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The Girl in Blue
Date of Scene: 11 March 2019
Location: The City (Planet M15)
Synopsis: Guards are hired to protect an important medical shipment, but instead get tangled up in a story of greed with modern day robin hoods.
Cast of Characters: Solty Revant, 6941, Staren, Kotone Yamakawa, Corona Arclite

Solty Revant has posed:
     Those accepting the contract for protection are asked to rendezvous in the alley behind the biggest hospital in The City. There seems to be no one waiting for them at first, but as they wait a young woman with brown hair and glasses who carries a PDA emerges from a side door near a large cargo delivery door. She smiles a practiced warm smile at those gathered. "Well hello to all of you. I am the secretary to Dr. Dewy R. Black, the hospital administrator. I have been sent to verify that you are properly registered with R.U.C. Security if you are from off-world or that you have your Hunter's license if you are from our city." She holds up a handheld card reader that is rather bulky considering the apparent technological level of the city. "Please hold up your cards now."

     Roy Revant and Solty Revant are both here already, and Roy holds up his Hunter card as the secretary makes her way down the line. Those with sharp eyes might notice that his attention is on them. His tired expression disguises eagle eyes that scan every detail of the others gathered here. Solty is also watching them, but in a much more obvious way. The way a curious child watches people she hasn't met before.

     The medical facility itself is the size of 3 or 4 conventional skyscrapers, and is constructed of some sort of white plastisized metal polished to a mirror shine. Its full size glass pane windows circle the building, giving it a striped look. Anyone who went inside before meeting out here would have discovered it was a research hospital conducting research on everything one might naturally link to the medical field. Pharmaceuticals, surgical and non-surgical treatments, sports medicine, and of course the Resemble that makes up Solty herself.

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Marti showed up by motorcycle, having parked it somewhere nearby so that he can use it to protect the target like usual. He's wearing his civvies today, a brown longcoat with a white undershirt and a pair of jeans. His hip holster is plainly visible, and he has a wide-brimmed hat on his head with a Seven of Hearts playing card pinned to the brim. His hands are adorned with brown work gloves, and he has black police boots on that shine like they've never been used.

    As the inspection passes over him, the curly-haired man lifts the card for his RUC registration, smiling through his wild bangs. He holds it forward and around the rim so it's easy to read. He got registered, of course. He stuffs the card back in his shirt pocket after that, and glances aside with his dark eyes toward Roy Revant. Eyes flick from head to toes and back up, his smile lingering.

    "You seem anxious," he points out to Roy. He lifts his hand and spreads his fingers to give a good-hearted wave to Solty Revant. For whatever reason, he doesn't seem worried. When he does this, he flinches, and rubs at a spot on his waist. "Got wounded on a mission," he explains, despite no one asking. "Dangerous work, this Multiverse business."

Staren has posed:
    Staren shows up in power armor. Taking a break from being a robot after the last few missions. Perhaps there isn't really any reason /not/ to, but perhaps he's worried that going chrome full-time would push him further apart from people.

    He rolls his eyes as they ask to check passports, and holds out whatever the RUC gave him. "So what's the package? Or if that's need-to-know, where are we taking it?"

    Solty gets a warm smile and friendly nod, he's met her before. He eyes Marti as he hears that voice. "Ah... so you're that new voice on the radio. Pleased to meet you," he extends a hand to shake, "I'm Staren Wiremu, Hand of the Concord." It sounds much more impressive when he's not introducing himself right after Seifer "Fox Knight King of the Moon Hand of the Concord" Almasy.

    He briefly eyes the spot that Marti indicates is injured. "Maybe they can help you with that here, while we're waiting around..."

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Marti waves off the offer of help from Staren, maintaining an easy-going demeanor. "I already got it looked at. It's just sore when I move wrong. It's still healing." He points to Staren. "Nice armor."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa paperwork, was good from the last time she stuck her noses in on Solty's world. She was able to get through things easily enough she'll hols up her card. If she's asked for anything else she'll happily comply and once she's able to catch up with Roy and Solty she'll wave.

"Hey been a while."

She's clad in her normally seen long coak and the rest, the cyborg seems to be in a good mood.

"Starn, Sheriff."

She looks "It might not be armour he swaps shells more than I do."

Corona Arclite has posed:
Something something arriving late is just arriving in style. Even with directions there's a lot of alleys to find the right one they're suppose to meet up in. But find it Corona does, ambling in like she had intended to show up right then and now the whole time. "Howdy pardners." She gives a tip of her hat to Marti when she sees him amongst the group. "Sheriff. How's the bike holding up?" She asks as she leans on Kotone's shoulder. "Tch. Reckon we somehow end up in the same messes a lot don't we now?" she asides to her friend with a wink.

Staren has posed:
    "Thanks, I made it myself!" Staren smiles, then looks to Kotone. "Nah, this one's armor. The other set, the non-environmental armor that's designed to be anchored to cyborg bodies instead of worn? I painted it red, also it has these little dimples on the shoulder and knee plates. On this one they're smooth and round."

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy's eyes narrow a bit at a few things. Staren's rolling of his eyes. Marti apraising him and commenting on his anxiousness. Corona being a fox, even though he's met her before. "Is that so." he says to Marti. "Maybe that's because this briefcase has already earned me one bullet hole, and it wasn't even on the move yet." Just where that injury is isn't clear thanks to that heavy longcoat.

     Solty blinks as Marti waves to her, but smiles kindly and waves back a bit shyly, half-hiding behind Roy. "Hello. I'm Solty Revant!" she says to Marti. Staren, Kotone, and Corona all get a much more open and cheerful wave. "Hello everyone! It's nice to see all of you again!" she calls out, her green furry ears perking a bit.

     A few more local Hunters join the group and get their cards scanned by the secretary. But, just as she's nearing the last one the heel on her shoe turns inward and she falls over! She scrambles back to her feet quickly and laughs in embarrassment. "S-sorry about that. As for what the item is and where it is going, those details are being witheld. Our administrator is very cautious." she says, pushing her glasses back into place in front of her blue eyes. "Your job is just to accompany the delivery truck and defend it from anyone who attacks it. I have been authorized to tell you that the cargo is quite valuable, so it is highly likely that at least one attempt will be made." She starts back toward the closed delivery bay and the door she used to exit the building. She has to glance back again at Corona, but soon she is at the door. "The cargo truck will emerge in a few moments, so please return to your vehicles and prepare to follow it. The administrator will also be following at a distance."

     She then steps inside. Apparently no more questions will be answered.

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Marti smiles off toward Roy, but his smile briefly fades as he overhears that someone made attempt on the man's life. Roy would see the mirth fade for something more natural to a sheriff or soldier hearing someone got shot in the line of duty. "That sucks, man," he says, lifting his hand to rub at the edge of his forehead, eyes briefly closing.

    "Marti," he introduces to the others that don't know. He points his thumb at himself.

    Corona's question marks a return of his smile. He replies, "Got the old thing fixed up, good as new. Thanks for asking." He tips his hat to her in cowboy fashion.

    With the mission parameters stated, he gives a lazy two-finger salute and silently turns to return to his vehicle. His boots click against the pavement, and his smile fades for professional neutrality. He moves at a brisk pace, more like a soldier than a sheriff.

Staren has posed:
    "Hey Corona, long time no see."

    Staren watches somewhat dispassionately as the secretary's poor choice in footwear distracts her. He wonders if it was forced on her by her employer. "Hey, you forgot to scan that guy." Staren points out. Although if she refuses to scan, he won't fight about it.

    When asked to 'go to his vehicle', he pulls a broom out of his bag which is clearly too small for it, then sits on brush part and flies near the truck.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    "Good t'here." No surprise Corona has a soft spot for most any sort of machine or vehicle, being an engineer.

    "Y'too, kid," she replies to Staren, before turning her attention back to the secretary. "So somethin' so important they can't tell no one what kinda guffin it really is? Guess that's why t'job's payin good as it is." Sounds like they're going to be getting down to business soon so she fiddles with her goggles a bit before pulling them down over her eyes. "Well shoot. Reckon Ah shoulda parked closer." That might be a joke, or it might not. Corona scampers off from the alley before anyone can really ask.

    And a few moments later rejoins the group with her own motorcycle. Except it's not really a motorcycle, it's just ridden like one would be. Something like 'steampunk speederbike' would be more accurate, riding on and propelled by various steam jets instead of any sort of wheels. She gives it an idle rev, watching the various guages and meters projected in her goggles flicker up and down as she does.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has at Staren and grins at him and seems happy to see Corona as well.

"It seems like that, you sure you don't want to just rent a room from me at this rate?"

She notes back to her friend. She will look to Marti for a moment giving him a nod before looking back to Solty and listening to what she has to say.

"So need to know only right? Make sure it gets to where it's going and then make sure it arrives? Got it."

With that she'll look one last time to Solty and says

"Good to see you maybe we can catch up after that."

She returns a bit later on her own motorcycle and in a riding suit as well she'll get on board and move to jack into her bike she's ready to roll.

Solty Revant has posed:
     "Oh! Hahaha! Um..." The secretary looks embarrassed even more as Staren points out she didn't get the last guy. She hurries back to scan his card before she disappears inside the building. But as soon as the door is closed another crash is heard, presumably the secretary falling down again.

     About five minutes pass, and the huge cargo door of the hospital starts to open, revealing an full size cargo truck and trailer. It pulls out and moves toward the road. The radios of the protectors would buzz with a bit of static before a voice that even sounds like it belongs to a pompous, overweight man comes in. "Hello. I am Dr. Dewy R. Black, the administrator of this research hospital. Please keep this frequency open for communications, and for updates on nav points for the route. We have a total of seven guards or groups of guards for this convoy. I am designating those of you on one-seat vehicles to lead the truck if you have the ability to read the nav points. The rest of you follow behind or beside the truck. And for goodness sake, try not to be obvious about it. My car will be far to the rear. I am only coming along to monitor the situation and sign over the items when we reach the destination."

     Roy waves dismissively at Marti's sentiment. "It was just a scratch really. Nothing to worry about." he says as he starts toward a cherried classic red muscle car. Solty follows after him, and once the truck has pulled onto the street Roy starts after it. Nav points come in roughly every block, updating as they go. It is just fast enough for the lead vehicles to follow the route ahead of the truck. The Hunters in those two cars seem quite a bit younger and inexperienced compared to Roy, and seem to think this will be an easy job. Who would attack an unknown medical supply truck? They can't really understand why so much security is needed, but like Corona they figure pay is pay.

     The truck follows a fairly straightforward route to one of the major highways through the massive city. It's a skyway really, raised above the rest of the roads and even many of the buildings. For some reason Roy is following quite a distance behind the truck. All in all, it really does seem like this will be a walk in the park.

Staren has posed:
    "Obvious about it? I'm on a flying broom, do you want me to lead or not?" Staren will or won't, as asked.

    He's keeping an eye out for trouble, either way. They wouldn't ask extraversals to come in for a walk in the park.

Solty Revant has posed:
     "...did you say a broom?" The doctor sounds baffled. "...well...whatever. As long as there are at least two in front I don't care. You are the ones being paid to protect the shipment, so I'd hope you can coordinate a proper formation yourselves."

Corona Arclite has posed:
    As the radio buzzes Corona pulls down a mic piece attatched to the side of her goggles, and resumably the ear pieces are under her hat near the base of her ears. It's all synced into the control device strapped to her arm regardless, which is also tracking the nav points for her. "Copy that." She rolls her eyes slightly. Staren's arguably more conspicious than she is at the moment. "Staren, they said not t'fly too high and all, but why don't ya stay above the truck fer a better vantage point."

    That said once the cargo truck is rolling she pulls to the front of it on her steampowered speeder. This is hardly her first rodeo when it comes to transport escorts, so she's got little problem with taking a lead point. At least this time she's not the one driving and can take part in the actual action. If there's any action to take part in.

    She's assuming there's going to be. She's properly paranoid like that.

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Marti doesn't let his guard down. He keeps his eyes peeled for his surroundings, checking the windows of vehicles and buildings, checking the air for threats, and generally keeping his eyes on the road where he needs to. He's very good at driving his motorcycle, to the point where he can maintain a distance ahead of the truck. He keeps tabs on everything with his phone or with his radio, so that he can keep up with where they're going. He actually rides fairly far ahead of the truck, just so he isn't too obvious that he's leading it.

    "Withholding the details... tch, treating us like dirt-cheap thugs, doin' that," he mutters to himself during his ride. "If this is something dangerous or illegal I'm gonna be pissed."

Staren has posed:
    Staren decides that avoiding attention is off the table and just goes ahead flying ahead and up in the air to keep an eye out.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa gets herself onto the right comm band and will be listening to Dewy, he lays out some more information and she will move along with it. She gets the idea to just play the regular person out for a spin on her bike, she can manage that fairly well.

She will gun her engine and will head out at the proper time when they do she'll make sure to keep tabs on it. With it seeming like it's going to be a walk in the park? That has Kotone on edge as it's never a milk run and she knows that much.

Solty Revant has posed:
     The other two groups of local Hunters take up positions behind the truck, following at a distance but not really far enough to not make it look like a convoy. They obviously aren't taking this seriously. Staren flies up and the radio crackles. <"What are you doing? This may not look like an ordinary shipment if we pass someone, but you are basically a red flag up there!">

     The trip down the skyway is smooth, timed so that the traffic is at a lower level so the transport won't take as long. People in cars they pass or that pass them stare at the strange bikes and flying catboy, but otherwise it is uneventful. That is, until a purple Viper-like car catches up to them and skids into the space between the rear guard and the truck with obvious intent.

     <"Guess it won't be a boring day after all! Light him up!"> says the foremost of the rear guard. The two cars full of local Hunters opens fire on the purple car, perforating the rear of the car with many rounds. But, the car seems to be at least somewhat armored. The driver doesn't flinch, and a slot opens before a strange looking vent extends. Silvery powder starts floating out and is sucked right into the intakes of the cars. <"What is-">

     That is all the Hunters manage before their engines explode. It is minor, but their cars are done for and the two Hunter cars skid into the barriers. <"Keep going! We aren't far from the delivery point!"> the doctor's voice comes in. Roy's car is far enough back to avoid both the silvery powder and the car crashes, but he revs all his horses to catch up quickly.

     From his vantage point, Staren would see something else approaching.

     A very crab-like blue-green mech! Riding atop it is a young man with short, spikey brown hair. He looks pretty smug as he rises up just enough so that he is visible over the skyway's side walls right beside Marti "Sorry. Looks like your buddies are out of the game." he says with a smirk, then rises up in dramatic style to reveal to those on the actual roadway that he is riding a mech, its rocket boosters carrying it up and onto the skyway, where it drops right in front of the Marti and tries to smash his bike with a swing of one crab-like arm. Then, it quickly drops back while firing a few small missiles at the others while it tries to knock the truck into the barriers as the young man disappears inside the mech. But, the mech isn't that much bigger than the truck itself, and it seems sturdy enough to keep from being pushed around. The driver, panicked as he is, keeps going!

Staren has posed:
    <"It's too late for that."> Staren replies, possibly proven right when someone sabotages most of the rear guard. Staren considers attacking them, but... they don't seem to be moving? So the convoy moves on.

    And from his vantage point, he can see... <"Corona! With me, giant mecha crab up ahead!"> He dives down to just above traffic level and weaves between buildings or around the elevated roadway to try and avoid the missiles, while returning fire with his own salvo of a half-dozen miniaturized anti-tank missiles.

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Marti's vehicle thrums and putters as he drives along. He squints through his motorcyclist goggles, and reaches up to adjust his helmet while he rides. He puffs a sigh to himself as he thinks on his life choices. Mercenary work, huh? He grunts as he hears them talk over the radio, and then hears the explosions behind him. He doesn't turn his attention away from the road ahead for now... but then a Giant Enemy Crab appears alongside the skyway, and someone talks to him. The person is reflected briefly in his goggles as the crab lifts and lands on the road ahead of him.

    "Oh shit."

    He turns and grits his teeth and SLIDES his bike under the arm that swings at him, drifting along the road. It cracks him in the helmet and knocks it clean off. When the helmet shatters on the road, he turns his vehicle with preturnatural precision. He slows his bike and pulls his handgun from his belt, and points at one of the leg joints of the crab. His .44 revolver gleams in the street lights as they pass them, and his curly hair whips in the wind. A determined frown shows on his face as he tries to get a good shot.

    BANG!!! A trail of smoke follows behind the bullet that fires from Marti's revolver.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Even at the front of the convoy the engineer's astute ears hears the engines bombing out behind them. But there's little Corona can do about that, not with the big bogie coming up right in their path, as Staren helpfully points out. "Yep. There's the trouble." With the warning and her own paranoid waiting Corona's ready to take evasive action, veering through most of the cascade of rockets. At least as far as direct hits go, the projectiles exploding against the pavement still rock her lighter vehicle back and forth some.

    Corona actually lets go of the handlebars with both hands, instead putting one boot on them to steer with and allow herself to partially stand up from the seat. This frees both hands to pull both of her larger pistols from their holster as she makes a few quick vector and trajectory calculations, and opens fire with a pair of shots. That zing just past the crab-mech!

    Instead the shots bore through two supports of a billboard, sending it toppling towards the mecha-crab in an attempt to help knock it out of the way of the vehicles.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa keeps to traffic laws for this world she doesn't seem to be doing anything out of the normal but then comes something it seems there is trouble here come a sports car and the order is given. The cars of the local hunters move in but it seems someone has sabotaged their rides and reduce the escort in the process there's not much she can do for now save call for aid for the down escorts and keep going.

She'll come under attack and just deek out of the way it's clear she's got experience doing combat on a bike. She goes one-handed and pulls a pistol out firing shots at the mecha aiming for smaller vital systems like things that might be sensors and the like.

Solty Revant has posed:
     The purple car is in fact still moving! It is staying behind the cargo truck, but isn't actually attacking or anything. It apparently is the rear guard for the attackers, keeping Roy from getting closer. And Roy can't risk forcing the issue with that silver powder threatening to take out his engine as well. <"I'm going to help!"> comes in Solty's voice on the radio, and suddenly she is climbing out the window of the fast moving car to get on the roof.

     Meanwhile, the crab mech is battered by missiles and...a hand-gun?! Roy would probably want to know just where Marti got his .44 since it actually destroys the joint on one of the legs of the mech and causes it to stumble. "What the hell?!" comes the young man's voice over a loud speaker. "We're after the case! No one has to get hurt here!"

     With the truck proving too sturdy to just knock around, the mech leaps up and lands on the top of it. <"He's not stopping. Gotta admire his work ethic!"> the mech pilot says with an audible grin over the local radio. <"Guess it's time for the ol' smash and grab!"> His mech starts punching the top of the trailer with what look almost like giant pry bars. It takes only a few seconds to punch into the cargo section and peel it away, which reveals...most of the truck is empty. In fact, only a single briefcase is inside, secured to a heavy container to keep it from bouncing around.

     The billboard lands atop the mech, nearly knocking it off the truck. The pilot growls, then reaches for the case again. Kotone's shots cause sparks to fly. Solty uses the distraction to leap forward and land on the truck, then hops down and grabs the case. "I won't let you have this! It is important medicine!" she says. The pilot of the mech growls. "Give it here, you little brat!"

     Suddenly, a missile comes flying in from behind Roy, hitting the highway and blowing away a section of wall ahead of the truck and causing the driver to pull the truck hard to the left, but he still crashes sidelong into the rubble. The mech comes flying off the back, and Solty does as well. The mech reaches to swipe at her, and she drops the case as she defends herself.


Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Marti lifts the handgun after the shot to focus on keeping his balance on his bike. Once things start getting really chaotic, he keeps out of the way. The shockwave from the explosions makes him nearly stumble in his driving, but he corrects and ignores the ache of a bruise from where the air buffeted him. He sniffs in a breath through his nose and lifts his head to watch the crab as it starts trying to rip open the truck and steal what's inside. He can't get a clear shot just yet, so slows so he can get behind the truck, keeping an eye on the chaos of swerving vehicles.

    Then, as he spots his opening, he revs his bike, pops a wheelie, and jumps the divider. He launches up into the air just in time for the case to fly from Solty and the mech's grip, and his gloved hand whips out to grab it. "WOAH THERE!!" he cries out, and catches it, stuffing the case in his lap. Then he lands and quickly corrects himself as his bike's suspension tries to make him fly side to side. He unholsters his revolver again, and takes aim at the mech. He speaks over his radio, which can be seen on his shoulder under his coat.

    <"Destruction of city property. Destruction of personal property. Assault with a deadly weapon."> He rattles off charges, a laundry list of them. He sounds coldly furious, like a man that has been pushed to the brink of murder. <"Cease and desist. Surrender will be less painful for you.">

    Bang bang!! He fires for two more joints, trying to hit the weak points in the mech with his handgun.

Staren has posed:
    The shockwave is larger than Staren expects. He's not used to fighting /other/ people with missiles. He activates his forcefield, but the shockwave slams into him and sends him tumbling, shattering more of the forcefield. He hops off the broom and switches to using his wings, putting the broom back in the bag that's too small for it... and diving for the dropped case, firing only a couple of wild beam cannon shots at the crab mech or any other unknowns going for the case.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Corona quickly holsters the guns and drops back onto the seat of her bike properly. Only for a missile to come screaming from the far back and blow out a chunk of the road just as Solty is yoinking the case out of the truck before the mech can. The truck screechs sideways, bucking both Solty and the crab machine off. The case gets dislodged somewhere in the shuffle.

    Corona instead of something more sensible kicks the throttle to the max and drives right into the resulting explosion. The blastwave rips chunks of metal off the sides of the speeder and something blows out the rear as it's blazing out the other side and off the upheaved wreckage of the missile to launch into the air even as it's starting to belch smoke and sparks.

    But it's just far enough in the air for Corona to kick free of the seat and jump off, leaving the damaged speeder to go careening across the other side of the road in a sparking mess and a bellowing of smoke and fire.

    But the wily vixen isn't on the bike anymore. She kippups off a street lamp with her parkour skills and launchs herself towards the crab-mech. At the same time reaching back to pull the larger hammer off her back, aura green-yellow sparks crackling around the head as it's power core charges up.

    "Time for a little shell shock!" As she lands on the crab-mech Corona swings the breaker down with the additional momentum of her fall. The energy discharges at impact, sending a surge of electrified plasma blasting out in addition to the blunt force. This is the sort of big nasty machine it's made for breaking apart.

    Wrench in the works? Screw that, I've got a big ****ing hammer to BREAK the works with!

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Never sit still is a rule Kotone learned a long time ago when it came to combat in the multiverse. She knows she's mostly a diversion for people with far more powerful weapons or other means of attack but that doesn't matter really so long as she keeps the mech a bit more off balance. She keeps moving and the shockwave is avoided by her pulling a jump over it and she comes down and it's clear now she's controlling the bike hands free as she's now got a grenade in hand and will loob the thin at the mecha it will beep several times before it explodes in a burst of plasma.

"You want some of this you jackass?! Come get it!"

Solty Revant has posed:
     <"What are you doing?! That is fragile cargo!"> the doctor's voice comes in. <"Shut up! I'm not letting these punks get away!"> another voice says, apparently a personal body guard for the doctor. Another rocket is fired, but this one goes off course as the doctor pushes the Hunter, and the missile hits a huge billboard on the top of a building that rises above the skyway. The billboard wobbles unsteadily as Roy and the purple car both pull up. Roy steps out and takes cover behind the door of his car, and the man in the purple car finally steps out as well and does the same. He is a tall, lean man who can't be any older than his mid 20s with nice features and pale pink hair. "So, it's you guys again." Roy says, aiming at the purple car's driver but not firing yet. "You're pretty persistent, old man." the other man says in a suave, slightly gravelly voice. "Just get the case, Larry!" comes the mech pilot's voice. "And we didn't launch that missile!" he adds for Marti's sake. The mech takes quite a beating as well. Marti's shots disable another arm, Staren's shots burn deep into the body, Kotone's grenade weakens another, and Corona's hammer of an attack dents the top inward and starts melting the armor.

     Solty runs up to Marti and smiles happily. "Good job, Mr. Marti! You saved the case!" she says. <"Hurry up and get us there!"> the doctor's voice comes in over the radio, followed by the screeching of tires that matches a dark colored sedan a good distance away coming to a stop. <"What!? You will be fired for this!"> the doctor bellows. <"You know..."> says a female voice matching the secretary. <"...I'm not sure how your real secretary puts up with you."> <"W-what...? Real secretary?"> There is a pop over the radio, then it is silent. A few moments later, a bike that looks like some kind of cross between a sleek locomotive and a motorcycle comes roaring up, swerving between all the cars that have stopped or been hit, then slides to a stop near Larry...and idling on that bike nearby is a slender blonde in an almost blindingly blue long coat with equally blue eyes. Her hair falls like a cascade of gold down her back, and one large lock of blonde hangs down over her face. She gives that long lock a toss and smirks. "Oppressers beware! Rose, the bright blue meteor of hope...is here!"

     Roy sighs. "...I doubt her parents would approve of this." The mech pilot pops out of his mech, which is badly damaged. "Rose! You were supposed to be backup!" Rose hmphs. "The best -defense- is a good -offense-!" The mech pilot growls. "What's that supposed to mean?!" "Look, you and Larry obviously needed the backup, Andy!" "We had it completely under control"

     "Quiet, both of you!" Larry says, then looks at Andy. "They're stronger than we expected. You know what to do."

     Andy grins, then ducks back into the mech. "You got it, brother!" he yells dramatically, and another salvo of missiles fire. They seek out their targets and explode! But, rather than a dangerous explosion like the missile from the doctor's car, these are full of sticky gum that threatens to lock down everyone present before hardening quickly into something akin to cement. Decidely non-lethal, but definitely a problem.

Staren has posed:
    Staren dives for the case, but Marti and Solty get there first, and... hey, as long as someone has it, that's good! "Hey! What's this about opressors?" Also, so much for their employer. Staren rolls his eyes again -- seems they're pretty terrible at opsec after all.

    Missiles come. Staren puts up his forcefield and widens his stance, bracing for impact... and not only do the missiles shatter his field, but they surround him in foam! HIS OWN DAMN TRICK! Even if he did steal it from Rory. BUT HE FELL FOR THEIR TRAP. Completely!

    And that... is embarassing. Staren's pretty mad! A small saving grace is that the gum hardened around the collapsing field, leaving him a LITTLE room to move inside. He starts trying to cut it away with both his beam cannons and the matter manipulator. Fortunately, the time it takes allows him to cool down enough to remember what was said BEFORE he fell for the trap. "Hey. What was that about opressors? Seriously, maybe we should stop and talk about this... since it seems like you just took out the guy who was gonna pay us, anyway."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has long used that type of grenade and knows how big the blast is and thankfully it pays off for her she can't dodge harm forever however and this is where it catches up with her the fights over the case are going on the missiles catch her, and she's wiped out, but caught in something akin to her own freezer foam. The hell he did that, oh he did. Kotone is trapped and the impact does injure her. She's trapped for a moment but then will force her strength to break free it takes a moment as it cracks and creeks as she finally breaks free and she's switching weapons now, as she pulls a rail gun from her Matter Manipulator and it's nearly as big as she is, she has no issue in holding it as she move to jack into it and line up a shot aiming to disable the mech rather than aiming to core it and she fires a trio of shots.

"So you do my tricks too how about this!?"

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Crack crack! Yeah! Marti grins as he sees his next shot do serious damage to the mech. He swerves his bike into place to make sure he doesn't get hit in the melee, and then he has to try and dodge the capture foam...! It hits him, and hammers his body and his coat. And then, with a sudden tear of his hand against his shoulder, he rips off his coat, pulling most of the foam off before it can fully adhere to him. It tears fabric in his shirt as well, and exposes tattoos under his shirt of swirling snakes and vultures. Buttons snap and crack. And a sheriff's badge dangles off his neck from a beaded chain.

    He revs his bike and spins about, and holsters his gun. His hand goes up and grabs the badge, the metallic shield grasped tightly in his fingers. The case his held down to his lap while his bike putters beneath him.


    A ten foot tall man in black leathers that conceal his body, and a colorful poncho that drapes his form appears, dual-wielding massive revolvers with long barrels. His face is utterly concealed in shadow, and his hat is dipped down. The figure glows with blue flames that cascade up and down his form, as if summoned entirely by magic. Which he was.

    "Get on the ground."

    He doesn't wait for them to do so. His Persona lifts and unleashes a barrage of precision (and strangely non-lethal) gunshots that hammer toward the assailants responsible for attacking the convoy. He has no reason to stop defending his charge, not even while his employer is dead. He is a man of principles.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Corona sees Solty running towards Marti and the case while trying to keep her footing on the battered crab-mech. "DON'T SHOW IT OFF!" But as she's shouting someone else comes blazing onto the scene. Sigh.

    Corona stows the hammer and leaps off from the mech, firing her grappler to grab onto the railing of the highway and pull herself down... Except there's another barrage of projectiles as she does so. The eruption of quick hardening foam clinging to her adds more weight than the swing was intended for and Corona ends up hitting the pavement short of the mark, giving it all the more surface to stick to as she's down on her back. Plus come of it got on her head, though her goggles keep it out of her eye at least. "Of all the slaggin' fraggin' sassafrassin'..."

    It takes a bit of squirming around but she manages to get a hand clenched enough to activate the cutter torch built into her glove. A bit of searing heat and a bit more jostling and she manages to get part of an arm free. No time to expend on breaking the rest of herself out.

But one hand is all she really needs. That an her ears, which swivel a bit to pin down the other voices. Makes a face at hearing the 'secretary' but tries to not let that distract her. She can also hear that motorcycle running, and with one eye clear see some in the reflection off the crab mech. She flips out an emergency gun and, despite there being nothing to obviously shoot at from her awkward still mostly trapped position, fires.

    There's a *whunk* as the capsule ricochetes off Corona's disabled speeder where it crashed.
    Followed by a *twank* as the angle makes it hit the bottom of the crab-mech and rebound away.
    Which results in it jabbing into the pavement right at the feet of the new arrival and her co-conspirators.

    And that's when the flashbang explodes with a painful FLASH and a ear-splitting POW that should be one hell of a surprise!

Solty Revant has posed:
     The radio crackles again, and it's the doctor? <"Do not listen to that woman! She was posing as my secretary! I do not know who she is, but apparently she fed these hooligans our information!"> The doctor's car is moving again. Apparently she didn't actually harm him. Or the man with the missile launcher, who is standing up through the sunroof as the car races to the scene. He looks like he is preparing another missile!

     Suddenly, there is a metallic creaking from overhead and...the billboard that had been hit by the second missile falls right toward Roy and his car! "ROY!" Solty forgets completely about the case, the mech, and the Andersons, and leaps into the sky to intercept the falling billboard, which is almost as large as the truck they have been protecting. She rears back with one of her fists, and it starts to glow yellow and vibrate rapidly. When she delivers that punch, the energy disperses throughout the billboard...and it disintegrates. All except for one large piece that falls down to land on the doctor's car. The hunter manages to duck back in just in time, but his missile launcher is crushed and the car skids to a stop. The doctor jumps out. "Give me the case! I will continue on while you secure these criminals!"

     The mech is finished. Beams sear into it. Bullets and projectiles of different varieties punch through it. The Andersons themselves are hit with those Persona bullets, and Rose blinks as something lands at her feet. "...is that-" She gets the full force of that flashbang shot, forcing her to cry out before being pummeled by non-lethal rounds. She manages to stay on her bike somehow, but this certainly isn't how the small gang thought the operation would go. She trembles a bit from the pain in her eyes and her body now. "Geeze! Ease up, would ya? If you are any kind of lawman, you have to open that case!" she declares firmly, even while unable to see.

     Dr. Black's face goes pale. "N-no! You are not allowed to open it as part of your contract! If you break it, you do not get paid!" he says frantically. He obviously doesn't want that case to be opened. Larry, who fell back into his car after Marti's attack, grunts. "We were really just after the case, and not even to steal it. He's smuggling narcotics out of the hospital to sell on the black market, just to put a few more dollars in his pocket. Good, innocent, injured people are being deprived because of his selfishness."

     Roy stands up now that the Andersons are subdued, and approaches Marti. "What do you think? I say we open it." he says, obviously regarding Marti as a fellow Hunter, who are really agents of the law themselves. "These kids worked hard not to kill anyone. I don't think they would have bothered if they didn't have good intentions at heart."

Solty Revant has posed:
     "THIS IS NOT A VOTE!" the doctor yells. "I am paying all of you! You cannot open that case!"

     The mech suddenly lurches, and part of the front pops out to reveal a military-looking escape vehicle. Andy, the brown-haired brother, is frowning deeply. "It's like he says. We just wanted to expose the doc! And no one would have believed anyone who brought charges against the administrator of the biggest and best facility of good will in The City! So, we had to take alternate measures! This would have been a clean job if you Multiversals hadn't stuck your noses in where they didn't belong!"

     The door to Larry's car closes suddenly, and all three of the Anderson vehicles' tires screech as they try to escape in all directions. Rose is going to have the most trouble though. Her bike is fast, but she can hardly see. She bounces off several barriers as she tries to drive away. Roy doesn't move to stop them. He seems to believe them, which means that the doctor is the one most responsible for all the damage as far as he's concerned. But of course, that's only true if the case does indeed hold something it isn't supposed to.

     Even as she bounces off of things, Rose radios to the group. <"I gotta say, we've never failed in one of our operations before. You guys are pretty good! Hope we see you again~"> <"If we do, you won't be so lucky next time."> Larry's calm voice joins in. <"We're the Anderson Brothers! Defenders of justice and the oppressed!"> Andy's voice adds at the end.

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Marti watches the dust clear, and his Persona lowers its guns. He knocks down the kickstand of his motorcycle and he looks down at the case on his lap, balanced there between the handlebars and his waist. He reaches down to pick it up and inspect it even as his Persona fades into blue sparkles and smoke. His eyes lift as the perps take off. "Anderson Brothers," he mouths. "They weren't so bad. Better than most criminals, I'd say..." He then reaches with a neutral gaze and simply...

    Opens the case and looks inside.

Corona Arclite has posed:
    "Noses where they don't belong is kinda part the job." That quip is all you're going to get out of Corona for the moment, as she discards the spent flashbang launcher and works on getting herself free from the rest of the hardened material. It's still a slow process, at least until she gets her other arm free, and has both cutters activated. After that it's easier, especially when not getting shot at as well. Eventually she stands up, gives a good shake to dislodge some of the dust, and brushes herself off.

    Then glances at the remains of the machine that was used to attack them. "Ah wonder where they got that from." She's not even paying attention to the case now, she's distracted by something else technical.

Staren has posed:
    The case is argued about back and forth. Staren thinks. It DOES seem pretty suspicious... but then, meddling hero types are fairly likely to get the wrong idea about things and screw up plans to make the world better.

    So, which is going on here?

    Staren considers methods to perp sweat the doctor to see just how far he's willing to take this if it IS deception... but Marti holds the case, and makes the decision for them. Staren flits over to take a look.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa sees the other side is subdued the railgun is banished back to where it cames. She comes upon the ground dusting herself off. "I did notice the use of less lethal tactics. Still just what is going on here? The Doctor's behaviour is strange to Kotone and she looks at them.

"I am with the Paladins You may still face...."

She was going offer to stick up for them if it proved true so they got a lighter sentence. Whelp they ran off and this was going to be a pain however she'll look to the Doctor.

"Requesting Paladin aid for illegal activity would be very serious indeed Doctor and we're some of the nicer ones, ones who get downright biblical in their enforcement of the law."

She couldn't keep up with the fleeing suspects and there's a mess to clean up here which is a potential danger to bystanders.

She'll follow up the Sheriff and will take a look at teh case.

"I give them credit for trying to not stack on murder charges to their antics. So whats the verdic? Roy? You know anything about these."

Solty Revant has posed:
     When opened, the case contains several layers of IV bags filled with green liquid. The lables say 'Enfarin'. Roy grunts. "Enfarin. It's a hard narcotic. Sells for a lot on the black market. I've never heard of it being transported this way. The only item in a large truck, no exterior lables, this is not a typical medical container, and as far as I know we've passed all the medical facilities that would have any sort of need for it." He looks toward the doctor, who is white as a ghost and sweating now. Guilt is written all over his face, even if at the moment nothing solid could be proven. "So, doctor...if we go and check the records at the hospital...is this shipment going to show up?" The doctor looks even more worried.

     Solty walks up and peeks around from behind Roy. "So...they were right?" she asks uncertainly. Roy pats Solty on the head, then looks around at the others. "I can take it from here. There's no pay to be had, and by himself this doctor isn't dangerous. The investigation to actually prove all of this will be difficult like Andy said. But, it will be pretty hard for the good doctor to explain away why he had so much, or why he felt he needed to pay so many to protect it."

     The mech definitely looks military. Too clean and well built to be mere civilian, unless it is someone very well off. It doesn't seem to have any deadly weapons, though. Just its mechanical strength and more riot foam and emp missiles. Roy notices Corona inspecting the mech and calls out, "I wouldn't touch that if I were you. That likely belongs to R.U.C. Security, and they don't take kindly to people who mess with their tech."

Corona Arclite has posed:
    Corona glances over her shoulder. "Huh, so those kids were rawht." She almost feels bad for that flashbang now. Almost. They were still breaking plenty of other laws to make their point. Two wrongs don't necessarily make a right, even with good intentions.

    She's about to ask something when Roy points out who likely owns the mech. Does that mean it was stolen as well? Bugger. Her ears droop a bit. That could of been some nice salvage. "Rawht. No messin' with it." More than she already did trying to stop it at least.

    But no messing and no touching doesn't mean she isn't going to scan it with her analyzer. Just as a precaution in case they have to disable more such machines in the future.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa listen and will friown as Roy brings up what it is and she shoots a withing look at the Doctor. "You are very /damn/ lucky the local law is handling you." She will leve it to Roy and she will later offer her aid if Roy needes it but Kotone is more than willing to work with Local Law on things.

"They were really aiming to deal with it and reduce the chance of killing anyone do you think someone in R.U.C may have slipped it to them to let them deal with the problem?"

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    Marti examines the contents of the case. He breathes a deep sigh at the sight of what's inside of it. He isn't familiar with the term, but he is familiar with the word 'narcotic.' He clasps the case shut, and hands it off to Roy. Then he climbs off his motorcycle, and he walks up to the doctor where he's standing, and gives the man a lethally angry look down his nose. Hands reach out to grab him by the coat. "You're human filth. I'll do everything in my power to make sure you rot for this."

    And straight-up tries to headbutt the doctor. It won't actually do any damage -- his incapacitation spell prevents that -- but it may knock the doctor unconscious in a single strike, the same way a sleep dart does.

Staren has posed:
    It's actually /labeled/ as horrible stuff, which Roy can identify. Convenient.

    Staren walks over to the 'doctor', who he honestly didn't think was here WITH them in the truck. "Well. You're probably about to go away to jail for a long time. And in fact, you'd better HOPE you do, because if you weasel out of it--" Staren waves a hand at the assembled heroes, "--It looks like you've got a whole bunch of vigilantes ready to make /sure/ you're stopped one way or another. At least you're not going to have to pay us, because we broke the contract. That's what you're thinking, isn't it? And, I suppose that's fair. You deceived us, and tried to make us accessories to crime, but hey, the contract didn't stipulate that such behavior voided it, so you're in the clear, right?"

    Staren makes an exagerated shrug. Then he puts a hand on the man's shoulder. "And you're a rich, powerful man, and the powerful get what they want. And here's the thing, if you're gonna live by that code... You just crossed a bunch of /more/ powerful people. So not only are you going to jail, you're going to pay us. If you don't... then your assets will be siezed and repurposed by people more powerful than you. And we'll spend some of them on very good lawyers to help the prosecution get you the harshest penalties possible. So! What's it gonna be?"

And then Marti resorts to the physical violence that Staren is trying to hold back from. Satisfying!

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy chuckles lightly at Corona's reaction. "At least you didn't blow anything up needlessly this time." he says to the fox lady.

     "It's possible." Roy says to Kotone. "R.U.C. is pretty dilligent about that kind of thing. So, they may have had help. Or, they may have found one in the Undercity somewhere and fixed it up. Or, maybe those three are just that good at foiling security. When I encountered them in the hospital, it was right in the middle of a plot to cut power so they could infiltrate the secure holding room and its laser defenses."

     And then Marti headbutts the doctor into unconsciousness. Just as well, he looked like he was about to collapse from all the angry, powerful people around him combined with the realization that his life was basically over now. Roy blinks at Marti, then smirks. "Assaulting a prisoner. Could get you in trouble." he says, though his tone makes it clear he is perfectly fine with it. He doesn't know of course that it was a completely harmless blow.

     Sirens can be heard in the distance now as the local police and highway cleanup crews come to take over the area. There's even a military mech not unlike the one that the group defeated, but has definite lethal weaponry visible. On the sides, against the polished black of the incoming mech, is R.U.C. in big white letters.

     Roy looks to Staren after watching the authorities close in. "His assets will most likely be completely frozen. The R.U.C. is very strict about where resources end up, especially in an agency funded by the R.U.C., so this guy will probably face a few decades of jailtime and end up a fast food worker or something."

Staren has posed:
    Staren scratches his head and turns to Roy. "Ah well. If the government's gonna confiscate his stuff and put it to better use, I guess that's fine too. Long as it's clear you don't cross elites like this and get off with a slap on the wrist." He'll wait around to give a statement to the police and such.

Sheriff Marti (6941) has posed:
    "There won't even be a bruise. He won't be able to prove it in court. I'll just say he fainted, and imagined the whole thing."

    Marti looks self-satisfied with his mistreatment of the criminal. He really is a vindictive soul, that smile says as much. He adjusts his tattered shirt and blows a sigh. "I'm gonna track those Andersons down and make them pay for my coat and helmet," he tells Roy, "... after I recover. I've got a huge headache. Do you need me to stick around to give a statement?" He thumbjerks toward the authorities as they approach. He goes back over to his bike to move it to the side either way.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa will remain to help out the local cops with anything they might need. Statement or otherwise.

"Yes we need to have a word with those kids to put their skills to far better use before they end up somewhere bad like the Watch."

Staren has posed:
    Staren looks at Kotone. "Aww, don't be mean. The Watch has its uses! Look at the work they did on Thorns and Kaladesh. August's way less crazy now."

Solty Revant has posed:
     Roy chuckles again, this time at Marti's plan for if the doctor complains about the assault, then nods at his question. "It would be helpful. More witnesses is stronger evidence. But, right now it is still really our word against his. They'll have to go through the hospital records to actually make the case. And as far as the Andersons..." Roy smirks lightly. "I've heard of them before. They are arrogant, but they are also slippery and smart. I doubt you'll find them unless they want to be found.

     Roy raises an eyebrow at Staren, then shrugs. "He won't just get a slap on the wrist, but it won't be because he crossed elites. If your agencies want a go at him after the R.U.C. is done, I'm sure they won't mind. As long as you don't treat the R.U.C. like they have less authority in their own world than you do. Can't imagine that would go over too well."

Staren has posed:
    As long as you don't treat the RUC like they have less authority in their own world than you do.

    Staren decides it's better to just not say anything and try to keep his face blank.

Solty Revant has posed:
     As Staren and Kotone talk, Solty's ears perk. "The Watch? Isn't that who did that expriment on the Aurora Shell that ended up blowing a cliff up? Miss Corona helped them!" she says cheerfully.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa facepalms when she hears Corona was mixed up in that. "Oh for..." She looks to Staren. "Maybe."

Solty Revant has posed:
     The police arrive, and with the statements of everyone here and Staren's recordings it is pretty clear what happened and what the implications are for Dr. Dewy R. Black. The officers thank everyone, and offer an ambulance to take any injured to the hospital. Dr. Black has to go of course since he is apparently knocked out, but an RUC official promises that if there is any truth to what was said and recorded that Dr. Black will spend the rest of his life in a combination of jail and making restitutions.

     Solty and Roy thank everyone as well, and before they leave Solty calls out, "If any of you want to stop by for dinner sometime, I'll make dinner for you!"