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Talking Points (Wo)
Date of Scene: 10 February 2016
Location: Boston-666
Synopsis: Wo and Nagato have a chat.
Cast of Characters: Wo, Nagato

Wo has posed:
    The telegram was not exactly urgent, or at least did not seem to be. It might have even sat on Nagato's desk for a couple of hours before the message was properly delivered, even though it was marked to be for her eyes only. That exact non-remarkable nature is what Wo counted on to keep the message in confidence, the old shinobi art of hiding something in plain sight. What she would have seen upon reading it, however, would hopefully serve to tip her off to the nature of the request. Telegrams being what they are, it wouldn't be as articulate as this, but the point gets across: 'There is something I need to talk to you about. Please meet my escort in Boston on the 9th of February at these coordinates.' There is a time-coded multiversal positioning system location included. It is signed only 'WQ'.

    It probably wouldn't take much imagination or deduction to figure out that WQ is an initialism for the fleet daughters' local coding for the ship class, 'Wo Kyuu'. A further PS asks her to come alone. Boston being neutral territory outside any involved party's jurisdiction, it seems unlikely to be a trap. So what exactly could she want? Should Nagato pursue this, whether alone or not, the coordinates would take her to a street corner in the deepest of evening. An I-class Abyssal destroyer is there, no doubt the 'escort' that had been mentioned. Just in case of rain or snow, the large dog-sized creature has an umbrella clasped in its toothed grin, and a scarf is looped loosely around its non-existant neck to shield against the chill in the air. Hovering in place, it turns this way and that, as though eagerly awaiting something. If it had an appropriate kind of tail, it might as well be wagging.

Nagato has posed:
    The telegram sat on Nagato's desk for a good three hours, mostly because she sat in a session of ALO during a dungeon run.... As soon as that was done, it was work as usual. Sign off on some papers, prep the fleet for expeditions, stare at the telegram marked for her eyes only, send off more expeditions. It was a busy day for the Admiral, unfortunately, at least... until she placed her hands upon that telegram. Giving it a good read over... she gives a curious hum at it. "W...Q..." she pauses... "Come alone, huh?"

    There's something particularly curious about this message, and the positioning location information attached to it. "What is Wo up to this time?" she questions, turning to look towards the door, then towards the small weapon rack on the wall holding her twin bladed, two handed axe. "It's Boston." comes a concerned voice from the Admiral, who moves to pick up the weapon and attach it to her back. Better safe than sorry."

    Over the radios, Nagato gives a brief order, leaving Atago in charge as the Admiral goes to run an 'errand'. Though with the base personnel seeing Nagato walk out of the office with an axe and using Akitsumaru to get her to a warp gate, it left an uneasy feeling over Musashi. Though, it doesn't take long to sail through the warp gate, she gets the docking permissions for Boston rather quick and, with a quick purchase of an umbrella.. she heads off towards the directions given... until she sees the I-Class.

    "Must be the escort." she looks down towards the I-Class, giving a brief nod. "Lead the way, I-class. And lead correctly..."

Wo has posed:
    Every so often, the I-class switches on its search light eyes to cut through the light haze, as though it might help see the expected visitor better. It isn't left waiting much longer, and spotting Nagato (and hopefully not blinding her), it shuts off the search lights and bounds over to her, closing the rest of the distance with obvious enthusiasm. An Abyssal ship that is excited to see a fleet daughter? Perhaps it has become accustomed to playing with its counterparts on her side. Sensing that she isn't the (obviously) playful type, though, and remembering how serious the face of the Wo-class big sister that sent it was, it soon regains its composure. Lacking the limbs to do so, it nonetheless tilts slightly, perhaps trying to emote a salute. It then pauses, as the tilt allowed it to see something behind Nagato, and it shifts slightly to look -- before withdrawing from her and becoming a bit more hesitant, at seeing the axe.

    This is no time to be afraid, though. They wouldn't attack them in Boston! Where even the city folk don't give too many second looks to an I-class. Regaining its nerve, it turns around, beginning to hover in a toddling motion down the street, stopping every so often to be certain that Nagato is following and hasn't gotten lost; and maybe to be certain she isn't right behind it with that axe raised. The path is a little bit circuitous, and perhaps intentionally confusing, but it seems to be heading into a residential area adjacent to the piers. Specifically, a certain condo, which from the outside doesn't look very odd. That just makes it even stranger as a meeting place, though.

    Without any further hesitance, the I-class pushes the front door open, giving a light tremble before seeming to soak in the warmth of the indoors. The Tsu-class is also waiting there at the door, carefully unwrapping the scarf from around the I-class' neck, and then placing it on a coat rack, as well as seeming to be waiting for another that followed, to offer the same services. There is a light gurgling and buzzing between the two Abyssals, before the I-class trot-floats over to the television in the warm living room. This space...it looks, like a normal living area. Perhaps not what one would expect, given that it looks like at least some Abyssals live here, some of the time. Finally, the Tsu-class lifts her enormous hands (currently ungloved, and so un-gunned) up to her helmet, and lifts it up; making Nagato the first fleet daughter to regard her without it.

    "...she's...wait-ing inside," the Abyssal light cruiser says, with obvious difficulty. It's a perfectly natural and normal, human face beneath, as long as one ignores the glowing red eyes and deathly pale skin.

Nagato has posed:
    Fortunately, the Admiralship isn't blinded by the spotlight, though the odd look given to the I-class as it acts completely different to her than what she expected. She honestly expected a torpedo than a wiggle. Nagato almost had to regain composure herself... almost. Nagato, however, returns the attempt at a salute with one of her own, the odd pause from the I-Class gets noticed and she gives a bit of a smirk. "Never come unarmed." she whispers to the I-Class, not aware if it could understand her or not. Not that she had any buisness trying.

    Nagato does follow closely behind the I-Class, the Admiral reaching up to her head-rigging... and switching something off. Her Radio. If the Wo-class was truely wanting to help her, this would be a trust she would afford her, though... trusting an Abyssal is hardly becoming of an Admiral, thankfully, secrets can be kept. As the two finally get to the designated location... a condo. A non-descript... plain... condo.

    She shakes her head and presses inside after it's opened up by the I-class, and stops just as she enters the door, eyes resting on the unarmed Tsu-class. But when she speaks, she gives a brief nod, handing over the now closed umbrella to the Tsu-class, and if bugged about it, her axe. The axe is quite heavy and would make a loud thunk on the ground if dropped, but it shouldn't be too hard for the Tsu-class to put it up against the wall.

    "If this was different times, Tsu-class." she regards, "How I wish at times it was different." and with that, she makes her way towards inside... and to where the destination leads.

Wo has posed:
    It is difficult for a mere 'elite' Abyssal to make any expression. There is something in the Tsu-class' eyes that mirror Nagato's own sorrow at their situation. Nonetheless, not having the full capacities of a flagship, that is about as far as she can go with expressing herself. It isn't her place, anyway -- they are doing what they can, how they can, to hopefully see some kind of light at the end of this long, dark tunnel they've been on. The Tsu-class, hefting the offered axe relatively easily in those meatily-extended arms, sets it down. It doesn't dent the floor...too badly. After that, she leads her further inside to that living room, where again, surprisingly normal furniture is placed around. The I-class is absolutely transfixed on some cartoons, and in a big sisterly kind of way, the Tsu-class settles down next to her on a beanbag chair, more interested in the companionship than the program that's on.

    That leaves the one that called Nagato here in the first place. The Wo-class carrier is dressed down, for lack of a better term, into the long-sleeved shirt and pants that a certain limited edition card made famous, and seated on the couch adjacent to a coffee table. There is fresh coffee prepared, on that note, judging by how the steam is still coming off of it in the cup that is presumably hers. Nonetheless, she's just kind of emptily staring forward, at first, before she seems to register that the I-class has returned from her errand, and her blue-green eyes scan upward at her fleet daughter visitor. "...Nagato," she says, no smile coming to her face, yet somehow a bit of relief in her voice. "I'm glad -- that you came. I wasn't cer-tain, you would." She sits more properly upright, then, shifting to be closer to the table, and where an empty, comfortable chair has been prepared for the visiting Admiral.

    "Once you...get set-tled," she continues, "...I'll get, to it." Nagato always seemed to her like the type to not dwell on small talk, anyway. Not that, as Wo realizes only now, she had ever actually met Nagato in this kind of atmosphere. The warmth, on solid ground, and with an I-class giving what sounds almost like a giggle at a corny joke that one of the cartoon characters made.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato turns towards the I- and Tsu-class 'girls' as they place themselves in front of the TV.. Nagato knew that look in the Tsu-class' face and how she really wanted to get this war to end... Seeing the two there, transfixed by the TV... the companionship. It reminds her of Hoshi... it reminds her of Mutsu. Eventually... she knew in the back of her mind that she'd be able to free everyone... and she'll take a long vacation with Mutsu to nowhere... just to enjoy each others company. But for now... the shelling will continue until one side gives up.

    And she was determined to not let it be hers...

    Nagato moves in a bit more, looking at the dressed down Wo-class... "If this was a casual meeting, I would have dressed down. Pardon my indiscretion." she starts, moving to sit down at an open seat, even if that means sitting on the same couch as Wo. "I figured you were the one behind the message, Samar would not be that secretive. Nor would I have responded to her if it was." she reaches, grabs a cup and the coffee, pours it and sets the decanter back before blowing on the steam. "The first time we've met in person... in circumstances that aren't alluding to shells fired and planes launched."

    She turns to look at Wo. "The Tsu-class and I-class you have here remind me of a time that I wish for both our sides, but yes, let's get on with what you called me here for." Her voice is stern and all formal, but there's a hint of actual care in her voice, more so when referencing the Tsu and I.

Wo has posed:
    While Wo might have intended to get right to business, some of Nagato's remarks on the situation cause her to also glance at her two 'juniors' that are enjoying a peaceful evening, in out of the cold of both air and sea. "...it is ea-sy," she reflects, "To regard, your en-emy, as mon-sters. A sur-face dweller mis-take, that I try...not to repeat." Once again shifting her wait to get comfortable on the couch, she then turns her eyes once more to Nagato, "Our hearts re-main hurt, but Bos-ton...it is a place, for heal-ing, and understanding." She closes her eyes then, taking a deep breath, though it's uncertain if she even has proper 'lungs'. While she can string longer sentences than the Tsu-class can, longer discourse still takes a bit out of her, despite improvements. With her eyes open again, she gives a light shake of her head, "...it is o-kay. Didn't have...much room, in the tele-gram, after all. The less said -- the bet-ter." In case that anyone else read it, that is.

    With that out of the way, then, and Nagato seated, Wo takes just a few more moments. Breaking eye contact, and glancing away from any of the other occupants of the room, she finally lets out, "I had hoped...it was temp-orary. That the re-ports, were wrong. But...it seems, you have a pro-gram." Her still-gloved fingers clench and unclench slightly, before they seek to distract themselves by once again picking up that coffee cup. Not too sweet, just the right blend of bitterness. She's had a lot of good tutors on the art around here. Continuing, after a sip, she notes, "Those Elites...wear-ing equipment. Like Kagura-zaka." She doesn't pause to let Nagato explain, moving right into her request, or rather, demand, "--it needs, to stop. Elites, are one thing -- how-ever..."

    Though the I-class remains blissfully unaware of the very adult kind of talking out going on just behind her, the Tsu-class raises her head from the television screen, placing one large hand on her destroyer sister's back while glancing backward as their flagship carrier tries to explain herself. "...I know, you are like-ly, to refuse," she admits. "I ask...that you con-sider, what you are do-ing, deep-ly. If the sur-face dwellers, of our world...were to ob-tain it. ...how long, un-til...it begins again." The first real expression on her face, a slight tinge of pain crosses it, as she looks as heartfelt as her mask-like face can manage, "Even more wea-pons...on the sea. I can't...allow it. Dis-mantle, the program."

Nagato has posed:
    "So you figured it out." Nagato starts, letting the Wo-class divulge what she knows, a light smile upon the battleship's face as she leans back, sipping upon that coffee. She does continue to listen, giving a few nods here and there. "You have one thing right, Wo." she starts, "It is temporary." while this might give the Wo-class some hope... what follows after that might dash it, "When our war is over... we won't have need for the equipment anymore, with this..." she sighs, "We may be able to finish it." she leans back a slight bit more and sips again.

    "Kagurazaka isn't the only one." Nagato admits, though when the request, no the demand to stop, to dismantle the thing Akashi worked hard for, that Yuubari got to mad science with, and how it's let Nagato connect even more to a few Elites... Nagato's face turns into a deep frown. "When was the last time you ever saw a human from our world, Wo?" Nagato makes a sweeping motion with her hand, "When was the last time you saw the Curry Sea? Or Orel?" She pulls back and sighs.

    "The humans here don't belong in our war... but when you bring them in to our war? Something has to change." she gives a brief sigh once more, "I will, however, consider your request." as her head turns towards the Tsu and I... "I will consider it... but I make no promises. It's... one thing I cannot promise, unlike you returning my girls back to me."

    Nagato turns back to Wo, "I will tell you this. We do not have any Battleships lined up... for those Humans." though with Momoyo in Nagato's back pocket, it may stand to deliver a battleship in a destroyer's frame. "I do not know if you read news reports... there will always be weapons on the sea..." a pause, "even if our war ends."

Wo has posed:
    It isn't quite a deflated look that the Wo-class adopts, in response to all that Nagato discloses, admits to, and counter-vows. It, perhaps, isn't quite the hard-handed defiance that Wo expected, either. Instead, she simply sits quietly for a time after absorbing all of it. "Yes...," she finally begins, not raising her eyes yet, on the one point she's more familiar with, "I know...there are more. Kaguraza-ka, is the only one...I know, by name." Perhaps that is some small fraction of what had worried her, to begin with. Those unknown people using ship equipment. It had her mind going places, such as everyday people beginning to do the same. And then where would the lessons of that old war, that had reduced them to this state, go? Her mind momentarily goes back to those same worries, and fears.

    "It has...been a time," the carrier openly admits, seemingly on the topic of how long it has been since she has even seen a person of their world. "It has been, my thought -- they are be-yond changing. When I was fresh-ly awoken...all I knew, was anger. At them...at my-self, for being used. Thrown a-way." Her eyes, and then hand, wander to a portfolio that, by how professional it looks, someone went through a lot of trouble to gather and present to her. It has the outline of the profile of Hornet CV-8 on the cover. "I know now...it is, more com-plicated. Es-pecially, in this multi-verse. But...it doesn't mean. I shouldn't, try." She draws her hand back afterward, returning to her coffee wholeheartedly. It seems that she's calmed down a bit, with that gesture. "...we owe 'them', that much."

    With a final closure of her eyes, for the time being, she glances back to the battleship. "Though...little, will change, for now. ...I thank you - for hear-ing, me out. Nagato. No-thing will change, on my end. My pro-mise to you." She fidgets a little bit, at this, but then also mentions, "--if you ever, need a place to rest. A-way from things. ...you are wel-come here, also. I won't a-llow, any harm...to come to you." The I-class jumps lightly, and is suddenly paying attention. This almost gets a chuckle out of the carrier, though it is quickly suppressed, whether consciously or not, as she apologizes for her, "...she has grown, quite attached. To the o-ther destroyers, in the city." This causes a somewhat sad tint to come to Wo's eyes.

    Then, with a soft exhalation, she concludes things. "Then...that is that. I can-not, ignore this...of course. But...I will ac-cept, your intentions." One last topic that was on her mind, that this has reminded her of, however, has her wonder: "...the last ship, that we 'de-livered'. ...is she, adjusting?" A slight deepening of her frown, "She had...a hard-er time, than most."

Nagato has posed:
    "To further put your mind as ease. I do not give... every civilian the equipment." Nagato finishes off.. That same fear was in her head, what if... the girls she gives equipment to sink... and die under water. What will happen to their spirits. There's a very strange look upon the Battleship's face, it could almost mimic Wo's worried face. Almost. She dismisses the thought, finishing off the cup of coffee and letting it rest on the table. "We think the same, but I urge you to know... the humans who made us, the kanmusu.. our selves before this." She gives a brief sigh again and reaches out towards Wo's hand. "They did care about us."

    "I sat in your position, Wo. As a Ru. It.. may have been well before your time when you.. surfaced as Wo." she gives a bit of a remembering smile, "Then I remembered my Admiral... the fleet I was with. The humans who did maintenance.. it wasn't that they didn't care... they couldn't get me..." though she remembers where she is, shaking her head, "Though, I suppose you know all about it with Armiger Princess."

    Nagato does give a brief nod, "You are welcome, Wo. The least I can do is hear your requests, be that I will act on them is a different story." though the offer of a safe haven... amongst Abyssals... is given, Nagato turns to look towards the I-Class and Tsu-class. "My fleet knows I am out and about on an errand, though I did not specify. As for ... her. She is slowly adjusting. She's terse, not one to have flagship position and alone... but.. she at least has started to participate. You... may see her again."

    With this, Nagato slowly gets up and heads towards the living area, "If you do not mind, I shall take a rest here and head back to base once I'm done." its this that Nagato moves to sit on a couch in front of the TV, looking at the Tsu and the I... and giving a slight nod. The Admiral wasn't here for conflict, that much was certain. She does pat her lap for the I-Class to join... and the side of her seat for the Tsu.. and with one last look, she pats the other side... for Wo.

Wo has posed:
    Wo still can't help but look a little bit worried, and uncomfortable, about all of this, which is mostly from her posture than her facial expression. She has had her backup plans, if this discussion did not meet results, and Nagato likely would expect it. Least expected was Nagato reaching out to take her gloved hand, which actually prompts the carrier to blink for a moment, completely disarmed from her more usual, guarded nature. "Wo?" She momentarily reverts to those old habits of hers; repeating her class designator being so much easier than stringing together coherent speech. It allows Nagato the space to speak her mind and try to put things in a more reasonable light. For what it's worth, the carrier doesn't draw away from it, or shy off. Instead, her eyes break away to that portfolio again.

    "But...I failed, them," she says, with a certainty that doesn't seem like it leaves much room for argument, at the moment. "...I un-derstand, now...some-what. They were try-ing, to let me go. Honor-ably. But...I was, too stubborn. It still...hurts." She thinks back to Nagato with the Armiger Princess, as well, when it is mentioned. That was actually the catalyst for the current agreement she had made with Nagato. Hearing her, she felt that though they might become her enemy...that her sisters also would not be mistreated. She and the fleet daughters ultimately want the same thing, even if how they go about it is so radically different. She also gives a slight nod to the information about what became of the other Wo-class, "...she was, dis-tant to us, as well. That's how...I knew." She gives a light shake of her head, "As long, as she is well...then."

    The I-class wastes no time, hopping up to take its space, its already many-toothed mouth almost seeming to grin even wider. The Tsu-class looks a bit more uneasy about this arrangement, but with an approving glance from Wo, she settles in as well, placing her enormous hands on her lap as though uncertain what else to do with them. Wo herself, is the last to get properly seated. If there were another party with a camera, it would definitely make for an odd portrait. "Take, as long as you -- need," Wo's mouth moves into a subtle but pronounced smile, for once. "Boston is...a nice, place." Where even Abyssals and Kanmusu can co-exist, if only for an evening.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato doesn't respond to it all, just listening to Wo. If there was a camera-tengu around... it would definately be a... strange photo. And such blackmail material. But thankfully... it won't happen. Nagato gives a brief... smile. It felt strange to be in the presence of Abyssals, but with the lap-destroyer, the little sister... and the big sister, it gets Nagato to think. "Thank you, Wo. And it is a nice place." a pause, then her hand moves to stroke down the I-Class' back.

    As odd as it feels... it felt like home, and it felt safe. Perhaps... she didn't need to bring the axe.