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Injured Badgermoles
Date of Scene: 04 September 2014
Location: Avatar World <AW>
Synopsis: The Union offers aid to the badgermoles after Rex's attack.
Cast of Characters: 20, 262, 301, 541

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    It's clear that something has been going on in the hill area outside of the city of Gaoling. For one, there are many earthen spikes, rocks and such around the area, showing that there has been bending here. But there are also signs of something heavy rampaging in the area, and also explosions.

    There are also many badgermoles around, large and small. And the largest one of them is lying still surrounded by many of the others. A few of the others seem to be injured as well, especially another adult with burns on them. And a rather distraught Toph Beifong is kneeling near the head of the largest one of the badgermoles, tears running down her cheeks as she strokes the creature's face. How long will it take for the Union to get here? It seems like ages... and Boss isn't getting up!

Tony Stark (301) has posed:
Tony Stark will arrive on scene not too far ahead of the help he's called in, having gotten a bit of a head start from Toph's private call. He arrives by armored suit, but rather than cause more of a ruckus with his usual flash, he touches down some distance away and leaves the armor standing sentinel on the other side of the slope, covering the remaining distance on foot. He's met the badgermoles before, but he doesn't let that fool him into thinking that'll make them friendly now, after they've been all riled up. And god knows what kind of shape Boss is in... ooh, that doesn't look good.

"Toph," he calls out, no louder than normal speaking tone as he trusts her sharp ears to hear him, and he doesn't figure shouting will help. "I'm here. Help's coming. And we'll find the baby, okay, let's just get the big man sorted out first," he tries to sound confident.

Fiera Kitsun (262) has posed:
Under the circumstances, flying in with a giant steel bird seems like a rather silly idea to Fiera ... so she hitches her ride into the general area on Arashi instead, since the Fearow can pass for something closer to an 'ordinary' bird than the Skarmory would. And even then, Fiera has Arashi drop her off a modest distance away from Gaoling and the badgermoles; once her feet are on the ground, she recalls the Fearow to her Pokeball, and walks - well, jogs, really - the rest of the way.

She's already looking over the badgermoles even before she finds Toph and the injured one - not the look of a predator, of course, but the gentle gaze of someone who knows what it means to try and live in harmony with Nature, one who respects animals as something other than mere 'beasts'.

What Genghis Rex and his lieutenants have done here, from Fiera's limited understanding, is nothing less than a sin. Maybe not the deepest or blackest of sins, but that doesn't let them off the hook.

Reprisals will have to come later, though. Fiera is here as a healer ... which is really why she's sizing up the badgermoles. She has berries and herbs from her world, the sort of natural remedies that wild Pokemon turn to in order to treat their own injuries. The Trainer can only suppose that they'll be of *some* help to the badgermoles, even though these aren't Pokemon.

It's the adult badgermole whom Toph is kneeling by which gets Fiera's focus - taking stock of the injuries, and trying to figure out what caused them. "How much of the attack did you see, Toph?" the redhead asks gently, unzipping a pocket on her belt pack and reaching in ...

Marrik (541) has posed:
The first signs of Marrik was the low rule of his motercycle then as he approached anyone who could would see him park a dozen yards away from the badgermole group. When he dismounted he pulled a small bulbous bottle of red liquid from one of his coat pockets along with a similarly sized blue bottle.

A nod to Tony then to Fiera once he jogged from his bike to where Toph was kneeling. "Do we split up the work or pool effort on each patiant?" His voice was steady as he spoke, but hard and business like. It wasn't lack of empathy so much as healing wasn't his strong suit, but he was one of the few able to help, so jack the worry. Job to do.

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    Indeed, the badgermoles do react when Tony shows up, and some of the smaller ones go to hide behind their parents and older badgermoles. It's not just Toph that has sharp hearing it seems, though the blind girl turns her head as she hears the man's voice, and she gets up to her feet. Sure, she's dirty, but she looks unharmed. Instead she gets to her feet and hurries over to him, evading the badgermoles who know her well enough to know she's no threat. And since Toph isn't acting defensively or attacks Tony, that does ease the large creatures somewhat. No, rather than attack Tony, Toph rushes over, her expression rather unlike what he should have seen before. Has the confident girl ever looked this worried? And what really should tell just how shaken the girl is is how she runs towards Tony and then wraps her arms around his waist, clutching onto him. "He just took her!" she half yells against Tony's chest, her arms shaking. Yes, she's upset. "And Boss... Boss is hurting!"

    Fiera too earns a reaction from the badgermoles, sniffing the air. And once Toph realizes that help is there she pulls away from Tony, reaching up to wipe at the tears. Focus. "I was busy fighting Rex and his goons... I think that the largest of them fought Boss, and he managed to strike him over and then crush some earth... I-I don't really know," she apologizes.

    By the looks of it, Boss is bleeding in places, blood staining his fur red, and there are obvious signs of his forelegs partially crushed, as if something heavy fell on him. The 40 feet badgermole makes a pained sound where he lies, but he's unable to do anything. And Toph seems worried as she hurries back to him. "Shhh, it's okay...!" While the other badgermoles are injured to a minor degree and okay, there is one that shows obvious signs of burns, though it doesn't appear to be life threatening. And that badgermole seems more distressed than hurt, really.

Fiera Kitsun (262) has posed:
Fiera nods to Toph. "We'll do what we can, then," she reassures the earthbender, and pops open another Pokeball ...

"Trio dugtrio." << Take it easy, big guy, >> says Chika as the triple-mole Pokemon materializes - not burrowing any further into the ground than it takes for the Dugtrio to materialize properly; this is badgermole territory, but Fiera is hoping that the Dugtrio's presence will help act as an intercessor of sorts - a go-between to relay her desire to help to the badgermoles. Fiera is looking to Marrik now, and his bottles. "Are those healing potions?" she asks. "I think we need to work together for Boss here, and then split our efforts for the others."

As for Boss ... well, there's not much she can do about the crushing injuries, but she starts crushing berries and herbs between her fingers and dabbing the juices along the edges of the injuries. She doesn't really know what Marrik needs to do, so she just trusts his efforts.

Tony Stark (301) has posed:
Tony is kind of new at this whole 'dad' thing but he does his best by awkwardly patting Toph on the back when she flings her arms around him. "Hey," he tries to sooth, "it's okay. We'll get her back," he repeats his initial statement.

Seeing as he's not the healer here, he can't do too much but to follow Toph back toward Boss at a cautious pace, hanging back so as not to disturb him further, but staying near enough to feel that he's involved. God dammit, Rex is an asshole.

Marrik (541) has posed:
Insecurities could go to the pit. Marrik slowly approached the Boss and looked at his wounds before kneeling in front of him, "This may sting a bit at first but it will help with the pain." He sat both glass bottles down before unscrewing the one with red liquid. As he held the now open bottle over the crushed limb. "You will feel better," he seemed to prefer talking to the badgermole as if an equal rather than go through Toph, "I'll need you to hold still." Slowly he started pouring the liquid onto the injured limb, moving the jar along its entire length. He was guessing at dose, but even a higher than needed amount would only leave him sleepy. When poured at first it would feel warm as the liquid soaked in, and then the pain would switch off. The injury was still there and Marrik frowned before capping the bottle. "Miss, I'm going to do what I can for the break. You-" He looked up and stopped talking, "Oh. Right carry on."

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    The large badgermole lets out a distressed sound when the Dugtrio is called forth, and it sniffs curiously at the Pokemon. But between Toph's presence and the strange creature's reassurances, it seems that it will allow the humans near it. And it only flinches slightly when the juices are dabbed at its injuries, letting out a pained sound. Sure, it's not comfortable, but at least it doesn't seem like these humans are out to hurt it. Toph reaches out to pat his nose a bit, blinking back some tears even as she tries keeping her face calm. Sure, she can't talk with the badgermoles, but she has been hanging around the creatures most of her life and studied them more than any living human in this world has. Not to mention this pack knows her, and the large badgermole seems to know her pretty well too since he allows the small human that close to him.

    When Marrik speaks to the badgermole rather than her Toph does blink, but she strokes the creature's cheek, as if encouraging him to lie still, leaning close to rest her forehead against him. As the liquid is poured onto the limb the badgermole flinches, trying to pull back his paw, but eventually he seems to accept it, grunting slightly as he keeps still.

    The burnt badgermole edges closer, bumping at Toph with its nose and getting the girl's attention. "Cragsmasher..." Why yes, it seems that the badgermoles have names. At least most of them. "I think she got hurt in an explosion when they took her baby," Toph laments, gritting her teeth.

Marrik (541) has posed:
With the painkiller applied Marrik slowly stood. "what I am about to do," He said as his stance widened and his weight shifted, "should gather the bone fragments back together." Before any more motions he looked to Toph. "This is going to hurt like hell. Even with painkillers I want him to bite down on something." He passed Toph a thick metal rod about two feet long covered in grooved markings, possibly runes. Only after giving Toph time to, at her discretion, put it in the badgermole's mouth to bite on did he realize something and quickly pass her a shirt. "Wrap it in that so he doesn't break any teeth."

Only after Toph had time to decide whether or not the bite stick would be needed did Marrik start moving. Power gathered at his fingers as he slid back. a half step forward as his arms moved in scooping motions was when the chipped and crushed fragments of bone started wriggling. More motions, smaller, finer, and aiming to get the small fiddly bits, gathered the rest. Normally Marrik would not do this, but the alternative was amputation and no matter how painful he had to try. A sweeping motion out from both hands confirmed he'd gotten what he could roughly in place. Now, the hard part.

Sweat started beading as Marrik wove power through, none of it great, but there were dozens of hair fine flows he had to manage, each connected to a fragment, or tendon, or muscle as he started the process of trying to reshape the limb to match its uncrushed counterpart.

This was not his area. It was causing the animal pain that hopefully was being managed. Forget the horse. Everyone makes mistakes. There was nobody else that could do this, so it had to be him.

Fiera Kitsun (262) has posed:
The berries and herbs that Fiera's using should help to dull the pain somewhat ... but that's mostly based on the theory that they help Pokemon that way, and it's mostly because they help to actually stimulate healing, rather than being a natural painkiller first and foremost.

In any case, Fiera keeps working, focusing on the worst of Boss's injuries (apart from the crushed leg, which Marrik is focusing on anyway) and working her way down the metaphorical list. She may not have brought enough medical 'supplies,' so best to make sure she tends to what she CAN help with first.

She's not really talking much as she works; neither is Chika. Simply 'being' here as a calm, gentle presence is more of the focus than trying to maintain any kind of soothing patter ... and she *is* focusing on what she's doing.

Toph Beifong (20) has posed:
    Bite down on something? Toph blinks, then takes the metal rod. The earthbender nods her head slightly, then carefully begins moving the item between the badgermole's teeth once it's been wrapped in cloth.. "Easy now, Boss..." she says, her voice soft. While Boss doesn't seem happy about the item there, he does accept it and chews on it. Only to let out a clearly angry sound when Marrik starts working in earnest and the manipulation of the bone proves painful. And he roars against the metal rod, and Toph looks rather distressed herself, biting down on her lower lip. "Easy!" No, she knows it hurts, but an injured badgermole won't survive. And the pack is dependent on their leader. Just how bad would this be without painkillers?

    Even as the two healers do their best, it does seem that Boss eventually gets tired of trying to fight it, or perhaps the medicine works... or the healing has some effect. Who knows?

Marrik (541) has posed:
By the time Marrik is satisfied he has put the limb as right as he could his shirt was starting to soak through in places with sweat. Yet if all went well the patient would be able to put weight on it. Using it for anything was a different story since there was a lot of muscle trauma first by the crush and then from him pulling everything together. "Sorry," he said between breaths, "Spell was designed for things that don't normally feel pain." It only made sense to be able to patch your undead armies up so they could keep going.

More heavy breathing as Marrik slowly swept his right hand in front of him as his left focused on spots here and there, pointing for a moment before moving on. "Doing what I can to get rid of infection, poison, and the like that's already there," he offered as explanation. "The burn victims will take time for me to scour and clear the dead, but doable."

He then knelt by Boss's snout with the bottle of blue liquid. "Make sure he drinks all of that. For a human it would heal almost anything short of getting trampled by a herd of horses, but this? I hope it'll just speed things up a little." Gently he pulled the metal rod from Boss's mouth, or at least tried to before gently pressing the potion bottle to Toph's hands to take.

"I'll treat the burn patients next." His attention briefly turned to his fellow healer on scene. "Work for you?"

Fiera Kitsun (262) has posed:
"I've actually got some berries for treating burns," Fiera says, "but cleaning and disinfecting the wounds will be a big help." She glances down at Marrik. "That is what you meant, right?"

Truth be told, though, Pokemon don't usually get burned THIS badly - usually - so every little bit will definitely be useful.

She keeps working, at any rate.