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ShipWoman and JetWolf
Date of Scene: 25 February 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: Nagato has a chat with Gaonoir... and makes an offer to join the fleet.
Cast of Characters: Nagato, Gaonoir

Nagato has posed:
    It's late night out on the seas two miles out of Hikari Seaport, the clear sky lets the lunar glow of the full moon bask over the ocean, illuminating one woman in particular set in full rigging skating slowly along the ocean. Notably, this woman is quite alone out on the seas, no escort ships to speak of. In place of one of the turrets, a very large searchlight is installed that slowly scans the water with the daylight-like beam blasting from it. "I should make him an offer." she speaks to the waves that undulates around her feet, speaking only silence towards the Admiral.

    "I think I can trust him." she comments, once again to the empty sea, nothing but the rustling of the ocean replying back to her. "Wonder if he got the notice from Atago. He'll find me, I'm sure." she'll go back to scanning the ocean once more, the Admiral making more and more rounds for the Seaport, even if her sorties for patrols are expensive...

Gaonoir has posed:
    He'll find her, or she'll find him. One or the other, or maybe a bit of both. Something is being found, because the sound of something hitting the water can be heard. And skimming across the water's surface when a spotlight is swung in its direction... Wait, is that a rock??

    Sure enough, turn the light in the other direction and one would find Gaonoir hovering just over the water in his Perfect evolution, holding another similar stone in one gauntlet, the other drawn back at the ready. He looks just about ready to do something, but pauses a moment as the spotlight sweeps over the waves. "Ah, that must be her." He shifts position a bit so he's directioned at an angle farther away from the light, and tosses the rock in the air a bit, only to swing around and punch it. Even when not using his speed it's still enough force to send the rock bouncing along the water for quite a distance before finally losing too much momentum and sinking down below.

    His version of skipping stones, apparently. Just with punchs and much bigger stones.

Nagato has posed:
    One way or another, they'll find each other. As a rock flies by her view, Nagato turns the spotlight the direction it came from, flashing over Gaonoir and then past, only to turn back to flash on Gaonoir again. "That must be him." she comments back to the waves, waiting just a bit as she watches the second rock just get thrown and punched, the spotlight following the direction of the rock before it sinks from momentum loss. "Curious." she muttered, slowly sailing closer towards the Digimon.

    "Evening." she regards Gaonoir, looking around the sea once more before shutting off the spotlight, it was light enough that she didn't need it for such close range talks. "Care for a flight?" she questions, "We've got much to talk about, Gaonoir. And many questions." a pause is given and she lets the turrets rest, "Would you prefer the ship or the person?" she questions, "I leave it to you."

Gaonoir has posed:
    "I'd been closer to the port, but I didn't want to accidently hit anything misjudging distance." Or anyone, considering most of the boats around Hikari are actually people. Boat people. Ship people? It would all be pretty weird if Digimon didn't come in so many bizarre shapes and forms in their own right.

    To the last question Gaonoir just shrugs a bit. "Whatever you're comfortable with. I've already been inside you as a ship, so it's not like things can get weirder than that."

Nagato has posed:
    "It is appreciated." she replies, turning to look towards Hikari. It's almost a dot on the horizon right now, the flashing lights for aircraft and the searchlight on the lighthouse the only real indications the place is still there. "Fair enough." she replies, moving to sail forward, "I have to ask, Gaonoir. It's been quite a many month since we were foes at the WMAT. I asked a very specific questions. What do you fight for." she turns to look towards the Digimon, sailing forward.

    "Just recently you accepted my call for assistance dealing with that odd cloud and ship. So I ask again, what do you fight for? Who do you fight for? And if you do not have an answer, I have one more question to ask of you." she turns back forward, her stoic voice loud over the ocean's rumblings. She thinks a moment, "You seem to not mind the Fleet."

Gaonoir has posed:
    The evening dark is briefly disrupted by the twin flares as Gaonoir throttles up his engines, and leaves a small wake sloshing across the water as he takes off. Just at cruising speed to keep alongside Nagato as she sets sail again.

    ... Well it didn't take long for -that- to come up...

    It's enough to get him to tilt his head and peer at Nagato from behind his visor, wondering if it's just coincidence she'd bring up that from their previous encounters, or if it was some way of knowing. But then snorts a bit as he turns his attention back ahead. "Yeah, that's kind of the rub of things. Supposedly I'm here to make sure possible threats don't find their way into our Digital World." A little burst of speed pulls him ahead, only so he can turn to face her as he holds his arms out in a bit of a shrug. Though he's flying backwards, that's kind of impressive on its own. "... but can't help but wonder if someone just doesn't want to keep me at a distance."

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato wasn't one to beat around the bush when it came to important things. Her eyes turn to the side as Gaonoir flies to her side... "I see, so where you come from, they sent you as a liason slash keeping people out of their hair to use a quote I heard." she ponders, shaking her head, "More than likely, they sent you here for something else. Be that as it may..." she watches the Digimon start flying backwards, keeping up with the Battleship's speed.

    Nagato's look turns to somewhat impressed. Raised eyebrows.

    "Gaonoir." she nods, "I would like to offer a who, if you choose to take it. I've noticed the fleet does not seem shy around you, nor do you seem to bother the fleet. I've seen you on the roof of the command building on occasions and having superior air power will be key to securing the oceans from the Abyssal fleet." another pause is given, "I do know you are not with the Union, so I ask you as a free agent. I will not require you to join the Union for your services to the Fleet, however, what I will offer you is room of your own, should you need it, on base. And a place to go when you have nowhere to go."

Gaonoir has posed:
    Gaonoir could probably do more than flying backwards, but at the moment doesn't feel inclined for, so to speak, showboating. Nagato has already seen, not to mention experienced for herself as an opponent, what he can do. He just smirks a little coyly when she brings up not feeling out of place. "Trust me. I've been around much, much stranger... And there's more than a few similarities between the Abyssal Fleet and the Demon Lord Army I once fought against."

    By that point he's rolled aside into a more standard flight posture. It's pretty much the 'Superman' pose. "In other words, you want to make things more formal than just ringing me up when you need some extra air power, eh?"

Nagato has posed:
    "To put it bluntly, yes. I would like to make this a more formal arrangement. I believe it will be mutually beneficial for us both for this to happen." a pause, "I should mention, with everything the Multiverse has to offer, my girls know not to tease anyone I speak to." some of the made that mistake with Momoyo...

    "In turn, if you're in need of assistance with this Demon Lord Army, should they rise again, I shall offer what I can of the fleet to help with your efforts. KNow that this isn't a one way shipping lane." she probably messed that up but, who cares right?"

Gaonoir has posed:
    "Just as long as no one gets any silly ideas just because my base form happens to register as 'cute' with some humanoids I don't think there is going to be a problem." It probably wouldn't come up, but Gaonoir has to get his snark habit in when he can. "Some aquatic backup wouldn't hurt if Leviamon or Metalseadramon rear they ugly heads."

    Especially if the Knights stick to this isolationist attitude and don't -want- to send help outside the Digital World. Considering he's ticked off most of the other Multiverse recluses before they decided it's only the ones that are actually dangerous and psychotic that should be worried about...

    "You're right. As much as I'd hope to not have to cash in that return, it would be nice knowing its there." And someplace to stay other than hiding out in the old ruins, yeah, that would be nice too. "Scratch your back and you scratch mine... or something." He rubs the side of his head with one metallic palm. "There's some human saying to that effect."

Nagato has posed:
    Best not let Nagato see the base form. "I see, I'll make sure that does not happen." she gives a bit of a nod and listens, "Leviamon? Metalseadramon? If I may hazard a guess, your... species usually ends in mon." thank you Admiral Astute. "We will be glad to assist you if the time comes for it. You've assisted us as well." she thinks a moment, "Though, curiosity has me wanting to see this said 'base form', however, I won't pressure."

    Mostly because Nagato knows what might happen.

    "I believe that is the saying, I have your room ready in the battleship's barracks, it will be a few rooms down from mine where command sleeps. If this isn't acceptable, I shall find better provisions for you."

Gaonoir has posed:
    "The 'mon' is short for 'monster', yeah." Gaonoir makes a wibble-wobble hand gesture. "Technically it would be more like a... species? name. But Digimon that only have one of their kind or are the archtype of their 'species' often go by it as a name as well. Some of us get a name because of variation... Though it doesn't really show much in this form, most of my kind are blue instead of this dark color." There's ways of telling apart dozens of digimon still going by the same 'name', but that's pointless etemology and inference that doesn't need to be explicitedly detailed.

    "Oh, no, no, that's probably more than adequate." The idea of not having to run off to hide in the shadows is more appealing than it should probably be. Maybe he is going a little soft in the current state of affairs... but is that really a bad thing?

Nagato has posed:
    And more than likely confuse the Admiral who is still dealing with even different races being a thing. "I see, I shall ask no more of it for the time being, but I will keep an inquiry about it open later, of course, the same offer will be given to you, should you wish to know more." with a brief nod, she turns the spotlight on again to wave it around the ocean...

    "Very well then, I'll prepare a few documents on return to Hikari to onboard you with the fleet. A formality of sorts, if you will."

Gaonoir has posed:
    "Of course. Gotta keep everything neat and official for a military type operation." Gaonoir pulls up into a hover as the Admiral goes back to sweeping about her spotlight. It doesn't seem like it would be very effective, but it's an elegantly simple means of seeing in the night. More effective than people might give credit for, as he knows all too well thanks to his shadow based abilities.

    Still, he's glad he's got either heightened senses or sensor-like capacities, depending on which evolution he's in.

    "It's been quiet out here tonight... It's kinda nice, really. Sometimes it's nice to get away from all the action and intensity for a few hours." Followed by a short, gruff chuckle. "Wonder what would happen if someone found those rocks I was smacking about." Considering the big knuckle indentations they now have in them.