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A Light Carrier's Consultation
Date of Scene: 28 January 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: Jeannette and Kotone were interested in being carriers for the fleet, so they speak to the three best people... Nagato, Ryuujou and Zuihou
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa, 410, 637, Nagato

Nagato has posed:
    It's a bit later in the evening at Hikari, a request was made for some of the girls who run the Galley to stay open a bit later for a small meeting. At one table sits two familiar figures, the Admiral and a red-dressed, short girl with a distinctive shillouette and metal visor-hat. "You will calm yourself, Ryuujou, I understand how excited you are but we must not make further... awkwardness for ourselves. Zuihou should be here shortly and perhaps Kongou as well. I've also invited the aviatrix, Jeannette as well as Kotone for the discussions."

    Ryuujou gives a brief nod, holding onto a red box with a smile plastered on her face, "Is Little Brother Reiji going to be here?" a shake of her head and that smile droops just a tad... "It's okay, I'll give him this later then! So, are they going to be new carriers too?"

Kongou (637) has posed:
    Arriving somewhat behind schedule, a particular light aircraft carrier pulls into port at the Galley. Clutching a spiral ring binder to her muneate, Zuihou comes to a stop and glances from one side of the dining hall to the other. Once she spots the Flagship and her diminuative escort, the girl straightens with a squeak and trots between the tables to join them.

    She's not alone.

    Stalking in Zuihou's shadow is a raven-haired ghost of a girl who somehow manages to disappear behind Zuihou's own small silhouette. It's only when the two get closer that Hayashimo's presence becomes more obvious.

    "Sorry I'm a bit late, Flagship!" Zuihou seats herself with a contented sound, "I wasn't sure what you wanted so I wasn't sure what notebook to bring-- so I just brought my favorite one! Hello, Ryuujou~!" It's filled with doodles of airplanes and little useful information.

    Contrasting Zuihou's energy, Hayashimo seats herself silently and simply stares. Jiiii.

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette was learning to be diplomatic... slightly diplomatic. An unofficial visit could be done in civvies and a few waves of her hand. But when a ship comes and request and 'avatrix'... she'd never been a /civilian/ aviatrix. But she could show tact! Which meant that the the quick, confident clip of her dress shoes are matched by the heavier, stomping clomp of what were probably a generation or two ahead of 'combat boots'. At least she was being accompained by a female! Or someone who looked like a female if you could get around the combat suit she was wearing.

Jeannette stops at the door to the Galley, her body smoothly turning on her heels, uniform cloak swishing slightly as she faces her minder. "Warrant Officer. If you would not mind." She says, motioning toward the door. The female inside the Marine Combat Suit glowers professional through a lighted visor, before going outside the door (you can hear the stomping of boots as she comes to attention. Jeannette nods and satisfaction before spinning around again, taking off her cloak in a flamboyant motion that billows it around and behind a chair. "In this case, I'm sure we can forgive a bit of tardiness. So long as you're not later than the flag officer, hmm?" She says, politely standing in front of the chair she's claimed.

A curt nod to Nagato and... a look to the other two. "Admiral. Your aviation arm, I take it?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa did do a bit more than be a trget for traning with her ship. She did do deliveries anbd given she was working on and off with the Fleet? Kotone did have something sher would need to drop off at some point with the fleet. She ws also hungry as she made her way into the Gally, she also did want a chance to get to know some of the fleet a bit more. So she's making her way into the Gally where The Flag Ship had asked to meet up with her.

She has little trouble spotting the table and waves as she makes for it.

"Sorry, had to help unload something on the way in."
E She grins bowling a little bit to The admiral and the other personel. She's not ment all of them in person.

"Good to meet a few more of you and humm Jeannette I take it? I'm Kotone."

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato's stoic face says nothing to the light carrier as she arrives a bit late, though with a small shake of her head and a lift of her hand, "As long as you're here, I can forgive some tardiness." she gives a bit of an eye raise at seeing Hayashimo, "Wished to sit in on the discussions? That is okay by me." Ryuujou, however, gives a bit of a grin at Zuihou's entrance, "Hi, Zuihou~, wanted to talk about planes with the Admiral's new friends, I take it?"

    Though the stomping of boots is noticed which perks both the light carrier and the Flagship, with Nagato eyeing the spectacle with Jeannette, and another shake of her head. "Commodore." she starts, "It's good to have you here." though as she takes a seat, she raises an eyebrow at the cape, "Was the cape a nessecary part of the entrance? Never the less, yes, this is just two girls out of our air support. Both of them are light carriers." She gives a brief hand point to Ryuujou, who grins and smiles, "This is light carrier Ryuujou, onmyouji style carrier." Then the hand points towards Zuihou. "This is light carrier Zuihou, archery style carrier." a pause, "We have... Graf Zeppelin as well, German standard carrier. Akagi and Kaga are busy at the range, standard carriers, archery style." though at the mention of Akagi and Kaga causes Ryuujou to grouse just a bit.

    When Kotone arrives, she gives a brief nod. "Welcome."

Kongou (637) has posed:
    "...Escort," Hayashimo explains her presence with a single word.

    "Ah!" Zuihou folds her hands over her notebook, "Flagship asked me to come, maybe she wants to talk about planes?" When introduced, the girl swivels in her seat and bows without standing up, though Nagato handles providing her name-- The extra detail mentioned prompts a blink or two, "Hm? My kyuudo style catapult? Is that important, Flagship?"

    When she's skipped over-- as the subject is aircraft carriers, Hayashimo simply speaks up in her quiet voice: "...Hayashimo. ...Yuugumo class destroyer. ...Don't mind me." She reaches out, collecting a cup of water and drawing it in on herself. As the escort, she's not terribly interested in airplanes and carriers, and likely has nothing of use to contribute anyway.

    "Flagship, miss Thompson, I don't think I got the memo for what this was about!" Zuihou flusters a bit, "I think I brought the wrong notebook!"

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
"And I shall thank you for welcoming me as a guest again." She says, waiting just a moment to see if the ritual would involve requests to be seated, before moving to take a seat of her own as smoothly socially as she can. A slight raise of her own eyebrows, and a beautific smile that is almost certainly a grin internally. "Oh, I suppose it wasn't /strictly/ required, but I am a sailor, a pilot, a flag officer, a duelist, and a noble. Such a pleathora of professions both affords me a bit of leeway and impresses upon me an expectation to show... /panache/." She leans forward and waggles a finger. "A cape provides both a proper dose of 'haute couture' and can be suprisingly effective. in a fight. I shall demonstrate one of these days... but there's more pressing matters. Matters of aviation."

She moves to look at each carrier in turn, nodding to each of them. "I was online for your discussion on the... Onmyyuji?" She says, getting the pronciation just a bit wrong. "On those types. A bit out of my familiarity. Though, if I am to be brutally honest, my familiarity with a bow and arrow is also lacking. I hear you are..." She falters for a moment. "Recruiting. And the... prospect intrigues me."

A quick move to the destroyer, nodding. Certainly don't discount the escorts. And then to Kotone. "And you as well. Though I... would prefer Ms. Thompson at the very least. Properity, and all."

Nagato has posed:
    "I see..." Nagato fails to look like she's impressed upon Jean's display of theatrics. "Yes, matters of aviation." she turns towards Zuihou and Hayashimo, giving a sigh, "Yes, it is important. Assuming, Jeannette is interested, I would like for you to head up teaching her how to use your catapult. In addition, I shall allow you to design her outfit to wear while in formation with the fleet." she looks towards Hayashimo, a nod is given. "If you wish to run off and get the correct notebook, you may."

    She turns back towards Jeannette and gives a brief nod, though Ryuujou's quick to correct. "On~Mi~Yo~gee~! And it's okay, us light carriers vary quite a bit so you are bound to find one of us to emulate." a light muttering, "I hope it's me one day..." then she perks back up, "Zuihou's amazing with her own catapult, it's almost like watching Akagi and Kaga!" a grin is given towards Zuihou, "I think she's our best light carrier that uses a bow too!"

    Nagato nods slightly, "Now, shall we get to business?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Thank you for the welcome Admiral."

She'll find a spot to sit and she nods to Hayashimo grinning a little bit.

"Good to meet you as well." She also gives Zuihou a look and a bit of a grin. Jeannette gets a bit of a more wary look at her.

"All right Ms. Thompson it is then. Still with carriers the basics haven't changed too much.

"No problem here, though my own's a bit minor so it can wait till any other matters are handled."

Kongou (637) has posed:
    "--Ah, yeah!" Zuihou points, "Ryuujou's planes are stored as paper charms, shikigami. Mine are arrows! T-though I don't have them right now to show." The mention of recruiting tilts her head, until Nagato makes it more clear, "Ah? The Special Division?" Swirling on Jean, Zuihou bunches her hands up under her chin, eyes sparkling, "Then I absolutely brought the right notebook!" She snatches it and holds it up, "I have all kinds of sketches of all the cute airplanes we have in here~!"

    "...Zuihou's clothes..." Hayashimo's single visible eye rotates towards Zuihou, then back towards Jean, "...won't fit."

    The little carrier doesn't hear it, though, too busy flipping pages filled with doodles of airplanes and fairies and seemingly random kanji.

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette give a brief nod, though she seems to have a bit of confusion at the term 'Catapult', before thinking for a moment. "I suppose that's what it is, really." She mutters for a moment. "Arm strength, but... hmm. Well!" A little louder, before she shakes her head. "A pity, but I am interested in learning. Being a student, once again, though I shall have to keep from fainting at the thought of carriers such as you as schoolmistresses." A smile full of mirth... that freezes for the moment as 'costume is mentioned, and that Zhihou peers her over like she's some sort of manqiuin. "Wait, now. Wait just a minute. Is there any reason I am... not properly dressed as is?" She says, motioning down to a service dress uniform slightly festooned with her rank and accomplishments. "I don't see that I would need... ahh..." She trails off. "I suppose I didn't think the same armor those destroyers had was... err... nessecary."

Emulate? Like she was a puppy coming home from the shop! "I shall be glad to learn whatever I can, even if it isn't strictly... On-my-yo-gee." She makes an effort, before looking vack to Kotone. "I would... beg to differ. But if I get started down that path, I am liabel to get proud, then undiplomatic, and then cocky. Very... very cocky."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "So it's different for each carrier? That's interesting to know Zuihou.":

She settles in now and seem to be trying to get a feel for Jeannette, Kotone doesn't seem sure what to make of them. She's clearly thinking over her words carefully.

"It would be best we leave it be, I have to agree it's for the best to leave it be."

She's being polite but she may be cletching her teeth ever so slightly.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato gives a brief nod, "While the armor that the destroyers wear is good enough, it also provides a good... link, I believe the word is that Akashi used, with the equipment. The fairies seem to respond better to properly dressed Daughters than anyone else." a pause, looking up and down Jean. "If you're interested in learning, I believe Zuihou may be the best for you since you seem to not be a bit in tune with how Ryuujou would." It's at this point that Ryuujou pulls out paper strips that look vaguely like aircraft.

    "These are my Shikigami! They look nice don't they? Once they go on my scroll, they are launched and turn into planes like Zuihou's! Only mine just come from the papers." she gives a brief nod, the light carrer in high spirits. "But if you would like we can show you both when it's more daylight out. Us carriers aren't suited for night battles. It's hard to launch the planes and see where you're dropping bombs in the middle of the night."

    Nagato peers between Kotone and Jeannette, giving a brief nod...

Kongou (637) has posed:
    "Ah?" Zuihou blinks back to the moment, glancing between Jean and Kotone, "Are both of you going to be aircraft carriers, then?" Eyes closing, she waves one hand dismissively, "Don't think of me like a schoolteacher, though! Ships don't go to school, ships are trained! So I'd be a training carrier!" A pause, and she glances ceilingwards, "...is that right?"

    "It's not right," Hayashimo states evenly from her seat.

    "--A-anyway!" The carrier hops to her feet, though Ryuujou's comment prompts her to look out the window, "..Oh, it's dark out.." A sidelong glance towards the empty service area, then a glance towards Nagato.


    "Well, it's a big room!" Zuihou's stance shifts. With a flicker of silver light, her equipment materializes around her waist, the flight deck 'shield' on her arm, and the bow in her outstretched hand. Fluidly, an arrow is pulled from the quiver at her hip, nocked, and drawn back.

    "..Ah.." Hayashimo lifts her head, making a small objecting noise. Ignoring it, Zuihou looses the arrow across the cafeteria with a short laugh.

    Immediately, the arrow flashes, then splits apart into a flight of six aircraft, which promptly bank in all directions to avoid hitting the far wall. Scattering, the noisy planes--Zero fighters--form into two groups of three and start a lazy holding pattern, circling the cafeteria.

    A close look would reveal the fairies are all very confused by this turn of events.

    Zuihou doesn't seem to care. She just points, "You can see them now~!"

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette looks over to Ko for a moment, at her gritted teeth, slight confusion something she might feel... but she a naval officer, so she outwardly expresses cool hostility. "I shall leave it to lie if she does. She has not... insulted my Navy as of yet, and I must learn to be more... diplomatic." She says, before nodding to Nagato. "I... suppose that I shall have to do that. I may sometimes forget that you are less mechanical in nature and more of a spiritual bent. So. Armor will have to be done. And an outfit, along with... " she pauses. "You know, I skipped right over a ship command. I thought I'd be commanding a different sort of Carrier... but, well! I shall take what I can get."

There's a quick look at the scroll that Ryuujou pulls out, peering at it. "Very... artistic?" She says, by way of odd compliment. "And I would agree. It is late enough, and something while exhausted...

She furrows her brow though when she hears about the difficult of night operations. Before she can ask why she doesn't have a pair of goggles for just such an occassion, she's back to turning to the carrier. "But I shall. Training is training. Or would you prefer Instrutor? That would sound a bit..." She says, furrowing. "Again, another comment about the darkness. Perhaps I could help with- Wait." She says, looking as Zuihou shifts her stance, then gets the gear, and an arrow, and then her eyes wide. "Wait a minute, this isn't exactly the largest-" She starts, before giving the most undignified yelp a flag officer can provide, diving to the floow as the planes bank around the room. over the ceiling. "No problems, Marine!" She yells, a nonsequitor for about half a second until the female Marine at the door effects an entry, her PAWS weapon pointed to the sky and looking as if she's tracking... before pausing, looking to the carrier, then her officer, under the table, and then the confused fairy plans.

Her body language and visable eyes seem to /strongly/ say, 'What in the /hell/...'

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa pauses for a moment at Zuihou's wordss. She hadn't considered it she seems to have look oc suprise at the idea. She also does seem to take what Hayashimo had said seriously as well. She's silent for the moment, but she's clearly thinking and listens to wht she has to say. Wait what is Zuihou up to now? She watches as some of the carrier's gear forms and sh wonders just what she's doing. She doesn't think there's going to be anything hostile going on. She trusts the rest of the fleet tht she is here, right? Still wait the arrow's been notched and now there's littl Zeros flitting about in a holding pattern.

"That... really is something."

She's about to say more but then she looks oover to Jeannette, and she's clearly going to leave it be. She looks back to Zuihou for a moment.

"Though if I do attempt this I may have a few problems."

She's looking very embrassed.

"What's the weight limit on the gear for one...?"

Nagato has posed:
    If Mutsu was here, she's probably be giggling at the situation. Nagato, however, frowns. The arrow is loosed and there are now planes in a holding pattern around the cafeteria... This was a bad idea. More so when the Marine enters the doorway with primed weapon. "Stand your ground. These are allied aircraft. HOwever, I did suggest we wait until the daylight." she shakes her head, Ryuujou tucks the planes back into her outfit and gives a brief smile, "Mmhmm, I can show you mine when we're done."

    This gets a dissaproving look from Nagato.

    "The mighty Zero fighter, one of our better air to air fighters that we field upon the base. Quick in the air and high firepower." though when Kotone asks about the weight limit, she tilts her head. "LIght carrier equipment will be the flight deck as you see here, the bow, a quiver for the aircraft, the boots for movement upon the water and the backpack. It's not too heavy, more so with Akashi's modifications."

    Nagato gives a stern look to Kotone, "What are your other issues if you do this?"

Kongou (637) has posed:
    Lowering her bow, Zuihou claps her hands, then points. With her command, the first wing of three Zeroes banks and slows, using the lunchroom table as an extended runway. Like this, they need no arresting gear and simply coast to a stop. One by one, six aircraft gather on the opposite end, lining up, engines idling and propellors still spinning. After a few moments idle, the engines cut out. The lead fairy hauls back the canopy and stands up, pulling up the goggles covering her eyes and squinting up at Jean with little black button eyes.

    This is a Kanmusu Aviatrix.

    Hands clasped, Zuihou wiggles in place, "Aren't they cute, though~? These are my favorites! Though I have others!"

    Hayashimo simply sits there, staring at the formation of grounded Zeroes in front of her. After a moment, she returns to her drink without a word.

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
The Marine looks over to Nagato for a moment, incredulous, before seeming to ignore her and look down to Jeannette... who's getting off the floor and back to her seat, moving to sit down and watch the fighters bank and move and land on the table like they were little toys. There's no words exchanged, but the Marine gives a minuate nod, and makes a point of looking back from Jeannette to Nagato. "Yes, Admiral." She says, before stepping outside and moving back to her position.

Jeannette leans over the aircraft as they line up, little piston engines spinning just a bit, before looking down at the cute little goggle'd fae. "Remarkable... and they fly the plans? And attack targets?" She says, leaning forward and gently, /gently/ poking the fairy on the top of the head with a finger.

Back over to Nagato. I've heard of the Zero. It was a wonderful fighter for it's time, as I've heard." She says with a bit more tact, as she listens to the equipment list. "A bit... odd to wear. But I'm sure we'll get use to it.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "I should be more clear, how much weight can all of the gear take and keep the user able to move and not sink. See my entire body cyberentic, and due to the weight and material it needs speclized systems to keep afloat. It could be a major liability. If I were to take an injury that crippled it? I'd sink like a rock. I rather keep things fully informed than blind side anyone with something like that."

She pauses at Zuihou's planes watching them do their dance in the air. She also notices Hayashimo's rections btu isn't going to bother her now. She looks back at Jeannette for a moment.

"Well it works right Ms Thompson? Can't really knock it and the Zero's one of the most agile planes of it's era if I recall right?"

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato notices the look but doesn't react, only to look towards Jeannette. "They do fly the planes and attack targets, in addition there are ones that scout the area and assist with mapping out the enemy location to prevent disadvantages upon our side." she makes a light notice, "Each communication method is slightly different depending on the girl launching the aircraft." she raises an eyebrow at the oddness of wearing it, "You will if you choose to do such. In addition, we will have barracks for you with the Carriers."

    Kotone's revised question gives the Admiral a curious look upon her face. "That is something we have not discussed before, however, Amakasu and Kagurazaka have noted no issues in lifting and using the equipment, both off and on the waters. I believe you will be fine."

    Ryuujou pops up and nods, "It was, yes. And we have the Tenzans and Suisei's. Though Akashi said she only had the Type ninety-nine's available. The other fairies didn't want to be handled or told what to do by... outsiders."

Kongou (637) has posed:
    "Mm!" Zuihou lowers her hands, bow held primly in front of her, "These are my Model 52 Reisens. I do have Tenzan and Suisei too. And the scout planes, Saiun." Eyes closing, she raises a hand, "It's just such a tight space in here that I didn't think the others would be able to turn safely-- Reisens are really agile~! They like to dance."

    When prodded, the fairy squeezes its eyes shut, arms shooting out to either side. She endures the fingertip for onlya few moments before she flails and baps at it, as if objecting to being treated like a pet.

    "The Type 99 dive bombers, the D3as, they have cute legs. I haven't used them in a while~, so it'll be nice to see them again." She nudges the zero formation, moving a plane up slightly, then holds out a hand. With a flicker of light, the aircraft glow and then converge, forming back into an arrow, which she picks up and slides back into her quiver, "We'll do a better demonstration later, I promise!"

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
The Commodore is a well trained officer, for she doesn't give a 'D'awww' sound as the fairy flails and baps at the fingers. "Well, isn't she a little firebrand." She says, pulling her hand back as the aircraft return to 'base', as much as an arrowhead could be called that, looking up to it and giving a small smile. "Well, I see you do have something of an aviatrix in you. Aircraft do like to dance, at times. It's a wonderful sensation to make them. I look forward to the next demonstration in somewhere more... open."

A look is given to Kotone. "Oh, certainly. It works, and it's advanced for what it needs to do. I have seen these ships do great things with their equipment, so no complaints."

Bunking with the carriers? Really. Well, at least they weren't /enlisted/ carriers. "Well, I beleive we have a plan then, Admiral. I think, though, that we've arranged everything we can? It is getting just a bit late for a Commodore like me. Bedtimes, you know."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa relaxes at the Admiral's words about the issue of weight.

"I see Admiral. Then I won't let that trouble my thoughts again on the matter."

She looks to Zuihou and grins.

"I look forward to you getting to give us a proper show of what your planes can do."

She grins faintly back at Jeannette for a moment.

"That's good to hear."