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Visiting Old Friends
Date of Scene: 30 December 2015
Location: Asian Plains
Synopsis: Yari and company track down her would-be assassins. Blood is spilled, tears are shed, Gawain gets a new mount, and Archer is even more of a jerk than usual.
Cast of Characters: 516, Inga, Sir Gawain, 583, 691, Sanary Rondel, 774, 821

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
The small village that serves as the 'base' for Yari's enemies in the asian plains is utterly deserted tonight at first glance. Dense fog has rolled in, or more likely, made to exist by her former companions. It's the picture of a medieval Japanese village, complete with a bridge over water. Yari and her group has arrived with a hostage in tow: Chiyo, one of the ninja they captured after the battle in Dun Realtai. The ninja is in Sanary's care, and definitely has seen better days.

The town square where the meeting is to take place has roads in the four cardinal directions. To the north, a pair of ninja au'ra appear on top of a building, both lookng to almost be twins. The slightly older one steps forward.

To the east and west, roads leading out of town. To the West, the buildings are more densely packed, and easy to hide in. To the east, it's more open, though the lingering feeling of magic generally wafts through the town, it's more concentrated there.

It all smells like a trap, but Yari walks into it willingly.

The two ninja call out! "The only reason you're not dead right now, Traitor, is because of our sister! What are your terms?"

Yari calls back. "We return her, and you leave, never to bother myself or Dun Realtai again!"

The offer is made, but what will her companions do in the meantime!?

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Sanary's done a surprisingly good job at cleaning up tonight's captive. There's not a speck of blood on her, she's wrapped up in clean blankets, and all her limbs are still attached to her body! The cleric's looking rather annoyed as she stares right back at the ninja standing before the gathered group, one hand holding a riot shield and the other holding the hostage inside what appears to be a large dog kennel.

     Speaking of the hostage, she's not really in any condition to talk or move out of the human ball shape she's been forcefully healed into. She had to fit into that kennel somehow, after all! Setting down that container, the healer rests one fuzzy boot on top of it before levelling a malicious glare at those ninjas in front of them.

     "Don't even think of trying anything funny, either. Otherwise, you'll get to live just like your dear sister here." There's no humor in her voice. IF anything, she sounds like she /wants/ those ninja to do just that.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    See, Dorian knew as soon as he set eyes on this that there was a trap in the making. He figured it'd be sprung as soon as Chiyo was free. So he's kept out of sight and out of mind as much as possible, especially of Chiyo. His promise to Yari to be here was not spoken in front of Chiyo, nor did he gather with the rest of Yari's group for marching into the city.

    No, he's on the eastern side of the city, looking much as though he'd merely wandered in. That might be a tall order, given this place was probably chosen specifically for its inability to be stumbled onto accidentally, true. But he knew he wasn't going to be able to sneak up on these odd ninja warriors. At least like this, the group was split, and thus would hopefully force the ninjas to divide their attention.

    That doesn't mean he's just tromping through like a noisy Qunari, no. Dorian is trying to stay as quiet as he can as he skulks around the eastern side of town. But, as mentioned, he's no ninja, and he's probably not going to fool one if any are there with eyes on him.

Archer (821) has posed:
     If there was one thing to be learned after seeing so many different ages and so many varying battlefields, it was that humans generally failed to truly learned to change. They learned how to get better at what they were always doing - slaying or superseding each-other - but they never ceased to change their fundamental arrogance.

     The sense that they were more important then each-other, or that once they considered another human to be an enemy... they would not stop until one of two things happened; either the target died... or the aggressor did.

     That was why Archer personally felt that even trying to negotiate - particularly like this - was a waste of time. These ninja had already attacked Yari Takane in her own home, on neutral ground no less, and they were perfectly willing to risk death for that goal - that or they were exceedingly arrogant... or perhaps both.

     Those weren't the kind of people you could ever expect to negotiate with, let alone demand they leave and never return as simply as how Yari was requesting, and in the middle of an obvious ambush-zone no less. If anything, the only way this was going to be resolved was if they had simply attacked and been done with the threat - risking Dun Realtai's safety for the sake of trying to be peaceable with people who had already proven they were beyond such formalities was nothing more then prolonging the inevitable.

     In fact, seeing as Yari Takane was a Confederate, Archer truthfully saw little reason he or any Union members should be involved in this.


     If only his Master agreed.

     The red-clad magus in question, standing astride of Yari and Sanary to complete what was effectively a trio of femme-fatales, was regarding the ninja that had spoken with an impassive gaze, arms crossed. She's not visibly armed like Sanary, but Tohsaka Rin has already cast Reinforcement on herself to strengthen her body against sudden blows, unwilling to trust anyone that would risk the life of a child like these ninja have with respecting a truce. "You already failed your attack even when we didn't know you were coming. How well do you think you'd fare now that we know about you? Not to mention that we know were you live?"

     If there was any vindictiveness in her voice, it was from Yari's child had been needlessly involved in the attack on her mother's home.

     But while the Magus was in the open, the Servant was hidden amid the buildings to the west, invisible in his spirit form as he stood perched atop one of the buildings, poised to fire at any threats that approach - as well as quickly react to any threats from the dense cluster of houses and structures. Still, the bowman was weary - being dematerialized didn't mean the ninja couldn't sense him if they could detect prana or spiritual energy acutely enough.

     But this was the best vantage point for support, and covering the west-side while Dorian had the east meant they had at least one person on all fronts. And given Archer's misgivings for the ninja... the Bowman suspected they would need that advantage when Yari's former comrades inevitably made their move.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
You have to be pretty damn good to outsneak ninjas.

Granted, it isn't entirely fair when one has technology at their disposal that is many times more advanced than the locals.

But life is not fair. War is never fair, and all bets are off when it comes to making sure this doesn't turn out to be the last trap her friend and sister-in-arms walks into. This is the sort of situation one should never trust, even when they know they have no other option but to walk right into the proverbial line of fire. But that meant the enemy thought it was on their terms, and that they held all the holo-cards in the cosmic poker game.

And that was exactly the sort of over-confidence a bounty hunter knew how to use to their advantage.

To do just that Mantigora was prowling the fringes of the area, hidden beneath her cloaking fields and the skilled near-silent movements of a waiting, hungry predator...

Inga has posed:
Inga stands with the others, a bit behind Yari and off to the side. She's doesn't exactly look like she's part of the femme fatal brigade, dressed in leggings, a long sweater dress and boots with a wooden stick in her hand. She's all of five feet tall, and the only visible weapons she has are the stick and a small knife at her belt. She's small, unassuming, moves with visible difficulty...

But the eyes. The eyes are dark and keen, disturbingly knowing. Penetrating, like she's reading your future in your entrails.

She stands with her hand atop her staff, leaning on it slightly, watching the two ninjas. Yari's enemy, who would threaten a young girl. Thats enough for Inga to lend her assistance.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
The pair of ninja look to the kennel-cage that their sister has been healed inside of, their stoic features turning to horror. One of them draws a katana, looking ready to assault the group, before the older one reaches to stop her.

"You bring our sister to us deformed and tortured! Truly you are allies of the Empire! If you wish that village to be made safe, then give us our sister and give us your life, Takane! We'll take nothing less!"

During all of this, Dorian finds himself untouched by anyone who might be watching him. No, there's only fog and magic and the vague sense of being /watched/! Dorian's hairs on the back of his neck might remain up for quite some time. Yet, nothing assaults him.

Similarly, while Rin gets a front row view to the proceedings, Archer has a similar experience to Dorian. The sense that they're not alone is thick in the air to someone as experienced as the Servant. Similarly for Mantigora, as she prowls vaguely near Archer, Servant and Bounty hunter alike might be the first to notice something amiss. In the densely packed buildings, presences can be felt, far more than just the small gang of ninja that were supposed to be here. Shadows sneak up towards the building where Archer is at, ready to assault the village! Ninja of all kinds, mercenary to a person, seem to have been hired by the group!

Near Dorian, a pair of shadows make their way out into the streets. There's handseals, drops of blood, and then they wait.

All of those present, get a glare from the ninja, including the out-of-place Inga! Yari finally speaks.

"In any other circumstances, I'd gladly agree. But you threatened my child, and even if I did give you my life you'd just come after her."

The two au'ra grip their weapons, a sword and kunai respectively.

"Then, Takane, you and your friends will die! KILL THEM ALL!" Six ninja leap from the shadows at Archer, and the two ninja near Dorian complete their ninjutsu. A massive boar poofs into existance, as large as a three story building. It begins to charge, smashing through buildings and heading straight for Dorian!

In the plaza, several more ninja appear, two for each person, leaping at the women gathered! The two au'ra seem fit to watch the mooks do their work. Yari finds herself tangling with two black-masked mercenary ninja, blocking kunai with her own and kicking one in the face, sending them into a nearby cart, unconscious! These ninja mooks know what they're doing! Rin gets a spear-wielding ninja pair, while Sanary and Inga both get sword wielding-ninjas leaping for them trying to take their heads!

Sir Gawain has posed:
Sir Gawain is late. He misread the time by a half hour, and once he realized his mistake, the meeting was already beginning. He already knows how risky this is, and how important a diplomatic resolution might be. If they don't have to kill anyone, he'd prefer it! So, he grabs his scarves, his coat, and his glasses, the newest part of his battle appearance, and he grabs his bike, as well as some other stuff for his last ditch effort of diplomacy.

This is why, as Sir Gawain rides his bike into battle, shouting "Wait! Don't kill each other! I'm coming!", the faint sound of music can be heard, coming from a boombox inside his bike basket. It only gets louder as he appears, certainly a song of diplomacy and reconciliation, judging just by the lyrics.


The Knight of the Sun is dressed in his armor, but it has some new additions to it. He is wearing two different scarves, one made by Alice Margatroid, and one by Lancer of Black, as well as a sweater also made by Lancer of Black. Additionally, he's wearing a pair of shades with a floral print, given to him by Riva Banari. He looks...ridiculous, but seasonal!

As Gawain parks his bike a bit away from the clashing of blade, he blasts the music, shouting. "There is no need to fight! We can still talk this through, if only you'll give us a chance! Can you really protect your loved ones like this?!"

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     A brief look is given to Rin and Inga before Sanary turns her attention back on those opposing ninja, her free hand resting on the icy Charge Blade at her hip. Between that, the shields on her wrist and on her back, and the backup both nearby and off in the village? She's looking quite unimpressed by the time the expected attackers initiate their... Attack.

     "You already know how this is gonna end, but... Well. Get a nice look, Chiyo." The cleric taps her shield against the kennel before raising it at the sword-wielding Au Ra coming their way, a sinister tone in her voice and a matching look in her lone eye.

     "You'll have friends joining you in there soon enough." Roaring out in a rage, Sanary advances rapidly with both shield and sword, bringing her shield up at one ninja in a half-parry half-bludgeon while thrusting the sword out at another ninja's arm to try and split it right down the middle. The long way, even.

     To Yari, Rin, and Mantigora, it might even seem like she's deliberately trying not to kill anyone here. As for Gawain... Well, at least she doesn't look angry once she hears and sees him coming. If anything, she just looks more amused by this whole thing now. "Aha! Hey, Gawain! Nice look. Uh... Got any music that's a little more... Fighty?"

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Ah-ha. Thought as much. He sees two shadows come out onto the street. The shadows wait, and so does Dorian. If they don't seem to have noticed him yet, then there's no reason to get any closer until it's necessary. Footsteps would attract unnecessary attention. So he stops where he is, and waits.

    Right up until he hears 'kill them all'.

    He saw THAT one coming, too. At the shout, Dorian aims a rune underneath the two shadows who had been using handseals. The only warning they'll have will be a split-second between the ground underneath them glowing in the shape of the rune and the fiery explosion that happens a few moments later!

    Whether they manage to leap out of the way of the exploding rune or not, the area will continue to burn for a few moments, so there's a lingering worry of environmental hazard, too. And hopefully, even if he misses, he can distract these two and keep them from joining the main battle group.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
As the 'negotiations' continue Mantigora pauses in her stealthed prowl as several warning blips come up on her nanotech, and moments later a holographic recticle manifgests over her right eye for the display interface. While she can't distinguish individuals from this distance, the tactical scanners that are part of her cybernetics picking up the multitude of life signals within the buildings is more than enough. This is... entirely the sort of deception she expected, really.

Which is why two unfortunate ninja don't even get a chance to launch into their ambush as soon as they appear on the field. Because they're already being ambushed by the Draken leaping (both literally and figuratively) into view, with a amplified kick aimed to knock one into the other and send them both sprawling.

Landing after the kick, Mantigora settles into her usual half-crouch ready position, a wicked sharptooth-bearing grin across her face. "I would say it a shame no one ever takes the option that would allow them to walk away with their own lives ..." Her tail gives a lash behind her, the barbed tip catching enough air to make an audible whipcrack sound.

"But then this would be much less exciting~~"

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham had accompanied Yari Takane here to this negotiation, partly out of mutual friendship, partly out of desire to act as security, if necessary. Right now however, it appeared that the communication between the organics was beginning to break down, not that internally Fer found this surprising, but it did mean that her suspicion that it wouldn't go over too well, since these were supposedly the same people that had tried to attack Yari earlier. Organics, so quick to anger.

     Ferham's wings fan out from behind her back and she begins to hover a few inches off the ground--not really flying yet, but leaving herself in a state to take off if she needed, her whip already flashed out into her hand. She'd try to flank the ninjas from the side and offer them a little bit of superfrozen air, mainly as a repellant.

     "Why don't you boys cool off?" she smiled and brought a hand to her lips, as if she was blowing a kiss--instead what came out was a large stream of chilled air, visibly creating mist and leaving the areas it touched covered in frost!

Inga has posed:
Very occasionally, having visions is beneficial in an immediate capacity. Quite often, they are portents of doom far in the future, and usually only one of many futures available. But sometimes, sometimes they are spot on and show only moments in the future...

So, when Inga got a lovely vision of her own head being lopped off, she was ready for the ninja that appeared when the other yelled 'kill them all!'.

Ready, namely, with lightning.

Inga slams the but of her staff into the ground and bolts of lightning thunder outward from her, slamming into the ninja with a deafening crack and blinding brightness. The air reeks of ozone and soon, perhaps the smell of cooked flesh. "That was an extremely poor decision. You could have lived another five years if only you had taken a different path," she says. Are the ninja alive to hear it?

Inga looks around then, eyes widening. All out chaos. Wards are next, if she can manage not to have her throat slit in the meantime.

Archer (821) has posed:
     Forms begin advancing on them - far more then expected... and far too many to have been gathered on such short notice.

     Not for anyone that ever planned to be negotiable, at least.

     "Trace; On"

     As the situation degrades into the chaos he'd expected, Archer lets the ninja approach, feigning being ope to attack - and as soon as any get close, he spins around, Kanshou and Bakyua materializing in his hands to parry the first strikes directed at him with a swift blur of white steel... and strike for their throats with a flash of black steel, intending to either slay or wound at least one of them.

     As he'd feared, their detection abilities had picked up on his presence. And six against one was hardly favorable odds.

     Then again, that was how most of his existence, both during and after life, had been characterized.

     It is also thanks to this that, as he brings his blades into a guard-stance against his attackers, Archer thankfully refrains from commenting on the ridiculous appearance of Sir Gawain, once again privately re-affirming his belief that there is no Servant Emiya Shirou deserves more then that one.

     In the plaza, Rin likewise immediately acts against her opponents, though her solution is arguably less violent as she holds one arm straight and braces it with her other. "Gandr!"

     The red-on-black nimbus that quickly forms at her fingertips promptly discharges in a small hailstorm of magic bullets that, upon contact, induce 'sickness' in the form of a severe lethargy that debilitates and incapacitates, the Tohsaka heiress intending to take her enemies out of the fight rather then kill them outright, keeping relatively calm even in spite of the fierce - but not impossible to understand - bloodlust Sanary displays.

     However, if any of the ninja do manage to get close to, the Magus' arm swinging out in a Reinforced right hook that shatters steel upon contact will be issued out as an effort to dissuade further attempts at getting close to Rin. "Your sister's hardly been tortured! If anything we've had to keep her locked up for her own good - not like your little stunt won many friends on either side!"

     Sanary's comment to Gawain draw's Rin's attention to the after mentioned Servant - and she has to fight off stumbling in shock at the sight of him, not quite believing what she's seeing at first - especially since, based on the angle he pulls up at, Dorian's resulting fireball in the background somewhere in the distance behind Gawain makes it look like the Servant's arrival was some kind of timed finale-grade performance. "What are-?" However, she pauses mid-way and, after a moment of just staring hopelessly in exasperation, just sighs. "Oh, why bother? I'll just regret asking. At least you're here, Gawain-San."

     At least he had the sense to not bring the blue cloak she gave him into this fight - she'd like that to last at least /one/ season before it likely got burned, shredded or any number of other potential damages it was likely to suffer in the future, be it combat or the possible ill-fortuned aftermath of one of Gawain's own exuberantly-enacted antics.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Dorians runes take out the two summoning ninja almost instantly, creating a wall of fire that will at least prevent reinforcements from that direction! Horde of ninjas: reduced in size! And better still, that's some powerful abilities the enemy has lost.

There's still the matter of the charging giant Boar that is baring right down on Dorian however!

Sanary's strikes break bones, but the ninja mooks fall regardless! Alive, injured, but /alive/. Some of the others don't fare so well, but Sanary would find herself suddenly free of attackers!

For her part, Yari shoves a needle into soft bits of her last attacker, sending them tumbling down. The mook ninja is down, but alive. She sees no reason to kill them right now. No, that's reserved for the real targets.

Inga's vision serves her well, and her lightning lashes out! The blast proves true, and her two ninjas fall dead from the powerful elemental strike! She too is now free of attackers!

Ferham's whip bites at her opponents, and the ninja seem enamored by that kiss! One could call it a shockingly cold kiss, too, as mist assaults them! The duo are iced together, alive, but left in uncomfortable positions and generally shivering and freezing! Scratch two more ninja!

Archer's blades wound many of his attackers, and kill several, but there's two that make ready to attack him still! But then in comes Mantigora, kicking one into another, landing them unconscious into a pile of ninja! Another group appears from the shadows, striking at Mantigora and Archer, their blades finally ending the last of them! There's bodies laid around the strong duo!

Rin hits her targets right in the chest, the pair of kunoichi landing in lumps, coughing and generally writhing as the wretch and fall unconscious!

"Hmph! It doesn't matter anyway. This was just all a trap to kill Takane anyway." Responds the Au'Ra atop the building, and the pair finally drop down!

They make handseals, and soon, another massive boar explodes into existance, rushing for the party! It's just as big as it's twin! Yari leaps back, spying both creatures, and scowls.

"Quickly! Kill those creatures and we can take on those two!" She offers to her compatriots. It'll need to be a group effort. And worst of all? The two ninja have managed to vanish in the smoke.

Gawain arrives on the scene! There's two boars of massive sizes crashing building and trying to kill the group. But his music, and his imploring nature does /something/ at least.

The boar charging for Dorian pauses, mesmerized by cheesy 80's music, walking towards the boom box in a trance! Perfect time to calm down the rabid beast!

But the other one is still enraged! After it smashes a hole in the ground, Yari sighs.

"Don't hold back!" She calls, before jumping up to a building nearby. Handseals are made, and magic flows around her! With a burst of mana, the world briefly dissappears. The Servants and Magus amongst them would recognize it: illusion made manifest over reality. It's not unlike a reality marble at all. A moon hangs high in the air over a lake, only the twin boars remaining for a moment. Then, after a moment, it all seems to just fade back into reality. The Boar seems stunned as the pillars of moonlight in the area, as well as the lake suddenly fades away from sight. Strange. What did Yari do?

The group might not have much time to contemplate, as there's the sound of metal embedding in flesh. Yari's eyes go wide, staring down at her chest. A blade sticks out from it, and she falls motionless to the ground.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Standing behind her, the two ninja laugh as they watch their ally fall, stabbing their weapons repeatedly into her lifeless body.

"Hah! Our mission here is complete! Now finish their friends, beasts!" The remaining boar roars to life, though Gawain's diplomacy still has the other one entranced! The two ninja toss shuriken at Sanary and Inga! Ferham, Rin, and Sanary would find that massive creature leaping and running towards them, throwing around it's weight to try to crush them! Ferham in particular would find the creature's tusks aimed right for her chest, ready to pierce right through her reploid-heart-equivalent while it tries to make femme-fatal mash amidst the shuriken that are raining down on the plaza-party, all laced with poisons that burn in the veins!

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    No, of course they couldn't just have normal ninjas. They wanted a complete rout, didn't they? So of course they'd bring monsters too. At least it's not demons, so there's that. Nonetheless, 'it's better than demons' isn't going to keep Dorian from getting run down, trampled, or gored. And while Dorian isn't exactly the typical 'squishy mage', he also doesn't have the physical abilities that a rogue might.

    Fortunately the boar that was charging him wanders off. Good, that means he can worry about other things. Unfortunately Yari appears to have already been taken down by the time he gets to the main group. "...Kaffas," he hisses. And then he moves his arms out to his sides. A glyph appears in the air before his chest, and then several blasts of fire explode out of the glyph, aimed at the Au'Ra ninjas.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Sanary's very careful not to draw any more attention to the kennel than necessary after Rin's response to the ninja. No need to let her know too much about what she's done to the captive of the day. Really, she probably shouldn't let /anyone/ look too closely in there. Alas, there's work to be done, and she looks around in awe at all the displays of magic around them: Inga's lightning shooting out of her, Dorian's fires in the distance, and even Ferham's ice breath.... Well, does that even count as magic?

     Either way, there's a lot for the cleric to process even with ninja being chopped up, frozen, fried, or otherwise dispatched of left and right. Sanary blinks slowly as Gawain's music actually seems to be working, and Yari's illusion magic might even be a little too effective as it throws the cleric off!

     Of course, by the time she even realizes what's going on, the Au Ra's taken a sword through the chest. Her eye goes wide, there's a brief moment of silence, and another enraged shout erupts from the (relatively) short healer. Unlike the previous one being one of amusement and excitement, however, this one contains nothing but rage and bloodlust. Raising the riot shield to defend herself and Inga from the falling shuriken, she directs mana into her gunaxe as she levels it at those ninja and starts firing Psycho Power-infused blasts of lightning at them rapidly. Once again, it's quantity and sheer size over accuracy and quality for the enraged healer!

Sir Gawain has posed:
Well, Sir Gawain's diplomacy has failed. As he notices Sanary, he waves, but he sighs. "I only have 'Let's Get Back Together' music on this CD! Let's see...". As he starts to go through his playlist notes, the Knight spots the entranced boar, and stops messing with the boombox. Moving it around a bit to make sure that's what is taming the boar, he gets an idea in mind. He's saved an animal from bad people before, and revealed it as genuinely a good creature...why couldn't he do it this time as well?

Getting off his bike and moving to the boar, being wary of the combat around him, Sir Gawain reaches into his armor as he speaks to it. "Hey there, big guy! You don't want to fight us either, do you? Well, I think I have something in here you might like..." Rummaging through his pockets, Sir Gawain finds...a half-eaten pack of Fruit Snacks! Pouring the Fruit Snacks onto his hand, he tosses them up and towards the boar, as he smiles. It's a very authentic and happy smile, and it is obvious that Sir Gawain trusts those around him to succeed in their fight. "So you like this song, huh? I have other good songs I could show you, once this fight is over, if you'd like to come with me!" However, it is not clear if the knight understands that the boar probably doesn't speak.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Lowering her hand, Ferham seems momentarily satisfied that the combatants have been sufficiently given the cold shoulder. In th emeantime, she turns her attention on the large stampeding and rampaging GIANT BOAR that barrels down on the people in the square. Trying to assist others in not being crushed by the giant boar, Ferham attempts to wrap her whip around the forearm of the boar, though this is perhaps an ill-fated plan as she had /greatly/ underestimated the creature's weight and strength, likely getting pulled off her booted feet by the rampaging creature.

     "Yari!" Ferham is aware thanks to what she's seeing in frenzied flashes from being dragged along by the boar that something's happened to Yari, did she hear her fall? Shit shit shiiii--she digs the heels of her boots into the ground as she begins throttling her gravity drive to bring her downwards, trying to anchor herself to terra firma and bring the boar to a stop!

Mantigora (583) has posed:
We've got ambushes ambushing ambushers being ambushed! A second group appears just as quickly as the first goes down, but this just makes the Stalker all the more amushed. Blades clash with blades, and a few nin even succeed in making notching blows, but it would appear Mantigora is only fighting on the defensive?

But appearances are all too unreliable. Every ninja that gets close enough to strike at her steps within the boundries of the subversive energy field that switches on from her nanotech. The creeping, tingling sensation is easy to miss in the heat of battle, especially when you're dealing with the likes of those wicked battleclaws Mantigora sports.

When Mantigora detonates the energy field, sending every ninja that's been tagged by it hurtling in various directions with the electromagnetic explosion, that's pretty hard to miss.

There's a brief reprise as the nanoskin starts to seal up wounds and rebuffer her personal e-shield. There's a few giant summoned beasts stomping about the battlefield, but there's a lot of people present to deal with that. Mantigora instead takes notice of the ninjas flinging their poisonous projectiles from the buildings. Inflict their enemies with poisons and debuffs so their tanks (in this case giant boars) can shred them apart on the frontline. It's a fairly standard tactic where she comes from, both of the forces fighting over Nexus keep Espers and the somewhat misnominered Medics in their military ranks for just such reasons.

Instead of getting entangled with the boards Mantigora backs off to the fringes of the fight, getting out of the direct line-of-fire of the projectile flingers. She triggers a signal protocol in her datacron, and moments after a crackle of spacial distortion a heavy military locker thumps to the ground next to her. Mantigora gives it a kick to open it, and pulls out a futuristic rifle. Turning back to the battle she gets down on knee to brace herself, patchs her HUD into the digital scope, and grins.

Several sheering red bolts of energy buzz through the air at the poison projectile throwers as Mantigora uses her former military training to snipe them with the high powered rifle.

It's a nasty reminder that the bounty hunter -is- an ex-soldier elite.

Inga has posed:
Inga looks to the bodies, shaking her head somewhat. No time to spare more thoughts for them. There's still plenty occuring. Like a giant boar or two running rampant. It seems Sir Gawain has somehow subdued one with music, but the other is still very much a problem, not to mention the two ninja who--

Are here to take out Yari. Inga gasps as she turns to the girl, watching her impaled. She has to focus on Yari. She needs wards, and now, healing.

There's a small sharp pointy thing being thrown her way however. Inga raises a hand, a word on her tongue to fling it away but Sanary is quicker, rasing a shield to stop the projectiles. "Appreciated!" Inga cries to her, then reaches for the knife at her belt. She pulls and and quickly drawns blood from her hand, flinging the crimson liquid toward Yari. It mists, covering Yari in a semi-transparent bubble of red that shimmers with gold. A ward, one that does double-duty. It will also excellerate Yari's natural healing ability. Inga hopes that it will be enough for now.

Now, for a charging boar...kill it, or attempt a charm? Too much madness...she'd need its attention to calm it, and then it may well gore her before she could charm it. No, death is the only answer. Make it quick.

The wound she'd opened in herself still streams blood, beginning to coagulate as Inga weaves her anima, liquid pooling together, becoming solid, forming a boar-spear. A large one. Even with her regenerative powers the wisewoman grows pale from the sheer amount of blood needed to form the spear.

She flicks her hand then, spear flying to follow her will. She'd seen a boar killed before. She tried to bring the spear down with enough force to sever the spine.

Archer (821) has posed:
     Facing his opponents calmly, Archer steps forward to try and keep at least one ninja in front of him at a time - and in front of the others to obscure their line of fire. He feigns openings in his guard for them to lunge at - assuming they would take advantage of obvious openings like that, he would counterstrike whoever took the bait, black and white flashing in the moonlight as wrought steel meets the weapons or flesh of his attackers amid the swift exchange.

     And when Mantigora enters, the bowman ops to keep her back covered and let her cover his - if he was going to have members of the Confederacy as allies for this, best to take advantage of that, at least until the last of the ninja are felled; "You watch the shadows, I'll watch the rooftops."

h Hopefully that arrangement will let them get through relatively unscathed, with Archer bounding back up to the rooftops afterword to provide support for the rest of the group.

     As soon as her own targets are down, Rin likewise begins shifting aim to the pair of Au'Ra, though she is taken aback when they summon forth a massive boar as an attack familiar. Cursing darkly, she draws forth a handful of gems - three total, all clasped between her fingers.

     "Sechs, in Flu� Ein Halt. Funf, drew, vier. Der Riese und brennt das in Ende!"

     Archer has just arrived to the rooftops as Rin hurls her gems at the boar in an attempt to blow it away, the Servant summoning forth his bow as the black, coming spirals of the Hound of the Red Plains takes shape in his hand.

     However, Master and Servant both take note of what seems to be the altering of reality around them for a moment, the biggest change being the dispersal of the lake from their view, with Archer belatedly noting the effect is not vastly different from the creation of a Reality Marble.


     And then Yari is stricken from behind by a blade.

     Archer sees it happen - too quickly for even him to stop, even if his priority wasn't on defending his Master over the Confederate.

     But his bow /is/ brought up and aimed as one of the twins is in the process of withdrawing her sword... and their staying behind to stab at her already-slain form is their mistake. A mistake reflected in his own Master, sadly, the bowman wincing inwardly as he hears Rin scream Yari's name and rush forward, likely intending to use a prana-gem to try and reverse the trauma.

     She really had softened up considerably from the Grail War... and Archer knew he hardly desired her as a Master.

     All he could do... was end the threat to her and Dun Realtai the ninja represented. And perhaps let Yari's daughter have some peace in that her mother's killers wouldn't be walking away. That is the mentality behind Archer's gaze as he fires his bow-

     ... and world freezes for Tohsaka Rin, eyes widening in a mix of shock and horror as Hurnting embeds itself in one of the twins - straight through the chest of Yari Takane's falling body.

Archer (821) has posed:


     It's not registering for Rin - Archer can tell even from his vantage point overt he chaos, and over the assumed curses being flung his way by his allies, Union and Confederate alike most likely. But he pays that no heed - instead he directs his focus to the boar raging in the town, so as to drive it back from Rin with his arrows.

     He has to... for now his own Master is obviously in no state to defend herself from it.

     And for Rin... Archer's assessment couldn't be more true.

     That didn't just happen - it's the sole thought running through Rin's mind, heart clenching and breath freezing as she fails to register the blood of both Au'Ra splattering across the side of her face, the Tohsaka magus left in numb disbelief at what her own Servant has just done.

     She's moving, but she's not seeing anything - not the battle, not the boar, not even Yari's corpse as it is now impaled, and likely pinned to one of the two assassins, by the pitch-black form of Hurnting jutting out from her chest like some grotesque protrusion of bone.

     All Rin can see is Linh's face in her minds eye, asking where her mother is when someone must tell her what's happened here.


     And then a rage rivaling Sanary's comes to light in her eyes - but it's directed at herself. Cursing herself for not keeping an eye on the woman who was the clear target of this mess - cursing herself for having a Servant who would do something so callous and cold in the midst of battle to someone's corpse - cursing herself for having not been able to see what Archer was doing while distracted-

     Cursing herself for not even being able to do her damn job and protect someone - not just as a member of the Union... but as a human being.

     It's for that reason that Rin, ignoring the pain of Hurnting's edges tearing through her glove and the battle around her, grips Yari's body and all but pulls her off Hunting - and off the assassin if the latter is still pinned to the arrow - even as she flings her reinforced arm at the other twin.

     She doesn't know if Inga's wards, Sanary's healing or her own gems, even if all pooled together, can reverse both the knife-wounds or what Archer has done here. She doesn't know if some miracle can or can't be done in the time left.

     But none of that matters. She won't leave her. Even if it kills her - even if /nothing/ can be done now to save the Au'Ra because of her Servant's actions - Tohsaka Rin refuses to leave Yari Takane like this, regardless of how little the two knew each-other. Not after this.

     She was supposed to protect her... and she will. Even if all she can do now is protect the body, so that, if nothing else... her daughter can see her off in a proper burial.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
The two ninjas are having a bad day. Dorian's aim with his runes prove true, and a barrage of fire lashes out for the two ninja! The younger au'ra makes sevearl hand seals, countering the fire with a burst of water that fills the area with smoke! The older ninja, however, isn't so lucky! Her right leg gets burnt, and she can't leap away just yet! INjured, but still up, though at least no longer shuriken'ing people!

Gawain's charisma and innate...Gawainness seem to win out! Pulling out those snacks, and offering them to the boar, the creature looks in suspicion at this odd man in his festive clothing and armor! But he has delicious food! And music! The boar almost seems intelligent as it mulls over food versus devouring a knight.

But the knight of the sun's cheer and good will wins out, as does the power of high fructose corn syrup. With odd gentleness, the boar starts to scarf up those snacks, before peering at Gawain once more. The giant creature lays down, rolls on its side, and presents it's belly to Gawain! Snort! It's eyes demand belly rubs!


Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Sanary's rage shines true! As she fills her blade with psycho power and lets loose with bolts of lightning at them! Her shield holds, protecting Inga from any shuriken, as well as the rest of the group in general! The younger ninja stumbles, taking several blasts, sent back flying off of the building and into another, crashing through a window! There's no sign of the ninja for the moment.

Ferham has one /heck/ of a ride as her whip strikes true, wrapping about a tusk entirely as she avoids being impaled! Instead, she's brought for a long ride, the creature skidding around as her gravity drive causes it to slow! Then suddenly, it's feet leave the ground, and it's /tumbling/! If Ferham or the rest of the group isn't quick, Ferham will be cought up and rolled over by the falling boar! What will our red-clad heroine do!?

Unfortunately for Inga, her well-placed and utterly massive blood spear lashes out, but just as the creature loses its footing! Instead of striking the spine, it rips into the creature's underside, slicing through in at an angle. Blood fountains from the beast, and it cries out, screaming in pain and suffering. It's wounded, likely mortally by the blow, but alive for now. And it's thrashing and trying to come to its feet, endangering those in the plaza as it rolls about, near to crushing anyone it gets close to!

With Servant and Bounty Hunter finishing off their ambushing ninja, the two seem to have somewhat similar ideas. Mantigora's intial sniper shots take out the few remaining non-au'ra ninja. It's her last shot that truly counts. The single remaining visible ninja raises her right arm, ready to retaliate against her foes using Yari's body as a shield, but then that powerful blast comes her way! That arm gets severed at the shoulder clean off, not unlike her younger associate she just murdered.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Inga's wards and healing her the au'ra's body, but there's a discouraging lack of a response. That body starts to topple with the injury of it's attacker. Indeed, she's far too late.

Archer draws his arrow, and it flies true. If Yari wasn't already mortally wounded, the light truly fades from those eyes as her chest is struck straight through. Yari and her attacker are pinned together, the two falling lifeless in a heap below the building.

Rin's efforts wrest Yari's body from the assassin's, not a single sign of breathing as the ninja rests in the magus' arms, bleeding and getting kimono and Rin's clothes alike wet. It seems as though Rin might have one more tragedy on her hands after all.

At the very least, those thrown gems erupt upon the flailing boar, sending it reeling once more as they erupt. On it's very last legs, the creature tumbles to its feet! It starts to charge the group in its death throes, looking to crush them under foot once more!

The hostage, at the least, meets her end under one of those feet, the dog kennel crushed utterly Squish. Hopefully no one was nearby.

A shadow slips out from that building where the last au'ra was knocked into by Sanary, using the distraction to escape. The youngest ninja cries, her sisters dead, and even the death of their traitor not enough to ease the pain. It's likely why she doesn't even notice as another shadow slips up from behind, grabs her neck, and covers her mouth. Thirty seconds later, she falls limp, unconscious, and the shadow starts to tie her up.

Just as the rampaging boar is near the group, from a nearby alleyway, another shadow moves and something small whips out from the darkness. A kunai flies for the boar, something small attached. It explodes, noxious gas whipping into the boar's face, acidic poison halting it's advance, vulnerable to the heroes and villains gathered!

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham thankfully is able to retract her whip from being around the boar and recover from the tumble she's been pulled into, attempting to flip up into the air, though her wings are clanged against the ground as she tumbles--managing to vault into the air and recover by pushing her gravity control drive into action, suspending her in the air. "Damnit, what happened to Yari?" her first thought apparently, her wings readjusting as she rights herself.

     In order to put an end to the now rampaging boar, Ferham hovers above the square, preparing what seems like a large block of ice in the air with her cryogenic systems, expelling cold energy from her gloved hands and letting it fall--with a little luck, it may be able to knock the creature unconscious.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Sanary's gunaxe-based lightning spree comes to an end once she sees something even more terrible in the distance: Yari's body being impaled by Archer's twisted sword spear... Projectile thing. Although she's not quite sure what it is, she's seen it enough times to know that only he could be the source of that weapon impaling both Au Ra together. Did he really just...?

     Time seems to slow to a crawl for the cleric as she just watches the two falling, her brain barely even registering everything else going on around her. It's only after that boar stops in front of them that she even thinks to move again, pumping magic into the AANS to... Fly right over that boar and completely ignoring it as she heads for Yari and Rin as fast as humanly possible. She lands rather clumsily by the two in her haste, nearly falling flat on her face as she hurries to check her condition with Rin.

     "This... I-I've seen this before. It's... It's illusion magic. They... They did this last time, too." Perhaps it's shock, disbelief, or an attempt to delude herself, but at least the cleric isn't giving in to pure rage just yet! She starts glancing about rapidly, trying to catch sight of any potential perpetrators not clad in red coats. She does look positively panicked, though, the hand clutching her gunaxe paling from how tight her hold is on that weapon. "We... We just need to find them. Where Yari really is and... And the assholes that think this would work again!"

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Not a complete failure, it seems. Dorian notes the hostage being crushed underfoot by the giant pig thing. So even if Yari was lost, there's that. And with luck, the assembled Elites will be able to eliminate all of these ninjas here. So at least the clan's victory will be extremely costly. Not that it's going to be much consolation to Yari's daughter.

    However, even if that pig is on its last legs, it's still 'on the hoof', so to speak. Dorian seeks to cure this. Hopefully Ferham's ice anvil will stun the beast long enough for this. He will place another of those glowing glyphs underneath the boar. It will take about three seconds to prime. And then?


    Fire EXPLODES from the glyph, enough to launch two full-grown men into the air AND set them alight. The fire, if it hits the boar, will also continue burning in that short fur. Now Dorian's just being vindictive.

Inga has posed:
Inga curses as the boar slips and her strike misses its mark, making one Hel of a huge mess. Still, where there is lots of blood about, a blood mage will make do. She's better off letting the warriors handle the rest of that fiasco, and turn her full attention to Yari.

Inga scrambles forward toward Yari, seeing the life leave her. "Oh gods," she breathes, slicing herself open again to use her blood magic to pour more healing into Yari, plunging deep to find that spark of life and try to keep it from being extinguished entirely. If it isn't already too late.

Sanary says something that catches her attention then. Inga looks up, frowning. She halts her healing in order to use a bit of her blood to draw a quick symbol on her brow, opening wide her magical sight...was she wasting her time? Being distracted? Inga looks around with her third eye, now.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
That girl is going to wish the first shot had been to the head instead of tearing off her arm. For one, she would of been dead and not have to suffer the agony of being shot through the heart moments afterwards.

For another, she doesn't even finish hitting the ground from those attacks before Mantigora is on top of her. The butt of the spend rifle is shoved into the ninja's gut to pin her to the ground, with the Draken looming over her.

All that mirthful anticipation of the lust of battle? That's entirely gone from Mantigora's expression as she leans down, replaced by nothing but a cold scowl of malcontent that could make demons take second pause across the alien's expression. Even as she pulls an injector from her inventory, and shoves it into the ninja's chest. The biochemical injection won't save her, but it will keep her alive a little longer, and all too aware of the profusely bleeding stump of an arm and lethal shot through her chest remaining to antagonize her. A technique for making one's enemies suffer their final moments all the more Mantigora learned from her psychotic scientist companion.

Not to mention Mantigora gives her a slap across the face, letting her fingernail claws painfully scrap the girl's skin. "You disgusting disgrace of a fighter!" Then slaps her backhanded from the other direction. "No amount of hatred justifies using the fallen in battle in such manner!"

Mantigora steps off of her, grabbing the back of the ninja's head with one hand and lifting her partway up. "Your filthy hide shall rot in the deepest depths of the hells for your cowardly tactics. But first," she digs her fingertips into the ninja's temples, making sure she can't just close her eyes as Mantigora holds her up to see the rest of the field of battle littered with the dead bodies of her clan. "Your last agonizing breaths will be seeing just what your clan's dishonorable tactics have brought it. Revenge is something to be sought for purpose and honor, not petty jealousy and disguist."

And then the body is dropped as she's taking he final choking breaths in prolonged anguish. "Keep that in mind while your spirit languishes in the foulest of pits."

Sir Gawain has posed:
Now that Sir Gawain has won it over, he must get it to safety. It's very dangerous here, especially since this is an open battleground. He moves to rub its belly for a few minutes, before moving back to his bike, speaking to it. "I think we should get out of here! It's dangerous, and I don't think the people you used to work with will be very happy about this! But, I can get you more of those snacks when we're home, and I think you'll be happier! Though, if you like beating stuff up, you'll still be able to do that sometimes too!" The Knight of the Sun grins cheerfully, as he waits to see if the boar will follow him. And then, aiming his bike at the direction of the warp gate, he shouts, giving the boar a name at the same time. "Alright, Lovell! Let's go home! There's a whole new Multiverse out there for you to see!"

Archer (821) has posed:
     As one of the twins falls to Hurnting, Archer turns his focus toward stopping the dying boar before it can try to kill anyone in it's final charge. Seeing Dorian begin prepping a spell, Archer focuses on helping stall the creature, tracing arrows with which to snipe it's legs at the joints and stagger it long enough for the mage's Fire Mine to activate.

     If nothing else, it seemed Dorian's flare for magic matched his flare for dress-codes.

     However, Archer's Master has other concerns on her mind.

     Rin's expression becomes increasingly darker and disparaging as she clasps Yari's limp form. The magus keeps one hand against Hurnting's shaft so that it doesn't get twisted any further, though she's hesitant to pull the arrow free lest the rest of Yari's blood drain out from the gaping wound left behind. Her other hand reaches into her coat to pull out her last three gems in the hope that she can use the prana in them to replace the missing tissue...

     It's not enough. Rin already knows it's not enough even well before she pulls them out. These gems are nothing like the one she had used to save her world's Emiya Shirou so long ago - the three gems combined wouldn't be enough to completely restore the damage.

     Her breaths are heavy as she moves anyway though, aware of but pointedly trying to ignore how her clothes are being soaked through with Yari's blood, her black leggings and skirt becoming matted and her white blouse turning as red as her overcoat.

     Seeing Sanary approach, Rin gives Sanary a focused, yet very concerned look - right now, it doesn't matter to Rin that Sanary's recently ravaged a world for money or been promoted for it by the Confederacy; someone they both have become friends with, even if just to a lesser degree in Rin's case, is seemingly laying dead in her arms right now, and that takes precedence. "I need you to help me. You have a massive reserve of prana - if you infuse it with my gems... I might be able to try and save her."

     And at this point, Rin doesn't even care that Chiyo has been crushed to death by the rampaging boar - if anything, some part of the magus darkly comments that it saves Rin the trouble of doing so herself.


     However, that soon is expelled from her mind when Sanary says something that leaves Rin stunned, looking back down at the, for lack of a better term at this point, corpse that lays in her lap now, finding herself having trouble accepting the horrible sight - or perhaps hesitant to so quickly grasp the new hope - of Yari's seeming death being just the product of an illusion. But It also brings up another question that tears at the back of her mind.

     Did Archer /know/ about this... and if he did, would it have stopped him?


     "Are you so sure that it's the work of the enemy?"

     Rin goes ridged hearing the voice few people right now probably want to hear, but it doesn't stop Archer from speaking anyway, his words echoing down from the rooftops - though this time, the idea he instils is more hopeful. "If this is a falsehood... perhaps Yari herself is the one who perpetrated it. After all, false deaths are all the more convincing if one's own allies are not expecting it." He actually sounds somewhat approving, if not grimly so, at the possibility that Yari herself cast this illusion magic.

     Rin, for her part, looks somewhat skeptically at Sanary, though there's no denying the fact that the magus' eyes reflect that she hopes dearly the cleric's right. She then glances to Inga, pausing at how the latter's magic seems to work but more focused on whether or not Yari is alive. "Do you... sense her, anywhere?"

     Of course, as a result of Rin's focus being on Yari's fate, Archer is probably the only one that notices Gawain /riding away with one of the boars/ - and despite the grim situation around them, the Servant of the Bow is unable to keep from inwardly remarking to himself that Bedivere and Saber were likely about to have a very, /very/ unexpected request to expand the stables.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Ferham's swift use of wings and agility and her gravity abilities has her in the air! For a poison-wracked, flailing, nearly-dead boar! But one that's still awfully dangerous. Ferham's cyrogenics form that massive block, slamming down upon the Boar! It lands right on the neck, breaking it, but the massive durable creature still struggles! But it can't move right now! Archer's arrows then piercd it further, ensuring it's going to stay right there!

Sanary reaches Yari's body! It's utterly limp, and despite the impressive magic directed at it, the au'ra assassin had been every bit a ninja as Yari herself. It was a killing blow in an instant to the unguarded, and Yari had certainly been that at the time.

The boar is met with an explosion to go with its ice, the pure amount of freeze piled on meaning that the creature's body is caught in a horrible situation. It's girth, even with that much fire-power from Dorian, can't overcome gravity and ice-block enough to fly into the air. And yet, a majority of it's body is thrust heavensward! Physics take over, and between all of its wounds, and now the powers of a weight and force directed upwards? SNAP! It's neck utterly breaks, and it's body falls limp in pure paralysis. Not entirely dead, but bleeding out, and completely unable to harm those nearby.

Someone is getting a lot of BBQ soon.

Lovell is a good boar, it seems. When Gawain implores he follow and rides off in his bike so gallantly and magnificently! (And with seasonal flare!)

The creature follows obediently, on the promises of rubs, a valiant soldier to fight alongside, and more delicious snacks! Lovell is a simple being. It's likely how the ninja tamed it in the first place.

Inga delves into the world of the spirit with her third eye. At first, it's the usual aftermath of the battlefield. The dead and dying flee to worlds beyond as their fate dictates. For the corpse of Yari? The magic and pure stubborn will has her holding on in a near-death state for impressive amounts of time before her soul leaves her body. All very typical, if tragic.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
What isn't typical, is how that soul doesn't disperse, doesn't flee to the beyond. The scraps of Yari's life flees, seems to hover. And what's more, there are three similar sensations beyond. Near the back alleyways where the remaining ninja fled, there's the feeling of Yari's spirit. At once, it's fake, and yet real. Something akin to a golem meant to reflect the real thing, and yet at once possessing a part of it. Should Inga search further, she'll note another such feeling to the north, and then one to that alleyway suspiciously from the direction that kunai with noxious gas came from. That invisible tug of soul hovers, and finds its destination through willpower and what can only be a strange form of illusion magic that bleeds into reality itself.

And the shadow in that alleyway releases its magic. Inga's vision might note those two other bodies falling limp, whatever was holding them together returning to mere illusion. Those magically sensitive in the party? Would feel a great work of magic being released.

Mantigora, meanwhile, thrashes her opponent. The ninja can't talk, too close to death, but that injection has her feeling every moment of suffering. Yet, she smiles all the while. It's mocking, triumphant, as if no matter what pain is inflicted? She still won! She killed the traitor, and avenged their master as she swore long ago!

But that look fades as her head is held out towards the dead and dying. From the alleyway, someone thump-thumps their way out of the shadows, coughing and limping in exhaustion. The sound of an umbrella holding up a figure can be heard, and then two people in the party feel something in particular. For Sanary Rondel, there's a familiar hand pulling her into a hug. For Rin Tosaka, there's a scaled tail wrapping upon her shoulder and squeezing.

The ninja Mantigora had been torturing falls to despaire as she sees this act, all of that victory draining into pure disbelief and shame.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
She had lost, her friends dead, and all of her efforts for naught.

That tail on Rin's shoulder gives one more squeeze, then pulls the fallen radio from the corpse of Yari's ear and into the figure's own. She speaks, hacking and coughing weakly as she fights horrific mental and physical trauma from her works.

"...I'm flattered that you think I'm that talented now. It was a lucky coincidence at best, and a foolish kunoichi's fatal mistake at worse. I was lucky."

Yari Takane stares at her own corpse, and shudders.

"I'm sorry for the scare. It wasn't intentional." She keeps staring, even as she tries to comfort those around her. At the very least, it seems, her deception wasn't an intentional one.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Still moving mostly on instinct and trying not to just freak out on teh spot, Sanary braces herself against the riot shield before starting to channel her mana again. Raw energy flows from her into Rin, Inga, and Yari, leaving the cleric-turned-battery with no time to do anything else. No time to find out or even wonder if she was actually right, no time to level any questions at Archer, and no time to catch any stragglers trying to escape.

     No time to notice Dorian frying up that boar, Gawain leaving with his own, nor Mantigora making someone wish she was one of those boars instead of herself, either. It's just raw power flowing from her to Inga and Rin, possibly giving them more magical energy in their reserves than they'd know what to do with!

     Alas, her attention is so focused on the task at hand that she doesn't notice immediately when there's a hand pulling her into a hug. It's not until after she actually hears Yari's voice again that all attempts at trying to maintain her composure fail almost immediately. "Holy.. Y-Yari! How'd you-I what you... I-I was actually right about that? I thought I lost you!" She's laughing, she's crying, she's cheering, and... She's redirecting all of her energy into Yari this time around. She's not taking any risks this time around!

Inga has posed:
What Inga sees with her Sight is rather confusing. It takes her a moment to actually understand what is happening.

Once she does, she looks impressed. She smiles. "Very good," she says, shaking her head. She stops trying to pour healing into the dead body. The body that just was Yari's, and in some way still is...but that's not entirely new to someone like Inga, either.

The wisewoman stands, nodding to Yari. "Well done," she says. "Now...if anyone else needs healing..well, give me a moment and I will tend to it," she says. She's lost a lot of blood.

She needs a taco first.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
... Mantigora couldn't of timed that reveal better if she had been in on the illusion.

But watching the brief moments of pleasure drain from her victim's features as the ninja's dying thoughts are just how terrible of a mistake they made, and FAILURE on top of that, is still quite satisfying.

For her part Mantigora has resumed her usual impassiveness, even if it takes all of her training to keep up the appearance. "Well, we know who truly is the better ninja now."

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Though Dorian doesn't have anything like a true magical SIGHT, he is indeed magically-sensitive. So he feels the release of magic. The dead boar is quickly forgotten as Yari reappears from the shadows, looking much worse for wear. He smirks in her direction. "Well that's something," he states. That had looked weird magically, even if he didn't know exactly what was going on. "But what better deception than one even your allies aren't aware of, hm? Less chance of one of them blowing your cover, I suppose"

    No, he doesn't think she intentionally decieved everyone. But that doesn't mean he's not going to still give her grief over it. Particularly about one thing. "My planned 'I told you so' still stands," he states. "Since you did get taken off-guard after walking right into a trap."

    Though, it's then that the smirk mellows, into an actual smile. Albeit a small one. "For what it's worth, I'm glad you made it."

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham finds the boar crippled, and bears witness to Yari's... ressurection. "I was too late," Ferham sighs, walking over to near where Sanary is and slumps down to her knees. She doesn't seem like she's a stranger to death, by this point, but she gazes sullenly at Yari's corpse, but then something seems to happen. She peers over at the sound of the coughing and spies... Yari?

     "Did you really die, you silly girl?" she asks, her usually feminine but deep voice mournful, beholding the copy of Yari as if she's not exactly moved by this, yet.

     Ferham rose, and is soon trying to put her arms around the new Yari, as if she can't help it, trying to hug her close even if she's already trying to hug others, likely resulting in a femmebot/au'ra/sanary cuddle group, or the like. She doesn't hold the tight embrace long though, looking back at her old body.

     "What do you want us to do with that? We should probably take it back to medlab, either way," she moves to carefully shoulder it.

Archer (821) has posed:
     Rin calms herself as best as possible when Sanary pours her prana into her, the Tohsaka magus using the blood from her injured hand to infuse that same power into her gems in the hope of empowering them enough to make a miracle possible.


     But then, one happens without her needing to do anything, both Rin and her Servant feeling the release of magic, though Archer is able to see more of what happens from above... and for once, he sees one of the impossible acts of salvation he'd come to scorn being delivered.

     Rin freezes up in a moment of amazement and disbelief as a tail wraps around her, eyes glancing down at the corpse in her grip to see it still there, now starting to doubt her senses - was this an illusion or was the body she held the illusion?

     However, Sanary's reaction seems to seal it - this is Yari Takane. Still alive, somehow.

     It was like watching the enactment of the Third Magic again - the incarnation of the soul into a new body. A process she had seen two imperfect examples of in the past - and had effectively seen a perfected form of it enacted right in front of her. Something her ancestors had wasted away so much of their lives for.

     Something she would have killed to give to her world's Shirou, replacing his artificial body with a real one.


     All these thoughts come and go in an instant, lingering in her mind as she focuses on the key fact before her. Yet It still takes a painfully-long moment for the tension to bleed away before Rin can turn to look at the Au'Ra, expelling the breath she wasn't even aware she'd been holding in until now and giving as much of a relieved smile as she can manage, given the circumstances. "Geez... as if Emiya-Kun didn't give me enough to worry about. I'm way too young to be fighting off heart-attacks every day." Her expression becomes a bit more relaxed though. "Seriously, though... don't do that again if you can help it. You've got too many people to live for to up and die on them like that."


     "Agreed. Miracles are rare in this world, after all... and rarely ever last."

     Rin's mood freezes rather quickly at the voice from above - which pre-empts Archer dropping down from the rooftops, mettle-black bow still in hand. However, in spite of his words, he actually does look somewhat relieved to see the Au'Ra is still alive, smiling lightly, though his eyes hold a slight questioning edge to their gaze. "Forgive me for assuming too much of you, then - I was unaware the technique Sanary mentioned was apparently beyond you... though I daresay you accomplished a grander feat today - even I wasn't certain whether or not you were dead."

     Some might notice Rin stiffen here - and how could she not? Archer had just admitted he, for all intents and purposes, assumed he'd shot through the real Yari's body to kill his target. Heck, it was actually true in a way - Yari still being alive didn't change that Archer had written her off and fired through her remains just to down her would-be killer.

     "Not everyone is capable of what you just did... though I'd question how exactly you came into possession of such an ability. Not to mention what it may have cost to use it" Archer continues, dismissing his bow at this point. "But at the very least, you're alive."

     "No thanks to you" Rin muttered bitterly. Archer however simply seemed to brush it off - he felt he'd made the correct choice at the time; Yari, of that particular Yary, was already dead, and downing her killer was the least he could do for her, even if she herself didn't agree. Niceties mattered little in open battle, after all.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Once Sanary's done freaking out over Yari being alive, she finally calms herself down enough to just hug it out with the Au Ra and Ferham. Although her eye is flickering a bit from expending most of her energy, she does manage to direct some towards Inga to give her a little extra boost after using all that.. Blood? Well, hopefully that infusion of magical energy should boost her body's natural blood regeneration somewhat.

     She's a little too worn out to remember how blood works. "Got that right, Manti... Aah. Yeah, Dorian's... He's got a point here." She resists the urge to give Yari a light whap on the head, but she'll get one sooner or later after a good night's rest. "That was... That really was just too dangerous." She nods in agreement with Rin while taking another moment to catch her breath and dry her face. Soon, however, the cleric's gaze next turns to Archer.

     Strangely enough, she doesn't glare or shout at him. Instead, Sanary's just... Smiling broadly. Too broadly, even. "...Oh. Thanks, Archer. That's great to know." It's almost a genuine smile, but it's definitely not a normal one as she speaks again, this time with her voice coming over the public radio as well.

     "... Oh. Hi, Union? Just giving you a heads up that your boy Archer broke the truce shooting a sword through a Confederate Elite. Merry New Year~"

Archer (821) has posed:
     Archer tilts his head at Sanary's proclamation, eyes narrowed a bit in what seems to be more annoyance then anything. "She was already dead at that point, Nothing else could have been done for her."

     However... it's obvious one of the pair doesn't agree, the magus glaring at her Servant as her head remains bowed at his ignoring her comment, eyes obscured by her hair. "Is that so? Is that really all you can say?"

     "What do you want me to say?" Archer replied nonchalantly, glancing at her in half-curisoity and half-irritation. "I reacted as the situation changed. Yari Takane was, for all intents and purposes, already dead, new body notwithstanding. Ignoring the chance to stop her killer wouldn't have changed that."

     "You didn't even try to wait" Rin replied evenly, though her hands - still soaked in Yari's blood - were clenched and trembling slightly. "You didn't even see if she could be saved."

     "Saved?" Archer replied simply, sounding a mix of surprised and questioning. "You saw how she was attacked. There was no saving her - even if you had the means to repair the physical damage, repairing her mind would have been another matter. And there was no time for such affairs in the midst of combat. I did the only thing I could - stop her killer from claiming any more lives. If nothing else, neither Yari or her daughter would have to worry about retribution."

     Those words are spoken earnestly - and they actually have a degree of honest concern for the young child in question somewhere behind them. He really does seem to believe that stopping the threat to Dun Realtai - and ensuring Linh's safety - was more important then preserving Yari's body. Even now, regardless of if Yari could or couldn't have been revived at that point, it doesn't seem to change the fact that Archer would have considered Yari's assured death- one he already saw as either inevitable or having already occurred - as an acceptable loss to complete the goal.

     Yari might have been dead... but Archer would have guaranteed she couldn't be brought back, slim as the chance had been with her injuries, for the sake of stopping the threat itself.

Archer (821) has posed:
     In that instant - the moment Archer brought up the idea that his choice was the best outcome for not just Yari but for her daughter - something inside Tohsaka Rin snapped.



     This time, it was Archer's composure that cracked, the Servant taking a sharp intake of breath as he recognized the words Rin was moving to invoke, the magus having now set Yari's body down and stood up, faint plopping sounds following in her wake as the Au'Ra's blood dripped off her wet clothes. He knew she would resort to this eventually - it was only a matter of time. But it was still going to be an inconvenience for him. "What exactly is that going to solve-?"

     "More then you think, you miserable, callous, twisted, heartless bastard!" The explosion of anger was swift and sudden, the magus' eyes reflecting unspoken questions on who exactly Archer wouldn't be willing to shoot through if he felt there was enough cause or justification for it for it, taking a deep breath as the words came forth automatically - "Vertrag... Ein neuer Nagel... Ein neues Gesetz... ein neues Verbrechen."

     "What would have had me do instead?" Archer questions, a cynical edge creeping into his voice as he glares at his Master. "Let them get away? Let them continue to pursue their grudge against Yari Takane's legacy? If what she did tonight had not occurred - had she truly remained dead - would you have really let her killers escape to harm Linh just because you now prefer to cling to hope over reason-?"

     "SHUT UP!"

     The harsh reply silences the bowman as Rin levels a glare that even the dead would rightly fear. "Do you really think you can be so callous? Do you really think that just because this isn't the Grail War that you have more freedom to act?? That you can decide what is and isn't acceptable loss for everyone else now?!" The magus' left hand thrusts forward, the glove being torn off to expose the Command Seals on her skin. "Get this clear - /nothing's changed!/ You are my Goddamn Servant, and that means you do nothing without my permission, you hear me?! Your job is no different from the first day we met; complete obedience to everything I say!!"

     The next moment, a pulsating wave of vermilion radiance erupts from the back of Rin's outstretched hand, impacting Archer and causing the Servant to wince as the absolute order - enacted by a magus with four years more training and experience under one of the world's most powerful Magicians - was imprinted upon his existence. As the Servant clicked his tongue in agitation at the events, the glow upon Rin's hand faded, one of the three segments of her Command Seal dulling... though the intensity of her glare did not dissipate.

     "I should have done that from the very start. I should have known I couldn't let you just do what you wanted just because you think you know better. We're part of a group, Archer - that means we don't do things alone anymore. And no matter what... we do /not/ consider anyone expendable on hearsay" Rin speaks sternly, coldly, her patience entirely gone. "Living or dead, you will /never/ treat an ally, Union or Confederate, or /anyone else/ that callously, and you will never do anything without getting my approval first and foremost. Do you understand?"

     For a long moment, Master and Servant regard each-other silently, gazes locked in harsh glares... until at last, Archer sighs and shrugs, unbecoming of the gravity of what just happened, giving his reply even as he dematerializes from sight, leaving the blood-soaked, emotional magus standing stock-still in the wake of his role acknowledgement; "As you command, Master."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     As Archer speaks, anger appears to be building up in Sanary once again. Anger at his self-righteousness, anger at herself for failing to protect Yari /again/, anger at the mostly-dead ninja surrounding them... If not for Rin's sudden snapping, it's entirely possible that the healer would have made certain that the truce was broken herself.

     Instead, however, she's just stunned into silence. She watches the unveiling of the Command Seal, barely able to piece anything together to figure out what's going on, but still enough to sort of understand what had just happened.

     Mental note: Don't get Rin angry. Sanary opens and closes her mouth a few times before finally managing to speak up. "...Uh. Thanks, Rin. Good... Good job."

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    Dorian watches the display with a look somewhere between nonplussed and disinterested. And when Archer disappears, he looks to Rin. "You didn't banish him, did you?" he inquires. Not being familiar with how the Grail Wars' Servants work, it's a thing he has to ask. "That's a horrible waste of a bound spirit at the very least."

Archer (821) has posed:
     As Rin's emotions fall back into line, the magus contemplates her choices... and finds herself internally wondering - or more like fussing - if she did the right thing burning up a Command Spell for this. While it was true that she was four years more experienced and powerful a mage then she was in the Grail War, a broad order like that was only going to make Archer more inclined to obey her as opposed to outright restrict him.

     At the same time though, as she thought it through, Rin rationalized that taking away one of the Command Seals at all was probably the biggest punishment of all - of the three crystalized miracles that they offered, one of them was now lost to Archer. That was arguably the biggest price he'd paid for this.

     And hough Rin worried herself that she might have needed that one day, she still felt that she really didn't have much choice. Archer was far too used to acting - figuratively and literally - like he knew what the best choices were. Like he knew what prices should and shouldn't be paid. This was the only real way Rin had to try and get him to start dealing with the fact that he was not capable of making such arbitrary choices anymore.

     No matter what he had suffered... Archer didn't speak for everybody. And she wasn't going to let him continue to act like he could.

     Letting out one more breath, Rin turns to regard Sanary, something of a more apologetic look on her face. "If I'd done a good job, I wouldn't have needed to do that." Her expression falls soon after - in spite of everything Sanary had done, allegedly or otherwise, the mercenary was an amicable person deep down, just like Shirou said. With a shifting of one hand, Rin tosses Sanary the gems that the Cleric had let her supercharge. "I'm sorry about Yari. If you can, use these to help boost her recovery. And... if it's not too much to ask, please try to get her cleaned up before she goes back to Dun Realtai. Linh has enough to worry about without seeing her mother come home like that." She pauses taking note of Yari's... for lack of a better word, original body, wincing a bit as Ferhim takes it, wondering to herself what will happen now.

     After that, she starts walking up to Dorian - making her acutely aware of both the unpleasant way her blood-soaked clothing is sticking to her and of the coppery stench that now permeates her. "It'd be too easy if I just banished him. And it wouldn't solve anything. Best way to say it is that I penalized him for life - he's not going to be able to go against me so easily now."

     ... or at the very least, she hoped he'd not do so anytime soon, since having what was basically strings pulling back on you every time you disobeyed an order would be very inconvenient for Archer in the middle of battle.

Dorian Pavus (774) has posed:
    "Oh I see," Dorian replies, putting a hand to his chin thoughtfully. The blood doesn't seem to bother him, it doesn't look like. Or maybe he's just very good at acting. "So a lifetime of stout spankings for acting out of line?" He seems perfectly serious about this cmparison. "Fascinating. I don't think that's required of bound spirits from my world. That don't have enough substance to them, enough... well, enough 'self'. Well, not until they become demons, anyway. Then you have other problems."

Archer (821) has posed:
     Rin's musings - and for that matter, her entire train of thought and capacity for thought, comes crashing to a halt when Dorian makes his... 'comparison.' It even takes her mind off the blood covering much of her body, needing a few moments to process it as she blinks and half-gapes at the mage.

     Somewhere, on the other end of her astral tie to him, Rin is sure she feels Archer mentally choking at the comparison between the Command Spell and being 'spanked.' And in any other instance, Rin would be taking amusement from that. But given her own involvement in it, it was far too abrupt and awkward a contrast to do.


     After a few moments of awkward silence - though it's thankfully broken by Dorian's expositing on his own world's mechanics for spirits - Rin shakes her head and gives something of an anxious, if not uncertain chuckle. "Y-yeah... something like that, I guess."

     After a moment, though, Rin lets out a sigh and gives a small smile to Dorian. "Well, I can't speak for all spirits or the ones from your world, but Servants are usually human spirits summoned back to live and given new forms. So they tend to have plenty of self - or too much of it in most cases as Archer seems to prove on a daily basis."

    Looking around at the grim sight of the battlefield, Rin finally lets herself start slowly pulling away from what's left of the town, opting to walk back to the gate with Dorian if he's heading that way. "That has it's own problems, as you can guess." She pauses a moment, though keeps walking on. "Well... if nothing else, I'm thankful nobody died because of that. And hopefully, nobody ever will now."