456/Distributing the Loot

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Distributing the Loot
Date of Scene: 20 August 2014
Location: Slum Urbania
Synopsis: Ferham meets Clokwerk to get her cut, and discusses the museum raid.
Cast of Characters: 516, 539

Miss Clokwerk (539) has posed:
Miss Clokwerk, lover of fine cuisine, sits at a rickety plastic seat at what was probably once a park bench inside of the local Stuffer Shack. The building, to all physical appearances, is bland; the most lazily created and broken-down convenience store and fast food joint rolled into one. She chows down on a drippy, greasey soy-burger and soyfries. Don't ask why the soy has grease. Probably best to not ask. Nomf! It's around midnight, and only a tired looking wage-slave ork and a twitching, skinny bum seems to be in attendance. The two employees, both teenagers, watch the customers warily in this rather horrid section of town.

Clokkie's offered her accomplice here. There's a big bag beside her, and her Ares Predator openly on the table. The tracked, squad form of a Steel Lynx drone too sits beside the woman. She came ready for potential robberies it seems.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Shadowrun verse was not the most friendly place to visit, but Ferham seems to have made it alright here so far. She doesn't bother with a hood, just a small dark rain poncho over her, at least until she gets to where Clokwerk happens to be residing. The Rigger wasn't the easiest to find, especially if they didn't want to be found. The small shop is entered, and although she perhaps gets a weird look from the sole proprietor of the shop, she seems to get less attention when she moves to greet Clokwerk.
          "Hello again," she waved a little to Clokwerk, standing there and drawing that poncho off of her, her rather tall figure further accented by the heels of her boots. "Was curious about something..." they had been going over the prizes they took from the heist for a bit, and although Fer hadn't raised her concerns to Clokwerk about the unexpected... bloodiness of the acquisition, there was still the old vase to research a bit.

Miss Clokwerk (539) has posed:
It's amazing how many meets have gone down in Stuffer Shacks, if only because they're so terrible that no one important comes in. Unless you're a Shadowrunner.

Griiiin! When the turret on teh lynx starts rotating, a thought waves it off, and the drone goes back to standby mode. If it isn't her friend, the amazing sneaky robot girl!

"Hoiiiii! Ferry! There ya are! Get in here and out of the rain omae!"

Walking up, she offers a companionly arm about the shoulders. Squeeeeeeze!

"Hit me, chum! Want a soyburger?" she hefts the greasey not-meat. It looks /terrible/.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     "Mmm, sounds delicious, but actually I was more interested in my cut of the profits, currency wise, and also wanted to talk to you about a few things," Fer had noticed the Clokwerk's pet noticing her as she walked closer, though she didn't seem to be bothered by it. Sitting down across from Clokwerk, she daintily crossed her legs and nodded to the woman.

     "I didn't know you were going to use such... force at the museum, is that how you usually operate?" she asked with a bit of a cold stare. Was the femmebot a little concerned at all the people that had been gunned down there? Further, was she a little frosty about it? Pardon the pun.

Miss Clokwerk (539) has posed:
There's a duffel bag offered Ferham's way, and a grin.

"Heard not all of ya offworld-types take credsticks. Should've /seen/ the look on that banker's face!"

An elven brow rises. Despite the cold stare, Clokwerk laughs!

"Loud and messy, yeah~. Listen, Ferry. You don't make a name for yourself without being either one sneaky underground bastard, or be tough enough to cause a scene. So I cause scenes. Some drekhead's in the way? You're damn right I'm shootin' 'em. I tried the soft and fluffy before. Know what? It cost me. If it ain't a kid, it's just a liability." At least the Runner draws the line there.

She lights up a cigar, and glances Ferham's way. "Why? Not your style?" It's not an accusation, merely an honest question. She respects the reploid's abilities.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Well, at least Clokwerk was to the point with her share of things, Ferham couldn't fault her for that. "Well, just as long as you realize I'm not here to senselessly butcher sentient creatures then I'm sure we'll be fine," oh my, did the femmebot have a conscious? It would appear so. "Further I'd like to try to engage in less... bloody tactics, if that's alright with you," Fer took a deep breath. "In other news I still need to get the script on that Egyptian vase translated, I have no idea what the ideograms mean," and it was covered with them, that was definite.

     She accepted the duffle bag and unzipped it to inspect the contents briefly, before zipping it back closed. "You might say that, if someone comes after me to kill me I'll do what I have to do, but otherwise..." she trailed off a little.

Miss Clokwerk (539) has posed:
Somehow, Clokwerk manages to /not/ roll her eyes. "Ahhhh, on the soft and cuddly end, huh? Whatever slots your deck, Ferry! Fine. I'll use a little restraint when we're on runs together. You're worth it." At least Clokwerk can be reasoned with.

Mid-chew of soyburger, Clokwerk looks back. "Huh. Mmm...well, I know a guy who knows guys into that sort of thing. I'd slot a lingsoft, but never did spring for a skillwire. Sorry! These little bastards..." She promptly kicks the Lynx, which gives a mechanical whirr of protest.

"Are expensive. Did a bit of research, though. Says they got a bunch of vases, supposedly from the tomb of an unknown Pharoah. The rest was boring. Here."

She taps her cyberdeck a few times, and Ferham would be blasted with a file on the latest egyptian shipments. Useful, having someone good with a cyberdeck. Then, she grins.

"Beeetcha the tab for a girl's night in that it's cuuuuursed Whoooooowhooooooo~" She raises both hands waving them like a mummy, soyburger greast dripping everywhere.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     The sudden appearance of the file was a little surprising, she was perhaps not used to such sudden file sends like that. Her own technology didn't quite have the... modularity of Clokwerk's cyberdeck. Something she might have to look into, but also be especially careful with. Clokwerk as far as Fer knew still had a human brain in there, but Ferham was a different beast altogether.

     "Mmm, interesting, I'll have to look into it, I'd like to get the ideograms on the vase translated before I decided to sell it off, at least if you didn't have other plans," where the thing was being kept was obviously secret, and she might not have been sure if Clokwerk was off the mind to sell it off or not yet. She still needed to check into some kind of ICE or cyberware protection, the file having reminded her.

     "Eesh, perhaps, perhaps not, do be careful with your food, Miss," she gently chided, almost having gotten some of that dripping burger on her.

Miss Clokwerk (539) has posed:
Clokkie, meanwhile, hardly seems to pay it thought. Here? Such things go without a mind unless you're doing the engineering. At least she hasn't trolled the poor reploid with self-opening music-playing messages. Yet. They've not yet hit prank-territory.

"Hey, you found the thing! Part of your cut. I'm just fencing the fragging thing. Sell it, keep it? Gimme the word, Ferry."

Blush! Woops. She remedies the burger-waving by devouring it. Nomf nomf nomf!

Swallow! "So! What're you doing with the split? I'm saving for a few upgrades, a new fridge, and finally getting some new axles for my ground drones!" Oh, and lots of booze and 'recreational herbs'. But she's not admitting that if there's any chance of a cop nearby.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     "Well, not until we've translated it, I don't want to accidentally sell something priceless," Ferham nodded. Perhaps the vase itself had given that idea, that there was just some nagging feeling that it might be worth more than it might at first glance may seem. Though Clokwerk's table manners left something to be desired, she seemed to be fine now. "My money?" she shrugged, she hadn't really thought of it. This operation had been a little... extra-carricular from what she'd been doing for the confeds, after all.

     "Probably going to keep most of it, perhaps buy some new clothes," she smirked a little, leaning back against her seat. Said seat was probably taken from some public place and cobbled together to form a bench, but it still held her up.

Miss Clokwerk (539) has posed:
A few more nods, and she tosses away the wrapped for the burger. It bounces off of the rim of the trashcan. Sighing, the poor employee has to clean up after her mess.

Suddenly, a grin. "Heeeey, gonna go out and get ya a nice swimsuit, get all the robo-boys chasin' after ya?" Teases the woman, winking. Yup, she went there.

Then, she ponders. "Don't blow it all, though. Ferry. You're pretty damn open, hate to say it." Time for a lesson. Cue another message. This one, self opening, and playing several videos all at once. Will the sudden matrix attack work?

"So get yourself some ICE! I'll program ya some if ya want. Half price, because you're a good partner."

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham was just about to get up as it seemed the conversation had run it's course, when she looked up and--suddenly, tons of MP4s were opening all over her vision, from a particular host she might have recognized. "Uhh... what the..." she blinked, suddenly deluged what seemed to be multiple video streams at once, causing her to stumble, which might have looked particularly cute to Clokwerk. It was a really simple trick, almost elementary, one that made her likely look and feel like a novice.

     "Ahh... s-stop that, if you please, I think I have to fly out of here," would whatever she was seeing somehow disorient her? Likely. She put a hand to her forehead and nodded quickly to Clokwerk's suggestion. "Y-yes, I think that would be a good idea, I think I have some... slight holes in my security," speaking of! More than just a bit slight, judging by how completely distracted and overwhelmed she seemed to by by it.

Miss Clokwerk (539) has posed:
Smirk! Clokwerk leans back, watching the show. She snickers the entire time. Oh yes, the poor robot-woman is cute! Her laugh fills the area, before she finally calms herself. With a few swipes? The files end.

"Hah hah hah, oh, you're /cute/ when you're bombarded like a kid who just got his first data jack! Oh, man, that'll be one for the memories! Recorded it all. right. here~." She taps right above her eyes meaningfully.

"Alright, alright, enough screwing with ya. Good sport, Ferry, good sport! See. You gotta be careful. I'm just messing with you. What if someone did something really malicious? I like you Ferry. You're reliable. Last thing I want is to have to hurt you because some drekhead decided to change who you were."

She tries to hide it, but, there's an honest look of concern on the rigger's face.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Of course, the stumbling and awkward movements from Ferham were likely a sight to behold for Clokwerk, as Fer tried to shut off the video feeds of whatever she was being torrented with one by one, until a significant number of them were down. "Agh, thank you," she didn't sound especially grateful though, at least with that little pant there. "Indeed, you're much more savvy with than technology than I," she frowned a little but nodded her head, at least grateful for the fact Clokwerk wasn't there to try and do her ill.

     "I will look into such software and if you can provide me with any firmware for it that will be appreciated it," she hefted the duffle bag full of cash effortlessly and gave Clokwerk a little nod as she began to walk out. A human try to change who *I* am, that'll be the day, she might be muttering on the way out.

Miss Clokwerk (539) has posed:
Griiiin. Yup, someone's smug. She watches as Ferham heads off.

"Hey? I'll teach ya some time! C'mon, you're technology itself! Just don't get down, huh?"

A swift salute! Then, just as she walks out the door...

Swipe. Swipe swipe. Another file.

~Never gonna give you up~

~Never gonna let you down...~