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Chasing Ships
Date of Scene: 28 March 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: After hearing over the radio an Abyssal's been revived... Nagato's got words to say to the reviver...
Cast of Characters: Nagato, William Pauwel

Nagato has posed:
    Afternoon at Hikari, the Admiral's room has just Nagato in it today, a very annoyed looking Admiral. "How could he do that..." she grumbles, a fist slamming down into the desk, and over the base radio, she mutters out, "Akitsumaru, bring William to the Admiral's office immediately." after making the announcement, she gives a sigh. One knock on the door and Musashi comes in, a frown on her face. "Admiral, are you sure this is wise?"

    It's here that Akitsumaru takes her time, with William up ahead of her, "The Admiral is wanting to see you personally, sir. I won't ask what you did, sir, but I do not think you wish to make her angry, sir." a pause, "Take a right here, Sir and enter the double doors."

William Pauwel has posed:
    What in the world can one boy do to drive an entire battleship into a vaguely axe-murdery, mouth-frothy rage? A quick weld-job, apparently. Will is led away from the slowly expanding ramshackle structure he's been setting up in Hikari's courtyard. Farewell, noble dog-house, he knew ye well.

    "T'ain't my intent," he says to his guide as she leads him through the seaport's halls. Will gives her a mild wave as she sends him off and moves as directed down that corridor. Straight into the double doors he goes. What awaits him beyond, nobody knows!!

Nagato has posed:
    The doors open and Nagato's back is turned towards William. "Sit." she orders, that stoic, firm voice eminating from the battleship admiral. "I hope the accomidations were okay for you." she turns her head back and looks towards Will with a frown. "I do not want to ... delay into getting into things but do you have the direction she went? What has she said to you?" she turns around fully, leaning on the desk slightly, "You realize she's going to be attacking again, that we will have to ... take care of her. And more so, you have an oceanic threat in your oceans now."

    Akitsumaru stands outside the Admiral's office, giving a soft sigh. "Poor guy... I hope he realizes what he did..."

William Pauwel has posed:
    As far as Will is aware, all he did was fix up an injured lady! That somehow turned into being held at a naval base somewhere far from home. He even has a tracking bracelet, now! A little, pink tracking bracelet with a little pink heart dangling from it.

How humiliating.

    Will sinks into one of the office chairs with a shrug. "They were arright," he answers, leaning back. Some would say that being interrogated by proper military at his age is some kind of life achievement, but Will's not buying that right now. "She disappeared on the horizon after she left, an' I wasn't exactly paying much attention to where she was going," he answers, rolling his shoulders again. "But iff'n it pleases you, that girl didn't seem too interested in my neck of the woods. We ain't the humans what pissed her and hers off, so she weren't that interested in blowin' my head off once we cleared that'n up."

    "'Sides," Will laughs just a little bit, fiddling lightly with the bangle on his wrist. "T'ain't the only threat we've got at sea, iff'n what I've seen is anythin' to go by. S' long as she don't think we deserve bein' shot at, I ain't too worried, ma'am."

Nagato has posed:
    "Good, I did not want to make you uncomfortable here." she nods, looking at the pink bracelet. "Dissapeared, huh and no direction." she gives a sigh and listens more, "Not interested in your sea, huh?" she taps her foot and raps her fingers on the desk, looking down at the bracelet and then Will himself. "You realize that you're releasing a threat to others then. Something you'll be responsible in if she harms more people, or other seas. Something we have to clear up."

    She turns around and faces the window, looking at the docks below. "Do you know what you revived from death, do you?"

William Pauwel has posed:
    "Uhh, well, iff'n I understood her right," Will says, scratching at his wrist. "She's mostly interested in y'all and all of yours. Something about the people of her past forgettin' about them, or... something like that." He shakes his head and leans over onto the table. "Look, I know she ain't friendly with you, but are y'sure there ain't talkin' to her? I mean... Once she realized I wasn't one of the ones she was after, she wasn't... bad."

Even if her first instinct WAS to point a gun right at his face.

    He inclines his head a bit, then, peering at Nagato's back as she stares off towards the docks. "Is that strange?" Will asks, looking a little confused. "I mean, all I did was weld her two halves together. She... Mostly put herself back together after that."

Nagato has posed:
    "She is. She's also interested in making sure that the oceans are theirs and theirs alone." she shakes her head, "There's no talking to her, the only way to finish this war is to end her." she clutches her fist tightly. Musashi looks on from the corner, watching the two. Nagato continues, "It is strange for people to fix those that are dead. So another question is why did you revive her? What purpose did you have to revive our enemy?"

William Pauwel has posed:
    "Uhhhh," Will not-says because he apparently walked right into some kind of double-sided hate-war and all he's got with him is an oversized superpistol. He feels a bit outgunned. "I seemed to talk t' her pretty well though? I mean, she ain't... She ain't some kind of mindless monster, you know?"

He shrugs again, looking a bit mystified. "I told y'all already. She was hurt and it ain't my policy to leave a lady in two pieces iff'n I can help it. I didn't know it'd mean I'd somehow end up a criminal or anything like that."

Nagato has posed:
    "Criminal?" comes Musashi, "No, you're not a criminal. You're just our guest to fix this mistake you've made. I recommend in the future, however, to not repair those you do not know. I don't think you want to actually end up a criminal." a smirk comes from the bronzed battleship. "Look, we're not mad..." well they are "Just be careful in the future when you decide to repair strange things. Now come here and I'll remove that bracelet."

    Nagato turns her head around, "Then we'll have you talk to her once more, to see if you can have her end her operations in our area... and permanently." she turns back to the window and frowns, "William, you're dismissed."

William Pauwel has posed:
    "Look, if someone needs a helpin' hand, it's only right fer me t' give it, no matter who they are," Will replies, offering his bangled arm over towards the other battleship. "Iff'n I just ignored someone or somethin' on account'a them lookin' strange, then I'd be pretty poor Chaser."