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Operation: Crowd Control
Date of Scene: 03 April 2020
Location: The Great Ocean
Synopsis: A meeting to establish a flow of operations.
Cast of Characters: Shigure, Gaonoir, Leyanne Mace, 7075, Haguro, Kotone Yamakawa, Nagato

Shigure has posed:
    Location: Great Ocean, Sector 92-D
    Time: 23:00 local
    Forward Tactical Base aboard Yamashiro's Ocean Fitout.

    "Thank you all for coming. I put out the general call for allied because of this." Shigure clicks a button in her hand, and a projector hums to life, switching to a slide showing grainy, black and white images of Abyssals with severe battle damage attacking a civilian convoy.


    A blurry image that may be recognizable to a couple present, a slender female form with a large parasitic 'throne'. "We believe Davao has resurfaced with a new fleet... abandoning her old fleet in favour of this new arrangement... the Ta-class that approached the Paladin outpost several months ago has been notified of this and will deploy to aid us in future deployments to this area." The destroyer girl clicks the button a third time and a tanker appears on the projector. "This is the Heart of Decklein, a converted tanker we will be using as bait to lure out this new group of Abyssals. We will rendesvous with it in approximately four hours." She pauses, "Any questions so far?"

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir folds his gauntleted arms, just watching and listen for the most part. Meetings didn't involve punching things so it wasn't really his wheelhouse to deal with.

This is what he has Erika for after all.

True to form the human is much more attentive, using her digiphone to copy one of the grainer images. Then she's fiddling with that for a few moments while Shigure continues to explain, magnifying and trying to the image a little clearer. Finally she huffs a little, fluttering her bangs. "It's difficult from this picture quality to tell if their state of disarray is actual damage or part of their manifestation as phantoms."

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne listens, making notes. She nods softly. "The Heart of Deklein, is she rigged as a Q-ship, a mother ship, or simply so it'll refuse to sink?" she asks.

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    Nanoha sits in a chair in her blue and white uniform. Beside her floats her Device, small wings of pink magic keeping the red gem afloat. As Shigure begins the briefing, Nanoha discretely waves a hand in front of her, summoning a holoscreen with matching keyboard. She begins typing into it as she pays attention, that runic english-like language of Midchildan beginning to scroll across it. She's not entirely knowledgeable about the Abyssals, not having fought any yet. But she's read some of the basics.

    As the time for initial questions comes, Nanoha raises a hand and then asks, "Was the attack against the convoy simply for the purpose of destruction, or were they after the cargo? And if the latter, do we have a manifest of that cargo?"

Haguro has posed:
Haguro will have her vacation one day. For now, though, she's still hard at work, taking notes and getting into fights, facing the ghosts of her past and her uncertain future, all while trying not to let a lack of rest show too much even as she takes frequent sips from a thermos full of... Something.

Nobody gets to find out what's in it today because she looks tired and actually kind of cranky for once. "They barely looked like they're in fighting shape. Do you suspect they might have an ace up their sleeve?" After taking another sip, the Heavy Cruiser approaches the screen from the side to get a better look. "If they're after a specific type of cargo as Miss Takamachi asked, it might be easier to predict their movements. Otherwise..."

Haguro takes another sip, then stifles a yawn into her long glove. She's dressed in her usual uniform today, and she still has that old white cap on her head.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
When Shigure called for help, how could Kotone not answer her call? The fleet and the people who made it up are a large portoin why Kotone was finally able to accept what she now is. She's sitting down in her chair clad in her more casual street clothing looking up ath the intel report.

"None so far."

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato's there, she's watching the slide curiously... there doesn't seem to be any commentary coming from the Admiral, just taking stock of the situation. Her eyes do take a look at Haguro curiously then back at the slides. "Current company excluded, whats to say that the information given by the Ta-Class isn't leading us into a trapping?" she states, giving a look back at the slide curiously.

    "With respect, something just doesn't sit right with me."

Shigure has posed:
    "Survivors say it appears to be both, Miss Erika." replies Shigure quietly.

    Leyanne's question is answered by the dismebodied voice of of Yamashiro. "Reinforced bulkheads and berths for drone strike craft. A combination of 'mother ship' and 'unsinkable'."

    Nanoha earns Shigure's attention next. "I will come to that next; however it appears they are after cargo of materials. Steel, Bauxite, fuel oil and raw materials to create ammunition."

    Haguro receives a nod, and a little look of concern. "You seem tired... are you resting well enough?" she asks gently.

    Nagato's concerns are noted, and the destroyer affirms. "This is information from Paladin sources. The Ta-class was part of Davao's fleet, and approached one of our outposts because she was worried about her flagship when Davao went missing."

    Another click of a button and the slide shifts again, showing an overhead map of the projected operation zone... the Strait of Malacca and surrounding waters. "This Operation will be called 'Crowd Control'. E-1 will focus in the waters surrounding the strait, aiming to contain the spread of this abyssal force." she clicks a second button and a list of supplies known stolen overlays on the first image. "The last convoy that failed to report in or arrive at its destination was carrying a large amount of processed and raw bauxite and aluminium alloys used for aircraft construction and repairs." click "Another tanker convoy was drained of oil and the hulls scrapped for the steel." click. "A military patrol group dispatched to the area was attacked, sunk and its munitions were salvaged. This force, for all the dilapidated nature of its appearance, is gearing up for war."

Gaonoir has posed:
Erika nods at the answers to both her own question and Nanoha's. "Interesting."

The list of material types makes Gaonoir scowl, moreso than his usual edgelord tendancies. "They're gearing up." The digimon unfolds his arms as he properly joins the group, his own attention (and concern) peaked finally. "I mean, if they are damaged, but they're investing more in stealing supplies for munitions than repairs. Its for something big. Something to pay off the effort put into these smaller raids over their own maintenance."

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne listens and nods, thoughtfully. "Sounds good." She saysa, about to make a point when Erika raises it. She nods. "Yeah that was my thought." She says, not having anything else to actually add yet, she resumes taking notes.

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    Nanoha nods and wait as she apparently jumped the gun with her question. As the slide with the list of supplies pops up, Nanoha taps a few commands into her keyboard. The list begins to scroll across her own holoscreen and she studies it for a moment. As she does so, she nods along in agreement with Gaonoir, "Yes, that would seem to be the case. Which of course then begs the question of what their target is."

    Nanoha looks up from her own screen to Shigure and asks, "Are there any military facilities, population centers or other points of interest in the region that could be a potential target?"

Nagato has posed:
    The Flagship mmms a bit, "Okay." she goes back to listening to the ones around her and the slides. There's an anxious look upon the battleship's face and she hmmms, "Have we been able to scout anything on where they've been coming from or the like?" she questions, then looks towards Nanoha, "The mage has a point too. Are there any facilities around that they could be around? Any within maybe a hundred mile radius that could be the next target?"

Haguro has posed:
"I'll be fine." Haguro replies to Shigure quickly and without her usual thanking or polite little nods and whatnot.

Clearly, she's got some stuff on her mind, but she isn't saying any of it as she instead focuses on the information coming from this meeting. Notably, the location presented has Haguro furrowing her brow with a long inhale and exhale following the initial reveal.

"War against who, though? Attacks like these... They're too careless. They have to know the type of response these attacks would get." She glances over at Nagato, nodding after a moment before turning back to shigure. "Efficient supply raids would leave fewer survivors and evidence. This feels like they want to be seen."

After another moment, Haguro steps back to take a seat and another sip. "... They'll be expecting a fight no matter where the ambush is. We can't be careless even if all the planning goes well."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Humm how would you want to deploy me on this operation?"

Kotone is curious about this as she'd want to make her kit ready, ahead of time to the best of her ability.

"Do we have any plans to try and put a tracker on one of the aggressors. We could find one of their staging points if we do that."

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne looks to Haguro, thoughtfully "You think it might be a trap?"

Shigure has posed:
    "Unfortunately we will have to scout these things out ourselves." remarks the destroyer, setting her controller down. "I was going to ask some of you to aid in this endeavour, contacting local interests and canvassing for possible targets within the area of operations." Shigure looks between Leyanne and Nanoha, then to Gaonoir and his partner. "If any of you could help with this, your skillsets would likely be very valuable."

    To Haguro she nods. "We are fully expecting them to know we are laying a trap. We are banking on it, in fact." Kotone says something and Shigure giggles softly. "That is actually the intention. Let them lead us to their home base." she then tilts her head at the cyborg. "Everyone who comes to this operation is expected to bring the equipment they are most comfortable and familiar with. Platforms for those unable to fly or float will be provided as necessary."

Gaonoir has posed:
"The best trap is one the enemy knows but can't resist," Gaonoir quips.

But back to the more immeadiate matter than the trap itself. "We can do scouting rounds and survellience from the air, of course." That's all part of being Hikari Fleet's Air Superiority unit after all.

Erika doesn't say anything, but there's a faint squee from her as Gaonoir actually refers to them together, as a pair, instead of calling her his sidekick or 'token human'.

Haguro has posed:
"So.. Then we'd have to expect that they know that we know they're laying a trap." Haguro murmurs quietly, nodding once at Leyanne even as she speaks up more in response to Shigure and Kotone. "If they're expecting us to place trackers on them, then they may very well go somewhere easily defended that still isn't their home base. But if we don't go, they'll know that we know they know that..."

She lets out a frustrated noise, then rubs her face lightly while propping her head up by the forehead. "... Anyway. They'll probably have something else up their sleeves beyond physical might. Something to justify their confidence. But what?"

That's the question that seems to be bothering her more than even the physical fatigue.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne nods thoughtfully to Shigure, twirling her pen. "We've recently completed a stem-to-stern rebuild of my boat." She says. "We can scout, and pursue if needed." She agrees, looking to Haguro, thoughtfully. "And how do we find out what it is before it bites us in the arse?"

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    Nanoha tilts her head a little bit as they learn that they'll need to do the scouting themselves. Nanoha taps her chin for a moment as she muses out loud, "So they might not be after something obvious. Possibly something we're not currently aware of."

    Gaonoir brings up the subject of aerial recon and Nanoha nods along with that, "I too can assist with scouting from the air." After all, she's not the Ace of Aces for nothing!

    Though Nanoha does offer another option, raising a finger into the air, "I also have probes that can help with mapping out any points of interest we find." An orb of pink light appears above her finger and begins to orbit around it.

    Nanoha turns her head to look at Leyanne as she brings up a good point, "Mmmm... All we have to go on is the attacks they've already launched." Nanoha looks back at Shigure, "Are we able to get some samples of the debris from the convoys? Perhaps analyze it for anything unusual. And maybe check out the battle sites for the same?"

Haguro has posed:
Haguro doesn't answer Leyanne right away, closing her eyes instead for a good half-minute or so while mulling over the options. She looks over at the gathered group when she reopens them, then sighs and shakes her head. "... Few ideas, I'm afraid. The only ones I have wouldn't work if I said them, anyway."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Hows the digital infrastructure in the region might there be something I can look into that way? Or is it all going to be old school." Kotone is just asking she doesn't seem offended at all at having to do it old school form her tone. She also looks to Haguro.

"mmm Good point, what if we let someone who signed up for it, get caught?"

Shigure has posed:
    "Every operation is a risk. Second or even third guessing ourselves helps noone." notes Shigure. "We deploy, and adapt our strategy to overcome our enemy's counter strategy. No plan ever survives contact with the enemy intact." She reaches out and tries to gently place a hand on Haguro's shoulder. "You're overthinking things far too much, my friend."

    Leyanne receives a nod of affirmation. "That's good. We will need your speed in this operation."

    To Nanoha, the destroyer nods. "That is a good idea. I will assign a task force to that immediately... you can take point on that if you wish, Captain." she offers.

    To Kotone the destroyer shakes her head. "The locals are adjacent to late 20th century technology, you may be able to access a rudimentary network, but I am not certain that would help... though we are limited in options so any lead could prove vital."

Nagato has posed:
    "I'll have the carriers and submarines do scouting." Nagato states, "I'll also do some scouting of my own, they may expect me as a battleship." she states, stretching lightly. "So, when are you planning on enacting the first stage of the operation, Shigure. I assume you have a good plan once we get going?"

Shigure has posed:
    "I am expecting operations to fully begin this month. I will have to contact the other branches and local forces to coordinate and will distribute firm dates once I have them on board." says the DEstroyer, to the Battleship.

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    Nanoha is offered the role of overseeing the examination of the existing battle sites. And recovering salvage and potentially clues from them. Nanoha nods in order to accept, "I'd be happy to work on that. My probes can help with the underwater search, perhaps more easily than most here. Although I will need help with the analysis." Nanoha smiles as she rubs the back of her head, "I'm not much of scientist. Or engineer for that matter. If it was magic related, perhaps... But from what I've seen, I don't think that's how things here work."

Gaonoir has posed:
"It's better to try and be sure if there is or not, than miss a possible oppritunity," Erika pipes up on the whole matter of digital infrastructures.

"Yeah, exactly. We need to explore every possible venue we have to hedge our chances against the enemy." Gaonoir just nods a bit. "Acceptable time frame. This is not something we need to rush blindly into and get ourselves glitched."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "I can roll with that, shouldn't be too bad that's more what my grand parents grew up with. A life without the risk of popups in your head isn't a bad thing." She grins a bit at this while looking to the other assembled parties.

Haguro has posed:
Haguro keeps rubbing her face wearily and barely moves when Shigure puts her hand on her shoulder, save for patting the Destroyer's hand lightly after a few more moments. "Maybe... Probably. But it's a chance I'm not willing to take. I'll see if I can figure anything out on my end as well."

She doesn't elaborate further beyond that, although that troubled frown remains on her face as she leans back in her seat again.

From the looks of it, she's going to be doing a lot more thinking for a while.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne steps out of the briefing room with a salute to everyone relevant, before heading back to her boat. Now they're out in open ocean that's not the ever-changing Bering Sea, she's got some testing to do.

Before long, the hyperglass-enhanced PT boat is kicking up roostertails and circling Yamashiro as they put the new turbines through their paces.

Gaonoir has posed:
"We'll be ready when the time comes." Gaonoir scoops Erika up into one arm. Notices she's already gotten out her tablet computer and is plunking away on it. "... What are you doing now?"

"Finding maps of Malaaca Strait online," Erika answers even as the two are departing. "A basic lay of the area will help us find the most practical points to investigate, and we can spread our search parameters from there."

"Oh, yeah. Good thinking. The less time we waste wandering randomly, the better."