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Heavensturn 2019
Date of Scene: 28 December 2018
Location: The Mist, Eorzea
Synopsis: Raha hosts a party for Heavensturn
Cast of Characters: N'raha Tia, Solty Revant, 6655, Doctor Strange, Athela Valemore

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Welcome to The Mist. It's a coastal city out on the edge of Limsa Lominsa, one of the three largest cities in Eorzea. It's a place for Free Companies and Notable Heroes to find a place to live, to stake their claim on the world and take part in the fine tradition of Home Ownership. And it's here that the Party Is Taking Place.

    If you want the big, big, big parties, you're going to have to go other places this weekend. As Starlight and Heavensturn mingle together at the end of the season, the big big Free Companies are at their big estates, shooting off fireworks, getting drunk in the streets and generally being rather bawdy. But Raha's party? It's down on the coast at the beach. The currents are warm along the Mist, which keeps the chill of winter away from the place, which means that light clothes are still proper attire, it seems.

    There's chairs, there's umbrellas, there's a set of large bonfires, and there's food and booze. Looks like it's pretty well open.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty had made her way here in warm winter clothing (even though she is pretty resistant to high or low tempuratures), but once here and realizing it was so warm AND on a beach, she bought a swimsuit from a nearbuy shop and changed before hitting the beach. She remembers N'Raha from the Minstral's adventure, and so is looking for both him and Solomon. Apparently the android girl is somewhat self-conscious, because she bought a one-piece suit that is green in color rather than a two-piece. She collects some food as she looks and nibbles politely.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    There's more than enough food, that's for sure. Raha seems to have either catered or ordered food for a large shindig or perhaps even a small soiree. That said, the catman himself is wandering down the hill from his place, carrying another large pot of something steaming and good smelling. "Hooooy! Find a spot, Happy Heavensturn!" He waves his tail, and plants the pot down at the edge of one of the bonfires to keep warm. "Hows it going Miiiiiiiiss Solty?" He grits his teeth a bit, trying to place the name.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    A very disgruntled Solomon is busy trying to imbibe the stronger alcoholic beverages. He's got his rather bulky armor on even for the party, looking rather out of place among the other patrons who are in their respective swimsuits. He's slightly buzzed even before he bothers looking around for Raha and Solty -- who ostensibly were the two reasons he came here in the first place...

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Solomon, for his trouble, will get a sigh from Raha, who tosses a fist sized mochi cake at his face. "Oy, get out of the armor, enjoy yourself, it's a party! Welcome to The Mist!"

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Doctor Stephen Strange is just Here. A hole burnt in reality reveals his approaching silhouette, as well as the cosy study of the Sanctum Sanctorum. It closes behind him. Dressed in his usual mystic finery, the Sorcerer Supreme wordlessly helps himself to the offerings before socializing. One hand holds a plate, the other a pewter mug.

     "Happy Heavensturn," rumbles the gravelly man to passers-by. 'What the hell accent is that?' they may well ask themselves. "Happy Heavensturn, Happy Heavensturn," he mutters in passing to each, an expert schmoozer from his gala-going days. Given the rich, red cloak and distinctive high collar, he makes an easy figure to pick out for both Solomon and Raha.

     "Hey, fellas," offers the sorcerer to the two partygoers he's personally met. He's not dressed lightly, but looks no less comfortable for it. Sssip. He also takes a moment to introduce himself to Solty, giving the full name and title. Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. Given his hands are full, he can't really offer a shake, but he gives his best and most courteous nod.

Athela Valemore has posed:
    To think these Adventurers can afford housing of their own, not to mention being allowed to by the government in hopes of keeping them local and active against threats. Tch. The governers back home could learn a few things from Eorzea, if they bothered to look past their own fat noses.

    But we are not here for that, we are here to relax. Something Athela definately needs as of late. It takes her a few minutes to find the proper place on the beach and finally walk up. "Good eve!", she greets with a wave to Raha, as the catman is the only person she immeadiately reconizes. Honestly, she doesn't mind a small party. It feels more like home that way. Especially when it's at the shore.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Let it never be said that Local Adventurers haven't seen their share of Strange Thaumaturges and Eccentric Arcanists. That said, a fellow in full cloak and robes, floating while double fisting a kebab and a cider is new for some of them, and Strange might spot some... stange folks. A squardon of 3 and a half foot tall smallfolks, a passle of catgirls, some beefy Big Folks, and of course, humans and elves. All in all, your typical Adventuring World, maybe.

    The Warrior of Light looks up at Athela and Strange though, and makes a lazy salute with a kebab of his own. "Nice to see the both of you. Fireworks should be starting soon. Welcome to Eorzea, Doctor." A grin, and a fluff up of those ears. Hey, playing host is one thing that he's good at and it doesn't require him to kill people.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    "BWARRGALREHWGLHLGL!" That's the sound of Solomon trying to speak through the mochi toss, mean-spirited disgruntlement giving way to light-hearted disgruntlement as he takes the hint and joins the people he'd come here to see. The armor stays on, though. "Oh. Right, sorry Raha. Preoccupied with... yeah, let's party. How's life fighting gods?" So it would seem he's terrible at small talk, especially while uptight.

    "Ah -- Solty! You... are in a swimsuit." Solomon blinks a couple times before shaking himself back to his senses. "Ah--can you even eat things? Do androids need to eat?" Okay, still terrible at small talk and introductions.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty waves happily to Solomon and N'Raha when she sees them. "Hello Mister N'Raha and Mister Solomon!" She jogs over to them quickly and bows politely at the waist before smiling to them. "Thank you for inviting me! Roy said I could come as long as no one got too drunk and I didn't drink any alcohol. We can't prove it, but we are pretty sure I'm too young to drink."

     She also raises a hand to wave to Doctor Strange and Athela Valemore. "Hello! Nice to meet you both. I'm Solty Revant!"

Athela Valemore has posed:
    For a moment Athela's attention does shift to Strange, when Raha adresses him as 'Doctor'. "He does look the part of a scholar," she muses to herself, and gives a polite nod to the well adorned man before turning her attention back to Raha.

    "I am afraid that due to various *cough* events," Stupid Registeel nearly killing her, "I did not have time for proper gifts for the holiday past." She reachs into her pack and pulls out a packaged bundle, holding it towards Raha. "So I brought you some fish jerky. My family runs a fishery in Bugen City, it is one of their specialties."

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Strange chastely chews on the kebab. He takes the not-Tolkien diaspora in stride. "Mist is nice this time of year," he says between bites, nodding at Raha. Well, that must be why, right there. He sniffs, taking a look around. Looks like he and Solomon are the odd fellows out when it comes to attire. In the blink of an eye, it's just Solomon.

     Somehow, Strange has changed clothes seamlessly in front of everyone. He now wears flip-flops, white cargo shorts, and a loose-fitting, breathable waistgown with an elaborately patterned paisley print. He looks like the intersection of beach bum and hippie, which, considering the rose gold medallion upon his chest, is probably exactly what he was going for.

     "Nice to meet you, Solty," says Strange to the android. And when Athela arrives, he raises his kebab in greeting. "Hi. Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme." Yes, he really does repeat the greeting in front of everyone else.

     "I got you something, too," says Strange, lying through his teeth. He totally forgot to get Raha something, but, he does have access to an interdimensional library. Raha is given a copy of 'A Christmas Carol,' with the hopes that he hasn't already gotten a copy himself.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha hears the magic word from Athela, and his ears perk up, along with his tail. "Oooooh. Fish." Oy, he's allowed, don't laugh. He leans over and sniffs at the package and then takes it, shuffling it into...
    Well, it had to go somewhere, but where's the pockets that can fit something like that on his outfit? Hhhmmmmm.

    Strange likewise gets a smile, and Raha takes that present as well. "Oh. Hey. I'll take a look, thanks! Sorry I hadn't gotten to it before, it's been a weird few days. Well, and the holidays." A blink. "I'd ask if you wanted a seat but you seem comfortable like that..." The Beach Bum Supreme looks dudely relaxed at least.

    Solty and Solomon are getting accquainted with the others, which gives Raha time to secret away the book, and also shuffle over to the bonfire to stir the pot. He lifts up a bit, and... oh. It's meatballs with skewers already in them. Fancy.
    Wait, how is there Swedish Meatballs with no Sweden?

Athela Valemore has posed:
    Athela smiles as Raha accepts the gift. She's familiar with 'adventurer inventory' so the tucking away in seemingly noplace isn't all that weird.

    She turns back to Strange as he gives a full introduction. "Ah. I have heard you speak on occasion on the communication device." She's not clad in her usual armor and gear, but her much more plain cloak is still present to give a bit of a flutter as she bows to the man. "Dame Athela Valemore, Knight Errant and Champion of Keldeo, Sword of the Tides." See he's not the only one with long fanciful titles.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty nods to Solomon on both points and even turns so he can see her swimsuit from all sides. "It is a beach party, after all. Swimsuits are required! ...at least, that's what Kasha says." One of Solomon's questions is answered merely by Solty taking bites out of things like any normal person would and chewing quietly with a smile on her face. "My body turns food into energy just like anyone else's." she adds for Solomon's benefit. She looks to Strange after that. "You're a doctor? Like, in a hospital or in a college?"

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    "Ah! I'm.... out of place." Solomon takes far more time to change than Strange does, hefting off his armor manually to reveal that he /did/ arrive in swim trunks. He places his armor and weapons someplace safe nearby, and does his best to not look as tense as he is. "There we go. Now. Yes. Gifts." He has a rather full pouch with him, and looks to Solty first. He pulls out a few runes: half of them have markings resembling gusts of wind, while the other half have markings resembling a human face and seeming to represent the mind. "Here you go, Solty! You said you were interested in magic, so I'd like you to have these runes. You should be able to cast a basic wind spell even without any prior experience. Give it a try! You can cast one against me if you'd like - it won't hurt me with just those runes."

    He then turns toward the Sorceror Supreme. "Apologies for jumping in back at the museum. What in the heck /was/ that magic you were using? I could barely even keep from puking from all the bizarre geometry."

Doctor Strange has posed:
     "Neurosurgeon," says Strange to Solty, taking a hearty swig of whatever's in that mug. "Not a... practicing one. Not anymore." He shrugs lightly, tapping the now meatless kebab skewer against his shorts, he lifts it up to scrutinize it. "Changed careers."

     Turning from Solty to Athela, who he imagines to be more cognizant of the intricacies of food etiquette, he poses a question.

     "What're you supposed to... do... with these? Never understood that." He gives her a 'you know what I'm saying' kind of squint, tapping the kebab against his leg once more. "What, do I... put it in my pocket? Let it puncture my femoral artery?" He scoffs. "Then what've you got? Artery kebab." And Solomon thinks /he's/ bad at making small talk.

     "No, but--seriously, it's a pleasure to meet you, Dame Valemore." As a knight, she's in good company. He likes most of those that he's met, with one possible exception. We might call her the Ruler that proves the exception exists?

     Solomon's apology gets a scoff from Strange, which might send the wrong message until he actually speaks up. "C'mon," he says. "That? That's just a scuffle. It's not like you're... trying to take over the world, or something. You feel like you satisfied your code of honor, back there?"

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha looks up to Strange's comments. "Ah, there's a bucket around here somewhere, just toss em in there. I've got my ladies that will come around and clean for me. The joy of being a commander, you can put people on Field Duty." A knowing grin from the catman, as he shuffles out a smaller pot of toothpicks and meatballs. "Right, this should be the last of the meat, Alliana should be down with the rest of the Mochi and stuff too."
    And with his catering Duty Complete, the catman stretches a bit, and shuffles around to swat Solomon on the back. "Yes, please, no taking over Eorzea. We've got enough jerks trying that already."
    Solty gets another look... and then the catman tosses her a bottle. It's something fizzy and orange, and if opened, it's actually, in fact, fizzy Orange Juice. "I'd explain more, but, well. this is a party, and my boss isn't here so I don't have to worry about things."

Athela Valemore has posed:
    The 'neuro' part is lost to her but Athela at least knows what 'surgeon' means. "A man of medicine as well as sorcery then." Even if 'not practicing'. "That certainly takes great skill to accomplish." Followed by a brief soft chuckle. "You would be better off using it to skewer more food."

    Speaking of which, she still needs to sample some for herself. Raha is right on time in that regard with the meatballs. "You have certainly provided well for your guests," she comments as she pinches a toothpick between two fingers to take a meatball.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty blinks in surprise as she is given some runes. She puts down her food before taking them, holding them in both hands with a happy smile. "Thank you Mister Solomon!" she says, then looks at the runes. "...um...how do I use them?"

     Strange answers her and Solty listens with interest. "What happened?" she asks. "Did magic seem like a better career?" She looks at the kebab skewer he is holding and thinks a moment. "I think you are supposed to return them to the cooking fire so they can have the germs burned off and then they can be reused." And then N'raha speaks up. "Oh...um...or that!" she says, smiling sheepishly. The toss of the bottle makes her flail and all her runes go flying before she catches the juice. She is still a moment before she giggles and starts collecting the runes from the sand. "Yes! It's a very nice party, Mister N'Raha!" she agrees with Athela.

Doctor Strange has posed:
     "Ah..." Use the stick to skewer more meat? Hm. He gives a shrug of concession, nodding at Athela. "Yeah." Despite this, he throws the current skewer away and gets a new one for a new kebab. As he eats it, Solty will notice he has to take his time more than others do--his hand trembles just enough to be noticeable.

     Did magic seem like a better career? "I kinda fell into it by accident," admits Strange. He then... pauses, emerald eyes flicking upwards as he considers that combination of words. A small, sardonic grin appears. "I like it, though," he adds, his expression brightening. "It's a challenge."

N'raha Tia has posed:
    Raha smiles and poses for the girls. Actually, a straight up V-sign across the eyes. "Hoy. I'm not the King of Parties yet, but I can work on it." A grin. "Besides, I /can/ cook for fancy hoity toity stuff, but like... it's hard to eat an auroch filet while you're trying to play beach bowling or dodge stuff. You..." and his accent shifts to something much more befitting the Not-Tolkien-ian aspect. "Must needs be prcise and proper when engaging in courtly dining and entertainment." A snooty laugh...
    And then Raha's back. "Pfff sorry. If you guys want something REALLY fancy I'll do it up some other time."

    And as he's chatting, another person comes down the hill, carrying a massive basket. She is quite possibly as tall as you can make a human lady and not look entirely out of place. Her dark skin contrasts with the frilly tube top she's wearing, though the long sweeping dress is much more demure. "Hooooy, boss. Got the rest!" She starts though, seeing the crowd of Offworlders. "Oh. Oh! You didn't say we were going to be having nobs, sir, or I'd have gotten right fancy!" She nearly salutes the crowd, but stops short of letting go of the mochi. That gets placed on the table, and THEN she salutes. "Storm Sergeant Alicia Bitters, making delivery of the food product, sah!"
    To say it's strange seeing a 6 foot tall human saluting a catman that's a half foot shorter than her? Says something.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    "Ah. Yeah. I'm good." Solomon responds to Strange's inquiry rather awkwardly. "That guy loves causing trouble for himself, so I don't think I'll bother bailing him out again. Way more trouble than it's worth." Then he comes back with an inquiry of his own. "What was up with the kid with the spider-like powers, though? I have this feeling he belonged there less than I did, and that's saying something."

    Solty's question about how to use the runes comes unexpectedly to Solomon. "What do you mean? The runes? You just, you know, use them." Suddenly realizing not everyone lives in a world of runes and can instinctively use them, Solomon elaborates. "Right, you draw the magic forth from the runes, and form it into the spell you want to cast. The most basic spell is a slight gust of wind, but with practice you can learn all sorts of spells, both combat-oriented and peaceful." He demonstrates a basic wind strike by launching a gust out toward the ocean... and fluttering a few wardrobes in the process. Oooooops.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty tilts her head in curiousity as Doctor Strange seems to have a bit of trouble with his skewers, but she smiles when he says he likes his new career. "What does a Sorcerer Supreme do, anyway?" she asks as she finishes collecting dropped runes. Solty's eyes widen as Alicia arrives. She's never seen such a tall woman! She dwarfs Solty by comparison, who is only a few inches above 5 feet. "...wooow..." she says softly before smiling brightly. "Hello, I'm Solty Revant! Thank you for the food!" she says to Alicia.

     Solomon's attempted lesson about magic draws a few question marks from Solty. She watches him perform a spell, then looks down at her runes. "Let's see...draw the magic...form it...then..." She tries to do so, but...nothing happens. She has literally no experience with magic, much less rune-based magic. Her ears droop and she lets out a disappointed 'aww'.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    The gust of wind gets at least two targets. Raha's shirt blows all the way open, showing off more than a little of his body. Not that he minds, though he does put a hold on that necklace, just in case.

    Alicia, however, takes a full blast, and her skirt blows up to show off her sturdy legs and some stompy sandals. She huff puffs, glares a bit at Solomon, and takes one of the big mochi cakes for herself. "Oy! Careful! You might get an eyefull twixt things you ain't supposed to!"
    That said, the lady salutes Solty too, and brushes her dress down into place again. "Nice to meet'cha! Yer the moppet, right? The thinkin' artifice?" The words come out excited-like, and the girl swats her chest. "I'm a machinist, a gunner, so i get interested in the workin's of fiddly bits."

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Strange gives a legitimately warm smile to Solomon, a stark contrast to his usually deadpan demeanor. "Then it's nothing," he says with a surprised laugh. "You satisfied your thing, I did mine, we both move on. /God/ I wish other people were as sensible as you!" He looks like he's just been given a really great Christmas present.

     "Oh, you mean 'Spider-Man?' No, we're both locals, believe it or not. From the same city, even." He assumes Solomon means he seems like he's from another world. "I mean... not /that/ city, specifically. A different one." He disposes of the second skewer, finishing his drink. It's possible he means something else, but the sorcerer would prefer not to divulge too much without being asked.

     Strange's breezy waist-gown flaps, but the sorcerer himself is Unflappable. Solomon gave ample warning he was going to Magic, after all!

     "I protect Earth against mystical threats. Vampires, dark wizards, dimensional entities, so on, so forth." Even the tall, thin wizard is in the shadow of Alicia. He doesn't seem to mind this, though 'nob' does draw a wrinkled nose. "Hey," he says to Solty. "Don't get discouraged. Keep at it," he mutters to her.

Athela Valemore has posed:
Athela Valemore just looks confused at the shift in conversation. "What's a moppet?", she asks while helping herself to some of the mochi. Sampling the local fair was all part of getting to know another culture better! Helps that it's actually tasty besides that. Her cloak fluttered a bit with the air bursts but it's the only loose piece of clothing she's wearing right now. "Mmm. Don't know about vampires, but we seem to share some types of foes, Doctor."

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty blinkblinks in confusion. "...moppet?" she asks, not familiar with the term. Thinkin' artifice makes sense enough, but Solty hesitates before nodding lightly. "Yes, though we do not know who made me." she says. The gust of wind may have caught Solty, but all it does is make her twin ponytails flutter.

     Strange encourages her regarding the runes, and Solty blinks before nodding. "I'll practice later, though. This is a party!" she says happily. She has no pockets or anything to store things in right now, so she sets the runes on a nearby table and opens the orange juice before taking up a kebab in her other hand and enjoying both with a sunny smile.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    "Awwwwwh." Alicia huff puffs, and-
    Well she's tall, and can cover distance quick. and that's why she's quickly over, giving Solty a good hug and a pat on the head, before stepping back. "Well don't let that stop yeh from being a right bright light! Got it?" She grins, and then ooops. "Right, I gotta get back to post, it was nice meeting you all! Ta!" She salutes again, and then she's campering back up the hill towards what's presumably Raha's place.

    Raha grins, and then looks to Athela as his subordinate retreats. "Sorry we've got lots of... well. Eorzean Common drifts a whole bunch. As you can tell." He gestures up at the retreating Sergeant, before looking to Strange. "Oh! Spider-Man? Are the rest of Tony's crew still kicking around?" He takes a bite of his own mochi. Mmmmm. Green Tea and Red Bean.

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    Now that's just outright disappointing. Solomon didn't expect a massive hurricane, but surely /something/ should have come of Solty's first attempt at magic. Even the most hopeless of novices in Gielinor manage to at least swirl a coulpe air molecules in their first attempt. Solomon inhales sharply, and is about to urge Solty to try again, but then she reminds him and everyone else that this is a party! So, he goes for more of the local alcohol and dutifully imbibes.

    The sorceror's reaction to Solomon's respose is surprising. "Hah! First time someone's called me 'sensible' since these new worlds became accessible." Then the duelist notes that Strange has gotten his meaning a bit wrong. "Spider-man's his name? Huh. Even with him being local to your world, he certainly seemed out of place. Like a kid who got powers and decided 'hey, I wanna play the hero', then realized other people have powers and freaked out. I kinda felt bad."

Doctor Strange has posed:
     "Well... maybe we'll end up working soon, then. Matter of fact..." Now that his hand is free, he can do little cantrips. This one involves conjuring or otherwise procuring an eggshell colored business card. It has the address of the Sanctum Sanctorum engraved upon it by what appears to be the delicate strokes of a fountain pen. "Look me up if you need help." He offers her the card.

     "That's the spirit," says Strange to Solty with an affirming nod. Evidently, he's finally gotten tired of standing. The next thing Strange finds is the nearest seat, which he near-hurls himself into, somehow without spilling his drink. Sssip.

     "Are you kidding?" asks Strange, crossing one leg over the other. "I mean," he admits between dry laughter, "Don't get me wrong, I think you and I see things differently." It's just honestly great that he doesn't have another 'enemy' out to get him over such a pointless conflict.

     "Oh," says Strange, when he realizes what Solomon means. "Yeah, maybe." It's a purposefully noncommittal response.

     "Bye," says Strange, lifting his mug up to Alicia in a placid gesture of farewell. "Thor, Tony, Spider-Man, the other Steve... yeah, they're all there. Banner's been quiet, but, hey, maybe that's a good thing?" He shrugs at Raha, magically refilling his own drink.

Athela Valemore has posed:
    The card is accepted, and Athela bows her head in return. "I shall keep in mind next time I need advice on more mystic matters... If we do not meet fighting at sides before then." Considering how things go, that's probably very likely. She does get around, being very much the 'wandering' sort of hero. The card is tucked away for safekeeping, like it was a small piece of treasure. Potential contacts in the grandness of the Multiverse are always precious.

    And while she's doing that a small pink and lavander slug-like critter pokes out from under the cloak on her shoulder and takes a big bite out of the mochi in her other hand. Athela almost takes a bit out of what remains, but thankfully notices the residue slime and stops. "Slurry... I swear, such an appetite for something so small." She lets the Goomy eat the rest, and goes to get another for herself.

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty is surprised by Alica's speed and looks a bit scared as the tall woman comes rushing over. But then it turns out to be for a hug, and Solty's expression brightens back up. She hugs back as best she can with both hands full, then nods at Alicia. "I won't!" she says, then waves her kebab hand as Alicia leaves. "It was nice to meet you!"

     She listens to the others as they talk and continues to enjoy her food and drink...until she spots that slug-creature. Solty blinks a few times. "...what is...?" It is hungry whatever it is. Solty can't decide if it is cute or icky. She settles on picking up a mochi and offering it to the little creature, crouching down a bit to appear less intimidating. Not that she looks intimidating in the first place. "How long did it take you guys to learn magic?" she asks the others here, since seemingly all of them can. She isn't actually sure about Athela, but she looks like she comes from a magic world.

N'raha Tia has posed:
    But as the mingling continues down on the beach, further along the coast there's a commontion from one of the large Free Companies. Someone is out on the sand, bending over a large crate of something or other... when the fireworks start.

    And boy are they something. Magical fireworks, alchemy with thaumaturgy thrown in for good measure. Moving displays, lights and colors bending over the top of The Mist like a twisting aurora.
    And it's all Raha can do to stop and look up, grinning. "...Twelves. And this is only the first night."

Solomon Roget (6655) has posed:
    It would seem the reality-manipulating sorceror prefers to keep a lot to himself. Solomon's not too miffed, though, since he too is glad to not have made an enemy out of their encounter. Best not to press further. "Two different people with two different roles from two different worlds... yeah, us having different outlooks is expected. Good talk though."

    He then turns his full focus back to Solty. "How long did it take me to learn magic? Let's see... took me a day or two to perfect my first spell... and several years to master the ins and outs of combat magic. Artisan magic I still need to look into, since I've largely ignored that... perhaps I should start with..." Solomon trails off as he's interrupted by the fireworks. He flops onto the beach sand, taking in the view. And when the fireworks are done going off, he'll say his goodbyes, collect his gear, and head off.

Doctor Strange has posed:
     Strange blinks as the Goomy steals Athela's mochi like that. "Is Slurry just... out? ...unsupervised?" He doesn't want to inadvertently bring a Pokemon home. His tone is as neutral as he can make it, given his initial surprise at the audacity of the creature.

     Solty's question draws a slight squint. "Eh..." He shrugs his shoulders and wobbles a hand in the air. "I'm not the best example. I picked it up really quick, but on top of the talent I allegedly had for it, I also had zero obligations /and/ a photographic memory. Once I learned how to read in my sleep, things just..." He mimics an explosion with trembling hands.

     "...I will say, when I started, I was in the same place you are. To get from here to there, it's really just one step at a time." The fireworks start, and Strange remains for a time to watch them. At some point during the display, perhaps after the finale, he's simply gone, just as suddenly as he'd arrived.

Athela Valemore has posed:
"Do not worry. He is too timid to wander away." Athela patted the slug-dragon on the head lightly. "But he dislikes being in stasis so just hides inside my cloak." It has its uses, sometimes it's faster for him to slither out in a pinch so Athela doesn't object. As long as he doesn't get slime everywhere.

As for Solty's question. "To learn to use is one thing. To master is another thing entirely. It is as the Doctor says." Idly she snaps her fingers, shooting a small spray of water into the air from them. It is kind of magic. "One step at time. But shop can be talked another time, it sounds as if the nocturnal sky display is starting."

Solty Revant has posed:
     Solty hmms softly as she hears the others. "...just a day or two..?" she says after hearing Solomon. She couldn't even make any air move. She stands up again and goes to pick up her runes. "Well, I'll keep trying." she says, clutching them in her hands and giving a firm fist pump.

     Then, fireworks! Solty almost jumps out of her skin! She hasn't seen fireworks before, and is afraid for a moment that someone is attacking them. But, once she sees all the fun and amazing things displayed in the sky her eyes widen and she stands still. "Woooooow..." she says, awed by the sight.

     Once the fireworks display is over she realizes...it is pretty late! "Oh! I have to get going! Roy is going to be worried! Thank you again, Mister N'Raha! See you all later!" she calls out as she jogs off.