dragons? Either way, I'm going Lord Of The Rings on this thing."

Thanks, Yumi.

Inga has posed:
Inga looks to Yumi, blinking. "What is an ent?" she inquires.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva folds her arms and tries her best to look sternly at Wuyin. She fails her Intimidation roll and more or less just looks like an indigant teen. It's not like she can admit she was beginning to really like getting paid double to sit around and party at the HoH building, do artwork, and do reports sometimes.

Yumi asks about ents or dragons. Riva rubs her chin. "Well, Solomon Island has a lot of forest so I'd recommend ents. They'd hide better." She doesn't even question what's up with this anymore.

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
"If I had to choose, I would say I am partial to ents," Wuyin asides. He's messing with his phone. "I'm told dragons are unreliable, and shouldn't be trusted."

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna returns the hug with full fervor! "Hello to you too!" But she bristles at the name 'Solomon Island.' SHIVER.

    The shiver's so bad it vibrates through her tail even. "That place again... it's like all the evil in the world got boiled into a soupy mess and dumped there. It still hasn't been evacuated? Come ON." Finna BOGGLES, fully wide-eyed...

    But with a grouchy resignated noise, reaches into her tail and pulls out A WELL-POLISHED VIKING ARMING SWORD. What really looks like one, anyways. It's a bit on the lean side, but its only decorations are minor etchings. It's meant for business.

    "Lead on, then. Can't do too much scouting if it's through THAT place... best not to travel alone."

Inga has posed:
Inga Looks at Wuyin, quirking a brow as if to ask 'did you really just say that with a straight face?'

Yukihana Masamune (900) has posed:
    That explains... That explains thins fairly well actually.
    "Oh." Is Yukihana's response when Riva fills her in on the deets of just what the tabloids are, the fox-girl scrunches her nose in thought for a moment. "I do not think I would enjoy reading one of those." More importantly though: "... I believe I will accompany. If you will have me?"

Lancer of Black (886) has posed:
     Lancer bristles. "I have been called many things in my life, but never unreliable or untrustworthy, Bee-Eater."

Yumi Musumi (287) has posed:
Yumi looks at Inga for a moment, before she pulls out a set of cards from her pocket. She rifles through them carefully before handing a card out to Inga to show her the Cloudcrown Oak, the anthromorphic tree at the top half of the picture.

"It's... basically a live tree." She explains. "I... me, Theo, Neva, Conor, all of us... when we use our mana, our magic, and these cards, we can make them... come to life, essentially. I call them 'ents', after a similiar creature in a book from my world. Riva is right, they're a better choice, because my main mana draw for this deck, well, my only mana draw, is well..." She holds up the Forest card.

Inga has posed:
Inga takes the card, examining it. "You cast your magic through these cards? Interesting," she says, turning the card over once in her hand. "Well...I do like trees...so that would be what I would pick--however, fire is quite useful on Solomon Island as well. Difficult decision," she comments.

To Lancer, Inga smiles slightly, then shakes her head. She isn't going to explain.

Wuyin Tsai has posed:
Wuyin's expression is and was totally serious. His poker face is legendary.

"We would be glad to have you, if you are prepared to endure the terrible things that lie on that island. We are quite well-prepared for them, now, but it is still dangerous," Wuyin says seriously to Yukihana.

He looks up from his phone at Lancer of Black. "You are also not an enormous winged fire-breathing reptile with teeth like swords and claws like spears," he retorts easily, "and furthermore, it was a joke."

Yumi Musumi (287) has posed:
"Haihai! That's essentially how it goes. Um, I do have a combined deck that takes the best of both worlds, but, er... two of the big things that involve with it kind of are a god and... well, a Tarmogoyf, which can be the weakest or strongest thing on the field considering what's going on. So it's one of those risky decks."

Yumi does not sound phased that she can will a god to life. Magic, you know.

Riva Banari has posed:
"Of course you can come!" Riva replies to Yuki with a smile. Riva is always in favor of more foxgirl. It's objectively better than less foxgirl. They're always fun to be around!

"Hokay, okay. Anyway, let's all break and get some stuff together, and then we'll go hit Solomon and see if it's the culprit, or if Screed is going to spontanously blame aliens or something and selfdestruct." Riva shrugs. "Anyway, we have enough /defined/ problems without chasing rumors like this. I'll humor you though, since if you're just trolling us I don't want to get left out."

Inga has posed:
Inga looks confuses, but nods. "Ah...right..." a god!? Ugh.

"Mmm, yes, let me go back home so I can put on something less nice," she says. She's wearing rough homespun, stained with flour and what not now. Solomon Island gets very messy. Inga has to break out the blood resistant clothing.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Be ready for a trip through hell, sister. I mean it. Smelly, ugly, moldy, fish-monsters and angry dead tromping everywhere." Finna warns Yuki before checking over here blade...