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IS and BB
Date of Scene: 27 January 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: Mairead visits Nagato.
Cast of Characters: Nagato, Mairead Sandilands

Nagato has posed:
    It's late night, roughly around the midnight hour with the entire base lit up, flood lights washing over the airstrip and the open, and empty, hangar at the end with one particularly dressed figure at the end of the runway. The anti-air turrets, fortunately, are not manned tonight and the alarms for a night expedition are heard around the base, six destroyers shooting out of the docks and heading southeast. Nagato stands waiting, in an attentive state with her legs together, arms at her side and eyes staring forth the length of the runway.

    "An IS, huh. I wonder." she shakes her head from the thought and waits idly by, ever in a wait for the guest to Hikari.

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Flying in the sky, is a small blimp, but it is hard to see, due to the coloration and the size, being no more than 6 and a half feet tall. Mairead Sandilands flies in the sky at sub-sonic speeds and looks aorund as she sees the sea port in the distance. The Hyper Sensor lets her see everything around her in 360 degrees, and she has zomed in ont he sea port, "Will you look at that," she says in her Scottish accent. "Old ships......" she adds as she looks around and whistles as she slows her speed and rolling over drops down towards the sea and slows her decent as she moves.

    Activating her radio, she speaks, "This is Mairead Sandilands, IS Representative Cadet / Candidate of Scotland of the IS Academy. requestion permission to enter the Hikari Sea Port air space?" she asks the tower. The IS has no lights or anything, just the light form the thrusters, and so at night tha tis the only thing that is seen, besides the sound of the thrusters. Spotting something, Mairead looks and zooms in and sees Nagato standing and blinks as she approaches.

Nagato has posed:
    "You're coming in clear, Miss Sandilands. This is Ooyodo, you have permission to land at the airstrip. Admiral Nagato has informed me of your visit, please enjoy yourself." comes the voice of the cruiser in the tower. One that rarely leaves the tower... "There should be lights lit up for your approach and we have just launched a destroyer fleet for expedition. I shall radio them of your arrival."

    Nagato gives a brief nod, "Ooyodo, send out another expedition fleet as well." "Of course Admiral." Nagato gives a brief stretch, eyes looking up at the pint points for the thrusters from the IS. "She's here." she briefly stretches once more and makes her way down the runway, waiting for the woman to show up. Of course, when she lands, she'll be greeted by the six foot tall Admiral of the base.

    "Welcome to Hikari Seaport, how I wish you were able to visit when it was daylight, but I believe this works out as well, does it not?" She gives the woman a slight study, tilting her head just a bit, "Is this what you call an IS?"

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    says, "Thank you Hikari, appraocing airstrip. Thank you," she responds as she flies in and stops, coming to a hover infront of Nagato and lands gently, "Aye ma'am, it is," she says to her and looking, there are no weapons seen. Walkign forward, it is easy to see that movement in an Is is easy and there is not really much in the way of armor for protection like most power armors. "Thank you for allowing me to visit," she adds as Mairead does stand right now about six foot five, due to the IS. "This is my IS, Emerald Lady," she comments as he looks at it.

    Smiling, Mairead nods, "It is ok, I do not mind," she mentions. "I have never been to an airfield like this, usually it is an airport," she adds.

Nagato has posed:
    "It's much less an airfield than just a single airstrip. We've converted it into a naval port and have kept the airstrip as a means for our ... flightier visitors a place to reliably land. In addition, Ooyodo thanks you for contacting her for permission to enter the airspace here." she points towards a few of the anti air emplacements available. "Destroyers here can man them within one minute for defensive purposes." she listens to the designation of the equipment and gives a brief nod.

    "It resembles a bit of our own rigging here, while it doesn't look like it protects anything, I heard you say it has a shield. It's an interesting platform for self defense." Nagato does give one bow, "And you are most welcome for coming. Hikari does not get many outside visitors... that aren't allies, so it's a refreshing change of pace for us here." Nagato briefly gives a walk around Mairead and slowly nods, making a few mental notes, "However, what I do not see is your armament?"

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Blushing slightly, Mairead looks, "They are kept in quantium phased until needed," and with a though, a Scottish claymore appears in her right hand, "This is Caddock," she states as another weapon appears in her left hand, that is just a hilt, then a beam of energy flies from it, into the size of a broadsword, "This is Bearnard," she states as she thinks and a armored shield appears on her left arm, reaching from mid bicept to down to a foot past her left hand. "This is me shield, Alistair" she adds as she thinks and the claymore phases out and a shotgun phases in, "This is Loch Rain," and at the same time the beam broadsword phases out and a bow phases into her left hand as she phases Loch Rain away, "And this is Ivar, my beam bow," she finishes as the shield and bow phases out of existance.

    "With a simple though, I Can summon any of those in a second," she adds as she smiles at herself. "And I have room for 4 more additional equalizer sets to be added. However, there is a chance for those sets to be rejected due to Emerald Lady's opinion," and with a thought, the Is phases out and Mairead is now just wearing a simple suit that is more or less a one piece swimsuit, which does not hide much in the way of her body, showing that she does have an average size bust and does not weight that much.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato stands back when it's mentioned they're stored, and back a bit more when each weapon makes its appearance. The Admiral lifts up an eyebrow with each one and the names of them all, giving a curious little hum to it all. "I see, it looks like you are capable of all range combat then, similar to some of our destroyers and cruisers here." though, when the IS gets phased out, Nagato gives a curious raise of both eyebrows, "Where did it go?" she questions, giving a quick look around, and then up and down the now swimsuit clad woman.

    "Strange that it just... dissapeared. Completely unlike our own equipment here for some." then she pauses a moment, "Emerald Lady has a picky equipment fairy, I take it?" she taps her foot as one convinently seems to come from the armory nearby on a small little scout plane, only for the plane to dissapear and the fairy to sit upon the Battleship's shoulder. "Or does it have something else?"

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Shrugging, Mairead looks, "Emerald Lady, and all IS' are stored in what is known as Closed Form," she mentions as she holds up her left hand, "Her closed form is in the ring on my hand," and there is an emerald green ring aroudn the left finger and with a thought Mairead summons the claymore again, "I can access anything within the IS rather with the IS active or not," and it disappears again, phasing out.

    "She is a bit picky," she says to Nagato. "She is a lady first, so she has weapons common to what a lady would have, the bow. But due to being from Scotland, she also has a scottish claymore and a beam broadsword," and she grins.

    "I have trained my whole life and I am a master swordswoman," she adds. "When a new equalizer is added, there is a chance for the IS' core to reject the equalizer. Mainly due to the IS' preference. if it involves weapons, it is more than likely to not reject, but thrusters and armor it can, so it really depends. Additional, she is always active and when there is an attack, she can activate what is needed at the time," she explains as she looks around.

Nagato has posed:
    "I think I understand." Nnagato gives a look towards the emerald ring around that finger, then the claymore is summoned once more and it dissapears again. "A lady, huh? Sounds like something similar to the Fleet as well. Everyone we've recovered from the enemy has been female, with no actual explination of such." She gives a light shrug and follows the looking around.

    "You need not worry about security on the base, Hikari's well protected and has defenses covered. In addition we run a few fleets every night on a patrol sortie to protect..."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Mairead nods and looks as she mentions fleets, "Ah think cause ships are called ladies, but I am not familiar with ships," she says as he blinks, "I am still trying to figure out how you are able to become a ship and still have weapons like int hat picture you sent Frau Zepplin," she comments. "Like I said, that it seems to be IS technology, but it is something that I have not seen outside of power armors," she mentions and looks.

    "So all of the personal here are ladies?" she asks as he blinks, "Maybe things are similar here, but If you do not mind me ask, might I have a place to stay tonight? I am still in the process of looking for room and board, and the library is nice, at Njorn, but the chairs are not that comfrontable," she mentions as she thinks and the IS Uniform appears over the suit. "Additionally, I have a missile launcher and a sgian dubh, a small single-edge knife that I can access," she mentions. "Mainly I am close quarters, but I have ranged weapons too," she adds as she looks and hides a yawn with the back of her hand.

    "Excuse me on that," she says. "I am not use to being up this late," she explains.

Nagato has posed:
    When the conversation turns to the Fleet, Nagato gives a brief nod. "All of our rigging and equipment are hand built at Hikari, in addition they are maintained here as well. And very few of us are capable of manifesting the ship that we once were. I am one of those few, Kongou is another and Kuma is the third I know." then the personnel question and she nods, "On base personnel are all female with the occasional male coming from off site locations to assist for various reasons."

    Nagato gives a brief nod, watching the Uniform appear. "You are full of surprises as they say." the yawn is noticed and she nods. "I can set you up with room and board in the barracks housing the Destroyer divisions and I will let the mess hall staff know of your arrival." she turns her back to Mairead and closes her eyes. "Do keep in mind that I am the Admiral of this fleet, if you wish to have a permanent residence here, which I can provide, I will ask for your assistance in return."

Mairead Sandilands has posed:
    Mairead Sandilands nods as she stands there, "Yes ma'am,"she says simply. "Allow me to skeep on it, it is only me second day here and I am still learning things about the Union,"

Nagato has posed:
    A simple nod is given, "Of course. Of course, pardon my actions there. Do sleep on it and consider Hikari a place to rest when you need." she gives one more nod and starts heading towards the barracks. "Let me escort you to your room."