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FATE: It's Not Lupus
Date of Scene: 06 December 2018
Location: Costa Del Sol, Eorzea
Synopsis: The Heroes obliterate a poor FATE Boss, and then kibitz over crabmeat and shipwreck tossing. Raha returns to the Multiverse, too.
Cast of Characters: N'raha Tia, Deelel, Silica, 1137, 6384, 6730, Atalanta, 6655, 6794, Gilgamesh

N'raha Tia has posed:
    DUTY: It's Not Lupus!
    Location: Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore
    Type: Notorious Monster
    Urgency: High
    Difficulty: High

    The usually tranquil shores south of Costa Del Sol are a madhouse right now. The alarm has gone up from the Adventurer's Guild and the Maelstrom of a massive, bloodthirsty crab that's wandered its way up out of the ocean and is making its nest in the soft sands south of the coastal resort, driving off everything and everyone with massive swipes of its claws and a cloud of attendant horrible annoying jellyfish.
    People arriving via warp gate will find themselves shunted through the Aetheryte Network to Costa, where refugee beach goers, fishermen and even the Maelstrom guards are huddled up and away from the southern beach at a natural rock arch, waiting for the cavalry.

    (OOC: Cancer.jpg He's a big'un.)    

Deelel has posed:
It had been a long time since Deelel had seen any news of this world, when the job came up? She sought to see just what was going on. Which the program who was strangely clad by local standards. She looked out with her keyblade in hand already. She starts to make for the horde of monsters at a fairly sedade pace she has an ida of what she needs to do here.

"Come on time's ticking away, let's get to it."

She'll call out to anyone who is arriving, Deelel seems keen to get to business with the critters.

Silica has posed:
    It's been a while since Silica heard anything from Hydaelyn, and so when a job pops up on the Syndicate board for the area, she transforms, and makes her way over. Arriving at the area with dagger ready and a cluster of her combat pets surrounding her. She's even mounted on one of them, a large dragon-cat monster. Pina sits on her right shoulder, a winged serpent coils around her right forearm, a large bat with a hawk's wings and beak sits on her left shoulder while a stout boar with tusks made from large ice crystals clings to the dragon-cat's flank as the beast runs.

    She rides up like literal cavalry, teasing her mount to a stop at a safe-ish distance and waiting for others to turn up while going over her pets and giving them treats or soothingly petting them as necessary.

Asterios (1137) has posed:
Something drops out of the sky. It's big. Like, twelve-foot-tall and made entirely of muscle and bone kind of big. The sand and surf spray upward in a great big geyser as a giant makes landfall...! With a tremendous mane of stark-white hair, jet-black eyes crowned with crimson irises, and two massive horns, there's no doubt as to what this creature is...!

But the question is... Why is it... wearing an innertube?


Likes the sea.

Living for as long as he had, trapped deep within the Labyrinth of Crete, Asterios spent so long just sitting at the sealed gates to his home and listening to the distant waves. He'd never seen the ocean, but he knows the sound of its soothing roar and the scent of its spraying seafoam.

Asterios likes the ocean. He loves the beach. And so... He is bidden to defend it...!

The minotaur rises, cascades of sand and water rolling off his back and shoulders. He takes one look at the massive crab monster and holds his hands into the open air. In a flash, two enormous poleaxes materialize in his waiting grip. He chuffs, breathing a great puff of hot air out his nostrils, and declares:

"Crab... Is best beach food...!"

And with his intentions declared, Asterios, the Minotaur of Crete, goes on the offensive! His first order of business, cracking that crab's shell with his GREAT BIG AXES and RIDICULOUS SUPER STRENGTH.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Sometimes the hardest question to answer about how to respond to a call for help is what you should wear to the *dancing.* So after a quick debate, Orchid decided to go with something better suited to the aesthetic of this world.

     So Orchid arrives, wearing something that makes her look like a pixie just under five-feet tall. She's here first for the Search and Rescue aspect, but if there are no people in need of rescuing, she brought enough drones to provide support for those who will be fighting.

    "Orchid on-scene, with the latest news. Giant crab, check, jellyfish flock, check. I might be immune to the later, but let's see who else can respond."

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    At the scene of the dangerous CRAB BATTLE...or rather, at the sight of the giant monster crab....

    Was a young man with black hair and a more modern set of clothing. On his arm he wore a band that spelled 'Ranger'. Right now, he was standing nearish to the crab, but unafraid of it. In his notebook he was taking notes on this thing, and...of course, the the strange jellyfish that seemed to hover arround it...did it command the fish, or did the Jellyfish instead buddy up with it like clownfish with anemone? Truly, this was interesting...

    But it was on the beach, but why? What drew it away from the ocean...something this large had to be deep ocean? He wasn't sure, maybe he should check in with local schollars about this and try and figure out this stuff. Things could be different here...

    Also those strange crystals seemed to be teleport stones? That's pretty neat. He'll have to get a tutorial on that later.

    Of course, the man seems uncaring about the danger of the Crab. If it strikes, he plays defensive and simply jumps around it. Infact, he would use that as a oppertunity to see how it gathered prey.

    "Neat." he says to himself.

Atalanta has posed:
     Another Mi'qote ... well... NOT a Mi'qote, but another woman of some sort of feline persuasion shows up on the beach. To be fair, adding in the sheer bard-like look of Atalanta's normal gear (especially with the giant, Goddess-given bow on her back)... well...

     She might as well be.

     - but she's a lion, got it?

     Honestly Atalanta is just here for the crab mea- "Asterios! Hey! It's mine! Get back from there!" The Grecian lioness yells after the Cretian bull. Her ears rustle in the wind as she gives him chase - but she goes up rather than down towards the beach, up to the top of the cliff that looks over Bloodshore.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    It had been a fair bit since Solomon had learned of the Multiverse, though he hadn't found a good opportunity to venture out and apply his unique skillsets. Battles abounded, sure, but... not the kind Solomon usually enjoyed. But this? A fight against a rogue beast? This will make a very good first--okay, second venture. A nice, easy boss battle.

    Given that the target is massive, and presumably slow, Solomon's feeling in his element. Kitted out in his trademark blue armor and giant broadsword, he takes a brief note of any other adventurers in the area, takes a look at the crab. So, the job is to hit that thing until it dies? Too easy.

    He utterly disregards the jellyfish and charges at the crab, swinging his sword down in a mighty cleave. Ya know, standard stuff.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    All of the arriving heroes are going to get cheers from the onlookers as they make their way down to the beach, with some of the more inebriated or financially minded already moving to start taking bets on who's going to get the killing blow, who's going to eat sand and so on.

    And if you wanted a real Miqo'te there's one coming up the beach now. A green eyed cat man, in snappy looking grey armor, carrying a heavy, slightly shimmering axe, on the back of a green hued bird. For some, he will be a familiar sight, for most, he's going to be new, but the crowd all seems to cheer a bit more, for those who recognize him as well. "Isn't that one of the Scions?" "I think it's the Warrior of Light! One of them anyways!"

    Raha surveys the crowd of heroes gathered, hops off the bird, and swats it's backside to get it to camper to safety. "Hey guys. Nice to see that Eorzea hasn't been forgotten." Though, this is a new batch of 'friends', isn't it?

    He plants his feet, and then there's a flash of aether as he TACKLES the giant crab, ramming into it with his shoulder and the butt of his axe.

    The thing had already been swiping at 17 and bubbling at the approaching heroes in general, but now the battle is truly joined, as the thing rears up and starts taking swipes at the catman and everyone else.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    As Raha steps in to do battle, not only does Cancer rear up and start swiping, but those floating jellyfish start to mingle around, wandering slightly aimlessly and trying to zap anyone and everyone with paralysing shocks.

Silica has posed:
    "Alright then, violence it is." says the Cait Sith. She could be mistaken for a Miqo'te herself, if a slightly odd one. Maybe a Keeper, due to the lack of slit-pupils.

    Once she dismounts, she clicks her tongue in a complex set of tones, and her pets fan out, lifting from her body or their perches and giving confirmation chirps, trills or growls.

    Silica points to the crab, and Tetsu, the Dracotiger, charges forwards with a deep roar of challenge, following Solomon's attack up with a pounce that attempts to overbalance the large monster. She draws her dagger and follows in after her large pet. She diverts, though, when the Jellyfish aggro and she calls out a warning, only to get confusion. "Oh, right... this isn't a 'crasher gig... Focus Silica." She turns, and directs the smaller pets into a wedge formation, diving into the encroaching Jellyfish and trying to put as many down as she can with slashes of dagger skills, and the various breath weapons of her pets, stunning bubbles, damaging needles of wind magic, sonic pulses and eruptions of ice from the little boar as she stomps on the ground.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Okay, a bunch of other people have shown up, and most seem focused on the crab. Orchid, on the other hand, figures that not having, you know, biology, makes her immune to poison based attacks. Thus, she should be completely safe if she draws the attention of the jellyfish. That logic established in her mind, she morphs one hand into a buster, and fires small pellets of plasma at the jellyfish on her side of the crab, making sure that the other heroes aren't in the line of fire.

Atalanta has posed:
     The not-Mi'qote up on top of the cliff doesn't go for the crab. She knows its' weakness: and until there's a better visible shot at the underside, she has things that she can turn her attention too... the very numerous jellyfish, of which there are several starting to drift towards her.


     She draws the bow, and takes aim - and no matter how far away they are across the beach, Atalanta's arrows fly, heading for the jellyfish, with the surety of her shots meaning she lets them fly with unerring precision.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
     A couple swings into attacking the crab's shell, Solomon finally takes note of the jellyfish. Barely. He's got half an eye on their movements, but is fully focused on beating the main target. At any rate, it looks like the others have a handle on the, er.... "adds". Why couldn't Silica couldn't just say "more monsters"?

    The banter and conversation does yield a strategy, though: flip the crab. Having whaled on the shell a bit with more or less baseball swings, Solomon shifts to uppercut-style attacks, still using his massive strength to swing an equally massive blade REALLY hard. Combined with everyone else's efforts, that should be enough to topple it?

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Seventeen continues his evasion, claws smash into the dirt as he jumps over the claw, bouncing off of a Jellyfish and landing behind it. Sighing...it looks like they're going to eat lots of crab tonight. A shame too, this could have been interesting. Hands pont out towards the Jellyfish, as it turns to swing at him, and he fires a wave of energy, aiming to send both it and the blast into the giant enemy crab. Well, knowing how a thing fights might make the next time this happens easier to deal with peacefully.

    Still, he wonders if it's just here to lay eggs? Maybe if it was less frothingly angry at everything...

    Taking a moment, Android 17 leans back, coiling like a spring, but does not jump forward.

Enkidu (6794) has posed:

There's some green-haired... person? on the beach. It looks like they just washed up with the surf, floating like a piece of driftwood. They ride the tide in, and stop in the sand, rolling over onto their back and looking up at the sky. The water weighs their plain white clothes down.

A surfboard washes up nearby. Apparently, Enkidu isn't any good at riding waves. Maybe don't summon Summer Enkidu as a Rider.

The shadow of the giant crab falls over him. He cranes his neck a little further than looks comfortable. "Hello," he says to it. "I'm Enkidu. Who are you?" It's like he expects it to understand him or something!

(it will)

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Solomon's strike will hit true, and the Draco Tiger's tackle will do the same... putting a crack in the shell of the crab. A small one. What in the blazes is this thing made out of, mithril? It does shuffle its legs tough, the swat unbalancing it for a moment before it shifts its great bulk. It's the size of a damn tank. A big tank. It's got a low center of gravity.

    The Catman Warrior joins in, though, moving to turn the flat of his axe into his own strike, getting the idea of what's going on here. "...Howdy. Nice to see... someone else with the right idea of things."

    Atalanta, Silica and Orchid, though, start in on the jellyfish. They're surprisingly resilient for floating bags of goop, hard rubbery outer skin deflecting one or two shots before starting to cumple. They wobble and fall over, losing their air somewhat, and sink into goopy messes on the beach. More are floating up and out of the water, though.
    17's got a novel approach though. Fling jellies at the crab. The one he does blast goes flyign across the sands, trailing poisonous goop before smacking into a rather satisfying splatter of mess on the side of the Giant Enemy Crab. It rocks once more on its feet, an eye stalk turning briefly to look at the Android, before taking swipes at the frontline fighters.
    Or at least it tries to. Because the moment it makes that attempt, the catman in the armor turns and kicks the thing square in the snout, a highly... aggravating move, backed with a wave of irritating aether. "OY! YOU! STEAM POT. I'M THE GUY, YOU'RE FIGHTING ME. COME ON YOU BARNACLED PILE OF BUTTER HIT ME, GODSDAMMIT." Either this guy is a masochist or... he's got a plan, right? The axe comes around again, swatting at a claw as it swipes in, and the catman keeps up the defensive motions.

    On the rest of the beach though, more of those jelly fish start to saunter around ,and boy do they look riled up. There's less 'meandering' now, and more 'charging for the squishies'.

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Meanwhile, the beautiful King of Heroes slides up on his own golden surfboard. He's dressed in an open gold-and-silver hawaiian-print shirt, exposing a flawless torso, and red shorts that show off his perfect legs. He skids to a halt next to Enkidu, kicks the surfboard up into the air, and shoulders it. There's a wide, uncharacteristic grin on Gilgamesh's face. "The objective is to *balance*," He says, "Like we saw in the video, remember? I know you're more balanced than that. Did you just decide to take a swim and have a chat with the fish?"

     The crab appears. Enkidu talks to it. Gilgamesh looks up at it with an irritated glance. "Do you mind?"

     The Gate of Babylon opens. Weapons edge themselves out of thin air, out of shimmering golden ripples. Each and every weapon is a high-end magical production, the kind of thing D&D characters might call 'artifacts', of gorgeous, flawless make. "You're in the King's sun."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Also you're going to have to excuse Cancer. He's being kicked in the snout and your attempts at parley are being interrupted by CRAB BATTLE. It bubbles something about blood and guts and 'eat cat'. It does not appear to be either very bright or very natural. In fact, if you had to guess it's Very Unnatural.

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Upon Enkidu telling him 'let's kill it just to be sure,' Gilgamesh just shrugs. "That's out of character for you. But if you say so."

     He doesn't even move. He doesn't even snap his fingers. Just, one moment he's simply glancing at the crab, and the next, the Gate of Babylon yawns wide, firing its magical payload into the creature. He neither knows nor cares where weak spots are - Gilgamesh is the type to make his own weak spots, armed with the overwhelming firepower that infinite magical weapons produces. Indeed, as the Gate of Babylon fires, no two weapons are alike - from swords that would put most adventurer's tools to shame to spears that would make Dragoons weep with joy to hammers and axes that would make any Warrior eager with glee, on and on and on, the Gate of Babylon is an unending stream of deadly, ridiculous, artifacts. Gilgamesh isn't even trying here; the stream is localized, focused, concentrated on a singular point.

     "Enkidu," he adds offhandedly, "Aim at that point with me. We'll simply crack its shell."

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    A small crack. That's all the hint Solomon needs to /keep swinging/. And with the catlike humanoid drawing the crab's attention, he can just focus on attack and take it easy, not worrying about things such as avoiding damage. Uppercuts do seem to be destabilizing the crab as intended - it just needs a little more work. Solomon slows down his attack rate in favor of stronger hits to hopefully lift the living rock off its legs. And he's making note to talk to the fightin' cat later - looks like he could learn a thing or two from a good conversation.

Atalanta has posed:
     No eating the cattes, Cancer. Atalanta disapproves.

     Still up, high in the air, the lion-woman shifts her weight, and starts throwing out arrows at the jellyfish in a much more quicker series of shots. They still have her normal precision and power, she's just stopped being lazy. "Minotaur. We will need lots of butter." She eyes Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Bah...

     /*Men*/ and... someone that has green hair, so who is mildly more liked by Atalanta than anyone else other than Silica, Deelel, Orchid, or Asterios at the moment.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Android 17 sighs, hearing that the creature is rather unnatural. Well, disappointing, but Enkidu DID giv ehim a good idea to save the work he had done. However, there was more to it.

    Seventeen decides that someone needs to keep the Jellyfish under control, so....

    He bounces around, firing blast after blast to try and keep the Jellyfish population down. Aiming to consistantly splatter them across it's shell and turn their paralizing power on /it/. Of course he might 'accidently' try and splatter one a bit too close to Gilgamesh.


Silica has posed:
    Silica hops back from the Jellyfish, letting her pets take over keeping them occupied, mostly playing keep-away while waiting for their breath weapons to recharge. She turns to watch Solomon, N'raha and her pet engaged in close combat with the Giant Crab. She whistles shrilly and Tetsu lets out a bellowing roar, rearing up and slapping at the crab with its giant paws, aiming to block attacks aimed at the other two in close range with him. he's being Off-Tank.

    Silica herself closes her eyes, bringing her hands up and chanting in something that sounds kinda like norse. Yellow runes appear and lock in around her as she calls their name, before a bubble of interlocking blue hexagons appears around N'raha, followed up by a drop of 'water' washing over him and providing a constant refreshing of his stamina.

Enkidu (6794) has posed:
"There was a school of them I'd never seen before under us," Enkidu tells Gilgamesh. "It seemed like it was worth the interruption." Yeah, okay, maybe not that bad at surfing after all.

Enkidu picks himself up. The sand falls off like it suddenly can't find purchase. Long hair blows in the sea breeze. Enkidu seems pleased at the locale, if not their circumstances. "Animals that arise from unique circumstances are understandable," he tells Gilgamesh, "but this feels closer to a mage's created beast." Nature preservation is one thing, but unnature preservation is quite another!

Enkidu follows Gilgamesh's example, thrusting both hands towards the ground. The beach churns, and spears and blades hard as steel and the color of the sand leap out out of the ground and launch like missiles at Gilgamesh's designated spot. Unlike Gilgamesh's endless barrage of unique artifacts, Enkidu creates masterworks, but manufactured ones, albeit in large amounts. "Understood!"

Asterios (1137) has posed:
"Gao..." Asterios huffs, glancing back at the fluffy cat-girl. "We can... share crab. Plenty to eat... for everyone...!

Indeed. Eat. Unnatural or not, Asterios has tasted the thrill of the hunt. In spite of the vast array of weapons being deployed all around him, he is of single mind and single purpose...!

Though wow these jellyfish are /really/ kind of being jerks! Asterios grunts through the pain and the stings, they'll hurt more later, but he has a job to do! While all the others are dealing with smashing the crab, hammering at a single weakpoint, Asterios hears something on the radio that catches his attention...!

And so he rushes in, geysers of seaspray erupting all around him. He utters a deep, reverberating roar and charges bodily at the crab's backside. He reaches out with TWO BIG, MEATY MITTS to seize hold of the thing's broad, spiny carapace...!

And goes to /german suplex/ onto its head.


Deelel has posed:
Deelel hangs back a bit for the moment as it seems the battle is being joined if that's the case? Well then she pulls her ID disc off her back and the edge of it hums of life. She takes note of Silica there and several others such as Atlanta and Asterios. Android 17 is new but she's not been the noisiest elite as of late. Then come Gil and Enkidu, life just got more complicated.

She makes to fall in with Atlanta and chirps back.

"Ah yes that would be quite the source of food wouldn't it?"

There's still a slightly disturbed look on her face, most other lifeforms /eat/ things be they plants or animals. Conversely, it's a tasty source of energy which has long left Deelel confused. She'll throw her ID disc, and weapon energized Edge should be able to do some damage as it will bounce off whatever it hits and Deelel is aiming to bounce it off the crab and its companions should any remain. Playing razor doom pinball with them. She calls out to Asterios

"I'll keep them busy you hit them hard with your friend!"

Or the big guy could open up the softer spots for her to hit too.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    A strange, giant man in overlapping red robes looks up from a pile of snow that he's digging in, and quirks his brow. "Ah. HAH. Something felt funny. Perhaps... it was my spear. Somethere. Hrrrmmm." The sensation passes and he does back to digging.
    Nearby, a green chicken devours a bug from a log.

    WELL NOW. There's a lot going on. Let's start with the Jellies. Seventeen seems to have the right of things as he keeps skipping in and out of the danger, swooping past those swinging tentacles and splatting the pesky murderjellies as they come. Though, Gil probably isn't going to like the goop. It stings and fizzles and makes muscles twitch and flutter and spasm. Best not to get a full dose of that.
    The catman shivers a little bit, as he feels Silica's magic slide into place, his muscles easing and a very familiar looking Protect shifting into place around his body. Much better. He spares a glance for the girl, his green eyes flashing under his armored helmet. Thanks.

    And then the REAL ASSAULT STARTS. Swords from Solomon. Axes from Raha. Swords and everything from Gil. Spears and Swords from Enkidu. PRO WRASSLE from Asterios. Arrows from Atalanta.

    It's all really quite too much for this 'poor' thing. Cancer starts to crumple, to batter into the sand, blows raining upon it like... well, rain. Thanks to the gates. This thing wasn't an Elite. It can't stand up to this much abuse.

    And then there's an axe. Not one of Gil's though. It's Raha's axe, the head of it glowing like the sun, an aetheric trail swishing out in a rainbow as he straight cleaves the crab's head in two, and...

    It explodes. Not in crabby chunks, but in a massive cloud of magic, mana and aether. Not all of it good though. There's a whiff of foulness, a cloud of dark, inky wrongness here, that dissipates nearly as quickly as it can be senses. Furtive inky wrongness. Like it knew it was spotted.
    Raha straightens up, a kink in his tail swishing a bit as he turns to look at the rest of the people gathered. "...well. Hi. Didn't expect backup today." He lifts his visor to show a handsome cat-face, a series of marks under an eye, his bright green eyes taking in the crowd of Heroes. "....Nice to see outworlders again, I suppose."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Up on the beach, there's cheers and shouts and hoots and hollars, as people start to mingle back down towards the beach. looks like the party is moving back into the area, folks! The actual party, not the adventuring party.

Atalanta has posed:
     Crab goes down and... disappears.

     Atalanta sticks her bow back over her shoulder, hops off of the cliff, landing squarely on her feet with a front flip. That being done, she promptly, and with little care and concern, ignores the adventuring party and the party-party as she heads into the sea, going hunting for crab.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Elsewhere, a man in only a pair of white briefs stands behind the man in red, before disappearing when he looks behind him.

    Right now, Android 17 lands, cracking his back and sighs. Oh well, he shrugs, that was unfulfilling, and apparently a blight on the enviornment. Walking towards N'Raha, he waves. "So this kinda thing normal around here?"

Deelel has posed:
Deelel catches her ID disc on it's return and the massive crab just poofs in a burst of the local magic. She sighs looks like there's no dinner for a moment but she's certain those who want it can find something somewhere here.

"Good to see you N'raha, a the game has changed since I last heard from you! It's good to see you and your world's intact."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid is not an expert in things magical, but she has a lot of eyes around, and was watching the crab as it suffered its reality failure. It looks kind of like a solid hologram, but that something else... "Alas, it wasn't a crab to begin with," she muses, "So no crab meat to eat." She looks around, and the locals coming down the beach. Might as well. Orchid waves a hand to the people, swapping her blaster back to a hand, and takes a bow. "It all seems to be good! Thank you for staying out of the way!"

Silica has posed:
    Silica sighs in relief. She also falls back and just sprawlsits in the sand, her tail swishing through the grains as she leans back. "Aaaah, yokataaa..." she murmurs, ears pinning down as the monster breaks. "Looked like how monsters from home shatter apart... that's weird." She wrinkles her nose at the obviously foul magic mixed with the rest of the aetheric power filtering away.

    She smiles to N'raha, ears perking back up. "I saw the job post on the Syndicate board and thought it'd be a nice chance to running through Gamezones back home. Sometimes CARDINAL starts new questlines and people end up in danger."

Enkidu (6794) has posed:
Enkidu makes a face as the cloud appears. He takes a half-step towards the inky wrongness --

Gilgamesh tells him to do something. Enkidu looks around, then walks back out to sea. He just sort of disappears underwater.

Thirty seconds later, the bow of a wrecked ship bursts up out of the surf, arcing gracefully through the air towards Android 17. The figurehead at the end is a tiny, chubby person doing a T-pose with an extremely ornate moustache. It's visible as it falls.

Enkidu trudges back out of the surf again after that.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    The catman sighs a bit, working at his neck as some of the Adventurers start to mingle out, the direct danger overwith. Himself? He sniffs, and then the armor is gone in a swirl of blue aether, and he's left in... well. A rather slightly out of place snappy green suit jacket and black pants, with a green tie. A far cry from the rowdy young catman that used to be here.
    "Sadly? Yes. More and more of this. Chaotic forces shoving things into the place of people and trying to see how much trouble can be caused. Plenty of source for that, actually."
    A black ear flicks a bit as he hold out his hand in turn the to assembling people. "N'Raha. Warrior of light. I'm with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. We save the world. I kill gods."
    Oh. That's... rather blatant.

Asterios (1137) has posed:
None can withstand the full might... of Cretean-style Grecow Roman Wrestling...!

But then, just as the crab is laid to waste and the minotaur turns to begin the delicious harvest, it just... Disappears! It disappears into a cloud of terrible smelling super-gunk! What a terrble thing to have occur! Asterios stares, shocked and forlorn at the loss of his meal...! How could this have happened!?

Asterios looks to Atalanta like he'd just broke his tiny little heart... And then resolves to remedy this situation post haste.

"Mmn, cat-man," Asterios says to N'raha, "Asterios is going. To follow Gao. Will hunt, kill crabs. Be back later!"

And so the minotaur goes stomping off after his fellow Grecian... As what is almost certainly ALL HELL breaks loose behind him.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    Huh. From a small crack in the shell to dead. Guess that's what happens when you hit something with EVERY WEAPON THERE IS. That annoying self-proclaimed king sure is a jerk and full of himself. Gonna have to challenge him point-blank to a fight later.

    With the threat (such as it was) dealt with, though, Solomon can turn his attention to more interesting matters. That inky foulness was not unusual for him to see, but it /did/ pose a point of concern for him. Seems like a good opportunity to strike up a conversation with the fellow fighter N'Raha - after properly sheathing his blade. "So... that's common around here? Hm. I might visit here more often then. Name's Solomon, by the way. Solomon Roget." He extends a hand in greeting to the Mi'qote. "I'm no stranger to chaos myself, though I really just try to instill a bit of order when it gets too close to civilization. Not too hard, actually, where I'm from."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha also spares a glancte for the bull man, who's getting a fair amount of attention himself from other people on the beach. "Oh? Huh. Sure, good luck. Try out on one of the shoals, plenty out there. Don't eat them all, please."
    Raha returns to being a good host, as he shakes Solomon's hand. "Hey. Boy, there's... I'd say too much civilization in places around here, let's go with that?" He scrunches up his face a bit, and grumps. "It's hard to hit politics with an axe."

Deelel has posed:
Deelel pauses at N'raha for a moment stares, Something certainly has gone down here, something serious. She'll have to ask later. "Gods, I see. You have been busy from the sounds of it." She then pauses for a moment. She'll have to ask later but as she sees Asterios heading off with his fellow Greek she'll follow after them, there is crab to be had and just as that happens? Enkidu tosses a boat at 17.


Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Android 17 looks up, face turning to a slight frown.
    Both hands come up, aiming to try and grab the ship...

    However, he does not catch it, instead the ship appears to land on him. There is a moment of nothing...before the ship starts shaking. With effort, the ship starts to wise up, as Seventeen seems to walk (with some effort, out of the crater that was left by his shield as he was forced under it. After a few moments, the ship lands next to him, and he places his hands on his hip.

    "So I see we're doing this now?" he asks, hands coming up into a ready stance.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha flinches as the boat LANDS and crushes one of the heroes. Peopel start to scream and scatter again, rushing back up the beach from the fresh hell that's happening. The catman aighs a bit, rubbing at his face, ears pinning back against his head. "Ahhhhh Thal's balls, really? I'm going to have to make a fresh report on this."

Silica has posed:
    Silica just facepalms. "Out of one fight into another... screw this I'm out." she whistles, calling her pets back to her. "If you need help again, Mister Raha... just give me a call, you can get me through Syndicate lines, or by contacting Haven and the Gatecrashers Union." she calls, mounting back up onto her valliant steed and galloping away as quickly as possible from 17 and Gil.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    A smile crosses Solomon's face at N'Raha's response. Yep, this guy definitely likes to fight as well. "I know a place where you can swing your axe all you want and not worry about what you hit. Just be prepared to have axes swung at you in return. Still, good fun if you're interested, and no politics involved." He hmms a bit - there was something else the cat said that stood out. "You say you kill gods? Curious. What trouble do they cause that requires slaying them outright?"

Enkidu (6794) has posed:
Technically it's only the bow of a ship! A ship/wreck/.

Enkidu looks around at the scattering people. He blinks a couple of times, and then turns to face Android 17. "My friend asked me to throw something at you," he says, by way of explanation. He doesn't look like he's gearing up for a fight; he's just sort of standing in the sand and surf. "The beach has already suffered enough."

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh chuckles as Enkidu throws the ship. "Well done, Enkidu. Good shot."

     The King of Heroes appears to content to just listen and hang around with Enkidu rather than talk overmuch, which is probably surprising, considering his normal attitude. Enkidu really must be mellowing him out.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha's attention might be on the possible growing fight, but he turns to look at Silica's departure, and then Deel and Solomon as well. "Ah, well. Gods are awful. They start fights, drain the land of aether when summoned, start fights, try to end the world, and start fights. Nothing good ever comes of Primals, eikons, gods, whatever you want to call them."
    "So I kill them"

Atalanta has posed:
     Meanwhile, behind Enkidu and Gilgamesh, Atalanta chases a bevvy of crabs into the shoals. She is coralling them, at least, where they can't get away from Asterios easily. She came here for crab, and damn it, she's getting crab. There's at least three or four there, at least.

Asterios (1137) has posed:
Asterios is a good hunting partner. You see, while most would be busy scurrying around to try and wrangle as many tasty shellfish as possible, Asterios... Is thinking with his /brain!/

By which we mean that he's somehow raised a barrier of sandstone and coral in the crabs' path, leaving Atalanta free to corral them in at her leisure.

This is /smart/ fishing!

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
    Android Seventeen looks towards Enkidu for a moment.

    "Yeah, that's fair. Well, if you're ever interested I could think of a few other places." He shrugs. He wasn't mad about being hit with a bow of a ship. He did try and splatter jellyfish on his friend, apparently. Not that Seventeen knew Enkidu was his friend.

    "Well, then I call us even then." he considers Gil before shrugging the whole situation off.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    Solomon chuckles at Raha's anti-god rant, then dives into one of his own. "That... sounds about right, actually. My homeworld of Gielinor has actually been god-free for a couple thousand years, mainly thanks to the one god who actually cared, Guthix. He kicked all the other gods out and established his Edicts to keep them from coming back, which ended a war between them that threatened to wipe out all civilization. And yet, despite being banished, those gods still manage to cause strife and discord, genuine malcontent, among otherwise friendly people. A shame." He cracks a smile. "Perhaps we can fight gods together sometime."

Deelel has posed:
Deelel keeps an eye on the situation with Andoris 17 while she helps Atlanta and Asterios bag some crab. She helps with the hearding of the crabs, after Atalanta.

"So how do we even cook these creatues?!" She asks Atalanta.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    "I'd like that, though I haven't really tested my powers against the gods of other worlds. I've..." Raha sighs, and does some mental math. "I've bested 5 different Primals. A constructed Primal, If you want to call the Ultima Weapon that." He's still keeping his eyes on Enkidu and Android, even if they're not actually posturing into fighting at this point.

Enkidu (6794) has posed:
"That could be enjoyable," Enkidu agrees. "But right now we're conquering the waves via surfboard," he explains.

Enkidu looks back at N'raha. Enkidu does not blink. Or breathe. It's kind of unsettling.

Atalanta has posed:
     "Kill. Pull crab meat out or leave in, depending on part. Get fire. Add butter. Salt, pepper. Not as good as bear, but bear always good. Crab hard to find." Atalanta finishes herding about five crabs into the thing, and then nods at Asterios. Go for the mercy kills, dear minotaur.

Gilgamesh has posed:
     Gilgamesh chuckles. "He keeps leaping off the board to talk to fish."

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    "I pray we never have to fight mine. The stories of their god wars are... chilling. If those stories are accurate, it'd be a desperate battle even at our peak." The eagerness which Solomon had brought to the CRAB BATTLE has entirely given way to solemn musings with Raha. "Though, perhaps not a hopeless battle. And, at any rate, that's not something my world's gotta worry about right now." He pauses, losing himself in thought for a bit before picking back up. "So, on a lighter note, what do you do for fun around here?"

Asterios (1137) has posed:
"Mmn? No, no," Asterios says to Atalanta as he starts forming a sanstone basin of sorts around the scuttering crabs. "Don't kill them until we're ready to eat. Otherwise, rot quickly. Don't worry, will be able to keep them like this. Then when we go to boil, I will kill."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Well... we're winding down, yeah. The catman sighs a bit, and shifts to squat a bit on the sand, like some slavic cat or something. He looks comfy at least, all lanky like that. Damn cats. His ears flick a bit as his tail swishes in the sand. "Fun? Don't get a lot of that, lately. Not when you're a Hero, capital H." Though, the bristle is already coming off of that. "...I fish. I cook for people. Try to sneak off and do silly quests. That sort of thing."

Deelel has posed:
Deelel learns a bit of useful information of how to cook crabs. She seem to have a light of understanding as she gets it. She'll jump back and out as the intention is to hold the crabs until it's time to eat them. "Sounds good to me!"

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Don't think Raha doesn't see you, Enkidu, Mr. I'm A Golem.
    Those green eyes squint a bit, but he doesn't mention the 'magitek' or wharver. Rude.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
Silly quests, eh? "I, ah, think I might be able to help, there. With the quest thing." Solomon's got his cheery mood back. "I'm offering a hefty reward for the successful retrieval of a shield that's extremely important to my world's history. Might be worth your while, if you're interested." He takes a bit to look around, noting the party seems to be dispersing back to their various homeworlds. "Contact me if you feel like helping out." After a few more pleasantries, he'd head back home.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Ooooh. 'Hefty Reward' gets Raha to perk up, and he smiles, waving at Solomon as the fellow Godslayer???? wanders off.
    The sun is setting on Costa Del Sol, but the parties are just starting.

    In more ways than one.