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A Visit to Dun Realtai
Date of Scene: 18 March 2017
Location: Dun Realtai
Synopsis: A new guest arrives in Dun Realtai, and two fated kings finally meet.
Cast of Characters: 346, 1048, Tomoe, Inga, 482

Saber (346) has posed:
Spring had come once more to Dun Realtai, and though the curse which had plagued the land several years ago was now a distant memory, the climate remained bitterly cold well into the year. Crocuses and other tough spring ephemerals had emerged, blooming cheerfully even through the blanket of persistent snow. The observance of Calan Mai was less than two months away, a holiday not native to the area but brought from the mysterrious, distant kingdom their lady had once ruled as king. Bonfires would be lit, and a festival would be held which welcomed any and all regardless of multiversal faction. Yet, such an event might seem further than the first day of May, with the last vestiges of winter clinging to the land.

     Even still, the people of the village were of good cheer; several years had not been enough for their memories of what would have otherwise been the death of their homeland to have faded. They still remembered and annually honoured the dead which had been claimed when the former lord had gone mad in his quest for the power that dark magic promised. Now, one would never have known they had narrowly avoided such doom, with the village rebuilt and its sustenance restored. But there were subtle signs that it had been through the intervention of Elites; the quaint lamposts throughout the village only simulated firelight, LEDs having been installed in their place; structures with the convincing appearance of wood, plaster, and thatch in fact made from composites and similarly modern materials; transparent aluminum made to look like hand-blown glass. In all, there was great care taken to both improve the lives of the villagers through modern means while affording them the confort of the familiar.

     For more modern visitors, it might nevertheless be as close to stepping into the distant past as they could hope for.

     Conversing among them, as if she was simply another one of the village commoners, was the lady who held joint stewardship over the lands. Over a thousand years ago, she had been the king of a nation, but had long since yielded her dream of undoing her past so that a better king could have taken her place. Now, she lived as close to her original dream as was possible. Dun Realtai was not a utopia -- nothing could be -- but it was as close to what she had wished for her people as could be achieved. It was truly a land she could call home...and she hoped to make it a home or a safe haven for others, as well.

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
And visiting is a young man, barely more than a boy, clad in a red tunic bearing the heraldry of house pendragon, on top of which a cloak in imperial purple, and atop his head rests a simple gold band. Unlike his local equivalent, this young king is not yet king of a nation and his dream yet lies before him. A fairer, better Britain, where his people shall be protected from threats within and without.

Perhaps he may never realize this dream, but he is still young, and today he is taking a break from managing his tiny realm, one that he hopes to one day expand to cover all of Britain, to visit his home away from home. As such, he dismounts his horse and takes off his crown as soon as he gets into the village itself. The blond teen waves cheerfully to the people of Dun Realtai, an aura of natural command surrounds him, something about him just makes it easy to follow him.

He hasn't met Saber yet in all his visits here, circumstances conspired against a meeting.

Tomoe has posed:
It was Spring in many places in the multiverse such as Dun Realtai, she had chosen to get away from things for several reason. The Villiage does have at least a few shops and certain items she might be able to buy here like wild game or other such things. It was nice to get away from such thing she'd flown a ways out side the town and ends up landing. She'll walk in no need to make a panic or startle anyone. Though the local population here was indeed used to Multiveral guests at least. She seeme dto be in good spirits a she made ata lazy pace ofr the town.

She makes note of some of the upgrades and hummed curious they were using small things that wouldn'y disrupt life but would help in many ways.

She did also see the bondfires burning she had not been involved in the freeing of these people. She was however ware of it as the towering Salamander woman made for the gathering of people. She did see one thing the people here were happy and that was more than a lot of people had in the multiverse.


She calls out as she gets in ear shot of the locaks who are out and about at the moment. She really did need to catch up with those who lived here after all. THe GU did have a castle of it's own and it needed repairs and other work done. There might be diplomatic things which might be of benifit to Haven and Dun Realtai.

Saber (346) has posed:
Dun Realtai was becoming quite the multiversal hub, something which had surprised villagers who thought of their otherwise sleepy little village as a backwater. If it had been a part of a greater kingdom long ago, no one remembered. What was most likely was that the land had split off and unified with the greater multiverse, cutting it off from its capital city. Thankfully, it had been self-sufficient for long enough that no one had noticed a change.

     Only now, it had become a destination for the jaded and weary, or those seeking a safe haven...or of course, merely those who wished to "get away" from the hustle and bustle of more modern settlements. It was never so busy that the lives of the villagers had been harmfully disrupted, but having all sorts of new trade had opened up a great many avenues they had never before dreamed possible. Many more shops had been constructed recently since the initial restoration, and part of the wall had needed rebuilding to accomodate for the newer expansions. Fortunately, it was well-short of becoming an ugly sprawl.

     Some looked up with a mild curiosity at the new arrival, though more greeted the young king from a distant land with familiarity.

     For her part, Arturia looked up from a bolt of woolen fabric a weaver was showing her. Her smile was subtle, but friendly all the same.

     "Greetings," she returned. "Welcome to Dun Realtai."

     She was slightly puzzled at the young man, dressed more finely than the average villager and yet in an otherwise similar manner, as if he belonged here as well. And the villagers appeared to recognise him...perhaps another multiversal visitor she had been unable to meet earlier?

     "Greetings, as well," she hailed the young man. "I have not had the pleasure of meeting you previously, I believe."

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
"Greetings, miss. I am Arthur Pendragon, rightwise born King of all Britain, and a friend of Sir Bedivere of Dun Realtai, among others. To who do I owe the pleasure?" He makes a polite bow to Saber, and the bag on his back reveals the hilt of an exquisitely carved sword, contained within a smooth block of fae stone. Despite all their differences, perhaps Saber can recognize the blade, or feel the connection this stone has to the secret island of Avalon.

Then there's the other stranger, and Arthur greets Tomoe as well. "Greetings, did you get it when I introduced myself, or should I repeat myself? It's no worry if I must, but I hate to pointlessly repeat myself."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe bows a little but as Saber and the Young king make themselves known to her she smiles a little bit.

"Thank you, I'm former Union Vice Guild Master of the GU I'm Tomoe to the Multiverse at large. I haven't been by here since the multiveral glitch and it seems everyone is doing well here. I admit I'm curious about a place like this myself."

She looks to Young Arthur and laughs a bit at what she thinks at least is a joke.

"I know how that gets some times people get wrapped up in the oddest things."

Inga has posed:
It would appear that the local wisewoman was also in town today, her usual basket in hand, making her rounds to those who are sick, injured, or simply in the need of a little company and advice. She's exiting one of the village houses where a new baby has recently been born. She's still speaking with the mother as she tries to get out the door. "Yes, it is totally normal for it to be green--just wait until she's taking solid foods! Get more rest while she sleeps alright?" comes her voice, carrying across to where Saber and Arthur are meeting.

Inga looks over, blinks. Oh, its Arturia and Arthur, how nice! And Tomoe as well!

Wait, its Arturia and Arthur! Have they met yet!? Is this THE MOMENT!?

Walking stick in one hand, basket of what is now eggs in the other, she crosses toward them. "Good day!" she calls.

She had to see this.

Saber (346) has posed:
Saber's otherwise subtle smile appeared to freeze on her face, her sea-green eyes widening a fraction. Overall, the expression was the equivalent of a normal person's jaw dropping with eyes practially popping out of her head. Similarly, she recovered much more quickly than another in her position might have. Nevertheless, it took a moment for her to gather her wits. While she had been quite aware that there were multiple versions of her wandering somewhere throughout the multiverse, it was quite another to meet one of those duplicates face-to-face.

     But he wasn't a duplicate, was he? Not particularly. It seemed the legend of King Arthur might have been greater than each individual version of the Once and Future King. It was a humbling thought...not that Saber wasn't already humble towards her place in the multiverse. Indeed, her sole source of pride was her position as the King of Knights, which was just as much a responsibility.

     "I am...Arturia Pendragon, the King of Knights," she replied slowly. "I was the King of Britain long ago, but no longer. Now, am simply the Lady of Dun Realtai."

     Well now...this might be a tad awkward. Fortunately, Tomoe was there to helpfully distract.

     "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Tomoe. Welcome."

     And look, there's Inga. "Good day, wisewoman," Arturia greeted. "It is good to see you."

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
And then in turn it's Arthur's face that shows shock and surprise. Sure, he'd known in theory that this Sir Bedivere has a king of his own, but he'd expected ... well, a man. Probably one a good bit older than him at that. Not a girl only a few years his senior at best. Perhaps that's his fault for assuming, but regardless, this was not something the young king had seen coming.

"It is my pleasure to finally meet you. Sir Bedivere speaks well of you, though..." He takes a moment to gather his thoughts about this, "... he had neglected to mention a few details that I believe would have been prudent to know. Had I known who you were, I would not have been as blase about this meeting as I am."

Still awkward, but the boy seems to have had good teachers at least, and perhaps a natural gift for this kind of thing, because he recovers remarkably quickly. "It is nice to meet you as well, Master Tomoe, and a good day to you, Wisewoman, I hope all is well?"

Inga has posed:
Inga bows her head to Arturia and then to Arthur. "Good day Lady Arturia, Lord Arthur. Greetings Tomoe," she says with a smile. So, it is their first time meeting. She can't imagine what that must be like. She doubts she's important enough for there to be multiple versions of herself. "I am well, and all is well. I regret that I have been recently spit up on by a baby, but alas," she comments with a shrug. She'll refrain from any friendly embraces.

Oh, the wyrd must be a sight with the two of them close together. Inga can't help but release her control and take a peek.

Tomoe has posed:
Then it dawns on her too what is happen she will be polite she won't say a thing on just what may be happening with the two Pendragons. Then there is the fact her father's online alais is Pendragon too. she watches the paur for a moment smiling at Saber as she introduces herself. It feels strane to be meeting her after all these years.

"It is good to meet both of you and hello Inga it's beenb a while."

She semes to be in good spirits and she now thinks for a moment.

"BAbies tend to do that I admit. As for things here I admit I was curious Inga if there are any merchants active in the town right now?"

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
  There is a familiar figure heading around the corner from down the hill, accompanied by the steady clop of hooves. Pale hair and pale skin, as well as the solid steel of armour, are suggestive of the Steward of Dun Realtai; the horse he rides is a pale blue roan, with dark mane and tail and a skittish way about it. In fact, it dances in place once he tugs the reins as he approaches the group on the commons.

  A smile is spared for Arturia -- perhaps one of the few times he shows open warmth -- and an upraised hand in greeting to the others. "Hail, friends," he calls, before he's quite closed the distance. The horse gradually slows to a halt, ducking its head and snorting softly. "I hope I am not interrupting...?"

Saber (346) has posed:
Even now, regardless of the long years king and loyal knight had known each other and the eventual budding of their relationship, a light dusting of pink coloured Arturia's cheeks. "Ah...he is among my most faithful of knights, a paragon of the Eight Virtues, and has long supported me when few others had. I owe him much more than I can ever repay."

     Then again, she had repaid him in what might have been the best way possible, but that was something which was better expressed by seeing the two together.

     Her expression sobered a bit after a moment. "It is not surprising, that he withheld some details," she admitted. "For many years, it was of the utmost importance that no word of my true gender reached beyond those few who knew of it...among those who were privy to that secret were my closest knights: Sir Bedivere, sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain. As was my mentor, Merlin."

     She shook her head. "Worry not...for my part, I am not offended. Indeed, such things are apparently common in the multiverse."

     Likewise, she wasn't offended by Inga's consideration. She had certainly been spit on by far worse things than babies, but the healer would likely prefer to be cleaned up first. "It would seem that there is no shortage of a need for your services," she quipped with a slight smile.

     And as if to prove the point that there was further meaning behind her words to the young Arthur, her smile became subtly brighter at Sir Bedivere's approach. "If I amy be so bold, I do not believe so," she answered. "We were merely in the middle of introductions."

Inga has posed:
Looking at the wyrd of two King Arthurs was a risky endevour, but Inga could not resist the urge to experience it.

Curiousity kills the cat, they say.

Inga's eye's widen, her pupils expanding painfully wide as she lets the wyrd pull her along on its tide--ripping her in two directions simutaneously.

It is like being cut in half, while still being aware of both sides of yourself as one goes left and the other goes right, thrown through the warp and the weft of the tapestry of fate like a cosmic rollercoaster ride.

Of course. It's Camlann. Of course it is. Can't blame anyone else for it this time, she'd opened herself up to it.

Inga lets out a pained sound. Blood drips from her nose and her ears.

Then over she falls.

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
"I cannot blame him, if your Britain is anything like mine, 't would be a complication of serious note." Arthur admits with little concern, "The lords of Britain have issue enough accepting a bastard as young as me, had I been the fairer sex, I do not see how I would not feel compelled to obscure this fact like you have." Arthur sounds understanding enough, at least. "As soon as the land thaws, I must be off to war. Lord Caradoc grows ever more impudent, and I cannot tolerate his pretence any further."

"Hello, Sir Bediver, speak of the devil and --" Then the Wisewoman keels over, and the young man rushes to try to catch her before she hits the ground, "Does anyone here know medicine? Or what has happened to her?"

Tomoe has posed:
Then comes an unexpected person to the gathering and Sir Bedivere wshows up and Tomoe freese like a deer in head light? King Arthurs and Sir Bedivere? She's trying to nto explode oe try to hide. Okay keep control Tomoe but given how her avatar works she's already turing a bit red. It could get very much worst a bit more she listens as the tales are told and she attemps to not ahem make an idiot of her self.

"There's stories of Sir Bedivere back home...along with the rest of the knights."

As the soul surivor of the round table who made certain Exalibur was returned to the Lady of the Lake.

She though seems to be starting to trip up as she's turning bright red now. She looks to Young Arthur for a moment and Inga keels over. Tomoe is distracted and races to the woman's side to help Young Arthur.

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
  If the silver-haired knight notices the dusting of pink over Arturia's face, he is tactful enough not to draw attention to it. Is that a hint of a smile? Surely not. In fact, it's soon forgotten as he begins to follow the conversation. Bedivere's mild, violet eyes flick from one individual to the next as each speaks, piecing together what he'd missed.

  Such ability to pick up on context and conversation had made him a fine informant to the king. Once upon a time, he might have even been capable of acting as spymaster, if Sir Lancelot had not performed the job to such exacting standards. Bedivere had possessed one important advantage over his contemporary, and that was the ability to perceive without being observed. Few had known just how much the relative outcast of the Round Table had been aware of.

  Bedivere clears his throat, a sound so soft that it could be missed. It's a quiet prompt to Arturia, as though to check and make sure everything's been alright in his absence. That sound is all she'd need, too -- their ability to communicate with one another without words borders on the eerie.

  His soft gaze flicks to Inga, then, one brow faintly quirked in worry when she--

  Oh. Well, that's not good.

  "Young lord." Bedivere inclines his head to Arthur, politely, but he does not leap from the saddle. He wouldn't reach her in time and Arthur's already there. "It is the awen," he proclaims, solemnly. "Give her a moment. I believe she will pull through. She is quite accustomed to this sort of thing, no matter how terrible it may appear to the outside."

  But he glances to Arturia, just to be sure.

Inga has posed:
Inga is limp as a doll. Her eyes are open, staring into nothing. Unblinking. She doesn't move besides a bit of involuntary twitching in her muscles.

She seems sort of...well...


Saber (346) has posed:
Some things were apparently common across the multiverse, it would seem.

     "Indeed...there was a great deal of unrest when I ascended the throne, as well as afterwards," she admitted, albeit vaguely. "Alas, for our kingdom, such was a constant."

     Even before their current closeness, knight and king understood one another so well -- being proverbially cut from the same cloth -- that many times words themselves were redundant. It was a skill worth more than gold in a treacherous court, to be able to convey important information with a mere significant glance. Effortlessly, she caught the intended clearing of his throat and glance, nodding in turn, a slight bob of her head, signalling that all was well...at least for the moment.

     The flaxen-haired knight-king nodded at Tomoe. "Yes...many of my knights inspired legends of their own through their noble deeds. Some are more celebrated than others, but they were all dedicated to the chivalric code and the Eight Virtues...it is my hope to find them again some day, and bring them here. Though I do not wish to recreate the Round Table, such as it was..."

     She didn't have the chance to finish, however, when Inga collapsed. Arturia frowned; such a collapse was always a concern when it happened, but it was a frequent enough occurence.

     Even if she seemed dead.

     "It is the awen, yes," she agreed. "Nevertheless, she should be moved to a more comfortable setting, and one where she will not strike her head should the vision turn violent."

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
  Although Bedivere looks uncomfortable at the wisewoman's plight, he doesn't seem inclined to start towards her. Such visions are a commonplace occurance, and such a reaction to them is even more so. He has seen her roll her eyes back until the whites were shown; to twitch and spasm as though lightning itself had struck her.

  He does not speak on Camelot.

  Instead, he glances to the wisewoman, expression one of both concern and resignation. "No. Do not concern yourselves. This is not an uncommon occurance, and the best we can do for her is to see that she is comfortable; there is naught I know of that will bring her from it before she is ready." A subtle gesture brings his horse to sidestep closer to Arturia, but surely that was just the horse shifting its weight, right? "Hopefully she will wrest herself from it soon, before she harms herself."

  He looks back down the hill from whence he'd come. Lights gleam in the furthest district of the town, electric lamps rather than torches of flame, and a few people are still finishing up their business for the day. It's a peaceful setting.

  "Shall we continue to the citadel? If the two of you can reach, I will take her before the saddle, and carry her if I must."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe does think she gets what Saber is getting at maybe just a chance to live without having to worry about poltical matters, bandits monsters and who knows what else. She could be wrong but she's focused on Inga who is dead and Tomoe starts to panic a bit she does recall Inga's very good at getting better, it's slipped her mind she pauses as Bedi does not seem to be bothered about this whole state of affairs. She's looking a bit paniced at the moment until she pauses at Bedivere.

"Wait wait, she cna respawn...?!" The poor Salamander is looking stunned at this moment though what she's going on about? Who knows given her world of origins. She looks from Saber, to Arthur, to Bedi and then to Inga nad wait is that an actual sweat drop by her head for a moment? It might just be so.

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
Arthur picks up Inga and accepts the words of his fellows, even though he's weirded out by it. The young man may not look it, but there's a lot of strength in that thin body of his. His horse is nearby, so if none object, he'll lift her into the saddle and keep steady while the proud beast walks. "My issue is such, there are twelve great lords. Of them, only Lord Hector, the least of them, has sworn fealty to me. I must submit the others before the realm breaks out in what will surely be the bloodiest war since the Romans came."

"She has powers great and mysterious, I know not the extent of them, but if Lady Arturia and Sir Bediver claim we should not worry, I would believe them." He answers Tomoe.

Inga has posed:
Inga is gone for several moments. No pulse, no breath. Nothing. Arthur can lift her onto the horse with ease, she's not especially heavy at a whopping five feet tall.

Once they've begun to ride, Inga suddenly gasps like someone who's been drowning, quickly hyperventilating to fill her lungs with sweet, wonderful air again.

After a few moments, she squints her eyes shut and covers them with her hand. "That...was a terrible idea. Damn you and your pasts and futures, the pair of you," she groans.

Oh, and Bedivere is here now. She opens one eye to look to him. Groans. "And you as well," she adds.

Her brain still hurts.

"And when did I get on horse?" askes the now grumy wisewoman. Awen hangovers are a thing, apparently.

Saber (346) has posed:
It was just as well Bedivere did not speak on Camelot; though many were eager to hear the tales, it was a subject Arturia preferred to leave behind. Her country and her kingdom were long gone; what existed for her now was the future of her adopted country and her betrothed. Both were miracles that she had no intention of squandering or taking for granted. If there were more quests to be had, they would be for the benefit of her new home and at the side of the man who would be her husband.

     Instead, she diverted her attention to the wisewoman in the grip of the awen. "I believe that would be best. We can better host you both as well...tea, perhaps?"

     In the universe from which Arturia and Bedivere hail, the younger masculine Arthur's strength would have been possible through magic, just as Saber's was. Her frame would have never been able to heft even a small sword for very long, much less one of Excalibur's weight and length, without the blood of ancient dragons that Merlin had infused her with in her mother's womb. Was something similar responsible for the boy's strength...or was it something else entirely, such as a great force of will such as Bedivere's?

     She left such questions for later, however.

     The Servant decided not to ask about what in heavens "respawn" was, but Tomoe's confusion was clear enough.

     "It is a deep trance," she explained. "She is seeing either the past or the future through...well, in our world, such insight comes from the leylines of mystical power which flow through the world. The seer-poets of Britain enter such trances, as well."

     Fortunately, Inga awoke not long afterward. At her words, she sighed, suspecting just what it was the wisewoman attempted to peer at. "Yes...perhaps I should have cautioned you concerning my end," Saber said plainly, yet no longer as disturbed thinking back to that tragedy as she once would have been. "It is not a pleasant thing to have seen."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe nods to Young Arthur she seems to be calming down a good deal now she sees that Inga is back for a moment as she looks to her then back to Young Arthur she takes another deep breath.

"I'm the last person in the multiverse to be talking about strange insanities ain't I?"

she muses before she falls in step with everyone else she does not press about Camelot she can get that could be a sore issue.

"Ah, ya I ... forgot about that. I been busy with trying to work on the castle the GU cleared out recently. So I have been a bit distracted by that and generally finding work to pay the bills now I don't have a union paycheck anymore."

Sir Bedivere (482) has posed:
  The silver-haired knight keeps watch over the wisewoman, but she seems to be in good hands once Arthur takes custody of her. He watches as Arthur goes about transferring Inga to his horse, but once she comes to, his gaze flickers back to her.

  "I would especially recommend not doing that again, especially at the moment," Bedivere tells her, in a mild tone of voice. Inviting a third instance of Camlann, along with the pain and suffering of its sole survivor, would be both foolish and disastrous. "You would not like that."

  When did she get to be on a horse? "The young lord took you into his custody, at our behest. We were in the process of taking you somewhere more comfortable," he points out, settling in the saddle and encouraging his horse into a slow amble to keep up. "Most likely, up to the citadel."

  Tea sounds pretty amazing, actually; his horse is slow because it's having to muscle its way through snow up past its knees and hocks. Bedivere is likewise not one hundred percent dry. Spring is always a bit slow to visit Dun Realtai. The valley and its spire-hill somehow manages to catch the worst of all storms.

  Silence falls for a few seconds, broken only by the crunch of his horse's broad hooves churning through the snow, or the whuff of its breath. He shakes his head, but the gesture seems to be one of agreement with Arturia's explanation rather than contention. "Thankfully for us, she did not try to see it with all three of us." Camlann times three, plus the agony of its sole survivor, would not be a pretty way to pass the day. That's a lot of concentrated misery.

  Tomoe's explanations are largely glossed over, because he has no idea what's being discussed.

  ...It's probably better that way.

Inga has posed:
Inga seems steady now, though she still has a pained expression, a crease of the brow that indicates the strength of her current headache. "I've seen it before," she tells Arturia, "though not from your perspective," she adds, glancing meaningfully to Bedivere.

Inga sighs quietly. "This time, I saw the past and the future...at the same time, for two people who's wyrd is...Odin's bones, it is hard to describe, but it just about tore me in half," she says quietly. She reaches up to wipe the blood from her nose with her sleeve. "Tea. Alright. I left Jodis in the village, but I can come back for her. She's well looked after in the meantime."

Inga looks back to Bedivere. "If such can be controlled I would very much like to avoid it--it is not always possible to do so. This time...well, I believe I had to know how the fates of two seperate people who are also...the same in ways...I had to know what that would be like," she explains, then scoffs. "Painful apparently. But wisdom often is," she adds with a slight smile.