6184/A Tanker Out Of Time

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A Tanker Out Of Time
Date of Scene: 30 November 2018
Location: Great Ocean
Synopsis: In which Aoko makes a peace offering to the Demon Raider, along with some company.
Cast of Characters: 591, 6708, 6730, Midway

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    The Raider Demon had been told when and where to show up - and closer to the time, Foreigner and Android 17 as well. In fact Aoko had requested of the former to pick her up because she wasn't going to drive an awful speedboat halfway across the ocean a second time. Nevermind the fact using a GPS reliably was beyond her know-how.

    The sea is quiet, of course; there's no trace of the former battle, debris having sunk and oil having dispersed. You'd never know something happened there unless you were there or got told. In that way, the oceans are kind of interesting to Aoko. They don't carry footprints like the land does. At least not on the surface.

    Demon Raider in particular had been asked to bring allies able to harvest oil, keep a ship from sinking, and generally handle the matter of the sinking tanker as beneficially as possible.

    With the time fast approaching, Aoko pulls a watch out of one of her jeans' pockets, humming loudly to herself. And then wondering, out loud, "I hope I accounted for the heat this time, or we're about to get hit by a ship-shaped comet."

    Details she failed to mention until now.

Foreigner (6708) has posed:
     Foreigner's flagship is a marvel for people like Aoko and Seventeen. It's an old vessel from a long-ago age, and yet it's clearly capable of keeping pace with, and even outmatching, some of the most advanced ships of modernity. The pumping steam engines pour black and uncomfortable smog into the sky, the whirling paddles make odd noises every now and again, and the ship *feels* wrong to be on, like it's not just metal and wood but a living thing. It's full of fishmen and hybrids and people who aren't quite hybrids but are clearly getting there, the products of countless bloodlines of interbreeding human and fishman. Some of them flirt with Seventeen and Aoko. Some of them are even good at it. None of them are particularly attractive. All of them are clad in military uniforms, and there is a sense of sharp discipline and decorum on board the vessel that neither Aoko nor 17 have likely experienced.

     Foreigner himself comes and goes as he pleases, though as they near the target site, Foreigner invites them both up to the front deck, where he has had someone sit a table, warm Chinese tea, a bottle of brandy, and some well-made scones and cookies. He's sitting, unconcerned, that mad light in his eyes as he drinks. Aoko mentions that, and he smiles and looks at her.

     "Oh, I'm not worried."

     This is probably because his ships can teleport.

     And they have *seen* his ships teleport.

     But being *on* the ship while it's teleporting might not be the...best thing for a normal human. Just a guess.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Seventeen, is fairly sure that this is an adventure. Sure, the ship was...a thing. It's inhabitants freeky, weird, freeky-weird. Not unpleasant, funny enough when you have spent your life going through the horrors of your creator, being eaten by a litteral bug man, and deal with whatever horrible alien of the week shows up. Well, these people are at least friendly. Seventeen isn't rude to those who show interest...he just simply shows no interest. It's not even that they are ugly, he simply shows little interest at all, period. If pressed, he simply shurgs, and goes 'Sorry I'm married to my job right now.' It's a honest answer, and one that he says easily enough.

    Seventeen is up on deck as things happen, sitting down and trying out the tea and scones. He's been a pleasent enough guest, mostly soft spoken, but firm in his tone. His eyes look out over the water, but when the boat shaped meteor is talked about, he looks towards Aoko.

    "Well, if it comes to that, I can probably handle it," He says, matter of factly. "Either by shielding us or by catching the thing before it becomes too dangerous."

    "This is different than what I used to, but it's pretty good. What kinda tea is this?" he asks Foreigner.

Midway has posed:
    The Raider Demon did not in fact understand why she was instructed to return to this place, so soon after such an incredible altercation. Events that she still has trouble understanding are fresh in her mind, and the Abyssal demon is as a result rather wary. And yet...

    Out across the waves, like a small whale, an I-class Abyssal destroyer pokes its head vertically up from the water's surface. It spyhops just long enough to sight a vessel on the surface before it sinks right back down-- and pops up again. The dog-sized black Abyssal lingers longer this time, fixating a blue eye on the flagship of the Foreigner. Its jaw opens and it lets out a cetacean-like whistle.

    Immediately, four more Abyssal destroyers of similar size, though varying models by their different-shaped heads, similarly emerge. Three of them even surface fully, floating on the waves like slick, black flotsam. The remaining three, a moment later, similarly surface and the entire entourage starts circling a patch of water rather lazily.

    The Raider Demon herself appears, hauling up in a spray of seawater. Her feet come to rest on the ocean's surface, the claws of her right hand dangling right into it at her side. The cannon turrets surrounding her left arm, similarly, remain aimed down. Her tail drags behind her, the end submerged. In all her ghastly pale, black-outfitted horror, she beholds the ironclad before her with that single unexpressive crimson eye on the faceplate of her headgear.

    As the Raider Demon steps forward, she settles into a glide across the water's surface, approaching the vessel. Behind her, in the ring of escorting destroyers, a trio of rotund shapes surfaces-- Feminine shapes welded to great, round cargo containers. Abyssal Wa-class transports. Though with nothing to do, these three hold their position, and all but one of the destroyers remain with them. That last dog-sized abyssal follows Raider, escorting their collective master.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Well, I'm sure YOU'RE not worried, mister Servant, but if I get a comet dropped on my head I die! It's awful. Good to know you've got this if it happens, Seventeen!" Hopefully it won't.

    And there's the Abyssals, finally! Seeing them without the threat of imminent fire makes for a much nicer outing at sea, Aoko feels. She makes sure to wave as the Raider Demon and her escort approach, grinning. "Heeeey, miss Demon! Over here!" She shouts. "It should only be a couple more minu--"

    This is, however, Aoko.

    There is a great shudder of bending metal and splashing water as the sinking tanker falls back into the waters, more damaged than it had been when Shigure's units fired at it. It is, of course, still sinking. All Aoko did was delay that - and make it a bit worse, apparently.

    But probably not beyond salvage.
    It'd give the other Abyssals something to do while their leader(?) is having tea with weird people, plus an android who is probably the least weird of the bunch.

    "Oops, miscalculated that. Oh well, there it is! Uncrewed and unguarded, so you guys can have your supplies without a single drop of blood being shed! And all you gotta do is sit down and talk to us. So! Who wants to start?"

Foreigner (6708) has posed:
     Foreigner's smile is unmoving. "You needn't worry." He's the picture of aristocracy, of class and grace and civility, except for those eyes and that cane that looks like tentacles writhing in the wood.

     He offhandedly mentions the tea's name, which the player doesn't feel like looking up right now because the player doesn't know anything about tea, to Seventeen. It's expensive stuff. It's probably imported. He might've started a war for it.

     The Raider Demon surfaces. It's given an All-Clear whistle from the black ship. Foreigner sets down his cane against the table and nods at Aoko's suggestion, leaning forward on the table. His hands are pressed under his chin in an oddly whimsical stance. His smile is *unsettling*.

     "I have an interest in your services," he says to the Abyssals, "I have, quite clearly, a vested interest in the control of trade routes and trade upon the seas. I am also a trader, after all. This is capitalism. I would like to offer you *my* services, and my resources, in exchange for a mutually-beneficial compact, whereby you aid me and mine, and I aid you and yours."

     "Does this sound acceptable?"

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    "Huh...good stuff." he says, taking another sip. Between things happening, a sudden sinking boat appearing, he eats another scone.

    Yes, he is the most normal of the group...but that margin is a pretty narrow one. He looks up towards the boarding Raider, and provides her a small wave.

    "So...how did you do that? Did you like...put it into a pocket dimension? I mean, I don't think so because why couldn't you just...spit it right back out once Ms. I am the Law and Mr. Deus Vault Muder Mans left..." He isn't sure about it.

    Towards Foreigner he looked again. Technically it would be work, and a potential answer to their plight. Which means...in theory, less people being shot. "Dunno, I think the problem is they need supplies still. If they can't trade without Law-Boat running around screaming and firing torpedos, it's going to just make things worse."

Midway has posed:
    Suddenly, Tanker.

    With a series of squeaks and whistles, the destroyers and transports scatter and submerge. Raider Demon also stops, head turning towards the suddenly present wreckage. She turns some more towards the timidly re-emerging destroyers in her entourage, jerking her head towards it. Taking the hint, the destroyers and transports return to the surface and close on the sinking ship.

    Her attention returns to the ironclad warship in front of her. Boarding isn't much of an issue, though even once she's on the deck the Demon remains armed-- and quite damp, not that a ship full of fishmen is likely to notice a bit more water about.

    "Thank. You. For Invitation. For spoils." she states in that stilted, near-robotic tone of hers. Her mono-eye swivels towards Seventeen first, and she simply states: "Abyss. And Ship. War is real. Raider raids. Ship defend." Her eye swings briefly towards Aoko, "That is. What it is."

    Her eye fixates next on Foreigner, though she remains standing where she is in full kit, dripping on his deck, "...Surface dweller. Deals with Abyss." Okay so she might not know what he IS or who he represents. She raises her clawed hand, the talons flexing at their joints, "Raider. Raids. Unless raiding. Use is. Limited."

    Her hand drops to her side, her 'look' returning to Seventeen, "Plight." Despite the monotone, it seems more like a question than a statement.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "Oh, you know. Magic," Aoko says to Seventeen, putting her hands together and then spreading them. A rainbow appears between them. It fizzles and sparks, like it isn't actually a Make Rainbow spell, but a Multicolored Death Lasers spell being repurposed.

    Look, when you only know how to do one thing really well, you learn to make the most of it.

    Turning away from Seventeen and towards the Demon Raider, Aoko nodnods, still holding onto that rainbow for reasons.

    "Well, that makes sense, but what if you could have a new purpose? What if you DIDN'T have to raid but still had a productive purpose? Would you be able to adapt? I mean, think about it. You've got a big naval force, you could sell your services out and do whatever you want. Work with mister Foreigner here, secure his trade routes in exchange for oil, parts, whatever luxuries you want. Plus you'd probably get to raid people silly enough to pick on you guys!"

Foreigner (6708) has posed:
     She calls him a surface-dweller.

     Foreigner chuckles. "Dear girl I am no such thing."

     One of the less mutated hybrids stops near the Raider Demon as he overhears. "That is our Father. He is the deep dark. Is the-"

     Foreigner raises his hand, and the hybrid falls silent, lowering his head and going back to mopping. The ship is in fact remarkably clean despite the assumption that it would be soggy; Foreigner runs a tight deck. He's clearly extremely experienced in the art of naval warfare.

     "Securing routes is..." Foreigner smiles at her. "It's productive raiding, really. It's pointing your guns at certain people and ensuring they pay for your protection. It's ensuring that those routes are nice and clear and safe no matter who gets in the way. And in exchange, you get oil, metal. You get me and my fleet as an ally when your war comes knocking, because I assure you, they will come knocking for me, too, and together we are /much/ more capable of dealing with such problems than we are separate."

     Foreigner raps on the table with his cane. "It's an equitable arrangement, I think. Besides! Don't be so down on yourself. You're a lovely young lady. I'm sure your allies are lovely young ladies, too. A lady always has more talents than she thinks she has. Isn't that right?" He glances at Aoko.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Towards Aoko Seventeen looks kinda deadpan. "Huh. Certainly is flashier than the magic I've seen back home." He says, with a shrug.

    "That maybe so, but it doesn't have to be all that is is. You're a person right? You came here by choice, to chose to live, despite what those other ships said...YOU made a choice, and that means you can keep making them." Seventeen says, calm, but...firm. "You are only as limited as you believe yourself to be." he says, waving towards Foreigner as he explains his offer. "Aggressive, but trade is trade is trade. You get something from him, he gets something from you. It doesn't have to be all there is either, it can easily be a begining into something else. I mean...right now, how much longer can your forces live like this? Eventually they'll set a trap for you, assuming they're smart enough."

    "Lota people gona get hurt over that. Yourselves most of all. Besides, if you're trying to live your life, honestly, then if they come again I'll make sure they regret it. Doing something new is pretty hard sometimes."

    He looks out over the water, "Putting your past behind you is pretty hard to. Anyway, it's your choice. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, only say that it can be different and better if you want it to be."

Midway has posed:
    "A. Surprise," Raider Demon states simply when Foreigner corrects her, "You. Do not. Look Abyssal." She refers, of course, to her specific type. This creature is quite ignorant of the fishmen manning the vessel she currently stands on or their relationship to the deep sea. Though her eye does swivel about, following one as he goes about his duties, for a moment.

    With Aoko talking about purpose, the Raider lifts her clawed hand again, flexing those talons while staring at what passes for the palm between them. Her I-class escort waddles up beside her, and when she lowers the claw, it comes to rest with the knuckles brushing the top of its sleek hullform.

    "Purpose. Is not. Raids." Her other hand reaches up, placing her more normally-proportioned hand on her facepiece. The helmet is dislodged and pushed back, then removed entirely. She has a human face, pale as a ghost, with a hole large enough to fit a man's fist where her left eye should be. The remaining eye is crimson. The black void behind her face's broken surface houses an inhuman, glowing red point where the eye would be.

    "We are..." The roboticized tone of her voice is gone, "...The past. It is. All we are. Exiled. Forgotten." Her helmet is tucked under one arm, her single eye narrowed, "Hated. Abandoned. Burning, listing, with the. Will. To fight. But no hope."

    Her gaze returns to Foreigner, and she straightens her posture, "The offer. Is enticing. But. We raid. To punish. To cause. Suffering. To those. Who abandoned us."

    Her eye shifts towards Seventeen. With her mangled human-like face, it might be a bit less comfortable than when she had her helmet on, "We are. Machines. Built for war. Fighting. And pain. And pride. That is life. For us."

    Her gaze returns to Foreigner.

    "We will. Raid who we like. But." Her head inclines slightly, "We. Will not. Raid you. If offer is good. Then. Will raid. Your enemy."

Foreigner (6708) has posed:
     The Foreigner's smile somehow just gets a little wider. "Oh, I'm just full of surprises, dear."

     "That suits me fine, then. Suits me fine." Foreigner waves his hand. "I don't care if you raid others or not. Neither my problem nor my concern. Dear girl, my only interest is in my own expansion, not in curtailing your other activities. Please don't misunderstand - I don't have any interest in changing you or urging you to do anything but what you are, just in a manner that happens to be productive for me in exchange for goods and services."

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    Seeing her without her helmet on, and talking about being the past... Aoko actually laughs, and does so entirely because of Foreigner's presence. It's not that the Raider's appearance isn't offputting, but... she's preaching the past in the company of a Heroic Spirit. It's amusing. A little bit sad, from another perspective.

    "Ah, ah, I see, I see! Well... you know, the nice gentleman in front of you is the same as you. A man who lived a life, and then died, and became a name no doubt passed around history books but never much more. Now he's flesh again, so to speak! But I should think him beyond simply wanting to repeat the past. He seems to be carving himself a future instead," she says.

    "Well, I get it's easier said than done. I guess what I'm going to put on the table is that I think you deserve to exist as much as anyone else, and I don't like their 'kill the monsters' attitude. I think you have the potential to prove them wrong. But if you waste it, I mean... that'll be a shame. They'll probably catch you and "fix" you eventually."

    She doesn't really like that, either.

    "Sorry, let's establish some bases first. What DO you think about being fixed? About them claiming they can get the taint out of you and make you a person again? Is that desirable?"

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Seventeen takes in a small breath. No, not at her appearance...hilariously, he's much like his sister in that reguard, physical appearance means little to him. Though the hole was a bit sad.

    "Yeah. I know how that is." He says, calmly, looking out over the water. "I could sit here and tell you how it won't fill the void in your heart. It won't make you feel better. I will, however, point out that the more you do this...the more suffering you force on others. How long until one of them comes for you, with a hole in their head like yours."

    "I get it, the anger and hate that you feel. I was there too. My parents died, I was left on the streets with my sister. Only to meet a man who claimed he'd help us...only to turn us into...this." he says, shrugging at himself.

    "Removed from nature as any other robot, I decided to keep the name he gave me, to remind me. Still...not a day goes by after that...that I didn't hate him for what he did to me, hated the world for allowing it to happen, and hated people who did nothing."

    "That was is nothing but a dark place. You can't see a way out...you only feed into it."

    "Eventually, I had to give it up, I had people who did for me what people here are doing for you now. I can't promise it will go away..." he look towards Aoko and her question. "Going back or staying is your choice too. That's one I'd fight for, because your choice...anyone's choice in how they live is more important than anything else."

Midway has posed:
    "I am. Not human. Not alive." Raider Demon states when Aoko shares a bit more about what Foreigner is. "It is. Different."

    Seventeen shares his experience with revenge, and her good eye shifts towards him. Her head dips slightly, "I am. New. To emotion. But. This feeling. It is honest." Her claw's fingers curl in on themselves, "This hate. This betrayal." When the I-Class chirps, her fingers uncurl again, "...Perhaps. When I. Have had my fill. Until then. My course is clear."

    To Aoko's last question, her answer is simple: "There. Is nothing. To fix."

    And then to Foreigner: "This. Is fine." Raider Demon acknowledges Foreigner's terms. Her left hand extends, the gun turrets swinging to point back down her arm so as not to threaten the Servant, and a handshake is offered. "Your terms. Accepted. Perhaps. I am no longer. Raider." ... "Privateer Demon." ... "Too many. Syllables. No."

Foreigner (6708) has posed:
     Foreigner doesn't seem like the type to easily be threatened. He holds out his hand. His grip is cold. Familiar. Dark. He smiles and closes his hand around hers, and that flash of madness in his eyes is all the more intense as he clasps his other hand around it. "Well, my dear, then I am entirely happy to say that this has been an extremely profitable voyage for me already."

     He stands and bows. His eyes shimmer with that mad light as he picks up his cane. "If you'll excuse me, please, I've some other business to attend to. My boys and girls will take care to deliver you to wheresoever you wish to go on the surface unharmed and unscathed. You have my word."

     And then he vanishes, the space around him twitching and spasming. It hurts to look at, hurts to /watch/, as the Foreigner disappears. Hurts just to see.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Seventeen holds the gaze of the Raider Demon. Taking in a breath, he shrugs. "Then it's your choice, but...one word of advice from one person to another. It sure is honest. It is the most honest feeling you may ever feel. You will...however, find drowning in it easy. It's easy to respond to them the same way they do you. Don't be their opposite...be you." He says, finally.

    "Corsair Demon?" he offers, it was actually short AND fit the role. "I kinda like the sound of it, to be honest." he says, with a small smile. Serious as the conversation was, he wasn't going to bring it all down like this. Life WAS about living.

    He'll also give <Adjetive> Demon his direct radio. In case the ships came back to finish the job.

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    Aoko's eyes trail to Seventeen. Oh, she should have suspected it. He's entirely too pretty to be without a backstory.
    That is, in fact, how that works.

    Though of course, it's the Demon's words that cause the most thinking. Aoko, still holding onto that rainbow for reasons, smiles to Foreigner as he makes his exit, and then returns her gaze to the Demon.

"Nothing, huh?" She wonders if the zealous demon hunter could have been right. At least, a bit. "So that's your course, then? Vengeance until you're not thirsty for it anymore? Against who, then? 'The people who forgot you' is kind of super vague. Do you have names? Places?" No, something about this still feels off.

    Are they missing chunks of themselves? Is that it? All the tormented feelings they had when dying, is that all that's left?

    Aoko would cross her arms if her hands weren't busy sustaining a rainbow. "Hm. You're complicated, miss Demon! Do you mind if I ask a question? How were you born? I mean, current you. I know you said you're not alive right now, but amuse my rambling, how did you come back? And why do they claim you can be fixed if you can't? Has that happened? To other Abyssals?"

Midway has posed:
    Raider acknowledges Seventeen's words by watching him intently as he says his piece. She doesn't interrupt or the like, but waits until he is finished. Only then does she speak, "Abyssal. Cannot drown."

    It seems she, too, is not above jokes, though the monotone delivery is a bit off.

    Foreigner takes his leave, and in his departure she nods once, "I. Understand. We will. Be in touch."

    "Names, hazy," she says to Aoko. "Place, distant. Reaching. Not yet."

    The real question gives her pause, eye and hellish red dot both focusing on Aoko. The eye blinks slowly in comprehension, but the answer doesn't come immediately. Her head dips slightly in thought.

    "...Enemy to starboard," her voice loses its stilted quality, and her visible eye goes glassy and distant, "...Firing solution is verified. All guns, fire. Captain, we have taken a hit," It's not immediately obvious due to the Translation effect, but she's actually switched to fluent, flowing German by this point, "Starboard engine is out. We are taking on water. Heavy damage to the enemy, the fleet is retreating."

    There's a long pause. When she speaks again, she jolts in place, prompting a curious noise from her I-Class, "...This scout force. The main fleet must be approaching. I will not give this ship to our enemy. Open all valves, all hands ashore."

    Her eye narrows, the glassy look returning to normal. Her normally proportioned hand lifts, cradling the side of her head, "...Pain. Fire and pain. Then water. Then cold. Then nothing. Then..." The hand lowers and she lifts her claw, talons flexing, "...This."

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Seventeen had a moment of 'Wait that's not what', and then followed by a laugh. "Ha, nice one. Caught me off guard with that one." He says, with a calm and collected smile. There is only so much he can do, and he knows just as well that overbearing would be worse than doing nothing at all. After all, in the end she had to make her own choices.

    Though the reinactment of her...death was extremely sad. Like some cruel joke, to be given a soul, and brought back like this. Shaking his head, he looks towards Aoko, she seemed to have some idea of what she was doing...and this was kinda out of his field of expertise. Standing up, he walks towards her.

    A gloved hand moves to rest on her head, he was pretty sure that is how it was supposed to go. While he seems...cold and aloof, Seventeen just appears to be more mute with outward expressions of emotions, rather than devoid of them.

    "There is more to life than that. It's also proof that you are alive. That, is important. Whatever and however you wana live, that's your choice. To borrow some sea terms, sail towards the horizon." a beat, "By the way, I'm Android Seventeen. You can just call me Seventeen."

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    Is she flashbacking?

    Aoko watches the Raider curiously, especially with the momentary return of her ability to speak properly. A german ship, presumably, sunk and... brought back as some kind of vengeance ghost?

    That's awful. Still too early to decide if "fixing" her is really the best solution, though. If the Demon is an entity of her own, wouldn't it be really unfair to essentially get rid of her to bring the whole back? Ah... reminds her of that cat. It's not quite the same, but giving a body to a repressed personality instead of trying to fix her worked out.

    "I see. I just want it on record if I wasn't containing a light show right now I'd give you a heartfelt headpat or five just like he is!" Aoko says, before adding with a smile: "I hope you figure something out, though. Something that doesn't result in you getting sunk again or getting "fixed" against your will."

    Oh, right. Names. "I'm Aoko. And I can't promise anything, but I'll help you as long as you're not being mustache-twirling evil. I think I gotta draw a line in the sand somewhere or I'll get in trouble."

    She pauses.

    "In MORE trouble than usual."


Midway has posed:
    Well, Aoko did ask how Raider Demon was 'born', just now. A traumatic recounting of her death and re-emergence is about as detailed as one could get. Her head dips down when Seventeen places his hand on it in one of the more awkward headpats one could deliver. She lets out a little noise, but doesn't otherwise respond to the contact.

    "I will." she states after a moment, "Sail towards. My own horizon."

    The Raider Demon looks down towards the I-Class next to her feet. It chirps. Her claws close around it, lifting the smaller ship off the deck rather easily. Her other hand shifts, and she slides her helmet back on. The mechanized reverbration returns to her voice immediately when she speaks again.

    "I am. Raider Demon. You already know." The crimson optic flickers back in on the faceplate, shifting towards Seventeen, then to Aoko, "I will not. Stop you. From doing what you want. If it helps. I accept."

    She turns, her single eye gazing out over the sea to the foundering tanker, "There is still. Work. To do. And. A war to fight."

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Seventeen looks back towards Aoko...

    "Can't you...just stop it?" He asks, because that's weird.

    Raider delcares her intentions to sail towards her own Horizon. Well, that's good enough for him. With a smile, he leans back on the rail. "Well, that's all we can ever do, eh? Watch yourself out there." He says, and then looks back towards Aoko. "I dunno about you, but I think I've had enough of this ship." Refering to the one they are on, not Raider. "Know any good resturants within flying distance?"

Aoko Aozaki (591) has posed:
    "I was concerned it might startle people if I did!" Aoko says, but now that she's been prompted, and that there's an occasion to celebrate...

    "Alright, well, a toast to your horizon, miss Demon! I don't have any alcohol on me so fireworks will have to suffice."

    Aoko flings her hands up, and bright rainbow lasers beam into the sky before detonating into fancy fireworks. Aoko uses the occasion to scratch her nose.

    "Ah, ahah... sorry, sorry, that spell was never meant to do anything except blast things, so I had to improvise."

Midway has posed:
    "Not yet," is Raider's simply response to Seventeen.

    She can't stop. Not yet. She said she would go until she was satisfied, after all. She pauses when Aoko speaks up, though. That eye follows the lightshow up, and when the spell bursts, she raises her cannon-laden arm to shield her vision slightly. As it winds down, her arm lowers, and she stares at that sky for a long moment.

    Her eye shifts down to Aoko again, then to Seventeen, then to one of the passing Fishman crewmembers, "Your master. Give my thanks. I will. Be in contact."

    She turns, then, and approaches the ship's railing. Her I-Class escort is uncerimoniously tossed over the side with a squeak. Shortly after, the Raider Demon herself steps over the side. Both skate across the surface towards the now-capsized oil tanker and the collection of destroyers and transports awaiting them.