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FateParadox - Ruler Sighted
Date of Scene: 25 June 2018
Location: A Sushi Bar, Kyoto, Japan
Synopsis: The Ruler of the Multiversal Grail War, Nagi Springfield, is met by several interested parties in a sushi bar.
Cast of Characters: Sir Gawain, Theo Morrison, 982, Touta Konoe
Tinyplot: Fate/Paradox

Sir Gawain has posed:
Kyoto, Japan. Afternoon.

Those keeping up on the mysterious Multiversal Grail War had found the robed man known as 'Ruler', or Nagi Springfield. He hadn't been spotted since the original battle on the bridge until now, so the question was, where could he be? Was he doing important work? Was he stalking other Masters and Servants to mediate? What could he be doing?

The answer was simple: he was on a food tour. Those who spotted him and shared the information across Multiversal information networks had noticed him at several restaurants before he reached his current location, and he did not seem to be doing anything else or with anyone else.

Ruler was, currently, at a revolving sushi bar, sitting and eating some tuna sashimi. His red hair and the staff leaning against him were sure signs it was him. People may have questions for the mysterious arbitrator. The question is thusly...are they willing to interrupt his meal? (Probably.)

Theo Morrison has posed:
Theo is a red-headed white boy that stands nearly six feet tall. There is absolutely no way he is going to move through Kyoto stealthily and without comment. He could play tourist, but instead he just plays it cool, walking the streets in pursuit of his quarry while going through... candy bars?

They have really weird candy in Japan. Theo always finds something new and strangely-flavored when he goes through. Kickotron, the helpful little Myr Servitor that follows in his wake, is carrying his backpack. It might be full of stuff like that by now.

He polishes off the newest weirdly-flavored Kit Kat on his way into the sushi bar, wiping his hands on a handkerchief and bee-lining towards Ruler. He sits down next to him, nodding at the (serving) staff and then gesturing at his (wizard) staff. "Nice piece of hardware. D'you have a license to carry that in public?" His tone is joking and genial.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Mitsu was on the lookout for anyone that wasn't part of the Concord to ask certain questions... after all, the rabbitmage is a new Master and well, she has concerns. Her right hand rubs her left shoulder and she whispers, "Lancer, be careful here." she shakes her head a bit and wanders around, plucking a few things up off carts and tossing a few cred their way... after all it wouldn't be good to be a thief right now when she wanted to talk to someone important.

    Such important being does catch her attention as she wanders past a sushi bar, eyes looking in, spying the gaggle of customers, along with one giant staff and red hair... and someone next to him with a strange robot. She halts a moment to stare at the two before rounding the corner and into the door... and straight towards an empty seat next to the two.

    "It's all on me." she mutters to the two, before plopping herself down right next to him. "Hope the spicy tuna is good and the unagi is great." she turns to the red haired man, eyes the staff, then back at the man.

    "Ruler?" she whispers, "Hope you're well today."

Touta Konoe has posed:
Touta has been trying to find Nagi since finding out that he was a Ruler. There's so many questions that had wanted to ask the guy. Some relating to the Grail War, some relating to his own world and the people relating to it, but after having to sift through several restaurants questioning people on if they saw a red-haired foreigner with an oversized walking stick Touta is finally able to find him.

Though by the time he makes it, others have apparently already beat him to the punch. While it doesn't particularly bother him, watching this would be Ruler snack down in Kyoto reminds him of a certain red-headed boss...

"I could mistake him as Jinbei from behind..."

While seems to be trying to have a bit of small talk or ease into the conversation with Nagi, Touta's approach seems to be...Well actually he really doesn't know how to approach this guy. They're suppose to be family, but he knows almost nothing about the guy. Especially after the last time he met, he can't really say they're friendly either. So the only thing he can really think to do is just be...Blunt. So he puts his hand on Nagi's shoulder while still standing up and just steals his attention. It's hard to say that he has a smile on his face, it sorta feels like he's forcing it if anything as he grabs for Ruler's attention.

"Hey gramps, remember me? You got time to talk?" Clearly he does if he's here.

Sir Gawain has posed:
As Theo sits down and makes conversation, Ruler takes a glance at him and his tiny bird robot in a funny hat. He pauses for several seconds. Then he nods, because it all makes sense. Wizards. "I think it would have expired by now." There's an easy-going smirk as he moves to grab a piece of sushi...and Mitsu comes up, takes a seat, and says it's all on her. Ruler's eyes narrow a bit to look at her. "Do I know you?" And then, she whispers in his ear. Well...

"I don't know if I know you, but if you're sure, well I won't pass you up on that." The way Ruler looks at the sushi bar after that implies he might eat her out of wallet. He doesn't get a chance to say anything else, though, when he's suddenly grabbed by a familiar and, to him, irritating voice. Ruler doesn't move, and just sighs. "Gramps, really? Do I look old enough for you to be calling me gramps, kid?!" He may be Touta's relative, but it still irritates him a bit. Well, atleast two people here for a reason. The Servant considers what he wants to do. "I assume you both want to talk to me, so I have a simple solution. Take a seat, kid. I'll answer any questions for the price..."

"Of one plate a question!" Gesturing at the sushi belt, Ruler's kind of ignoring Theo's presence right now, assuming him to just be a regular diner. "You get to ask me a question in exchange for paying for a plate. I'll answer any question I want to answer as truthfully as I can in exchange. Sound good?"

Theo Morrison has posed:
Theo is absolutely just a random diner with a bird robot. Yep. Absolutely.

Which is why he's getting a plate himself. He grins over at Mitsu. "Sure. Thanks!" He doesn't seem to offer any explanation for why he's here, so maybe he's just a spectator in this... whatever this is. Weird family reunion? He twists in his seat and looks up at Touta. "Hey. You should probably leave the guy to his dinner. Do you read? Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, etcetera, etcetera."

Kickotron stands by Theo's chair and looks up at Touta, staring unblinkingly, as bird robots are wont to do.

Theo gets settled in to eat and listen. "Though if I can make a suggestion --" He leans forward a little, looking towards Mitsu on the other side of Ruler, "You don't have to talk all hush-hush conspiracy-like to be private in a place like this. Nobody wants to get in on anybody else's business. Be natural!" He smiles, then pops something in his mouth. He doesn't know what it is, but he likes it.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    "I believe you should know me, if you're a Ruler. I heard things about your class." She eyes Theo a bit then turns around to lift her left sleeve up, showing off two of the three command seals, hopefully out of sight from Touta. "How do I get that third back." she mutters, "I don't want to be caught at a disadvantage, you know." she pulls her sleeve down and nods, "I'd also like a general knowledge of who's involved. Just names, that helps me. I'll pay even four plates for that one to be answered."

    She gives a bit of a smirk,hearing the annoyance in his voice. She turns towards Touta, "If you think he's your grandpa, I'd wonder how old you really are, kid. And I'm not paying for your plates, that's on you." there's a brief pause, "Wait, are you one of those Master people that I hear about?"

    Mitsu's left hand balls up into a fist, out of sight from all but possibly Ruler. "Anyways... do you think you can get me this info, Ruler?"

Touta Konoe has posed:
"Screw that you bum! I didn't realize the Thousand Master was such a mooch! What kind of gramps asks their great-grand kid to pay for them?!"

Touta and Nagi really just can't seem to find a reasonable point of conversation. It's probably more Touta's fault than Nagi's but its not like he's gonna pay his family off to talk to them. How terrible does a family dynamic have to be for that to happen...Well probably as bad as it is for Touta's honestly.

And then Theo decides to give his two cents on what he should be doing. That's not gong to go over well.

"Meddling? I'm trying to get him to deal with his affairs! Like maybe helping his son! Or saving his world!"

His attention only turns towards Mitsu for a moment. "I'm no Master and I don't care about your food! He's not my gramps either, he's my great grandfather and if you want to kiss up to him by getting him a snack you can do it after we're done talking!" His attention turns back towards Nagi. "Listen, I don't know what you have to do as Ruler for the Holy Grail War but if you got time to be hanging out hopping restaurant to restaurant why don't you come back and help Negi?! Why don't you come back and see Yukihi- Evangeline?! All these people would be so happy to see you again, wanting your help and here you are filling your face! You're not even doing anything for that war either! You might be able to convince the Masters that you're this great powerful Ruler Class but to me, you're looking like a pretty lame excuse for a Heroic Spirit!"

This is the first time he seems actually pissed, and he has sincere justification for it. It was one thing to think that Nagi wasn't able to do anything cause he was part of the Holy Grail War, but to watch him go bar hopping on his down time when there was trouble back in his own world. It was like finding out Superman had died, came back, and instead of going back to Earth to help when it was in a crisis decided to hop around the Multiverse instead. And for Touta that wasn't alright.

Sir Gawain has posed:
Ruler laughs a bit at 'do not meddle in the affairs of wizards', though his eyes brighten when he sees Mitsu's command seals, understanding. "Ah, so you are...that's one plate." He scoops up a plate, and sighs. "You don't. Once you've spent one, you can't get it back. You know what happens when you spend all three, right?" And then, his eyes glimmer at the four plate offer. "That's a steal. Deal." After eating his current plate, Ruler looks over four more he wants, makes sure he can get them in queue...

"Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker, Avenger. Don't know the names of the Masters, sorry." Ruler's still taking his four plates even with that much information, and is actually smiling as he does so. He doesn't seem to be lying when he says he doesn't know the names of the Masters. Eating doesn't seem to be difficult for him - despite having clearly ate quite a bit already, Ruler doesn't seem remotely full.

The Servant /does/ frown at Touta refusing to play his game, and moves as if he's going to ignore him, when the boy starts ranting. Those at the bar can clearly see him twitching, but when Touta brings up Evangeline, Ruler suddenly stands up, turns around, and pulls him up by the shirt.

"Are you going to help me break Eva's heart, then!? Walk up to her and tell her I'm only back until this is over, that I'm going to disappear all over again and rend it to pieces? You want to do that, kid? Huh?!"

The serving staff is staring. Ruler doesn't care. He's focusing on Touta.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Mitsu twitches, "Okay, boy, you need to know when adults are talking and right now, you need to take your happy ass back to where you came from, you're not even old enough to be in a bar." Mitsu stops a moment to listen to Ruler... and sighs, "Well, no, I don't know what happens when I lose them." she mutters, "I suppose that's another plate, what happens then?" wait, Avenger? That wasn't in that haughty fox's report... "What's... Avenger? Three plates for that info."

    <Mitsu. Please mind your finances.> "Shut up. Right now, what matters is getting info..." Mitsu pauses though when she looks at Ruler and Touta. "I'll let you deal with him. Kinda want to punch him in the mouth for interrupting something important..." <Mitsu. It's inadvisable to anger anyone here. People are staring already.> Mitsu grumbles at her wrist a bit, and nods...

    "Why don't you two keep the family issues outside of the public for now. No need to throw our esteemed guest out of a wonderful establishment, right?" she smirks a bit, "How about we just calm down for right now... and talk like assumed adults?" <You're one to talk...> "Shut up, Kratzenfaust."

Theo Morrison has posed:
Theo seems pretty content to watch, eat and listen for a bit. He notes the presence of Command Seals on Mitsu, and is looking for something to deal with something spicy like an awkward foreigner (spoilers: he's definitely that) when Touta rounds on him. Theo exhales through his nose, swallowing, and is chugging a glass of something when Ruler gets up and reacts in a way that gets everyone around to stop and pay attention.

"Damnit," Theo mutters. He peels himself out of his seat, sighing. Theo gets the attention of a cook poking his head out, reaching into his coat and pulling out a leather wallet. He flips it open and shows the guy something, getting his immediate attention and mild alarm. "You've got plans for a fire drill, right? Safe distance and all?" The cook nods. Theo gestures. "Could you do me a solid and clear out, please?"

He does. The rest of the staff scramble to do the same. Theo turns to the other diners, raising the same object, whistling sharply and pointing at the front door. They get the hint, moving in a remarkably organized scramble up out of chairs and out the door. Some of them stop to bow and apologize to him. Theo is, inwardly, floored. The Japanese, man. He'll never get used to the sheer cultural divide, and he's been to Lorwyn.

"Oookay. Sorry about this." He turns to the other three and holds up the object: a badge, rendered in the shape of a silver shield, with the kind of high-minded iconography common to such things. The words on it stand out, though:

                                  THE PALADINS                                  
                     MULTIVERSAL ANTI-COUNTERFEIT DIVISION                      

"He's not really your relative, guy," Theo says, sounding genuinely apologetic. "He's a magical construct filled with a personality summoned from an extradimensional locale put into the shape of your relative. A duplicate, albeit one with -- sorry," he asides, "no offense -- his own will. Like some asshole printed a magic clone without thinking about what that actually means."

Theo turns to Ruler. "I'd like to ask you a few questions. We can do it here or somewhere more official; it doesn't really matter to me. I'm happy to owe you lunch if you really want, but..." He shrugs his shoulders. "It's the job, you know?"

Touta Konoe has posed:
Touta's lifted by his shirt by Nagi, he's probably raised up enough that his feet might even be lifted off the ground. There is a lot that can be taken from his words though. What would be the point of bringing Nagi back after all this time. He had died and that should have been the end of it. Was it really alright to drag him back just for a little while just to have Evangeline upset to lose him again? But that's when Theo steps in and starts talking about magical clones. He speaks about how Nagi wasn't his real great grandfather and that's when something incredible happens.

Touta's hands reach out for Nagi's collar and headbutts the man. It's not enough to reel his head back, but now more than before the two are staring each other down. Forehead to forehead. His eyes stare into the depths of the Servants and his teeth are gritted sharply.

"If you're not going to come help that's fine. But don't you dare say it's for her sake! Don't pretend that you won't come because you don't want to leave her alone again when that's all you've ever done!"

His attention turns towards Theo if only to clarify something, "And so what if he's a clone?! Does that mean he doesn't have his memories or his feelings from our world?! Hell, if he's a some sort of magical clone than maybe that's the first damn thing we got in common!"

And with that he goes back to headbutting.

"If you're going to make excuses for not coming back then don't bother! Go be the Ruler of this war and then goof around all you want! We don't need you! Even if you're not around I'll save Negi and..."

It's at this moment that Touta would define his relation with Nagi not just as great-grandson. The gritting of his teeth show that this boy who claims to be his relative was definitely more than that. The fangs of a vampire were holstered in his mouth and his eyes blazed as if speaking of someone truly dear to him. At this moment Nagi with his years might realize something, Touta doesn't see Nagi as his relative, he sees him as...

"...I won't ever let Yukihime be alone again!"

...His rival in love.

Sir Gawain has posed:
As the employees and diners flee, Ruler casts a glance to Theo and his badge. He exhales, and turns back to face Touta. As he does, he gets head-butted. Ruler's hard head doesn't reel back, no, but Touta has the floor. His angry rant is directly heard by the Servant, who doesn't pull away. He actually listens. And then...

Ruler grabs Touta and pushes, with enough force to possibly stagger him backwards hard, to separate himself. His gaze is distant...until he laughs. "You're a good kid. But get your hands off me. Good to see some spark in you atleast." And then, a turn towards Theo. Ruler reaches over to grab his walking stick as he does so, asking him an important question. "You going to allow me to leave, officer? Otherwise I'm going to have to put you through the wall, and I can't do with that on my permanent record." It's said playfully, as he does move to answer one of Mitsu's unspoken questions, free of charge.

"Don't you know anything? If you run out of Command Seals, your connection with your Servant gets cut off, and you're no longer a Master."

If a fight's about to break out, there's plenty of room for it, but Ruler's not going to start it, it seems. Someone else might, though.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Mitsu blinks a bit, "You know, ginger supposedly helps with spicy." she comments ans an aside to Theo, but when he starts to clear everyone out... she gives a nod... welp, so much for getting info. "Kid, you need to calm your..." she watches Touta get lifted... eyebrow raises a bit, "Well, I think he's go..." she looks at Theo, and the badge... crap, Paladins. And then Touta starts headbutting her VIP! "You know, Paladin, thanks for clearing people out."

    She gives a nod to Ruler, she's going to have to be careful with Lancer from now on... two seals left. She turns her attention on the newly thrown Touta and she follows up on Ruler's throw with a dash and a left hook to the chest. "How dare you assault him. Do you know how important he is?! He has no time to waste on your petty shit, now if you want to pick a fight with him, you need to go through me, and if you want to make it easy... I don't do easy."

    She backs up a bit, then moves into a fighting stance, her hand does a 'come here' gesture... <Wild Striker set up.> there's a small magical girl transformation sequence, and the bunnymage grins... claws sparking between each other. "I'll be /glad/ to brawl with you..." a pause, a look towards Theo. "Tell you what, you don't report this, I don't punch you. Otherwise, I'll bring this entire thing down."

Theo Morrison has posed:
Theo honestly did not expect things to go this way.

He takes a half-step back, keeping away from the headbutting and the eventual retaliation. He shoots Mitsu a glance, but doesn't do more than frown slightly at her. His eyes turn back to Touta. "It doesn't matter that he's a clone, guy," he says, a touch warningly. "It matters that they don't outlast their Grail Wars. I had a good friend of mine go up in smoke because of one, and I don't..." He stops. He takes a breath.

Theo continues, "It means that he's fleeting. Ephemeral. You're gonna bring him back to friends and family that think he's dead, and show him to them, and then... what?" His voice softens. "Are you gonna make them all go through the feelings of loss all over again, too?"

He tucks his badge onto his belt, clipping it along one side. It's basically his 'On Duty' light. He shakes his head, looking towards the short bird robot with him. "Man. Do I look like some kinda scrawny nerd, still? I thought I worked off all the baby fat. Whadda you think?"

Kickotron stares silently up at him.

Theo nods, as if he understands whatever it is he's not talking about, and looks back towards the growing violence. "First, no, I'm gonna actually do the job I signed up to do and report any kind of crazy shenanigans you get up to," he tells Mitsu. "Second, if you start causing massive property damage, I'm gonna have to step in. Sorry. I really don't want to get into a brawl. Third --"

He faces Ruler directly. His voice lowers slightly, a confident kind of calm entering his tone. It's not the sort of hot-headed declarations you expect from an amateur. He isn't that anymore. "I'm not some rookie that's gonna be that easily cowed. C'mon." He smiles, appreciating the playful tone and giving a bit of one in return. "What am I, chopped liver?" Theo twitches his head to the right, towards the bar. Kickotron waddles over and deposits a bird-fistful of cash. Enough for a plate. "I need you to answer me one question."

Theo looks Ruler dead in the eye. "Where's the Grail that's causing all this?"

Touta Konoe has posed:
The young man is eventually released from Nagi's grip rather violent. But even with that rough send off he seems rather...Pleased? From there his attention turns to Theo once more. "People are already hurting where I'm from. If he decided to come back he could at least ease their pain a bit...He could help solve the problems that are going on right now. He could give people some closure..." That's all the answer he can give to Theo. Considering the man doesn't know his story, he doesn't expect him to understand and he can't feel content with that sort of answer given by Nagi but he's at least resolved to what he said he was going to do. So with all that had been said in done, he was about ready to leave the bar. Sadly...Someone had other plans for him.

A left hook is sent into his gut and he's left keeling over for a moment trying to catch his breath.

<Oi Touta, what just happened?!> It seems as though Mitsu's not the only one whose got a talking weapon. While it had been dropped to the side of the bar, thinking he wasn't going to need it there's a kendo bag that was put up near the entrance of the sushi restaurant that's now starting to wiggle around with a muffled voice.

"It's fine. Just got a cheap shot in." He slowly picks himself up as he looks to Mitsu. "Important? You don't know a thing about that guy. All you heard was the word 'Ruler' and you flaunted over to him like he was some movie star you just had to talk to!"

Honestly he had no intention to fight at this point. But the moment she started doing the come here gesture there's a vein that sorta pops out on his forehead. "I don't know what's your problem but if you want to try and kick my ass..."

It's at this point he grabs the kendo bag and opens the door to the entrance. From there he extends his posterior towards Mitsu and starts slapping it in her direction. "...Come and get it, cosplay girl!" And with he leaves the bar. If he's going to fight he'd rather find a spot where nothing's gonna break anyway. Though whether Mitsu would give chase or not he had no idea. Well, one way or another he didn't care. It was either she was gonna fight him somewhere no one was gonna have to worry, or he'd get to leave. Though personally...He really wants to slug the girl at least once after what just happened."

Sir Gawain has posed:
As Mitsu punches Touta and they're about to start a fight, Ruler winces. He's not going to get involved in that. Instead, the Servant's going to deal with Theo. But not by punching him. The money placed on the counter actually has him laugh, as he walks over to the counter, looks over the plates left on the conveyor belt, and takes one. He pops the sushi into his mouth...

"Sorry, I can't tell you that." Ruler winks, takes his staff and heads for the door at a brisk pace. Once outside, he leaps onto his staff, which starts levitating, and moves to fly off. He circles long enough to see if Mitsu gets involved in a fight with Touta or not, before moving to take off. Looks like lunch has been spoiled.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    "Oh, so you have a talking weapon too? That's good." Mitsu replies when she hears it. "Oh, you want to know why? I'm a Master in this war where HE rules it." she scowls a bit, "And I won't have you ruining my shot at a chance for that wish because you are having grampy issues!" there's a brief whisper, "Lancer, I have this one. Just stay nearby in case he brings more trouble." with that out of the way...

    Touta starts slapping his ass towards her. There's a visible twitch. "Cosplay girl?! Oh yes, she's giving chase alright, "Sorry Ruler, I'll buy you another round later, thank you for the info." a pause, "Get back here, Touta, you chicken shit peice of human flesh!" <How eloquent...> "Shocker Breaker!"

    When Touta starts leaving, she chases right after, but not after throwing a ball of electricity right his way, "Run, run or I'm going to make you really well done!" she taunts, "Don't ever taunt the Black Rabbit, Touta, or I'll make sure you regret it!"

Touta Konoe has posed:
There's definitely alot going wrong with Mitsu's statement. One he's definitely not chicken shit. Two, he's technically not human anymore so his flesh isn't exactly human either. Of course he's not really going to argue that point from here. Rather the moment he hears sparks a brewing his head turned back to see her shooting a ball of electricity at him, The moment it's launched his way there's very little time to react.

"Grasp the world..."

Before Mitsu's eyes Touta's body was a blur and he avoids a collision with the electrical sphere.

"I don't care if you're a Master, a Servant, or whatever! You aren't pissed that he's just goofing around when he should be working?!"

It should be at this point that maybe Mitsu would expect for him to pull out the sword from his kendo bag, but instead he throws it to the side.

"Sorry Kurobo! I'll pick you up in a bit!"

Clearly he had no intention to use his sword, but he definitely had another weapon of choice in mind which he was pulling out from his side. As he let it release it began to expand out it appeared like some sort of metal structure that began to expand...Was it a metal whip? Nope! At it's full size it was a metal...Hoop...Yes it was that, and probably the oddest thing to happen next was that he just put it around his waist and started spinning it, with a smile on his face as he stopped running and faced her.

"Listen you goofy rabbit, if you want to kiss up to him cause he's got a fancy title go right ahead! But don't hype him up without knowing anything about the guy!" From there's it seems to be Touta whose in his fighting stance.

"And if you're going to start a fight, you better know who you're dealing with."

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    Mitsu stops in her tracks as her attack misses. "Eh?" <Mitsu. I would advise a tactical retreat. Unknown threat.> ... and now he's doing the hula hoop. She tilts her head in confusion a bit, tapping her foot gently as she watches what Touta does. "I don't care what he was in any past life, all I care about is the now for him." she scowls just a bit, "Now, I don't think hula hooping in front of me is going to shake me in my gauntlets, but... in the interest of not having that Paladin over there get involved..."

    She starts walking away, "I got my info. I don't care what you are but you're sure as hell not going to give me much of a fight if you're just gonna hula hoop me to death. You might cause me to have a laughter induced aneurism." there's a brief laugh, "Kurobo, huh?" there's a pause, nodding, "Might have to come take that weapon of yours, I wouldn't mind another supposedly intelligent device in my repitroire."

    "Oh, and yea, I'm not pissed, because he /is/ working. He's ensuring this war goes without a hitch. Who cares what the resurrected dead did in their past life...."

Touta Konoe has posed:
Touta can't say he's too pleased with that response. "You're the one who punched me, and now you're running away?! Huh, I guess your weapon is the brains of the operation, huh? Fine get lost and stay lost!" And then a mild smirk comes across his face, why he smirks Mitsu doesn't get told. "You could try taking him if you wanted but I don't think it'd work out for ya. Oh, and one more thing you'd be surprised." While he's still spinning the hoop around it's a bit more to notice that at this point...He's not really moving his hips. It looks more like the Hula-Hoop is just sorta spinning in mid-air around his waist at this point. But the moment she appears to back off it just slowly stops and he grabs it from mid-air.

"That jerk apparently saved the entire world back in our universe before he died nearly 100 years ago..." He looks up in the sky to see said jerk flying around on his staff clearly checking to see whether the two were going to fight or not.

"...But now our world's got another problem and I figured he'd want to help out his home. Maybe help save his own son...But if he's not then I won't bother. I didn't care about stopping your dumb Grail War, I just wanted him to help put an end to the war back home."

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    <I wish you did not say that Touta.> comes Kratzenfaust's response as it starts to reconfigure... leaving two cannon barrels where the claws were. "My weapon has more brains than you do." Mitsu comments, a berserk looking smirk upon Mitsu's face. Eyes finally looking at the hoop just floating in mid air. "Listen you little shit." Mitsu turns around and points one arm cannon at Touta. "There's a reason you need to shut up while you're ahead. I would have left you untouched further..."

    She tilts her head back and gives a wild smirk, "I guess you need to learn not to speak to your betters. Kratzenfaust, full power." <Of course.> "Shocker Breaker Shoot." there's a build up of lightning energy in the cannon, extending out to a large sphere in front of it. "Bye now. Maybe in your next life, you'll learn to keep your mouth shut, whelp." there's a brief pause, "Release!"

    The orb gets bigger and soon, with a thrumming of lightning energy, is shot out towards Touta quickly! "I feel bad for this area now, I would have loved more sushi!"

Touta Konoe has posed:
Once again the Hula-hoop began spinning around his waist, slowly but surely beginning to spin of its own accord without Touta's hip to continue its circulation. Mitsu thought that by spinning a Hula-Hoop around that he wasn't going to give her much of a fight. Well she was partially right, because he intended to stop the fighting before it escalated anymore.

"I'm not gonna have you shaking in those gauntlets. I'm gonna be knocking them off."

Suddenly the air around Touta blew outwards and the ground before him slowly crumbled. As it did so a strange symbol began to appear below Touta's feet, him at the center of what appeared to be a Yin-Yang symbol. The black half of the circle appearing below the left side of his body while the white appeared under the right side of his body. In the next moment he'd put all his force into his right hand and with a shout he'd let out his attack.

"Magic Cancel Blow!"

As he released his right hand into a cross punch towards the orb there was no way that his fist would reach from that distance, but it didn't have to. A beam of white light expels from his fist and would collide with the large orb and upon their collision...The orb disperses without any sort of explosion. It had been completely negated.

But the beam wouldn't stop. Without losing any speed that beam continues towards the origin of that orb, Mitsu. If it hit it'd strike her right in the torso just as she had to Touta. But upon contact...There'd be no pain. This would probably be weird considering most of the people in Mitsu's world would usually have a beam cause immense damage but no, it was as though she got hit by a light that would have just passed through her. But there would be damage though. If that light made contact with her barrier jacket it would be torn to shreds if she did not dodge, her transformation would come undone in an instance!

"Sorry but I'm not dying anytime soon. Now go on and get before I decide to aim for your command seals next, you crazy rabbit!"

Yeah, it didn't matter if he hit or not. That was the warning shot. It'd be one thing to hit her barrier jacket and stop her transformation, but she'd probably just start it up all over again. But she probably couldn't do that with her command seals. Which as Nagi had mentioned earlier, if she lost those she was out of the Grail War permanently. And considering why she was hitting him in the first place he knew that was the last thing she wanted to happen.

Mitsu Mirage (982) has posed:
    'Magic Cancel Blow!' Mitsu blinks... and watches her orb disperse without care... and the beam that comes right towards her that she ducks... just in time. She blinks... looks at Touta... then hops right back up. "Well, that was ... unexpected." she mutters, shaking her head a bit as she looks up and down Touta, "Yes... thank you for the demonstration. I know what to watch out for now. Thanks for showing practically all your cards right up front." there's a bright smile from the Rabbit Mage as she walks backwards.

    She looks at her shoulder, then at Touta. She shakes her head, "You wouldn't dare touch those... I don't think Ruler would be happy if you decided to butt in like that, now would he?" she grins a bit, spinning around onto her heels and walks away from Touta. "Look, Ruler isn't who you think he is anymore. Just accept that fact and go cry into a pillow. We'll all be happier then."

    She leaps up and onto a building, then starts hopping away, "Might as well retreat for now, if he does hit my command seals..."

Theo Morrison has posed:

A funny little metal bug-thing flits from building to building. It looks a bit like an overdesigned cricket, leaping and making a cicada-call dial tone sound of chromatic warbling. Three blocks away, another one does the same. Even further down, another repeats the call, spreading out.

In the middle of it all, Theo leans against the wall of an alley, apparently idling. Near his waist, on a tray table held above Kickotron's head, a spread of trading cards are laid out. Across his glasses, sound bites recorded from the Signal Pests come in, translated to positional data and laid out across an augmented reality display showing a map of the city.

Theo sighs to himself. "I'm gonna have to pull overtime for this one, I just know it."