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Rise From The Depths
Date of Scene: 27 January 2016
Location: Great Ocean - Southern Loop
Synopsis: Nagato and company do battle against not one but TWO Wo-class Carriers... and end up... with a new carrier.
Cast of Characters: 385, Wo, Nagato, Shigure, 939

Wo has posed:
    After experiences with Kongou and Yamashiro's Abyssal selves, the Wo-class carrier had come to certain understandings, and a decision or two. Some discussions with Psyber on the matter had further solidified what she had chosen to do. Basically, when she sees one like those two, Yamashiro being an earlier test case, she would no longer hold them back. In fact, through an agreement with Nagato, she would actively put them in position to be retrieved, if that turned out to be their wish.

    The tell-tale signs are slightly different, depending on the case. They may involve a connection with something Earthly, a spoken longing, or even an obsession. A distance from the other Abyssals; their thoughts becoming more difficult to read, as their psychic songs fall out of tune. Whichever suite of 'symptoms' this other Abyssal carrier had displayed, Wo had come to accept that she was likely lost to their cause. It was time to make good on the promise she made, for both this other sister's sake, and her own.

    'Even if they become my enemy, I want them to be somewhere that they are happy.' The energy required to retain an Abyssal that doesn't want to be part of the team anymore, while Samar would disagree, is simply not worth it, to Wo. It's both pragmatic and a genuine well-wishing.


    With that background, we arrive to this evening. Wo was not precisely lying when she made the arrangements; they were to meet a fleet daughter patrol and engage them in battle. That much is true. Unspoken and kept to herself, Nagato, as well as her most trusted sisters, is the true reason this other carrier has been called up for this outing. Accompanying the carriers, a Nu-class inclusive, is the elite Tsu-class, her crimson aura wafting about her frame, and keeping an eye over the horizon with her strong radar. There is also the usual flock of Destroyers, arranged in a ring around them, with the light cruiser at the head of the formation.

    "They -- will be, close," comes a spoken warning to the others, with certainty. Even though she could not actually be certain that Nagato would not change her mind, at the last minute. She turns to the relative newcomer next, seeming to speak to her directly, with her golden eyes glowing from beneath the darkening brim of her flight deck of a hat, "Hold -- your aircraft, for now. You will be, the re-serve strike...wing. Once air cover, is se-cure." With this, the hinged jaws of the Wo-class' flight deck, and the body of the Nu-class, open, jet turbine screams accompanying Abyssal fighters emerging.

    They'd best be on time, or it might lead to uncomfortable questions.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato's already running forward, the conversations she's had with the Wo-class, the information given about another Wo-class' waning spirit and the agreement upon what she made with Wo's communications, she gives a bit of a nod. Confirming no one else was around, she gives a sigh, "If they were to find out..." she shakes her head and readies her guns, the turrets traversing as she holds her position in wait for the fleet's backup that she's summoned. It's an odd fleet composition too. Battleship at the head, an anti-air destroyer, an anti-air light cruiser, a heavy cruiser an amphibious landing carrier, and a seaplane tender. Though with the anti-air she's requisitioned, that should make Chitose's job a lot easier.

    Atago, however, finishes her loadout and is skating ahead, a bit slow at first to allow everyone else to catch up before pulling forward again. "Shigure, it looks like you're flagship for this fleet. Nagato's running her own self so we will defer to you for formation and orders. Okay~" Atago's cheerful nature should ease up any tensions, hopefully. Akitsumaru's pale face gives Atago a questioning look, "Sir, with respect, but why am I needed here, sir? Are we running a transport operation, sir, is that why we have the Daihatsu here?" a pause, "If so, where is Maruyu and the rest of the drum canister carrying destroyers?"

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
     For this particular Wo-Class Carrier, the signs were a combination of a subtle distance from the others. Brooding off by herself, saying even less than she usually would, and changes in her behavior. The typical activities they engaged in as the Abyssal Fleet, no longer resonated with this one. She hesitated. She grew angry. But she did not say why, nor did she act. She continued to perform her duty to the fleet when requested, but it was there. And apparently it was noticed, unbeknownst to her.

     Thus came this particular outing. Told that they were to engage a Fleet Daughter patrol in battle at a strategic point, this one offered no complaints. There was nothing particularly offensive to her sensibilities about this operation. She would participate.

     "...Aff...irmative." The Wo-Class Carrier nodded, speaking in a broken tone to her superior. "I ...will...stand ready...to act."

     Her hard gaze then directed itself to the waters ahead, awaiting the beginning of the battle.

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure speeds down the launch ramp, pulling her backpack free from the berths. One of the large caliber barrels has been replaced by what looks like a gattling gun assembly, three smaller arrays of six barrels, able to spin together and independently. Some abomination cooked up by Yuubari no doubt. "All ships, Double Line formation until we reach the enemy." she turns to Atago. "You are on point with me. Chitose, Akitsumaru, at the rear of the formation. Kagurazaka, you are second rank in the center. You are to protect the support ships at any cost. Understood?"

    The normally quiet Destroyer has a certain fire in her eyes, though her voice never rises above the normal, soft drawl she usually has. The words carry surprisingly well, however. "Chitose, launch first wave once we have cleared the skies."

    Chitose nods, and loads up her launch rails. "Zuiun attack wave ready to launch at your command, Flagship." replies the Seaplane Tender jovially. Shigure then looks to Akitsumaru. "Keep your planes in reserve, if they have a second wave, launch escorts and destroy them."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"Understood, Shigure!" Kagurazaka replies, maneuvering into her new place in the revised formation. She's not wearing the same destroyer loadout that she was sporting when Yari tried to assassinate Nagato; the arrangement of turrets (mostly turrets, in fact) and other hardware more closely resembles a light cruiser than a destroyer.

She's also just a little sluggish in maneuvering, like she's not totally acclimated to the balance or the fit or something. Hopefully, a defensive role means she won't have to worry as much about it. It's not as bad as when she was first trying out her destroer gear in training - the same general principles apply - but ... well, if anyone goes after *her* specifically, she might be at a disadvantage.

She's quietly hoping not to be singled out.

Wo has posed:
    Besides their obvious physical resemblance, enough to where it might be difficult to tell them apart if one were not that familiar, that obedience even in the eyes of doubt had caused Wo to reflect on her own current situation. That is yet another reason why she has to do something against this status quo. She does not feel trapped as an Abyssal, but she knows that feeling is not universal among them. Her eyes linger just ever slightly longer on her 'twin', even as the other appears to focus on the task at hand. "Yes," the flagship carrier responds, before turning her own sight back forward, and leaning just more heavily on her command staff.

    There is little doubt in Wo's mind that her intuition is not the correct one. If she were mistaken, well...she will cross that unlikely bridge, if it comes to it. The Tsu-class' helmet of a head suddenly raises subtly, glancing at something seemingly over the horizon, and the destroyers buzz and gurgle excitedly among themselves. Those golden eyes from before narrow, "They're - here." A meaningful look is exchanged with the Tsu-class, though the latter has no obvious eyes with which to peer back. There seems to be a certain understanding, telepathically flowing between them.

    The protective ring formation changes on the fly into a balanced, double line of their own, the destroyers and light cruiser forming up in front of the carrier forces. To get a better appraisal of the situation, the Tsu-class launched an Abyssal scout plane, lifting one massively, gun-gloved arm effortlessly, and firing it off like a dart. Taking flight, it quickly catches up to the fighters and overtakes them, surging directly towards those radar strikes. "Sis-ter," she speaks, "When-ever, you are ready." The words have a loaded meaning, that isn't immediately obvious, given the situation.

    She'll be counting on Nagato to keep her side reigned in, as well. There is a lot of trust here...it will be easy for something to go wrong.

Nagato has posed:
    Back at the formation, Akitsumaru and Atago give a firm nod and fall into formation, Atago at the front and Akitsumaru in the rear. Hidden in that Daihatsu is Akitsumaru's flight scroll and summoning talismans for a sneak airstrike when requested. She also speaks up when spoken to, a nod is given towards Shigure, "Understood, sir. Akitsumaru will be ready, sir, with planes hidden until needed, sir." ever the formal one she gives a salute of understanding and looks towards Chitose, "I shall back you up, Chitose, sir. We shall gain air superiority, sir. Even if I'm carrying the Daihatsu."

    Atago gives a smile, "Now there's the girl I was hoping to see take up the role quite nicely, good job, Shigure." as she finishes maneuvering next to Shigure, giving a nod as she turns back towards Kagurazaka, "It seems the Admiral has you as a light cruiser today? Looking to try something new or was this on order from the Admiral?"

    Meanwhile, back at the meeting point. Nagato's eyes close as radar pings. They're almost in range... and the Abyssal's are setting up their own double line... "It is time." she pulls out a small flare gun from her back and points it to the sky... and with a bang, the flare screams towards the sky and explodes... "Type three shells, sanshiki loaded..."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"A little of both," Kagurazaka answers Atago with a smile. "She decided I'd make a good light cruiser after -" Her smile flickers noticeably. "- after the attempted assassination, when I did pretty well holding off the enemy aircraft. But since my own gear isn't ready yet, I was allowed to borrow Nagara's."

She catches herself veering slightly out of position, grimaces a bit, and rights herself, aligning her course and position properly with her allies. "Nagara's isn't a perfect fit for me, obviously," she adds with a sheepish grin. "I'll still do my best, though!"

That's about all the conversation she has time for, though. Kagurazaka diverts some of her attention to her 'crew' of equipment fairies, wondering if she should send a scout of her own aloft. Radar is probably enough for now, though, and with Nagato's report, she's able to match up the count and rough class breakout of the Abyssal force. Her smile fades the rest of the way as a recent memory drifts back to the surface of her thoughts, and is just as quickly shunted aside. There'll be time to think about the future later, even the very near future. She's in mid-mission; *that* needs to be her focus until the fleet returns safely to Hikari.

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
     The carrier nodded. getting into double line formation at the back. At the words 'Whenever you are ready', she responded. 'Under...stood." Her fitout's jaws opened wide, releasing a number of assault planes into the air as she skated forward to join the beginning battle, keeping in formation.

     She really had no idea that this was all a huge setup prepared just for her. Who knows how she would have responded if she knew. Maybe it would be better that she never finds out.

     Spottng the flare in the sky distantly, the carrier narrowed her eyes. "Target...general area...confirmed. Converging...at once." And upon her words, her assault planes up above changed their direction, heading in the flare's direction with armaments prepared to fire at a moment's notice. When looking at her like this, it would be hard to believe that this particular Wo-Class was having doubts at all...

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure's hair flaps twitch faintly. "Incoming enemy air wave. Akitsumaru, hold your craft until my go." She lifts the gattling cannon up. "Kagurazaka, suppressive fire, we need to clear a path for Chitose's attack wave." The barrels begin to spin, and with a sound like Zeus just let off a ripping fart, 25mm slugs go flying into the air, lashing out in a near constant 'beam' of tracer fire at the approaching Abyssal planes. Her other cannon lifts next, and more traditional flak shells join the tracer fire, exploding in puffs of black smoke and shrapnel.

    Once a path is cleared out, Chitose lifts her launch rails, and the propellers spin up on her planes. The two 'guns' and the pair of shoulder rails releasing not one, but four each in rapid sequence. These angle off and head toward the Abyssal fleet. "You know what to do... I'm counting on you." she tells them, cryptically.

Wo has posed:
    The flare was the signal they had all been waiting for, even if some positioning and readiness had to be done beforehand. The Tsu-class leading the charge certainly doesn't hesitate, and while she was one of the few Wo trusted to know that this was mostly for show, she still had to make this convincing. She'll just take this opportunity to take out her frustrations on some of those past embarassments. With a raising gurgling coming from in her throat, the large-armed cruiser levels one bank of turrets toward the fleet daughters' position. The destroyers' mouths open, revealing their 5-inch guns inside. Within moments of each other, all of them begin to fire shells.

    There was certainly room for doubt, on this other Wo-class. Just like her, her face was difficult to read. Yet, the signs were unlikely to be wrong, and that similarity is what reinforced her belief. The Nu-class light carrier between them, not as aware of the intentions as the Tsu-class is, seems to gurgle a question to the flagship Wo-class. "...no, not yet." She glances again to her counterpart, "Her planes, will be e-nough." What comes across as confidence in her abilities is, actually...testing her, further. It is only on the battlefield, she has experienced, that the true awakening happens.

    Not that she and the light carrier are completely passive, however. The fighters climb momentarily to a higher elevation, to where the anti-air from Shigure - and likely soon enough, Yuna - will be thinner. The scout plane, having accomplished its mission and encountering the dense clouds of flak, banks sharply and starts heading for home, especially as a close strike sends splinters of its airframe scattering away from it. A billow of smoke follows, though it seems to be airworthy, for the moment. The fighters finally descend into the dense and unfriendly fire, opening up with their cannons at the seaplane bombers and aiming to thin their numbers.

    Inevitably, three air superiority fighters fall prey to the anti-air. Two suffer structural damage and stall out, crashing into the sea. Another gets its internal turbine struck through, prompting a complete and catastrophic failure, and subsequent explosion mid-air. Unlike the fleet daughters' equivalent, there are no cute fairies ejecting. The remaining ones are relentless, however. They have their responsibilities to their own assault bombers, being fielded by that other Wo-class carrier.

Nagato has posed:
    What a gift... soon, she might have an aircraft carrier to rescue... but she does worry about Wo. Nagato hasn't told anyone else about this, on suspicion that she might be returning to the Abyssal side, but it's different. "Time to make this convincing, right?" The battleship's turrets elevate and with an explosive rapport, she'll help to thin out the air-ranks with the sanshiki, those flak shells bursting in mid air to pelt some of those fighters and bombers with shrapnel... though, she starts to reload a different shell type, her normal, explosive shells perhaps.

    Akitsumaru gives a salute and gets herself ready, her first real sortie that wasn't a transportation mission and Atago's there, turrets ready. "PAN PAKA PAAAN~" and with that hip wiggle, turrets fire, launching shells across the way towards the incoming fire from those enemy destroyers! "I'll cover you all with defensive fire! Don't worry about me, my armor's going to protect you." now jsut where was the Admiral...?

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Kagurazaka's turrets elevate in near-unison, the hip- and thigh-mounted turrets simply lifting their barrels, while the hand-held turret is raised with both hands supporting the grip. She doesn't open fire immediately upon sighting the Abyssal planes; partly she's letting her equipment fairies make sure the proper ammunition is loaded - and frankly, they know their jobs better than she does. The sound of shells being loaded rises from each turret in turn, though, and she focuses on the inbound planes. They're not quite close enough yet.

Just a little closer ...

"... and FIRE!!" she calls out, her turrets going off in syncopated succession. She's taking her cue to some extent from her comrades - and deliberately aiming for 'gaps' that she spotted in their own anti-air bombardment, focusing as best she can on the bombers but not sparing the air-superiority units if they're convenient to shoot at.

Maybe shooting with all of her turrets that close together wasn't the best decision - it does take time to reload between shots - but spreading her shots out too far would cut down on how much damage she can dish out without giving the fighters a chance to regroup, and possibly to evade her follow-up shots. As it is, the moment Kagurazaka's turrets can fire again, she'll be dishing out more shots at the hostile aircraft, and by that point they'll probably be close enough to aim at *specifically* instead of just trying to saturate the air around them with explosives and flak bursts.

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
     Remaining ignorant, the Wo-Class Carrier sped forward, assault bombers above moving at her command. Keeping behind the front line, she eyed the enemy ranks. ?.That one firing wildly looked like a good target. Expression unchanging, the Standard Carrier directed her assault planes Yuna's way, weaving through anti-air fire.

     Several took hits, but they released their loads above the stand-in destroyer, bombs whistling as they sailed downwards, pulling by gravity. Upon impact, they would unleash their explosive payouts.

     Go for the one that seemed to be the least experienced. Thin out their ranks from the bottom up. It seemed perfectly reasonable.

Shigure has posed:
    Chitose grits her teeth a little. Her Zuiun aren't built for air to air combat. The fairies are veterans though, and do their best to evade the incoming air superiority craft, banking out of the way of cannon fire... but they're much slower and less agile than a dedicated fighter, so their numbers thin out quickly. "Second wave, Launch!" she says, almost a little desperate as almost the entire first wave comes tumbling down in flaming wrecks, parachutes marking the pilots bailing out.

    "The air battle is not looking good. Akitsumaru..." she speaks the girl's name, but provides no additional input. Hopefully the Assault Transport knows the intention as Shigure pulls ahead a little. "Port side battery, reload Armour Piercing. Right side battery Armour Piercing Composite Rigid." the left cannon clanks and whirrs as it reloads the proper shell. The right side gattling asembly ejects a spent ammo barrel, splashing into the water, before it too clanks and whirrs to load the new reel of bullets. "Allied warning, torpedoes, check my vector." she calls, before the thigh turrets traverse, and a full spread of eight Long Lance torpedoes splash into the water, streaking out towards the oncoming Abyssals.

Nagato has posed:
    It was Akitsumaru's turn to shine here. Up from the Daihatsu comes a large, wound up scroll that quickly expands into a half circle around the Assault Transport, a smile is given as she starts going into hand signs, chanting in some strange language as the talismans start floating up from the Daihatsu, towards the intake of the flight scroll and quickly gaining speed and form before launching off as full fledged fighter craft, shooting quickly into the air and heading straight for the Wo-class ships. "Akitsumaru, launching planes, sir!" still ever proper...

Wo has posed:
    With an unspoken command, the more familiar Wo-class' remaining fighters climb back into the air. Another essentially explodes from the concentrated anti-air fire, but they're performing about as well as could be expected. This prompts a somewhat confused gurgling from the Nu-class light carrier, as it pivots its entire body to look at Wo pointedly. "Re-call and pre-pare, another wave," she says, just as pointedly in response. While it might question it, when they're doing well, it also turns back to the engagement and its own fighters also begin a withdrawal. A sanshiki air burst causes one on the edge of the formation to begin trailing black smoke, but it isn't lethal damage. Yet. It's still a long flight 'home'.

    She glances to her companion Wo-class again, still so focused on the bombing, and trying to find any trace of what she might be feeling, as she makes her attack run. Finally, she speaks up again, addressing her directly as the Nu-class is freshly distracted. "Sis-ter," she says, simply. "Does this - feel, nos-talgic to you?" Her golden eyes turn back out toward the scenes of battle. The previously pristine blue sky is now blackened with soot and the shrapnel of shells. And then, more direct to the point, as she tightens her grip around the hook of her control staff, "It is - our place. To re-peat this...for-ever. If you could, change that...would you, I won-der?" Had she noticed, then?

    The flagship Wo once again falls silent, to focus on the returning and retreating fighters, their thinned numbers now pursued by Akitsumaru's own (surprising!) wing. The Tsu-class and destroyers have mostly been able to avoid the long range shelling from Atago, despite it shaking up their formation. Those incoming fleet fighters present a threat that can't be ignored, however. The back line, as well as the Tsu-class, interrupt their surface shelling to turn their cannons skyward, the distinctive sound of different shells being loaded audible. The front line notices torpedoes in the water, as well, and buzzes a general warning. The ones in the back line, while focusing on air defense, begin their own evasive maneuvers a bit late. The last Ha-class destroyer, a cyclopian variant similar to the I-class, manages to avoid a direct hit, but still lists after absorbing the immediate explosion.

    This also means the air screen isn't as effective, at least as it could have been. This causes Wo's mouth to frown, ever so slightly -- but she'll trust in Nagato to intervene, if it becomes too much.

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure continues to pull ahead... and begins to sing softly, her voice hauntingly carrying across the waves. It's not a particular song, more an acapella melody, which contrasts the destruction raining about her as aircraft splash down in flames. She closes into guns range, leveling the left cannon first, letting it fire, before tucking in and speeding up, aiming to strafe across the front line with the much smaller caliber, but higher fire-rate gattling cannon, looking to punch holes in vital components so the others have an easier time at taking them, down.

    Chitose's second wave, unmolested now, angles in on a diving run at the Tsu-class, releasing bombs in a spread pattern. They pull up, and skim the waterline before rising back into the air, aiming the second part of a two-stage bomb run on the back-line carriers! "Found you!"

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
     Silence, and a questioning glance is the flagship's reward for her inquiry. "Nos-talgic?" Why was she being asked this NOW of all times? Weren't they in the middle of a sortie? Why was she bing asked thi- But then suddenly, there was a flash in her mind. "...?" Feeling something akin to a headache, images came flooding in.

     Engineers hard at work, looking proud of what they were doing. And then another image. Those same engineers leaving the development bay with weary looks on their faces. Another image; the empty bay. No one has come to see her for a while. Another image; A single engineer looking up at her with a sad smile. 'I'm sorry.'

     The Wo-Class doubled over, eyes widening. "G...Gra...f..." And then another image. There was fire. Fire all around. And she was sinking. Sinking into the depths of the sea. "Ze...Zep...pellin...?"

     And the headache became worse. "A-Ah......Ah.....--"

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Most of the fleet is shifting to offensive mode now; Kagurazaka, however, was ordered to focus on anti-air defense, and that's exactly what she inends to do - particularly with some bombers that managed to release their weapons. "Come on, come on," Kagurazaka mutters under her breath, hoping her equipment fairies can hurry with the reloading -

Well, technically not HER fairies; they're Nagara's support team, but they're the support which Kagurazaka has right now. And she knows they're doing the best they can.

As each turret is reloaded, Kagurazaka steadies her aim and focuses once more - not on the aircraft, but on the falling bombs. The weapons which have fallen furthest - gotten closest to the kanmusu, even Kagurazaka herself - are the most immediate danger, and thus the first priority to try and shoot out of the sky. Maybe most kanmusu wouldn't think this way; Kagurazaka - Yuna - *DOES* think that way, though, and if she can stop even one bomb from detonating against any member of the fleet, she's going to do everything she can towards that goal.

Unfortunately, the bombs were released closer together than Kagurazaka can fire, and it's only at the last second that she thinks of something as simple as just trying to get out of the way. By that point ...


... all she can do is try to avoid a *direct* hit. The impact still flings her out of the water, singed and bruising at the very least - but it also means that the other bombs which were aimed at her go off further away, comparatively speaking.

Even as her battered form skips and bounces across the water, Kagurazaka's already trying to right herself, to get back into formation and continue protecting the others. That comes before even seeing how bad the damage to her equipment is, or to herself. She's visibly in pain - and no small amount of it - but she's not about to let the fleet down ...

Nagato has posed:
    With confirmation from a certain enemy carrier, Nagato gives a brief nod before speaking to her own radio. "Ignore the others, focus the carrier!" Oddly enough, Nagato isn't firing a shot, while it might be suspicious, the cloud of smoke might interfere with the planes... and she's still reloading some shells. She turns around, back facing the enemy group and she gives a smile... "She'll come home..."

    Meanwhile, Akitsumaru's planes chase after Chitose's own, providing much needed air cover for the seaplanes. "It's been a while since I could use my planes, sir, thank you for letting them launch, sir." she comments with Atago giving a nod, taking aim and letting shell after shell loose towards the remembered Wo-Class, only to turn back as the bomb hits.

    Atago quickly breaks formation only to move and assist Kagurazaka to get back up, "Come on now, Kagurazaka, we should be going more on the offensive now. Aim at the carrier this time and we should be able to turn them away with minimal damage." a pause, "And Atago will take good care of you at the docks once we get back!" with a bright smile and dusting off of the new Light Cruiser.. "Now, let's go~" another turn around, "Pan paka paaan~" and another thunderous rapport of shells head straight for the carrier!

Wo has posed:
    The bombers are coming. Wo is aware of that much. The Tsu-class and her destroyer's screen is disrupted, and provided minimal resistance. Those fighters buzzing through weren't going to be alone. A gurgling from the light cruiser with those enormous arms confirms those suspicions. She gives another glance to the other carrier, then. She knows those feelings, well...that same grip of paralysis that completely overcame her, when she was forced to face what she was, and perhaps in some degree, still is. "...I'm so-rry," she says, despite her monotone, managing to sound sad and regretful. "I really en-joyed, our time to-gether. Perhaps...some-day... On a more, peace-ful sea." Closing her eyes, she reaches over to place a black gloved hand on her counterpart's shoulder, and then draw her close. The comforting gesture is short-lived, however, before she disperses. Now that the Nu-class is alert, and gurgling, she regains her commanding tone, "E-vasive actions!"

    This unfortunately, depending on your perspective, leaves that suffering Wo-class to take that evasive action, on her own. Yet, would she have enough mental awareness left, with her senses that overcome, to be able to? The destroyers and light cruiser also look back, but being peppered by fire from Shigure -- though doing superficial damage, also prevents them from offering immediate assistance. The Tsu-class gurgles her frustrations, and would like nothing more than to engage in more direct melee with that troublesome destroyer, and that 'new' light cruiser...but orders are orders. Instead, she simply absorbs as much as she can for herself and her destroyers, with those massive arms of hers, which get thoroughly ripped up. One bank of turrets is now little more than slag.

Shigure has posed:
    Chitose's attack craft wing over, and start their dive, barreling down to release their second bombs, this time not in a scattered pattern to maximize damage spread... but instead, focussed on the crippled carrier, elaving the Nu-class and Wo to their evasion.

    Shigure maintains harrassment on the enemy formation. She's out of formation, but those gattling guns fire insanely fast. Lots of little stings that if not attempted to evade or deflect, mount up, especially if they hit something vital, like one of those glowing eyes, or get into the firing mechanism inside the mouth. The cannon on the left opens up again, but she's focussing on keeping the defence line beleagured and unable to assist the Carrier.

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
     "Wh-at?" She managed to get out, giving her sister and retreating comrades a confused, and pained look. Why were they leaving her? Why weren't they helping? Why was she sorry? What was going on!? These memories, this sortie, this pain. It was all too much to process at once, and before the crippled Wo-Class could gather her bearings enough to begin evasive maneuvers, a torpedo struck. BLAM. Half her rigging was blown off, leaving a grotesque looking half jaw remaining, leaking black ichor into the sea.

     And then a volley of shells struck the water all around her. Several made impact, punching rough holes into her armor. "...!?" It was too much. The damage was racking up. With a very familiar feeling of betrayal and abandonment filling her, the carrier grit her teeth as she sunk into the depths of the ocean.


     And after several moments of silence, the surface lit up, and with a burst, something returned from the depths to the surface, parting the water with a splash. In a flash of light, a humanoid figure coalesced into being. Wearing a white military uniform, a matching white hat, and a matching cape, with blonde hair tied into pigtails, the figure opened her blue eyes, revealing...a very, very dark look.

     Th-That WAS a Fleet Daughter, right? Right?

     "......" And without comment, she tested her movement, raising an arm and clenching and unclenching a hand. As she did this, several pieces of rigging formed around her. So this is who she was. Graf Zeppelin-Class Standard Carrier, returned from the depths.

     And there was no fanfare. No cheerful greetings. No cady and rainbows.

     She looked pissed, would be the most appropriate descriptor.

Wo has posed:
    It was, painful, for Wo, as well. Just as it was with Kongou. Yet, it would be better this way, in the end. That the other carrier had essentially become paralyzed with the flood of memories was all she needed, to confirm that. While her words might have ringed hollow, in light of that abandonment to her destiny...hopefully, one day, whomever this other Wo-class will become, will come to understand why this happened. For now, though, it's all that Wo can do to shield herself from the wall of water that results, as the one left behind can't dodge. When she lowers her cape, she stares openly at the bubbling froth and pooled oil where the carrier once stood. Even moreso when that light emerges. Graf Zeppelin, huh? And she looks pretty pissed off.

    The Nu-class, not in on this, gargles annoyedly and the throaty whine of jet turbines can be heard to be coming from inside its mouth. 'We'll just--!!' Wo casts a sharp look at it, however, "No. We're - done here..." 'But,' the light carrier wordly pleads! "...full re-treat. They have, nu-meric advantage, now." Put that way, its frustration and anger finally has to give in to the logic of the situation. "--Tsu, you, as well." Still soaking up hit after hit, yet for some reason not openly retaliating, the light cruiser gargles a confirmation. She casts a look, or so one would assume, at Shigure, before breaking into a full withdrawal, taking her destroyer charges with her. One stubborn I-class that looks still wanting to fight gets lifted by the 'scruff' by a massively gloved hand, and hauled off -- manually.

    If there is no pursuit, the Abyssal forces seem to be in full retreat from the area. Though Wo does cast one more glance at the newly risen Graf Zeppelin, before turning completely away. For the foreseeable future, they will be enemies. But at least she will be where she belongs...that's what matters.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
By the time Kagurazaka settles back into formation, the fight is pretty much over; the Wo-class which was the target for most of the fleet has resurfaced as a newly-reborn Fleet Daughter - which Kagurazaka can see for herself, well enough, but is mostly confirmed by Nagato on the radio.

Kagurazaka does take a moment to wave to the now ex-Abyssal, but other than that, returning to base - with Atago's help - and hitting the repair baths sounds like a really good idea ...

Nagato has posed:
    There is no pursuit from Nagato and her orders have all but confirmed there will be no pursuit from the others. She gives a bit of a look back, watching the Wo-class and her allies retreat. She gives a brief nod, only to confirm that they've left and she starts heading back with Akitsumaru heading straight towards Graf Zeppelin, placing her into the Daihatsu and puttering on the way back to the base. With Akitsumaru's fighters hovering around the group, she keeps a good watch along the attack-gone-escort party while Atago leads Kagurazaka back home.

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
     Graf Zeppelin would have given Nagato a supremely distrustful look, before reluctantly joining her aboard transport. One look was spared for her 'sister', Wo, and her fleeing former comrades. "......" She was still making heads or tails of all of this, but all she knew was that...

     She was not happy.

     This was not how she expected this mission to end.