7202/Operation: Crowd Control E-1A Reinforcement

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Operation: Crowd Control E-1A Reinforcement
Date of Scene: 22 May 2020
Location: The Great Ocean
Synopsis: A simple cargo escort has an unexpected visitor.
Cast of Characters: Shigure, Haguro, Leyanne Mace, Gaonoir, Guzma, Kotone Yamakawa, 7231, Staren

Shigure has posed:
    The Fifth Strike Squadron, alongside DesDiv6 and a small flotilla of transports, approaches the Malacca Strait from the south... the four smaller destroyers and their larger cruiser 'leader' peel away and start heading westward. "Yo, We're at our limit. Good luck!"

    Shigure and Yuudachi are fitted with cargo bulges and are carrying side-slung Daihatsu craft, filled with supplies. Mostly fuel and steel. Some prefabricated building parts... this means they're moving much slower than normal. "Longbow Team, Supply Convoy on final approach to FoB, escort rendesvous coming up, do you copy?" The destroyer turns nose in and begins final approach, when a pulse on radar sets her on edge. "Tiny, I have a radar blip, east-north-east at the limit of my range. Grid Coordinates D14." That blip is making her nervous, but she's got friends she trusts coming to help out.

Haguro has posed:
     Joining the escort today is Haguro, donning her usual purple uniform and white cap, keeping most of her bandages hidden beneath her clothes and gloves and combat armaments. She's keeping a fairly steady pace off to the side of where her charges for this mission will be headed, keeping her eyes peeled for whatever may be that blip in the distance.

    "Haguro here. I've brought someone else along who may be helpful if things turn hot. Er. Loud." She purses her lips briefly, then utters a quiet profanity to herself before taking a deep breath to steady herself. "If it surfaces, we'll be ready to intercept. Do we have any data on what it could be? Or predictions, even?"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne pilots her PT boat from the flying bridge, scanning the horizon - and, let's be honest, just enjoying piloting the hyperglass-enhanced boat. At Shigure's radio call, Tiny nods "East-North-east Delta 1-4, we'll swing out and get eyes on." she confirms over the radio, before nodding to her crew. "Okay, let's test the new turning fins, eh? Hold on."

She grins, pulling one of the throttles all the way back to idle as she wrenches the wheel around. The little PT boat seems to 'dig in' to the water a little, heeling into the well of its own wake so much that one of the cavitating propellors - and the fin on the hull just outboard of it - leaves the water. Leyanne re-balances the throttles and straightens the rudders again and the boat surges out of the collapsing whirl, leaping entirely clear of the water befure surging towards the edge of Sector D-14.

Gaonoir has posed:
The transport convoy was a rather slow progression, so it would do little good for them to be moving so fast they got out of support range and left gaps in any defensive tactics needed. With that in mind Gaonoir drops out of the shadowy portal that briefly appears over one of the transports in his fully evolved form. Though his feet never actually touch the deck, not wanting to disrupt the ship any, and instead the form in dark knight armor rose to remain hovering just above the bow, cloak flicking behind him as if a dancing shadow not entirely there.

Golden eyes glance over the convoy from behind the visor, then he cants his head just enough to glance at the young lady sitting on his shoulder with unspoken questions.

"Nothing yet." Erika shook her head a bit, still fiddling with the tablet computer sitting on her lap, her digivice plugged into the port on one side to keep all her tech linked in one system, and better distribute information between the screen and the D-Port's holographic display. "But considering what we've learned in the previous encounters, we need to keep our guard up. Who knows what they could field if they make a move."

"Agreed." This form can fly, if not quite as fast as the stage below it, but right now that was optimal, allowing Gaonoir to keep an easy pace at the vantage point above the convoy.

Guzma has posed:
Guzma is here. He's close to Haguro, joining the escort on top of a giant blue bug, which is swimming through the water at high speeds, Guzma in a wetsuit on top of his Golisopod. He's crouched, holding tight onto chitin, as they approach. He's never done this before. It's kinda fun?

He's joined by a big blue sea-dinosaur, a Lapras that Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp 'borrowed', keeping pace. They're all dressed in beach clothes. "Wahoo! Sea adventure!" Rapp shouts out. As the unofficial mascot of Team Skull, she's having fun.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Once again Kotone is deploying to help the fleet with the latest Abyssal issue. She wondered if there was a way to ever bring it to an end? She was not sure, she didn't have time to think about that for long. She's riding on one of the transports at the moment. She's armed and ready for who knows what the Abyssals might throw at them this time. She sends up several scout drones to go scope out the area around the ships hoping to give them a bit more of a heads up, to where the enemy will come from.

Charlemagne (7231) has posed:
    As the small squadron directed their attention to what was at D14, a new blip would begin to pop up on their radars at heading eastwards from the direction that their cruiser leader had just left in towards the west. A rather large blip as well. It was hard to say whether it was enemy or foe at first yet it looked like their 'leader' was going to cross paths with that blip much sooner than later. It honestly looked like a full on collision was about to happen on the radar, yet if their 'leader' even managed to chime it in by the time the blips would have intersected...Nothing. The leader wouldn't have even seen what it was that was on the radar. Perhaps it was under the water? An abyssal below them?

     "Ah, sea air...Been a while, ah, gotta focus. Hmmm...How do they say it again...Aerial support? Mhm, aerial support will be arriving to support your ships. Just don't take any shots into the sky!" Upon those words if one had looked up what would definitely tell something was descending down from the clouds, though it wasn't a plane, or a jet, it wasn't a helicopter, it wasn't even some elite flying around using super powers or a jetpack... It was a castle. There was a legitimate flying castle decscending down from the skies towards the group. It was as if someone had placed their medieval fortress and put it on a high-tech flotation device of some sort and had decided to take it out upon the open waters.

Staren has posed:
    Staren's here in his mecha, the fuselage-shaped body making it more of a plane than a boat. But hey, mixed-force tactics should provide an advantage over the enemy, right?

    He's either flying escort in the sky, his mech in a 'plane but with arms and chicken-legs' configuration, or standing on one of the boats in humanoid mode if there's room.

    At the moment he's trusting his radar and computers to detect oncoming foes, because he's more immediately interested in Leyanne's boat; an application of multiversal phenomena he hasn't seen yet. <"Ooh, a hyperglass-enhanced boat? I wonder if The Line's ever seen the like... How's it handling?">

    ...And then a flying castle joins him in the sky. He HAS to check that out, flying around it a few times to get a good look.

Shigure has posed:
    As Tiny peels around and approaches, she'd eventually spot something. A lone figure of a very familiar profile. Four tentacles ending in heavy-caliber cannons housed inside of chattering horrormaws. Golden eyes tracking around to look straight at the Elco.

    This time, however, there's no imperative uttered. No demand to 'sink, sink away into the depths', no radar lock or missile launch. In fact, this Ta-class is wearing something, a golden headband with radar fins... a bit battered and chipped, one of the fins bent awkwardly. It looks deceptively like a certain tea loving battleship's.

    Gaonoir, Kotone, Staren, Haguro and the Skull Team are largely there as deterant, they'd spot some distant, circling shapes in the water, like large sharks just outside of effective range, though the I-class and Ro-class seem hesitant to approach closer, even as the previous escort team disengage from the area. Tenryuu calls out. "Oi! Heads up!" just as Charlemagne announces his own presence, though the cruiser and her quartet of destroyers don't waver from their egress course.

Guzma has posed:
Well, that's odd. Non-attacking foes? Guzma considers what to do, when Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp decide to befriend. Well, alright. Time to split up then.

With a command, Golisopod heads towards Leyanne's direction, moving to approach the Ta-class with the headband. "Yo! Your headband's injured. Break it in a naval battle, or something? Who the heck are you?"

Meanwhile, Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp approach the circling I-Class and Ro-Class. They hold up their arms in the universal 'we mean peace' gesture, as they approach. "Yo yo yo! We're Team Skull! What's going on out here?" Yes, they've been told they're like wild dogs, they don't care.

Rapp wants to pet one.

Haguro has posed:
     Haguro's turrets twitch briefly in reflex as those familiar circling shapes appear in the water, and it takes the Cruiser a moment to keep herself from getting too visibly agitated. With Guzma's gang planning to befriend the smaller Abyssals, though, Haguro takes it open herself to make sure they can attempt it safely!

    Her method: Drift closer while keeping her hands open and her turrets pointed downward. "Easy. Are you lost? Scouting? Or are you here to eat?" She calls out while drifting to a stop, keeping close to the Lapras and its passengers. Her movements are steady as she holds one hand forward over the surface of the water, steeling her nerve even as she mentally prepares herself to get bitten.

    Better her than her allies, at least.

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir doesn't even get a chance to utter a fateful 'It's too quiet' line before people are noticing outlying presences. So instead he just snorts, the entire inside of the wolf-head helmet lighting up like various HUDs. From the overhead vantage point it's not hard to pick out the forms swimming in the distance, even if they are out of striking range at this point.

"They're ... not immeadiately aggressive." Gaonoir cants his head suspiciously. That's not nearly a relief like it should be, because of how out of the norm it is from previous experiences. "We're not in range, but normally they'd be closing in, not waiting."

"... Maybe they've learned not to take our forces for granted?" Erika just nodded a little, watching the various readouts she got from his senses as well, while listening to the comm chatter. "Others are going to investigate."

"Then we hold position until they attack or we are otherwise required to assist." Gaonoir replies.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne throttles down as she approaches the Ta=class, although she doesn't bring Tubthumper to a complete stop. "I got a Ta-class here... they're not attacking yet. Or doin' much, but... uh... lookin' at me." Tiny reports, looking over at the Abyssal battleship. There's a brief discussion amongst the crew as they report the situation to Shigure - and get permission to get close. She looks up at Guzma and shrugs "Show some fuckin' tact, dude." She calls out, looking back to the Ta-class as she pulls up near the battleship - close enough that they can talk, but far enough away that they've got a chance to pour the power on, should they need it, and heels to. Tiny looks at the Ta-class. "Did we do that?" She asks, motioning to the headband. "Noth'n personal if we did. You guys are smart, upgrading like that... but, uh, is there anything we can do for you?"

Charlemagne (7231) has posed:
    As Staren takes his time to check out the flying fortress it's exterior design really looks like someone had taken their castle and front yard and put it on some sort of large-scale anti-gravity device or something of that design. While the top of the fortress would have probably been what the average viewer was taking a gander at, seeing the castle as something of intrigue, Staren's mind was probably more interested in what lay below. What sort of machinery was propelling it? Was it actually machinery? Was it actually magic in nature? Whatever it was definitely could leave one with a bit of intrigue! Speaking of intrigue though, just as Staren goes about to fly about the castle, his sensors could probably pick up something upon the castle grounds, the view of a young man within the gardens. He can be seeing cupping a hand over his brow to take a peak at Staren flying in his suit. The young man looking rather fond of the mecha in question as if like a kid looking at a giant flying robot.

    Yet as Tenryuu gives her warning, it can be seen that it's the young man's lips that move in tandem with the new voice upon the comms, "No problem!" Without any motions or commands by the young man, the castle continues its course. Was there someone else upon the castle commanding it? No other signs of life seemed to appear on his scanners? Auto-pilot? It was the best guess he could have at the moment.

    While most of the group began to initiate talks with the Abyssals the flying fortress stayed between them and the rest of the convoy. "Mmm, making peace with the enemy...Definitely a tough thing, but also cool...Still, if what the convoy leader says is true...Hmmm." His voice seemed somewhat reluctant over the comms. Like someone who's clearly dealt with those kinds of individuals before. "Convoy leader, this is uh...What would be a good code name for maritime communication..." He goes radio silent for a moment... "Charlie... I'll hang back for the time being incase things take a turn." It made sense afterall, his ship had a bird's eye view of the situation so if they needed to act fast he'd probably be able to respond quickly if needed.

Staren has posed:
    Staren offers a wave to the man on the castle grounds and is indeed wondering what it's using to stay aloft. As Staren keeps circling, he deploys some drones to spread out around the fleet, one of which makes its way towards the Ta-class. The camera drone is the size of a large orange, spherical, made of grey metal with a big red lens on the 'front', an antenna sticking up from the side, and thrusters on the bottom and back. This one's also got a holo-projector, which it activates as the group gets in range.

    It's obviously a hologram, with the scanlines and the monochrome green-blue color and all that, and rather than a projection of Staren as he's sitting in the cockpit it's of Staren standing in the air wearing his labcoat. "Greetings. We don't have to fight, though we're ready for one. I am Staren, of the Concord. Associate of Haguro, if you've heard of her. Who are you, and what do you want?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Does spot some of the Abyssals are but they are not moving in just yet, she'll make sure to set up a few gun drones in key places on the deck but she doe snot attack yet, Then comes Charlemange with a flying castle. That gets Kotone starting for a good moment at it, she has to wonder about it for a moment she'll worry about it later. It seems some are going to try to talk to Ta-Class so she remains on stand by watching and waiting. The castle does have Kotone's attention.

"Let's see where this goes."

She knows enough about Abyssals to know not all of them are lost causes so she will give Ta-class this change.

Kotone will also open up comms to Ta.

"Greetings, is there something we can do for you? I would like to also avoid a fight if possible."

Shigure has posed:
    The Ta-class's eyes turn toward Guzma when he approaches. She remains oddly quiet, her expression subtly shifting from neutral to faintly angry. She moves, then looks back at the Elco. "Not... damage... from battle." comes the stilted words, the reverb in her voice fluctuating a little. "Came. Looking for... little sister... flagship..." a frown, "Davao."

    The destroyers continue to circle, but shift their pattern to surround Haguro and the rest of Team Skull. One I-class surfaces and grargls as its red eyes gleam, it's mouth producing it's main cannon and aiming at the Skull members; only to jerk back as if reprimanded and submerging again. The Ta-class shifts position, lifting one hand up into the air. The destroyers dip a bit lower under the water, and head off toward the Ta-class, as if issued a 'regroup' order.

    The Ta-class returns comms. "Told others... tell you. We are here... for Davao."

Guzma has posed:
The Lapras-riders don't get to pet the sea dogs. Rapp yelps as she sees the gun, but luckily, they pull back. For now, they'll circle around to join Guzma.

Guzma has a really stupid plan. He radios Haguro and Staren. <"Alright. Let's help these guys. They're looking for their boss, right? We can get in on their good side.">

And then, Guzma speaks to Ta-class. For once in his life, he tries to get someone to not be mad at me. "Yo, meant no offense, just the way I speak. The giant metal rattata here's just pushy." He sidles up on his Golisopod, stroking his chin.

"Why don't we help you find your boss, eh? Davao? In return, you can give us some cool intel. How's that sound, yo?"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne looks up at Guzma. Damn, someone's thinking up the stupid ideas faster than she is! She'll have to up her game. She nods at what he says, nodding. "Ah, it's not? What's it from?" She asks curiously, looking over the damage to see if it's from a cause she can recognise. "Brew?" she opens a cooler on the flying bridge and hands out beer-cans to her crew... before pitching one at the side of Guzma's head, and offering another to the Ta-class. "If she's in the area, Tubthumper here is probably one of the faster things in the area, if you can give some clues on where she is, we can go look for her."

Gaonoir has posed:
When fighting doesn't break out and the Abyssals actually talk (for as much as they do so) Gaonoir... relax isn't quite the right word, but he does untense a little while still remaining on guard. As much as he enjoys a fight, he knows getting these supplies through and the forward base established would be less risky if they don't need to battle their way through.

He's also a terrible negotiator, so he'll leave that to the other people already trying.

Erika is too busy making notes of the unorthadox but hopefully helpful situation to worry about it.

Charlemagne (7231) has posed:
    The undercarriage of the castle doesn't really seem to provide Staren with too much useful information about the origins of the technology or magic that seemed to be holding the entire fortress up. If you asked Charlie how it came to be though...He'd just tell you that it was 'cool' and that'd be the end of it. Cause that's totally what mattered...

    In regards to the Abyssal group that appears Charlie appears to take an interest in them almost immediately. Listen to the dialogue that was being exchanged amongst the group, his face seem unchanging while he was in thought for those brief moments, though eventually he began speaking up on the comms again. "Oi, Convoy Leader, you're more familiar with these maidens of the sea. But what do you make of a situation like this?" It seemed he had his own ideas whether stupid or not on what may be going on, but not knowing the enemy he was reluctant to say too much too soon. Besides, he was just an escort.

Haguro has posed:
     Haguro takes a moment to observe that flying castle above her, just staring at it blankly while she struggles to process what she's even looking at. Once she confirms that it's not falling right on top of her, she remembers to breathe again, then looks back down at the Abyssal destroyers. She draws a fist back as though ready to strike when its mouth opens, but breathes a sigh of relief when it falls back and away from them.

     <<"Bringing this one to Davao could certainly be a boon for us. It couldn't hurt to have more allies out at sea, and knowing where Davao is could be something useful for other things...">> She replies to Guzma and Staren, humming thoughtfully for a few more moments as she opens comms with the Ta-class and follows the destroyers to greet the new-ish old face.

    "Ta-class, was it?" She eyes the headband curiously, then salutes the Abyssal. "I am Haguro, sometimes known as Ne-class." She smiles softly and relaxes her hands at her sides, observing Guzma as he makes the offer.

Staren has posed:
    That sounds familiar. Staren's avatar blips out, the hologram instead playing a video recording of Davao shooting at the camera. "Run run run little bug. There is nowhere to hide from my sight." It skips ahead a bit. "Samar didn't need me, so I got bored." Davao answers some earlier question, a hand lifting and a shoulder rolling in a lazy shrug. "There a problem with a little sport? The surface dwellers won't miss a few dozen cargo planes."

    Staren's avatar appears again. "Are you this 'Samar'?"

    Then another video, this time of Davao over water, looking bored as nearby blasts blow her hair about. "I was bored. These looked like they would be fun." Blip. Davao clapping her hands and grinning in full yandere mode. "Oooo, you're /back/~" Blip. again she's attacking the camera. She snorts derisively. "Sanctioned duels aren't fun, they're boring. Give me pain, give me suffering. I am the Abyssal Princess of Pain. Your screams will be my lullaby!"

    Blip. Davao chuckling as she takes fire. "Your suffering. Mine. That girl's. The boy. That flying ship's crew... an entire town on the coast." she lists off, placing a hand on one of her throne's turrets as shots rain down around her. Some piercing through her though she still doesn't flinch. "It doesn't matter to me from where the pain comes. Only that it does." She then leans forward a bit, hiding her eyes apart from the glowing irises as she stares up at the camera. "Oh, just so you know... I can't feel, any of this."

    Blip. Staren's avatar returns. "She's a real piece of work. You sure you want to find her?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone will listen and thinks about what Ta-class is up to. She's looking for a sister ship? Their Flagship? Davao. She thinks on that for a moment it looks like there is going to be a fight. Then it passes, and Ta keeps her comrades from turning this into a brawl. Guzma offers to help find Davao in exchange for intel, which seems like a fair deal to her.

Shigure has posed:
    Ta-class frowns at Guzma again. "We know where Davao is... why would surface dweller help us?" she asks, one tentacle snapping out and chomping the can, shattering it and spilling the contents out into the water. The maw chomps the can, then seems to swallow the metal before turning her attention to Haguro. "Ne-class Heavy Cruiser... I..." Ta-class frowns, lifting a hand to her head and wincing as if in pain... "Where is big sister... big sister where did...?" Her eyes flicker from gold to a more 'normal' blue, then back to gold between blinks...

    Convoy Leader replies to Charlie. "My name is Shigure. Second Ship of the Shiratsuyu-class destroyers... this situation seems, tenuous. That Ta-class Battleship approached Paladin holdings several months ago, seeking aid in finding and rescuing the Air Defense Princess." she says, "Now, Davao has been sighted within the ranks of the Abyssal Fleet operating in this theatre, unknown if it is a willing arrangement or if she has been coersed or subjected to some kind of control."

    Ta-class looks at Staren. "Samar... is Battleship Princes. I am... Ta-class." she replies. "Davao is Flagship... she, is important. To me."

Guzma has posed:
Guzma is frowned at again. But they ask a clear question. "You want to know why?" He lifts his arm to block the can, a bruise forming, causing him to frown at Leyanne.

"Because these people are just gonna shoot your boss. Your important person. And I think you're cooler than they are. So, why not, me and my Concord friends work with you? Become homies. We can talk to Davao, see what she has to offer. Y'know? You don't gotta go it alone."

He's not worried about Leyanne being Right THere. Golisopod is strong.

Staren has posed:
    'Staren' scratches his chin, tilts his head. "I see. Well, if she's so important to you, you should find her... Well, you're already doing that." He leans forward slightly. "What will you do once you find her, though? I mean, if you're just going to turn around and shoot us, you can see why we'd have a problem with that, right?"

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir and Erika both look up at the explaination Shigure gives Charlie on the matter. Then to each other for a moment, and Erika taps something on her tablet because that's the most private conversation method they have. There's a pause, presumably Gaonoir responding through the digivice, and then more typing.

Then Gaonoir finally turns his attention to Shigure. "Do you think, if Davao could be recovered without being 'sunk' as their kind call it, the rest of her fleet here would be cooperative?... any possible threat we can keep from complicating operations."

Haguro has posed:
     That strange reaction from the Ta-class to Haguro's alternate identity actually gets a concerned look from her, and she drifts closer while leaning forward with a hand held outward. She's mentally preparing herself to get bitten again, but she suddenly looks less worried about that and more worried when Guzma outright states his intent.

     It takes her a little bit longer to process that, but she eventually does a sort of tilted 'yeah why not' nod at the Dealer before turning back to the Ta-class. "... Yes, why not? We can help you reach your sister. Even if you already know where she is, it'll be safer in numbers. And..."

     Haguro straightens up, adjusting her hat briefly before tapping a hand on her chin. "It's been a while since I spoke to Davao, anyway. I wonder how she's doing."

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure finally begins to drop the side-slung daihatsu from the sides of her ocean fitout, the landing craft heading toward the beach, ramping up and grinding their tracks as they ascend to take supplies up to the in-process construction. The conversation out to sea continues, of course.

    Ta-class backs away from Haguro as she approaches... "We will find Davao." she states firmly, her tentacle turrets gnashing teeth at Haguro and Guzma, and Leyanne, the snap of teeth ringing out before the Battleship just 'drops' through the water and dives away. Seems that the 'offers' were a little too forward. Sonar reports that the little flotilla is heading east, out into deeper water.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne shoots a glare at Guzma before heeling the boat around and gunning the power, attempting to catch him with the rooster-tail as the boat's three turbine engines crank up to speed to rejoin formation. "Confirmed, escort formation." She says, carefully maneuvering to keep the boat between the flotilla and Guzma for as long as possible.

Gaonoir has posed:
It's possibly only the fact that with the huge gauntlets and vambraces in this form Gaonoir doesn't really have a proper palm to slap to his face that he doesn't do so when things get rather heated between the Giant Mouse and the Gangsta with the Giant Arthopod.

But it seems like the Abyssals have decided to rebute the offers and just depart to continue their search on their own.

Still. There might be a reason there to not entirely demolish the Air Defense Princess.... We will see.

Will also have to keep a close eye on that man and his allies. If they help, fine, but if they try to pull something that puts the greater mission at risk...

"Gaonoir," Erika speaks softly, as if already knowing what her partner is thinking. "Not tonight."

"No, not tonight," he agrees. But vigilance on their own 'allies' will be needed now, too. A complication they could of done without.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa she will let Guzma handle the talking with Ta-Class at the moment. She seems to be in pain and something is happening to her. She pauses for a moment, she seems to be in pain, in agony of some sort. Is something happening not there? As the talk continues she thinks.

"So your fleet almost like your family?" Kotone asks of the Abyssal. She looks to Leyanns dot as she returns to formation as well and she thinks. This is complicated now but when it it not, she'll use her scout drones to keep watch.

Guzma has posed:
Guzma gets rejected. He grunts, and then has Golisopod swim off towards Haguro. The Lapras follows. He'll stick with her. Haguro understands him, at least.

Haguro has posed:
     Furrowing her brow, Haguro sighs as the Ta-class backs away and vanishes beneath the waves. "Ta...! Damn. Well, she should be safe enough, at least." She rubs her forehead lightly while crossing her arms over her chest, her turrets twitching a fair amount as she looks up at the sky. "Still, it wouldn't have been bad to speak to Davao again. Maybe with some luck...?"

    She shrugs lightly, then claps a hand on Guzma's shoulder firmly while starting to drift westwards. "It was a worthwhile gamble. It didn't work out this time, but..." Haguro goes quiet, still furrowing her brow deep in thought.

     "When it does, it'll be big."

Charlemagne (7231) has posed:
    The young man atop the flying garden listens through on the comms of the discussions so far. It's definitely a weird situation, though Staren's holograms appear to shed some sort of light on what occurred with this Davao prior. Though there was another thing that caught the Servant's eye from across the distance. He says nothing immediately though, just another thought that comes to mind. Though before that, "Princess Davao...Or Flagship Davao...?" He was trying to recall those rankings spoken a moment ago by the Convoy Leader before she properly addresses him. "Ah, Shigure? I've heard of ya before! You're one of those Paladins too? That's cool! I'm...Ah... Mmm, usually it'd only be appropriate to give my name as well but uh...Mmm..." His voice on the comms seems a bit displeased with the circumstances. Though he speaks up again, "It's uncool but don't think it'd be appropriate to give my name at this time. But, if you're with those Paladins you should know the moniker Saber well enough. For the time being rest assured at the veyr least I intend to help just as I said I would."

    There wasn't much else for him to say on the matter. After all, he was just giving a helping hand, this wasn't his problem, at least not yet. And the mission as detailed was to just help with cargo so for him to reah out well...While there would have been a time for him to jump it, it hadn't felt like that point just yet.

Staren has posed:
    The idea of recruiting Davao and channeling her urge for destruction towards... more productive ends (and hopefully not just a protection racket) is intriguing, but Staren doesn't like that Leyanne and Guzma are fighting. His avatar remains emotionless when he's not specifically sending messages through it, though. When Ta-class leaves, the avatar blips out and he recalls the drone.

    At least now he can focus on examining Charles's island. The man lets slip that he's a 'Saber'... but that just raises more questions the man is unlikely to answer. Like who in history had a flying castle, and why the mix of medieval and high-tech looks? Sure, Gilgamesh has magitech but that looks different. Ah well. He'll just make what observations he can while they're here.