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Dinnertime at the Apartment
Date of Scene: 06 September 2018
Location: R.U.C. World
Synopsis: As thanks for saving Roy, Solty invites her new friends to dinner!
Cast of Characters: Solty Revant, Gilgamesh, Silica, Kotone Yamakawa

Solty Revant has posed:
     The healthcare system in The City is quite efficient, and after less than a day Roy Revant was released and nearly at 100% again. The invitation that Solty had given to her new friends still stood, and so as she waited for people to arrive the green-haired android girl was busy in the kitchen with a fairly tall and well dressed brown-haired woman with a kind motherly aura about her. Roy is currently sitting on the couch drinking some sort of heavy liquor, and in a chair nearby was another young girl of about 12 with long bluish-black hair and a pair of pink goggles in place of a hairband.

     The apartment itself is a corner penthouse with large windows that overlook the city, and moderately well furnished. Nothing overly fancy, but nothing cheap or worn down either. Apparently Hunting pays pretty well.

Gilgamesh has posed:
     The King of Heroes does not often make housecalls.

     This is an exception. He's still in the area today, for...a couple reasons, and it is his duty to see that his treasures are well-taken-care-of, which also means seeing that a caretaker is well-taken-care-of.

     Truly, the leaps of logic the King goes through to do nice things for people are the envy of all mortals.

     He opens the door without knocking, because of course he does. He's dressed in clothes he bought on his date yesterday, distinctly modern clothes that *feel* out of place to him (but look perfectly fine; nothing looks *bad* on the King of Heroes), a heavy black coat and a white turtleneck and beige dress pants. With the air of visiting nobility dripping off him, he looks around the apartment, as if surveying it to see if it's up to whatever his high and lofty standards are. The imperiousness of the King doesn't fade even as he removes his coat, letting it vanish into the rippling ether.

     "Rejoice; the King is here."

Silica has posed:
    A young woman, wearing a formal seeming dress suit approaches the door to the apartment. Roy would probably make some connection between the young looking catgirl with the monsters and this woman, but the age difference is pretty massive. She rings the bell and waits to be admitted, bowing formally and smiling warmly. "Hello. My name is Keiko Ayano. I assisted against the cyborg man."

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy stares a bit when he answers the door, a somewhat skeptical look on his face when Keiko speaks up, and an undisguised face of tiredness when he sees and hears Gilgamesh. Roy isn't wearing his trenchcoat at the moment and hasn't dressed up at all himself. Just his jeans, a white undershirt, and black suspenders. "Right...come on in, you two." he says. As they are making their way back inside he asks, "So...who's Silica? And where are all your attack animals?"

     When the three are in the living room, Solty comes out wearing her usual outfit along with a white apron. "Hello again!" she says happily to the pair and offers a polite bow in greeting. "Dinner is almost ready, so please have a seat! Do you all want anything to drink?"

     Kasha peers at Gil from over the back of her armchair, just a pair of eyes and goggles visible. "King? King of what?" she says before hopping out of her chair and heading to the large dining table. Probably not large by Gil's standards, but it is an elegant table of polished oak that is long enough to seat 8 people if it has to. It looks brand new, so Solty might have insisted that they get it in preparation for dinner with her friends.

Silica has posed:
    Keiko blinks at Gilgamesh, giggling softly at the absurdity of it all. She then turns her attention back to Roy. "Oh, Silica is my avatar... my pets are in my inventory." she says, as if that was completely and totally normal. "It's a long story though."

Gilgamesh has posed:
     "Your hospitality is unnecessary," Gilgamesh declares as he produces a jug. "I have brought drinks in accordance with old customs. Here. A jug of the finest of wines." He's not kidding. It smells /heavenly/. It /tastes/ heavenly. He sets it down on the table. "I, King of Heroes, am guest in your house, and as guest it is my duty to bring such as a gift. To the masters of the house."

     Gilgamesh turns to look at Kasha. "I am Gilgamesh, King of Heroes, King of Uruk and of Babylon, King of all that is, was, or ever shall be, who knows all the countries of the world and is as strong as a star from Heaven." It's a matter-of-fact introduction, but, well, even from him, matter-of-fact /always/ sounds proud as hell.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy just goes along with it all, but his expression makes it clear he is just barely handling all of this strangeness. Avatars? Pets in an inventory? A haughty self-proclaimed king bringing a jug of amazing wine? In an actual jug? That last part is probably what helps smooth things over most with Roy. "Huh. Guess you do have some manners." he says to Gilgamesh as he takes the jug and sets it on the table before grabbing a few glasses.

     Solty is preoccupied with Keiko, looking her over in curiousity. "You don't look much like your avatar." she says, then smiles. "I'd like to hear how it works, even if it is a long story!"

     Kasha moves to take a seat at the table, still peering at Gilgamesh. When he says his entire title she lets out a mischievious 'hee'. "Is that so? Then maybe you can tell me what country you are in now, Mr. King?" She isn't being disrespectful so much as being a smart little kid. "And how you became king of it?"

Silica has posed:
    Keiko giggles at Solty. "It's probably easier if I show you." she says to Solty. A small device is taken from a pocket on her dress, fitted over her right ear and around her head so a small transluscent eyepiece covers one eye. She then steps back half a step and speaks imperiously. "LINK. START!"

    The woman's body gains a wireframe, that begins to fill in with coloured light. The colour begins to resolve into detailed textures, and the woman's height shrinks down to that of the teenaged catgirl from the fight. The whole process takes a couple of seconds, and once it's complete, a second flash of light hails the appearance of a small silver dragonling that coils around Silica's shoulders.

    "My world kinda got mixed with a bunch of VRMMO games because of reasons we don't understand... it lets certain people do this." even her voice sounds different. Obviously the same woman, but younger... like she got transported back in time.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa had bnneen happuy to come by today and catch up with Solty and the rest again. She was wearing the same outfit she did last time when she arrived the sleeveless long coat, the shirt, pants and boots. She seemed happy with it she even had a pair of shades on as she arrived. "Hello It's Kotone again and oh hello Keiko?" It was odd to use Silica actual name, heck she didn't know all the real names of the SAO crew when it got down to it. She looks to Gil smiling a bit. "Good to see you King of Heroes." She looks to Solty and Roy. "I think I owe you some answers about myself too I think." She notes to Roy.

Gilgamesh has posed:
     The wine is very literally divine. It is something from heaven. It is a once-in-a-lifetime taste in a golden jug, something as pure as silk, as pure as driven snow, and as sweet as honeyed nectar and ambrosia. This is something Roy may never in his life taste again. This is something he has never tasted before.

     "Hmph, fool. Of course I have manners." The King crosses his arms imperiously and looks at the girl. "This is the City, domain of the R.U.C.." He moves to sit, and a throne just sort of *appears* out of a ripple in thin air behind him as he reclines. "I am Gilgamesh. I was made to be the King of all, by the gods who ruled Babylon. Asking 'how I became king' is foolish; I /am/ King. There is no Gilgamesh before Gilgamesh was King. I was not raised to some throne nor handed the crown. I was King from the moment I opened my eyes, complete and wise in the ways of the world."

     He inclines his head at Kotone politely as he relaxes in the gorgeous (and comfortable-looking) throne, one elbow against the armrest.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty looks over as Kotone shows up and smiles cheerfully. "Good to see you again, Miss Kotone!" she says, giving a polite bow at the waist. Roy nods lightly at Kotone. "I'm not sure you owe us answers, but I'll take 'em anyway."

     Solty's and Kasha's faces light up with child-like amazement as Keiko transforms into Silica right in front of them, and Solty claps in delight. "That's so cool!" the two girls say in unison before blinking and giggling at each other. "This world of yours must be pretty cool!" Kasha says before blinking as Solty isn't where she was a moment ago.

     Instead, she is over near the kitchen door, where Miranda was so surprised by Silica's transformation that she dropped the dish she had been holding, and Solty instantaneously reacted to catch it before it hit the floor. Good thing too, since that dish appears to be full of a home made lasagna. Miranda is wearing gloves meant to hold very hot plates, but Solty doesn't seem to need them. "Oh dear! I'm so sorry, Solty! I was just...when that woman changed like that...who are these people?" She seems a bit worried and has moved over closer to Kasha, no doubt her motherly instincts kicking in. Kasha huffs a bit. "Mom! Come on, she's not going to hurt us! She helped Roy and Solty fight that guy yesterday!" The young girl speaks almost like she thinks she is the grown up here rather than her mom.

     Then both are staring as Gilgamesh summons a throne right into the dining room. Roy seems on edge again at all the 'magic' being used in his house. He almost wishes he had his gun. It's nearby of course, but not actually on his person at the moment. Solty flails as she feels all the tension in the room. "Please! Everyone calm down! This is supposed to be a fun dinner with all my friends!"

Silica has posed:
    Silica's ears, usually perked straight up to listen for danger, pin down against her head, making her look almost human again as she starts picking up on all the tension. Her tail lashes about on its own accord, showing her trepidation. "M-Maybe this was a bad idea... I... I should probably just go, I mean..." she tugs at the hem of her skirt, looking all the world to be a gawky, awkward teenager, instead of the twenty-something woman.

    She's used to magic, so none of that really triggers anything, but the sudden flash movement from Solty, and the fact she's holding an obviously hot pan makes her gawk a bit in awe. She's only seen two other people move that fast, maybe three... but even a Salamander wouldn't be able to hold something that hot with bare hands.

    Pina seems to pick up on her mistress' distress, and trills gently, licking the Cait Sith's cheek.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "My worlfd was pretty much an unremarkable earth, no magic, nothing like that." She grins to Gilgamesh for a moment "Though your story exists there, which honestly seems to be a foundation of human story telling no matter the world." She looks to Solty for a mment

"It all changed when I was very little a global war broke out, and weapons of all sort were deploy the most notable was the fusing of man and machine which in less than a generationk produced things like my current body. It's more common to find someone with basic implants or more than i t's not to where I'm from. I'd be a cripple in a bed at best without them."

She looks to Gil and seems in a good mode.

"So came into the world, ready to go from the get go? For most I'd think my leg was being pulled but given you? No I think your being honest."

She looks to Silica for a moment. "Hey we're here for a dinner and to have an enjoyable evening right?"

Gilgamesh has posed:
     If Gilgamesh feels any tension in the room, it's impossible to say. On the contrary, he looks completely relaxed by his standards. The King of Heroes is just leaning there, like he does this /all the damn time/, like he doesn't even register that somebody might have a problem with him dropping a shining golden throne in the middle of the room. Solty's speed receives an appreciative "hohhhh" from the King of Heroes and a light applause, which is probably more than anyone would've expected. He looks at Kotone a moment later.

     "Of course I am being honest. The King does not lie."

     He makes a motion with his hand at the mother. "I am Gilgamesh, King of Heroes, King of Uruk and of Babylon and of all that is, was, and ever shall be. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance, as it is yours to make mine. You may refer to me as Your Highness, Your Majesty, or Gilgamesh, as you prefer."

     If he even notices Roy's tension, it's...it's hard to tell.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty moves to set the lasagna down on the table, then looks at Miranda and Roy with a bit of a pouty face. "They did help us, even if they have strange powers. I have strange powers too, but you guys are okay with those, aren't you?" Between Solty's plea and Kasha's scolding both adults relax, though Roy is more begrudging about it than Miranda. The older woman sighs softly before smiling. "You two are right. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that friends of yours have these sorts of powers, Solty." she says, then bows in apology to Gilgamesh and Silica. "Forgive me. I'm a mother. We worry sometimes." she says. "Psh. If you worried when you were supposed to worry, that'd be more helpful. Like when the business is getting low on money, or when Hunters need updated equipment." Kasha scolds some more. Miranda laughs a bit. "Alright alright." she says in a mixture of exasperation and amusement. "I'll be right back with the rest of dinner. Please get the plates, Solty." Solty smiles as things seem to calm down, then quickly moves to set the table. Not nearly as quickly as she moved to save the food, though. This is normal human speed again.

     Kasha hops down and goes over to Silica, taking her hand if allowed. "Come on and have a seat. Mom's just being silly. You are staying and that's that." she says in a forceful tone. Which probably sounds a bit silly in her high-pitched voice. She takes Kotone's hand too and leads them both to the table. "You guys helped Roy and Solty, so that's enough for me."

     Roy has poured generous glasses of the wine by now, and is just about to take his first sip. When he does he lets out a 'grk!' as the taste hits him. But, after that he just non-challantly says, "Not bad." He isn't about to compliment Gilgamesh or anything of his. Kasha moves to sit down again. Roy is at the head of the table (presumably Gilgamesh seated himself at the other end), so she sits next to him with two more seats next to her for Silica and Kotone. She looks at Gilgamesh again. "So...you don't make sense. You can't just -be- king. You either have to be granted the title by the people or claim it and have people go along with it. It has no meaning if you aren't recognized as king by others. So, pretty sure you can't be king of everything. You can call yourself that, but..." She shrugs. "Just sayin'."

     Roy and Solty were listing to Kotone, and Roy contemplates it. "This place is headed that way. No wars or anything but lots of people have Resemble now. Somehow I've gotten this far without it, but most hunters have been hurt and had to get it or just got it to get a leg up against the badguys."

Silica has posed:
    Silica relaxes as the tension breaks. She giggles softly at Kasha's forwardness. Ah, the joys of the young. Kids are so blunt and to the point. it's kind of refreshing. It kinda reminds her of how you can't hide things in a VRMMO, there's no 'filter' on direct mind links.

    She seats herself, summoning a little bag of peanuts to feed to Pina, who kwerls softly and munches appreciatively.

    Listening to the conversations, she looks over to Roy curiously. "What is 'Resemble' exactly? Is that the robot parts that man had?" Her tail loops around the chair leg, and her ears prick forward, like a pair of large, fuzzy radar dishes.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa does not mind as her hand is taken and she's lead to the tbale she will move to sit down once she has a moment to do so. She looks to Roy and Solty nodding. "The war kickstrted things on the technology likely decades if not centuries faster than it would have happened otherwise. Plenty of people willing to sign up for the testing and the militaries of the world having their super soldiers in reach pressed onwards."

She thinks for a moment about Roy's own job.

"Still good training and knowing what to do counts for a lot. I had to learn to do everything over again pretty much, don't ask how many mugs I destroyed in the first month..."

She'll sip at the wine for a moment as she htinks.

"No you never do Lie, King Gilgamesh." 5R
She looks to SIlica and gets some idea of her quetion but the details seem a bit different here than for back home.

Gilgamesh has posed:
     "Mortals can't just /be/ king," Gilgamesh says idly, "I am not mortal. I am two-thirds god and one third man, made for that purpose and that purpose alone. The instant I came into the world I knew all that I needed to know, full of power and blessed with every gift imaginable. All the eyes of the gods were upon me. All the lights of the heavens poured down to bless me, and the people cried out for their perfect King."

     He doesn't...sound...braggy about it. For once, this doesn't feel like an ego trip. He /almost/, /almost/ sounds sour.

     The King makes a motion with his hand, dismissing the bowing mother. "There is nothing to forgive. A mother has every right to worry over a child."

Solty Revant has posed:
     "Yep. That'd be it." Roy answers Silica. "But his were industrial. You could tell they were robotic just by lookin' at 'im. Most Resemble is more like Solty's. Pretty hard to tell it's Resemble without some kind of scanner. I'm not sure who first came up with it. Someone in R.U.C., I guess. It can replicate the body's functions down to the finest detail and there doesn't seem to be any need for recharging. Maybe they run off of food like a real body, I dunno. But Solty is pretty unique. I've never seen Resemble with that kind of resilience or power before, and there's no records of any other 100% Resemble, either." Solty's ears twitch and she looks up from putting out the places and silverware before smiling at Roy. He doesn't actually smile back, but his features soften a bit before he sips of his wine. "You two are old enough, right? This wine isn't bad if you want some." Roy adds.

     Solty's ears twitch again as she hears that Gilgamesh never lies. "That's good! Lying is bad. You should always tell the truth, even if it hurts a bit. But, you don't have to be mean about sharing the truth, either." She then starts serving the lasagna, making sure each person gets a good sized piece. "Please enjoy! I helped make it!"

     Kasha listens to Gilgamesh, and at the end of it she says, "...so? That just means you were made to be king. That doesn't mean you ARE king of everything. Plus, unless those gods had dominion over actual everything you have no claim to it anyway. Just everything in the world you come from. It doesn't even mean you /have/ to be king unless you want to be or have some divine compulsion to be king I guess." She pauses here to take a bite of lasagna, then as one might expect of a kid somewhere between 10 and 12, she talks with her mouth full, her words a bit slurred by it. "So, either you gotta actually take control of areas outside your world to become king of those places, or you gotta accept that you are just king of Babylon and Urak or whatever. Otherwise it's mostly just words with nothing to back it up. And you just said you don't lie."

     Miranda returns about this time with garlic bread sticks and salad. "Kasha. Don't talk with your mouth full." she says. Kasha blinks, then covers her mouth. "Er...sorry."

Silica has posed:
    "Oh... That's interesting." Silica remarks, looking curiously at Solty. She never would have been able to tell. Her own ears twitch at the conversation between Gilgamesh and Kasha, suppressing a giggle at the sheer, brutal frankness of the young girl.

    At the offer of wine, Silica shakes her head. "I don't even use the alcoholic buff items from the games." she says, politely declining before getting stuck into the lasagne, falling mostly silent, though her ears are on a swivel. Literally.

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh laughs.

     He stirs his wine in his hand, and he laughs. It's a musical, ringing, /beautiful/ laugh, infused with divinity and starlight and heavenly tones. It's also a mocking laugh, a cruel divinity, a god looking down from on high. He raises the wine to his lips and takes a sip.

     "Child," he says calmly, "The degeneracy of modernity does not deprive me of my existence as King. It is not a crown. It is not a title. It is what I am. That you do not understand it is proof of the modern era's failure."

     He takes another sip. "I am Gilgamesh. I am the King. There is nothing I am not King of. That you do not think that I am King because of foolish views that have risen in my wake does not make me less King. What others think of me does not make me less King. It is not a job I do. It is what I am. 'King' and 'Gilgamesh' are one and the same. There is no Gilgamesh without King, and there is no King without Gilgamesh."

     He waves a hand dismissively as a golden fork and knife fall into his hands. He eats with *impeccable* table manners. At the end of it, a handkerchief falls out of the air and wipes his mouth for him, and he stands and presses his hand over his chest. "My thanks. A fine meal indeed."

     "Now, the King has elsewhere to be." He waves his hand over his shoulder. "Feel free to keep the wine. It is from Babylon, and finer than any you will taste in this modern Multi-Vars."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa nods "There's always a few tells with people like me notbaly the eyes and the back of the neck, generally though I forget my body isn't flesh most days." She grins a bit about that it's been a long road for her not to be afraid of herself. She thinks a biot more about Gilgamesh, Divine right? Well at least in regard to his nation on his native world isn't a joke or an excuse with him.

Kotone enjoys her food fdrom the looks of it as she seems to know her manners though why is someone who is more or less a robot physically eating? Who knows she does seem to be enjoying it though.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Kasha blinks at that reply. She isn't sure what to say. He didn't even argue back, he just flat out denied everything she said and declared herself and everyone else besides himself degenerates. Finally she lets out an exasperated sigh and shrugs at him. "Whatever. Call yourself king of everything all you want, just don't expect us to start doing what you say." she says before poutily putting another bit of lasagna in her mouth and chewing huffily.

     Solty isn't sure what to make of all that either, so she just giggles a bit uncertainly. "Well, thank you for visiting, King Gilgamesh!" she says, regaining her usual cheerfulness in the process. "And thanks for the wine." Roy adds, though obviously more out of obligation than actual gratitude. "He's just leaving because I'm right." Kasha mumbles to herself. Miranda blinks as well. "Leaving already? Well, thank you again for helping Roy and Solty." She doesn't include hope to see you again because...well...she's not sure about that guy.

     It isn't clear why Solty is eating, but she is, and quite happily at that. Her ears even wiggle up and down slightly as she chews. "You two are welcome to stay for the night." Miranda says to Silica and Kotone. "I'm sure it must be far to wherever you come from and besides Roy could use more feminine influence in his life."
     Roy groans at that but doesn't forbid anything. Kasha's eyes widen. "A sleepover? I haven't had one of those in forever! But...aren't you two a little old for that?" she says. Solty's ears perk. "What's a sleepover?"