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Berserker vs Immortal
Date of Scene: 19 December 2018
Location: Shrine of Adversity
Synopsis: Touta challenges Yang to a match in the Shrine of Adversity for the 'lulz'.
Cast of Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Touta Konoe, Solty Revant

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Out front of the Shrine stands the distinctive frame of Yang Xiao Long. Tan jacket, black shorts, orange tank top and a mop of long blonde hair falling all the way to the small of her back. She's waiting for her newest challenger, arms folded as she leans against a wall. She looks relaxed, a small grin on her lips as lilac eyes watch the street for the 'Guy dressed mostly in black'. "So many fighting styles, so many different methods people use... hehe, I can't help but get excited."

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Touta's has been dying to come to the Shrine of Adversity for quite some time now but he's never been able to commit to getting people to tag along with them. That said this is the second time he's been in Concord's territory in Grand Dorado. After traversing the transport infrastructure he was surprised to realize the shrine was on its own island was a bit of a shock but I guess having nice things on islands is something he can relate to. Once he arrives he almost gets distracted by all of the different sorts of concessions and such that are provided here, but he's got his instructions so he intends to follow them.

     Upon arriving at the entrance he immediately spots Yang. "Hey! Yang!"

     A young man who looks like he could be the same age as Yang's sister shouts out to her. Perhaps even around the same size too. He matches the description quite well. Black spiked-hair, black gakuran, black pants, he's even holding a black katana on his shoulder. The only other color he's really rocking is a red t-shirt underneath and his red eyes. As he finally gets into greeting distance he gives her a wave.

     "Hey, we talked on the comms earlier. Name's Touta Konoe. Huh...You really weren't kidding about the hot blonde thing. So how does this work anyway? We just go inside and we're good to do whatever?"

Solty Revant has posed:
     Close behind Touta is a young woman with green hair and unusual furry ears. One might think they were just part of her hair until they wiggle with her mood. She also raises a hand to wave enthusiastically to Yang. "Hello!" She stops beside Touta and looks up at Yang. "Wow...you're really pretty!" she says in the cheerful, innocent way of a child. "So, you and Mr. Touta are going to fight, Miss Yang? But, that's okay right? Since this place is suppose to protect people from getting hurt?" She seems just a bit worried about her friend.

     After the other two have introduced themselves she blinks, then smiles. "Oh! And I'm Solty Revant! Nice to meet you!" she says, holding her hands politely in front of herself.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    "Yo!" calls Yang in return, pushing off the wall and grinning a bit wider. "I've booked us a suite to use... but I'm using the cheapest tier, so this'll hurt afterwards but nothing lasting." she explains. "It'll be like going to the gym and working out for a few hours."

    She leans over a bit as Solty also walks up, and grins back. "Heh, thanks." she nods, "Solty, right. You come to watch? I hope you can learn something. If not, I'm up for a tussle with anyone." she then blinks, chattering into her Scroll for a little bit, before putting it in her front pocket and scooping the air. "Anyway, c'mon, times wastin'."

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Doesn't waste anytime as he follows after Yang. He ofcourse encourages Solty to tag along with them. He figures that Yang will show her where she can stay while the two of them are getting started.

     "Hehe, Appreciate the concern. So, guessing you come to the Shrine alot? You part of the Concord then or something?"

     He figures while they groups walking they can do some talking. He's the kind of guy who likes learning about people after all.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    "Yep, come here all the time, but even though this is Concord territory, they've made it clear the Shrine island and grounds are neutral and open for anyone willing to pay for the privilage." replies Yang. "No, I'm not Concord, or we'd get the Deluxe suite that practically prints you a new body after a fight, kinda like how the old Union training room used to work." that'll probably go over these two's heads, but she doesn't expand on it. "Anyway, Solty, if y'wanna take a left before we pass the big white door up ahead, you'll find an observation section that lets you dial into our suite. It's 221, just punch it into the panel."

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty smiles cheerfully and nods firmly as Yang questions her. "Yes! Mr. Touta is a good friend of mine, so I wanted to come and show my support!" She blinks, then laughs a bit nervously. "Um...that isn't rude to say to his opponent, is it?" she asks, apparently not used to competitive things like this. When directed Solty blinks, then looks a bit hesitant. "Oh...alright." Seems she doesn't want to leave Touta alone, but she goes ahead toward the observation area. "221. Got it. Thanks, Miss Yang!" She jogs off.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     "Hmmm, good point. Concord does seem like they don't have to worry about money problems." He then takes a moment to chew over Yang's words. "Mmm, even if it's Neutral ground I bet they still make a killing from all the revenue though. No wonder Pris' office looked so fancy..."

     As Solty makes mention of him he can't help but smile a bit. Solty was definitely a nice person. Even was willing to pop in to watch his match out of the blue. It looked like he was gonna have to leave a good impression now though. No pressure right? As she seems hesitantly to leave though he tries to reassure her with a smile of his own.

     "See ya in a bit, Solty. Make sure you're watching close!" With that he waves her off as she jogs away. With that he looks towards Yang once more encouraging her to lead the way while he tries to do some simple stretches as they walk. Gotta get a good stretch in before a workout or something of the sort, right?

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang leads the way into the suit. She does pause for a moment after reaching the door, tapping on a panel next to it to select the suite, then scanning her access pass. The console bleeps, the door opens into a large, flat colleseum arena. Pretty standard, no advantages for either fighter, just a flat playing field where skill is what decides victory. "So... I usually flip a coin to decide who gets to start first. Wanna call it?" she asks, tugging a simple bronze poker token out of a pocket. It's got a wolf's face on one side, and a horse face on the other. "Wolf's heads, horse is tails."

Solty Revant has posed:
     "Bye Touta!" Solty calls out as she disappears through the doors, waving even as she goes. She makes her way to the observation suite and hmms, looking at the controls uncertainly with a hand balled up against her lips. She presses a few buttons hesitantly, then gasps in surprise when the view screen or other device comes on. "Oooh...it's like a TV!" she says with a smile. When she sees Touta on the screen she waves even though he might not be able to see her. "Yaaay Touta! Do your best!"

Touta Konoe has posed:
     "Tails." Cause tails never fails. And like that a horse lands heads up on the coin. And without another word Touta already charges towards Yang with his sword in hand. It's looks like pretty simple charge to close the distance and get a quick attack in since long range didn't really seem like his forte. Yet the moment it looks like he's about to swing, he doesn't! His sword gets thrown above Yang's head. Though that's just a distraction to see if she'd keep her eyes on his weapon or on Touta who was trying to use a low kick to sweep Yang right off her feet!

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang brings her arms up defensively as Touta charges in. She grins behind her guard, ready to block that sword with the gauntlets that deploy along her forearms. As the sword is thrown though, Yang does something unexpected, perhaps. She goes to backflip away firing a blast from her gauntlets as she goes over to increase the distance, though the haste of her dodge leaves her a bit awkward on one knee, skidding back from the momentum. "Sneaky. I like it." she says, standing and slamming her fists together. "Alright, try this one on for size!" she fires behind her, launching herself back into range for a straight haymaker, using the momentum to add force to her strike. As she throws her fist forwards, the chamber cycles and fires another shell at the apex of the swing, emitting another wave of pure force outwards.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Touta blinks at the sight of her using her gauntlets to increase her flips retreating distance. "Okay, that's seriously awesome! When this is over you're telling me where to get some of those!" Touta can definitely appreciate a spar like this as well. As she remarks on his sneakiness, there's a smirk on his face. "Yeah, I was told anything goes in a fight. Can't have any excuses on a battlefield...Or something like that."

     From there she launches back into range with immense speed using her gauntlets to propel herself forward this time she winds herself up for her first blow, thinking he has enough time to react he tries to go blow for blow with Yang, but instead he gets shot...Then smacked. Talk about a one-two combo. The attack sends Touta reeling backwards, his legs skidding to maintain his stance on the ground.

     "Ow, ow, ow, ow,! The hot blonde's got some serious firepower apparently. If that's the case then guess I got to turn it up a notch myself. Kurobo!"

     He shouts out a name and in response the sword that had ended up landing somewhere upon the battlefield flies back to his hand. There's a smirk on his face as he looks Yang down from across the field.

    "Grasp the Earth..."

     And before you know it, the boy charges once more. But this time he's using his own speedy maneuvers and apparently it's quick enough where he practically looks like a blur to the naked eye. But the attack seems straightforward as last time. Once he's in attacking range of Yang he goes for a horizontal slash from his waist.

     "1000-FOLD!" And with that he swings, though if that blade made contact he hopes that Yangs as tough as those shots she's firing cause that sword swing was gonna feel like someone just tried to slam her with an industrial truck!

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang chuckles a bit. "I made 'em myself, custom job, both of 'em." she remarks, catching them together and using a quick motion of both arms to rack the slides and reload the chambers again. She quirks a brow at the voice-activated recall on the sword, then brings her arms up defensively again.

    Yang is used to speedy opponents, but even so she barely manages to get her gauntlet in the path of that blade, a bright golden light shining from the impact point as her Aura concentrates to absorb the blow. A burst of energy sends the blade back, and launches the blonde flying sideways across the arena, skipping along the ground a couple of times before she can dig a hand into the ground and kip herself up to bleed the rest of the momentum with her feet planted on the ground.

    Her eyes are hidden by the fringe of her hair as she straightens up, a flicker, like static, passing over her body as her Aura fluctuates. "Pretty fancy." she says, her grin turning a bit malicious, her chin lifting to reveal glowing red eyes, like the embers at the center of a burning fire. "Lets try this one on for size!" she says.

    Yang slams her fists together again, but this time the floor beneath her buckles a bit, and the air shimmers with unrestrained force. 'Flames' begin to lick within her hair, ember-like motes floating off of the strands as it begins to billow in an unfelt breeze.

    She sets her feet, then launches forward again, as fast as last time but without the burst of her gauntlets to provide the extra boost. What did she just do!? Either way, her attack comes not as a straight punch this time, instead she redirects her momentum, lofting into the air like a reverse comet, only to come slamming back down again and causing a ripple of rocky spikes to erupt towards Touta as the ground quakes from the impact!

Touta Konoe has posed:
     As the blade connect he thinks he's got her but then there's that golden flash occurs and it feels like he makes impact without making impact. He ends up sending Yang flying still but he has to look at his blade for a moment noticing there was no blood or anything. He then turns back towards the girl raising a brow.

     "Did she use a Ki block or something?"

     "Not quite. But it wasn't Ki but it definitely didn't seem like magic either..."

     The sound of a voice comes from the blade if Yang was able to hear it from the side of the arena she had been flung to. Though rather than have her pay attention to her sword, Touta should probably be paying more attention to Yang.

     "Hey...Were her eyes red before...And was her hairing lighting up like that?"

     "Touta, she's coming get ready!"

     Touta prepares himself once more, her speed the same as before...But without her gauntlets?! Clearly she was getting more into this the more they fought and it shows as she starts changing up her tactics from close-quarters to a bit more of a ranged one. While Touta may have been expecting more shots from those gauntlets he wasn't expecting rocks to burst out from the ground towards him.

     In the end, Touta gets out of the way...But it looks like his left hand got really messed up. There's blood dripping, holes caused by protruding rocks that are still actually plunged into his arm. It even looked like it was twisted a bit.

     "Ah man! Alright...One...Two...Three."

     His reaction to such a maimed arm isn't to get worried. Perhaps he's still conscious of how the Shrine works, or it was the fact that the moment he pulled that giant stone out of his arm all that blood that had been spilling out starts going back from the wounds and with a bit of steam, appears to seal itself up quite nicely. It looked like before Yang's eyes Touta's arm had already healed. Was the Shrine on the fritz or something perhaps.

     "Phew, that was crazy. Getting rocks to fly out the ground like that. That's definitely gotta be magic or something, right? Seriously Yang, you got the whole package or something apparently." That was a compliment right? Yes, that was actually a compliment. Touta's just blunt sometimes.

     Though with flattery out of the way he doesn't immediately attack. Instead he pulls something out of his pocket and lets it extend out. Was it another weapon? Perhaps a staff? Nun-chucks? A magic wand? No of those! It's a hula-hoop! He puts it around his waist and starts spinning it and with the most sincere face looks at Yang and says. "Guess we'll need to start getting serious too." And with that he charges forward again using that blurring speed to get right up in her face. But then he's out and to her left. Behind. To her right. Back to the left. Then gone. Except he's not! He's coming in from above with that sword again!

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty knows this is all friendly and the Shrine is supposed to protect people from serious harm, but...Touta just lost a hand! Or almost at least. "Touta!!" she cries out and presses her hands to the screen. "Hang in there! You can do it!" she exclaims, pressed right up against the screen now. She blinks though when he starts hula-hooping in the middle of battle. "He's using his cooking ring in a fight?" she wonders to herself.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang grins a bit. "I'll explain more later, but my Semblance lets me absorb damage and put it back into my own blows." She lifts a fist as she straightens, the ground falling flat after the initial impact has disipated. "Combined with the Dust in my shells, it's kinda like magic, but really isn't." she adds.

    The regeneration makes her brow quirk a bit. "You're kinda like Laura... she regenerated really quick too."

    As Touta brings out a new weapon, the Huntress doesn't scoff, she prepares herself again. The speed boost catches her off guard, and by the time she's moving to dodge, it's too late. The blade finds purchase in her shoulder, focing the girl down to one knee as that golden light flares once more.. but the blade can be felt moving, cutting through the barrier, eventually finding flesh...

    That's when Yang's Aura explodes again, her fist coming up to blast the blade back using a kinetic shell. She then pours all her power into her other fist, the gauntlet blazing like fire as she pushes herself up, bringing an uppercut straight up to try and knock the guy back, cratering the ground beneath her feet as she launches herself.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Touta can finally feel his blade connect, it's just barely but he feels a cut through...And then he feels something else. A burst of that aura comes out apparently and with it Yang launches another blast from her gauntlet to power her fist t blow back his blade. It succeeds magnificiently and with it exposes Touta body for the counter! The ground below her begins to crater beneath her feet, her gauntlet blazes with power and with it strikes true into Touta's gut, but he doesn't appear to get blasted back. In fact, the moment she launches her blazing fist into his body it feels like she just tried punching a brick wall or something, not flesh.

     While Touta doesn't have Aura, he does have Ki, and when he has his hoop around him it helps him circulate that Ki more freely and in doing so he can make a last minute shield using that Ki to protect portions of his body. That said though while he didn't go flying he sure as hell felt that impact still, and that heat.

     The boy winces, but a smile comes through. "That so? So if that's the case...I just got keep hitting till you can't absorb anymore!"

     This time it's Touta's feet that shatter the ground below him. His sword wielding hand was knocked back but his other hand was just fine wasn't it? If that was the case he would just go in with his fist this time. This was about to become an in-fight.

     Touta brings one of his feet forward, and with it uses that forward momentum to slam a left hook right into her jaw!

     It probably shouldn't need to be said at this moment but this kid's got a hell of a lot more strength than a kid his age should have, and he's using it full force on a pretty girl's face!"

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang knew it was risky. She knew that if her strike didn't clear her some breathing room she'd be locked in a slug-fest. So as her strike lands and she hits a wall instead of a boy's solar plexus, her other hand is already coming up preemptively to guard against a counter blow.

    Unfortunately it isn't quite enough, and that fist connects. Yang's head snaps to the side and her stance faulters a bit. The Aura around her body flares one final time, before fizzling out, leaving her body completely defenseless... or so it seems.

    Yang starts to laugh, her hand moving to grab Touta's wrist. She pulls the arm away and turns to look back at him. Those red eyes are full of bestial fury, the eyes of a monster not a human. "Great... this is great! I want to keep dancing this deadly waltz with you forever!" she says, her voice taken a manic edge. Is she insane?!

    Holding that arm, she turns with speed enough to blur and hurls Touta away across the arena, but that isn't her attack, no. She fires her gauntlets, speeding past the young man and skidding to a stop on the opposite side, then charges back at him to use both sets of momentum. "AHAHAHAHHHAHAAAH! THIS IS FUN!"

Touta Konoe has posed:
     This was intense. Probably one of the more intense fights he's been in. As his fist connects with her jaw, and with her faultering he thinks he finally has a chance to put this fight back in his favor. But then that 'Semblance', that golden flare erupts greater than what he's seen before. A laugh is heard when she shows her face to him once more. As the red in her eyes glows with the same passion and flare as her aura and she announces her pleasure in this fight, there is definitely a part of him that is surprised to see that monsterous side to her, but when he sees it all he can do is smile.

     Most of the people he's faced were nothing like this. They weren't like him. Touta may have looked like a kid but in truth he was a vampire. A monster. But this girl...She was a monster all her own, and funnily enough he respected that.

     "Well let's keep it going then! I'm right here!"

     And with that exchange of words she reaches out for Touta's wrist and launches him to the other side of the Arena, but that can't be enough after everything she's done! She launches off with her gauntlets, the speed and power she's accumulated through her Semblance being used to their fullest. As she charges at him he's ready to clash with her one final time. She charges with no restraint at him, no past him!

     Yang gets a clean shot at his back from her position, her full power unleashed all she needs to do is land her mark and she's got it. This is a killer blow, it doesn't matter if Touta's immortal or if they're in the Shrine of Adversity, Touta's body recognizes that this woman engulfed in her pleasure will destroy his body if it makes contact, and because of it Touta's battle instincts are forced to kick in an attempt to avoid death at this last split moment and avoid this demonic blow held by one of the greatest monsters Touta has ever had the pleasure of facing.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang's face turns from one of pure joy, to a blank slate as her fist skims past the boy as he flies past. The adrenaline and the raw power keeping her going drains rapidly and with a final faultering step, she falls to her knees, then flat out on the ground, the blazing fire of her Semblance fizzling out.

    The arena lets out a buzzing sound, and it flickers as it resets, stamina returning and wounds sealing up, though the ache of combat remains in muscles and a sense of fatigue weighs on the fighters even afterward.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     Yang's blow is missed. The only thing he sees at the moment he comes back to his senses is the fist brushes past him. He turns back towards Yang, and he sees it. All that fire, all that adrenaline, all that power, she's expended it all. The moment she looks like she's about to drop to her knees he does what he can to keep her up. She's too great of a warrior to not be anywhere but up on her feet.

     And that's when the buzzing sound goes off. He doesn't know how this is suppose to work at this point but all he can do is smile at the really hot blonde.

     "Yang, you're really incredible. This was probably the best fight I could have asked for. Thanks. "

     With that he'll try to help her walk out of the room if she needs it.

     There is one more question that needs to be asked though and he does it with a big fat grin.... "So when are we gonna be doing this again?"

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty comes running out a few moments after the buzzer has sounded and moves to help Touta with Yang. "Are you two alright?! That looked intense!" she says energetically. "You're amazing, Touta! And you too, Miss Yang! I thought I was strong, but I don't think I could complete with you two!" she adds, smiling cheerfully before looking at Yang again. "...um...is she alright?" she asks Touta.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    "I'll be fine... just gimme a day or two and a hot meal and I'll be fit to fight again." she says, lifting her head and standing straight, if a bit wobbly. her eyes are back to lilac, and a shimmer of golden light covers her body for a moment, before fading away. "Don't put yourself down Solty, I'll take you on next time, we'll see how tough you are." she grins, a pleasant one this time. "Besides, if Touta can beat me, anyone can!" She jabs Touta playfully in the side with her elbow at that, chuckling pleasantly.

Touta Konoe has posed:
     "Hey! I thought I was doing pretty good back there!" Touta gets the playful jab and he just shakes his head humorously. "See Solty, she's fine. No way a girl like this is someone we need to worry too much about." He says as he tries reassuring Solty as well that Yang was definitely going to be alright. It's just sort of one of those things you pick up when fighting someone.

     "Anyway, since neither of us really got the finishing blow in how about we call it a draw for now? Besides when I beat you, don't want you giving any excuses, ya know?" To which he lightly jabs back at her with that same smirk on his face.