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= Huntress vs Warrior of Light
Date of Scene: 27 January 2020
Location: Corner of Adversity 2
Synopsis: Yang challenged Alruna to a fight.

This is that fight. Guest starring a flamboyant catman.

Cast of Characters: Alruna Greengate, Yang Xiao Long, 7180

Alruna Greengate has posed:
Alruna enters the Shrine of Adversity, this time prepared for the kind of brawl she suspects Yang is itching for from the beginning, in her mustard-yellow longcoat. "Yang?" she calls out, striding into the arena looking for the blonde Huntress. She shouldn't be hard to spot, surely.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang isn't hard to spot, no. Long golden hair, a form fitting jacket and pants, heavy riding boots and a pair of chaps covering the sides of her legs. She's wearing long gloves too, with the golden bracelets of Ember Celica dangling around her wrists.

    When she hears her name, she turns, taking off her aviators and tucking them into a pouch at her hip. "Yo... funky getup." she muses with a smirk, giving a stretch and then slamming one fist into her open palm. "You ready for the thrashin' of a lifetime?" she asks, her hair lighting up faintly, and a flicker of gold crossing over her body as her Aura activates.

Alruna Greengate has posed:
Alruna cocks her head slightly, as Yang begins projecting a killer instinct around her. "This /is/ just a friendly spar, right?" she asks, still ambling forward.

"All right, I'll show you what a student of the HOLYFIST can do!" she says, rolling her shoulder. The longcoat goes flying off in a single motion, leaving Alruna in a dark singlet and a yellow wrap tied firmly around her chest. She limbers up a bit, doing a leaping spinkick in place and starting to bounce on her heels a bit. A faint breeze whirls around her subtly as she lifts her hands and slowly closes them into fists.

She starts with an eye-blurring surge of speed, trying to drop a foot on Yang's face as her opener.

Amelris Belthrone (7180) has posed:
     Amelris Belthrone mentioned that he wanted to see this stuff.

     He's here, precisely just for that. The Red Mage makes his way to the side of the stands, with the glowing little Carbunckle on his shoulder. He takes a seat, clearing his throat and leans back comfortably by spreading his arms back to rest. Emeraldo chitters at him, Amelris rolling his eyes for a bit by reaching into a pocket and flipping up a small crystal at him, which he noms on slowly.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang chuckles a bit darkly. "The Shrine mitigates a lot of damage, so you can go all out and not end up dead." she replies, shifting into a modified boxer stance when Alruna takes hers. "So don't hold back on me. I want to feel it tomorrow."

    And then Alruna comes blurring in with a kick. It catches Yang off guard, and sends her spinning away.

    Before she slams into the ground, a hand whips out, catches the floor and spins the blonde brawler back onto her feet. She digs in, deploying her gauntlets in the same motion and firing behind her. She launches back into combat and brings one of those fists around in an extended hook, using her momentum to boost the power.

Alruna Greengate has posed:
Alruna takes the hit on her forearm, sliding back several feet with a pained grunt. She shakes her hands out, stepping this way, then that after their first exchange. "Normally, that's not good practice in my world." she says, dancing closer.

"But if you insist, we can cut a bit looser." she concedes, getting in close to deliver a three-hit combination in the span of a breath. She's not aware of Amelris's presence in the stands, focusing entirely on the grinning, shorter girl in front of her.

Amelris Belthrone (7180) has posed:
     *chitter chitter squeak*.

     "Don't worry, lil' buddy." Amelris comments, petting to the carbunckle plopping down on his lap. "They wont beat each other /too/ much after this. This is a Brawler thing, you know?" He looks down at his glowy friend. "Pummel one another, establish a pecking order of pummels. That sort of things."


     "Don't call it that. They'd make a coat out of you."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang is getting beaten at her own game? The blonde staggers back from the rapid flurry, digging in her heel to stop being flung futher... that bit through her Aura though, as she spits a glob of blood aside into the arena dirt. When she looks back up, her hair beings to billow light flames, and the lilac of her eyes shifts to a baleful red between blinks. "I think warmup's over, right?"

    The blond e brawler reconfigures her gauntlets as she closes, the shotgun reporting, and covering the young woman's fists with flame, which sticks on contact should she land a hit!

Alruna Greengate has posed:
Alruna hurfs as Yang's gauntlets set themselves on fire, and then set /her/ on fire - this is less than optimal.

She forces Yang back with a couple of rising kicks, spinning in place as she tries to make some room for herself. Punching Alruna is like wailing on hardened oak. Even out of her armour, she soaks up force like a training dummy and just keeps coming back for more.

She breathes faster, eyes focused like green diamonds on Yang. She does a somersault, bringing down a foot at Yang again that misses and strikes the floor of the arena, sending spiderwebbing cracks out around the point of impact. "Definitely is." she grunts. "Lets get to the /point/!"

That'd be a quality pun if Yang knew the name of the technique Alruna then uses to strike at Yang's shoulders and hips with a flurry of blows that glow slightly with wisps of aether, but sadly, the only person who gets the joke is Alruna herself.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    The Warrior of Light feels like punching a target dummy.

    Yang feels like punching something made from actual, legit steel... at least while her Aura's up.

    The incoming strikes land against that glowing golden field, and stop dead before they can even strike her body, the glow fading and building at each strike point.

    "That was a bit dull... wanna try sharpenin' it next time?" she quips back, stepping in and bringing a fist up inside Alruna's defense, the gauntlet reconfigures again, and discharges a kinetic burst on impact. She's aiming to launch Alruna across the arena!

Amelris Belthrone (7180) has posed:
"Don't say it."

*chitter chitter squeak!*

"Come on, man, that's just rude."


"They are wearing /nice/ things that are useful for this kind of fighting, come on."

Alruna Greengate has posed:
Alruna grimaces - Yang's Aura is going to take more effort to strike through than a complex technique like that is really suited for. Her fists crackle with a subtle shift of aether as she changes the wreath of energy she's using to a more defensive form, but Alruna is still knocked clear away from Yang as the shorter Huntress just blasts her away. Alruna goes spinning wildly through the air, occasionally making contact with the ground until she smashes through a pillar, vanishing in a cloud of dust and debris from the impact on the far side of the arena.

Coughing, she staggers out of the destruction, sporting an ugly red and purple mark bigger than Yang's hand over her stomach. Blood trickles from ugly cuts across her muscled back and through one eyebrow. Droplets of blood spatter as she shakes herself off. That definitely took its toll. She blinks hard, trying to focus on Yang as she gets closer again.

"Bluntness is just one of my many specialties!" she says, managing to hold back another cough as she gathers her arms up in almost a self-hug, then raises and drops them in a haka-like motion, stamping with her foot at the same time. The ground cracks again with a flash of aether, and bursts up, showering Yang with debris!

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang quirks a brow as Alruna gets back up again. "You're pretty tough for someone without an Aura... this's been a really good fight. Lemme take ya out for drinks after we're done." she offers, bouncing on the balls of her feet, then shifting to just present a cross-armed defense against the debris swarm.

    Sharp rocks bounce off her Aura, chipping away at the ablative barrier, but not actually penetrating it. "Heh... pretty fancy move. I can do that too!" With a slam of fists together, the Huntress launches herself skyward, arching gracefully, then impacting like a meteor, cracking the ground and sending shrapnel flying back at Alruna with a ground-pounding fist strike.

Alruna Greengate has posed:
Alruna is getting unsteady on her feet. Yang's Aura defends the girl well, if she could just crack that defence properly - but Yang's not giving her the opportunity to do that, and even with her own body modestly aspected for greater defence, Alruna is torn up by the explosion of shrapnel underfoot, opening several more cuts across her torso and legs, staining those baggy pants of hers red with her blood. Alruna finally falls to one knee, panting heavily.

She reluctantly holds her hand up, signalling that she's had enough. "I yield!" Alruna says, smiling faintly, through the pain. This is hardly a brawl to lose all her dignity in fighting to her very last breath. "Alas, I have to yield."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang stands from her strike, fully expecting to have to catch a strike in return; however Alruna's signaling a forfiet.

    Yang's Aura shuts off and the menacing bloodlust feeling fades with it instantly. She trots over, and offers a hand to the other fighter, to help her back up as the arena resets, the wash of energy from the magical technobullshiggery restoring both fighters to, almost their prefight state, still sporting a few bruises and shallow cuts, and all the aches from a solid workout in like 10x gravity.

    "Next time, bring the sword and board. Y'might last a bit longer." quips Yang with a big brin.

Alruna Greengate has posed:
Alruna snorts as she straightens up, the cuts and bruising becoming a lot less severe all of a sudden. The cuts don't promise to scar anymore, and after she finds a potion somewhere, they'll be gone entirely. "You mean these?" She snaps her fingers.

*skworrrsssshhhhh* And then she stands there in full green plate mail, blue wisps of aether dissipating. "I thought you would prefer sticking to fist-to-fist." She hurks, rolling her shoulders. "Shouldn't've done that." Alruna grunts. The blue light washes out from her again, leaving her dressed in a much more casual pair of loose-fitting pants and top. The Warrior exhales slowly. "Good workout." She picks up her longcoat and claps Yang's shoulder. "Good... good workout."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    "When your world is beset by monsters that can tear steel apart with their bare claws, and are drawn to negative emotions, you learn a few tricks to overwhelm and destroy quickly." remarks Yang, as she grasps Alruna's tricep in return for the shoulder-clap. "C'mon, I owe ya some drinks now." she then chuckles. "You'll hafta show me some of those moves, I might be able to use them with my style... we coudl trade notes."

Alruna Greengate has posed:
"Aye," Alruna agrees. "That'd do it." She pulls Yang closer, putting her arm around the Huntress's shoulders. "Heh. Normally I'd say you should go to my master to learn Ul'dahn pugilism, but... mayhap, with you, I should show you instead."

Amelris Belthrone (7180) has posed:
     "OY!" Amelris calls out from the stands, picking himself up and lifting his Emerald Carbunckle. "NICE FIGHT YOU TWO LADIES>

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang's used to being the tall one, she's the tallest one on her team, after all. She gets her arm around Alruna's waist, and settles in for the walk. She does cast a look back towards the source of the shout, quirking a brow at the flambouyantly dressed catman. "Hey.." she says to Alruna. "That a friend of yours? He looks familiar, but I can't place him."

Alruna Greengate has posed:
Alruna looks over her shoulder and starts at the sight of the Miqo'te. "Y- yes, actually. He /is/ a friend."

She looks down, thinking about that sentence for a moment. With a beaming grin, she waves back. "Thanks!" she replies to Amelris. "C'mon, lets go find somewhere to get drunk, afore he tries to pull you in for another round." she mutters to Yang.

Amelris Belthrone (7180) has posed:
     "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Amelris throws out, giving a firm, vigorous high five.

     The Carbunckle merly jumps on his be-hatted head and starts curling up, from which the Miqo'te looks up at him with some degree of indignation.