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The Desert Gourmand
Date of Scene: 24 October 2014
Location: Wyveria
Synopsis: A hunting trip to make safe an area of desert that many caravans and merchants have to use.
Thanks to: To Ysabel for being amazing.
Cast of Characters: 573, 581, 583

Ysabel Thibault (581) has posed:
    The Sandy Plains, one of the hotter and harsher environments of Wyveria. The sun beats down from above with no clouds to hinder it, making the brown stones and sands scorching with its constant heat. The base camp where hunters are expected to prepare before setting off on their hunt is one of the few places that's shaded: it sits perched on a cliff overlooking the rolling dunes, where a tall spire extends into a stone canopy that provides some shade from the blistering sun.

    The camp itself is a strange construct. It almost seems to be like it was made from a small ship, with a rickety bow and a crane extending from it whose heavy metal hook idly creaks and swings in the wind. A broad matress lies in the middle of the former 'ship', shielded from the elements somewhat by a cloth canopy extending above it. In front of that is a pit for a campfire, and nearby are two large chests: one red, the other blue.

    It would have been noted that these chests are for different purposes. The red one is where hunters will drop off any choice items gathered in their expeditions that the guild may pay extra for, such as rare stones or fancy mushrooms. The blue one holds a variety of supplies that would be useful for the journey at hand, such as cool drinks (vials of water with an icy crystal floating inside, strangely potent at staving off the debilitating effects of intense heat), sonic bombs (small metal orbs large enough to fit in a person's hand), and psychoserums (vials of strange-tasting orange fluid that give the consumer a strange sixth sense to point them to where any large monsters in the area may be for a short time). A shock trap has also been included with installation instructions: push the flat disc into the ground and press the button in the center, activating a paralytic energy that extends for a broad area and only affects creatures of a certain size.

    Now it's just a matter of the hunters arriving and carrying out their quest.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk was never one for such pursuits, however, a flight of fancy and promise of reward were more than enough to persuade the Miqo'te into applying for this 'Hunt'. She's reading in the shade of the camp, having arrived promptly and worked over her equipment and catalogued the provisions. She's idly playing with a small red gemstone in her left hand, book held open in her right. "There is not much Aether in this land... I think I will be unable to use you in this fight." she murmurs gently to it, as if it were a living thing, and perhaps it is.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
    While sightseeing the scenery was not typically a passtime, Mantigora had taken the trip to the camp starting point at a surveying pace. It usually did a hunter good to be familiar with the terrain and environment ... and in all honesty the scorching heat and sandy savannah reminded her rather nicely of Deradune. Though it was still nothing compared to the volcanic deserts of the Draken homeworld.

    While pursuant of information the trip was hardly a leisurely one and she stilled pulled up at the site with reasonable time to spare. One leg swung over to dismount from the monowheel motorbike she used as a means of travel, gaze tilting up towards the 'ship' and it's sparse decor for a moment. She was perfectly comfortable out here and the shade was a luxury that while not necessary to her, was not to go without appreciation as well. This was not a trip to lounge in it's cool embrace though.

    However her mostly focused expression does break with a faint grin when she sees the familiar Miqo'te sitting under said shade. "Lady Lihzeh, what an unexpected pleasanty to be engaging this endeavour with a familiar face." That small grin.. shows a lot of sharp teeth that's maybe more unsettling than it is actually cheerful. Mihk is given a small nod with the greeting, but unsurprisingly the bounty huntress is focused on the task to be, striding towards the supply chest with little waste of time on her part.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk's ears flick a little at the approaching monocycle, and she looks over to Mantigora as she walks up. "Greetings Miss Mantigora. Now you are here, shall we away?" she asks, snapping her Tome closed and standing from her position. "There are several useful devices in the blue chest. THe red one seems to be for... trophies or the like, items of interest that the local guild will pay for in addition to the Hunt reward." she relates, reaching in to snag a flask of water from the blue chest, and a couple of the sonic bombs. "I suggest you take the trap. It seems crude, but I have been assured it will be effective in stunning the larger creatures in the area."

    The Miqo'te then tilts her head to one side. "Though, I am unsure how effective I will be in this encounter. There is precious little Aether here, so my spellwork will likely be sub-standard at best."

Mantigora (583) has posed:
    As Mihk is explaining Mantigora kneels down to the 'supplies' chest, looking over the contents as well. "Mmm," she replies to the comments on limited spell abilities. She's probably going to have to do most of the aggro-drawing and damage-per-striking herself then. Which is perfectly fine. "Worry not about it. Hunting large unfamiliar monstrousities is something I have become very accustomed to."

    The vial of water is merely a precaution for her; but it would be foolish to presume just her natural affinity for similar environments will protect her, especially with extended activities of a hunt. The other sonic bombs, which are tucked into a belt compartment along with her own utilities. Then she holds up the trap, taking the instructions note in the other hand and reading it over quickly. "Good to see the locals are willing to not send us off unprepared." It is stored into her inventory, along with the peculiar serum vials.

    Then she closes the trunk and gets to her feet. "Shall we then?" Longcoat tails flit a bit around her own tail with the motion as she turns and walks back out of the shaded area. "What capacity do you posess other than spellcasting then?", she askes. Since it's good to know what the rest of the hunting party is capable of. Even if it's just the two of them.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk taps her cheek in pondering. "I am a spellworker, that is all I have and am trained in. S'eni was the active one, always climbing trees and leaping from the roof into the pond..." she allows a brief smile, but then covers it with that serious mask once more. "I am afraid I will likely be but a deadweight."

Ysabel Thibault (581) has posed:
    Going along the downward slope of the camp soon leads to a flatter savannah region, dotted here and there with mud pools and with the dusty ground interspersed with grasses and shrubs. A couple of large trees rise from the ground, but vegetation is rather bristly and sparse.

    The area is somewhat lively. A few Jaggi (http://goo.gl/bSUSuT) shuffle to and fro, lazily searching for food in their small pack, each raptor a little shorter than the average human. They don't seem very interested in Mantigora or Mihk for now, though they're also further away; getting near them might draw their attention. A few huge mounds of dirt and shrubbery mark the area, too, from which Altaroths about the size of small dogs scuttle to and fro (http://goo.gl/DYWZPx), their abdomens inflated with a blue sheen as they make their way from mushroom deposits. Seems like that's where things are stored.

    Further off is where the savannah gives way to the broader sands. Judging by reports, that's likely where their target will be.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
    "Only if you think of yourself as such will you be so." Must be repeating something she heard as it sounds almost a little too in depth to be coming from the Draken's lips. Maybe another time she will come hunt some of these lesser creatures for the sport of it, but for right now Mantigora remains focused on their intended prey and keeps going. Strange creatures, much like Nexus' wildlife. But not the same, which would be an entertaining change of pace.

    As they near the more open sands her pace picks up a bit, though she's careful not to leave her companion too far behind. The Draken woman crouchs forward a bit as she moves, tail flicking side to side in regular beats to keep her footing steady. Muscles tense, eyes narrowed slightly, ever sense she had on alert, broad nostrils occasionally flaring as they took in the scents of the hot savannah-like air. Her entire mannerism was more like that of a large predator on the prowl.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk shields her eyes from the sunlight, squinting to protect her more light-sensitive eyes from the harsh glare. The Miqo'te observes the Jaggis and the Altaroths curiously, pausing just long enough to make some notes before pressing on. "I wish I had your confidence, Miss Mantigora. However I am studiously aware of my limitations." she replies, taking a sip of water before venturing out into the desert proper.

    The Miqo'te digs into her pouches, making sure she has easy access to the sonic bombs, as well as the potions and tinctures she packed, just in case. A small number of Ether, a couple of Healing Potions, just some of the Adventuring Basics from her own world.

Ysabel Thibault (581) has posed:
    Without being directly targeted by the wandering smaller monsters, Mantigora and Mihk are able to pass through to the rolling dunes without much difficulty.

    Here, the space is much more open. Behind them is the 'oasis' of the rest of the Sandy Plains; in front, there's little more than dunes of sand kicked up by light winds now and then, sometimes turning into whirling dust devils that last for only a few moments. The sun beats down relentlessly, but a few ragged shrubs still poke through the sand here and there almost in defiance.

    There's a long stretch of silence when the pair wander into the open space, probably enough for them to consider moving on in their search for the Nibelsnarf they pursue. However, if neither of them decide to make use of that psychoserum, then the only warning they eventually have of their quarry's presence is the steadily growing vibrations from the earth below.

    BGM: http://goo.gl/0n1rul

    Whatever it is, it's coming quickly from below the sands, barreling closer and closer to Mantigora and Mihk. Suddenly, its head and forearms breach the sand, and exactly what gives the Nibelsnarf its name becomes clearer. A gigantic mouth of a shovel-shaped head easily large enough to swallow both Mantigora and Mihk whole with room to spare charges through the sand like water, held wide open to show the sharp teeth, blue 'lips', and a uvula the size of a cannon ball. Propelled by two stubby legs covered in dark brown, lumpy plates, most of the rest of its body is covered up, though it seems broad, flat, and with a back covered in ridges like a collection of jumbled stones. (http://goo.gl/KNxxbQ)

    And it seems very interested in outright gobbling up the two hunters, a task it may easily fulfill if they don't move!

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    "Do you feel that?" asks Mihk, then goes wide eyed as the hunters become the hunted. "By the Twelve that thing is ugly." She doesn't hang around through, and puts on a surprising surge of speed, breaking off to the right at a dead sprint. "Aether... Aether... there!" she finds a node that seems rich in her magic's catalyst, and draws from it, filling herself with the power. "Not much, but lets see if you like THIS!" she pivots on her heel, skidding to a stop in the sand before performing a series of gestures with her left arm. Arcane Geometries appear in the air around her, linking together with one around her feet, before that giant maw is filled with a choking purple Miasma that seeps out from its open maw, and covers much of the area around the beasts head.
    "I will not be able to do that again, make this opening count!" she warns her hunt partner, shifting position and seeking out more Aether from the land around.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
    "If he was here my mentor would say there is no harm in knowing one's weaknesses, only in allowing them to limit themse--" But the reaccount is cut off as Mantigora stops just before surmounting one of the low dunes. The Draken drops down, hands to the sandy ground, feeling the vibrations. So it travels underground as would a Chompacabra or Malvorine... Her smile widens a little more, having found their prey without use of the serum -- the easy way as far as she would be considered. "From below!"
    That warning Mantigora shouts as she leaps back just as the monstrousity rips out of the sands, landing a few meters back from where the Nibblesnarf emerges. Eyes narrow, scrutinizing the creature. Briefly recalls the trap, but that is an ace best kept until the most oppritune moment. That and setting it up would waste the opening Mihk provides.

    Tactical neuro-augmentations tap into a subsystem that specifically calculates the distance and direction of Mantigora's movements. That allows her to moments later leap back in the same direction and distance, to the space now occupied by the creature's head. Which brings the Draken and her augmented strength slamming down preferably right on top of it's head forcefully, though the if the tactical maneuvers dazing capacity affects it's size while it's choking on that Miasma is to be seen.

    Mantigora is concerned more with getting the giant beast's attention, keeping it focused on her and not her less experienced companion as much as possible...

Ysabel Thibault (581) has posed:
    The Miasma is certainly a surprise. The ravenous Nibelsnarf inhales it readily as it's charging, but abruptly falters in its charge as it seems to start choking and coughing. It's enough of a slowdown for Mantigora to have no trouble leaping back in, and that powerful strike easily smashes the bizarre leviathan right on top of the head, behind the two beady yellow eyes that sit perched near the nose.

    The creature makes a high-pitched squeal of surprise as its head jerks down into the sand, but it's quick to shake off that momentary daze and turn its attention to Mantigora again. While that troublesome miasma still seeps from its mouth, it has enough focus to try and make use of Mantigora's current position.

    Like a killer whale with a sardine on its nose, the Nibelsnarf abruptly jerks its head up to try and hurl Mantigora into the air. In the process, its body sinks down into the sand a little...but only enough for it to gain some momentum as its mouth opens wide and it bursts from the ground in a spray of dust, trying to gobble up the Draken in a single bite!

    Well, at least it's not attacking Mihk yet.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk is still moving, but can't tap into any more Aether for the moment. The flow is sluggish and the quantity is minute. So she does something reckless. Snapping her tome closed again, she digs into a pouch for the sonic bombs, charges up near to the beast, and tosses one right at its face as it's going to leap. "Hey, did your mother throw you into the Ugly tree when you were born, or did you climb up and throw yourself down it?" she cries, before reversing her direction and beating a hasty retreat.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
    Attention succesfully gotten... thought it's probably going to come back to bite her. Figuratively and literally.

    The sudden jerking and bucking (for lack of a better description) flings Mantigora into the air, a tactic not unsensible to a subterranian predator most likely. Throwing your victim into the air, unless they're something weird that can levitate or fly, tends to render them rather at a disadvantage.

    Things aren't always so clean cut when its predator vs predator. As she drops from the toss Mantigora twists herself around and extends her clawblades fully... and stabs for the thing's upper lip/jaw as she falls towards it. It catchs her from becoming a Nibblesnarf snack, though the tossing about from the sudden stop still smacks it into the beast's teeth a few time, and those things are sharp! "Ugh, whatever you eat, it makes your breath nasty.." She kicks up her feet against the gums to yank her blades free, and kick-jump herself out of mouth before it can close it entirely again.

    Or she ends up in the way of the sonic bomb. Friendly fire right now, we don't need!

Ysabel Thibault (581) has posed:
    It's a two-pronged effort that keeps Mantigora from becoming a Nibelsnarf snack. Sadly, neither of their biting insults contribute to that, lost to the hungry mind of the Nibelsnarf. First, of course, is the way the Draken's claws dig into its upper lip, where the scales aren't quite so hard. That draws a pained squeal from the creature and makes it flail slightly in midair, but its reflexive urge to snap its maw closed is stopped thanks to the sonic bomb.

    When Mihk throws the orb, prongs extend from it in midair. It sails through the air harmlessly enough, but when it comes near the Nibelsnarf, it suddenly bursts. The burst probably won't harm Mantigora, aside from having some annoying shrapnel pattering against her, but it's the sound that comes from the bomb that serves its purpose. To normal ears, it's nothing but a strange ping; to monsters with extremely sensitive hearing, however, there's an ear-splitting screech on a frequency that they can easily hear.

    The leviathan is sent into a daze from the sound, eyes wide as it flails in the air and tumbles back down to the ground. Stunned as it is, it doesn't have the attention to snap its jaws shut, and so the only threat Mantigora would have to deal with is the massive salamander's form smashing into the sands and potentially dislodging her.

    For a few moments more, the Nibelsnarf is stunned, flopped onto its back with its tongue lolling out and its brilliant blue and yellow belly exposed to the sun. The perfect opportunity to strike before it rises again, no doubt angered by its failure to devour those attacking it.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
    A few bits of shrapnel prattle against her reinforced coat, and meanwhile Mantigora would probably be glad her own heightened senses were geared towards sight and smell instead, if there was the time to spare on such thoughts.

    Dislodged by the thrashing about as the Nibblesnarf hits the ground, Mantigora lands with some distance between the two of them and rolls a bit to keep from getting crushed underneath the titan. She comes to a stop in a half crouch, mental calculations already flying through tactical analysis of the fight already. She pulls the trap out of her inventory and sets it to the ground, hitting the activator before rising.

    Best time to lay a booby trap is when the target is too disoriented to see it being done, after all.

    With the location mentally marked the Draken springs back into action and bolts towards the upturned beast, undaunted by what could happen once it gets back on its feet. Such danger was the kind of thrill she reveled in for such hunts, and the exposed vulnerability was too great an oppritunity to allow one to be sidelined by such concerns of one's own safety. There was a reason her HUD flashed purple when such moments occured to make sure they were not missed.

    There was no concealing the bloodlust in the Draken's intentions as she charged for the exposed belly, claw-blades radiating with nano-generated energy as she lashes out in a Frenzy of rapid repeating swipes.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    "There... Earth Aspect... rich source." Mihk comes to a stop, glancing back to see the beast stunned and laying prone and helpless. "Mantigora is better equipped to deal with it directly... lets see if this is enough to bring you into play, my dear." she says softly.

    The book at her belt is once more taken up, flipped open to a page, but instead of simply gesturing, a quill is produced, and a red gemstone placed in the nap of the pages, in the middle of a large, two-page Geometry. Mihk begins to scribe into the paper, not with ink, but with Aether. "I call upon the power of the Earth. Flow now into this gemstone and give it form. Fill this form with thy power and bestow it upon me. With this Contract, I bind thee to my will. Come forth, Carbuncle." she intones. As a final 'dot' is pressed into the paper, power surges around the Miqo'te, and she throws the quill back to wherever it came from, taking up the gem and tossing it forwards.

    As it flies, the form of a small fox-like being solidifies, golden body, red gemstone in its forehead until it lands on its paws and turns to the Arcanist. "Carbuncle. Heel."

    Mihk then turns to see how Mantigora is doing. She notes the trap, and looks between the downed Nibblesnarf and the trap. "Carbuncle, Operation Tally-Ho. Go to the trap marker, and draw its attention." The Aetheric Entity squeaks softly, and scampers off to just behind the trap, away from the monster. It then channels its Aetheric energies into making itself look 'bigger' more 'threatening'. Meanwhile, Mihk takes a moment to sip more water, then quaff an Ether.

Ysabel Thibault (581) has posed:
    The trap is set, and the moment it activates, the metal disc begins pulsing waves of electric energy along the ground in a large radius around it. Strangely, they're barely felt by any of the hunters who should enter them, save for a static tingling; seems like that's another thing that's been tailored specifically for larger monsters, as the instructions stated.

    The next thing the Nibelsnarf is aware of is the painful raking of claws along its sensitive belly. It's enough to shake it out of its temporary stunning as blood taints the vibrant blue of its stomach, and stubby legs begin flailing as the leviathan tries rolling back to its feet again. It doesn't give Mantigora a moment to recover, though. Immediately after it lands, it suddenly whirls around in place, sweeping its massive, hard body in a 360-degree circle to send its Draken assailant flying!

    The great salamander stops facing the Carbunkle next, and it opens its mouth to release a snarl. At the same time, its gills flare up on either side of its head, blue plates parting to reveal vibrant pink that expel bursts of sand to either side. The Carbunkle's threat display is thusly returned...and the Nibelsnarf seems intent on following it up, too.

    Burrowing into the sand again, kicking up a cloud of dust in the process, the Nibelsnarf once again vanishes underground. Keen senses would note its path for the few moments it's submerged, before it suddenly bursts forth again in a dolphin-like leap right in front of Carbunkle, mouth agape and ready to snap it up!

    ...though whether or not it succeeds in that endeavor, it's faced with another problem: the shock trap. The moment it lands, the paralytic electricity courses through its body, making the leviathan seize up with a squeal of surprise and pain. It visibly struggles against its locked-up muscles, but for a few moments more, it can't seem to break free from the trap. Or do much of anything else, for that matter.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    "NOW! Operation Hardhead!" cries Mihk. Topaz, for what it was worth, hopped backwards as the beast landed, barely escaping the chomping bite. Part of its tails flicker for a moment, Aether unraveling before it can recover enough to solidify once more. It then, at the order, drives itself forwards, slamming into the beast's snout, then becoming a whirling ball of sharp and 'Ow' as it mauls as much of the huge creature as it can.

    The Miqo'te keeps her Tome ready, waiting for another one of those Aether surges before she attempts to cast again, giving as much power as she can to Carbuncle. In her other hand, however, she draws the second Sonic Bomb she took from the chest, holding it ready to keep the beast locked down and out of the fight as long as possible.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora breaks off her assault when the Nibblesnarf rocks back onto it's feet, reflexively diving sideways to avoid a counterattack. But the tactic proves to be ineffective when the behemoth instead spins itself in a circle and catchs her with enough force that she is flung considerably hard from the ground. The one saving grace of the blow is that it throws her clear of the charge towards Carbunkle it makes a few moments later.

Hitting the ground roughly from the launch Mantigora tumbles twice before getting partially on her feet and digging a set of claws into the ground to brake the rest of her momentum. "Thing hits like a drunken rowdowser," she mutters to no one other than herself.

    But seeing Mihk and her summon take advantage of the trap brings back her toothy, predatory smile. And the Miqo'te feared she would be a burden.

    Boots dig into the ground briefly and then with a surge of her muscular dashes back towards the fight. As she does so the holographic eyepiece of her datacron flickers to life over one eye, tactical scanners reaching out briefly as the Nibblesnarf and Carbunkel have each others attention, highlighting the armor like plates of the behemoth's squat legs. And the potential gaps between them.

    As she dares to close in again Mantigora charges up one set of claw-blades with paralytic nano-energy and aims for the split in the plates, trying to cripple one of the monster's back legs. Try to reduce it's maneuverability, or in this case, it's ability to reorient and propel itself in the ground easily. Big prey needed to be wore out and picked apart before you can strike them down hard after all.

Ysabel Thibault (581) has posed:
    With the stun trap activated, there's not a lot the Nibelsnarf can do in retaliation. Mantigora and the Carbunkle hit hard and precise, Carbunkle's initial strike strong enough to break a good chunk off the Nibelsnarf's armored snout and its vicious clawing effectively raking through the softer scaled plates along its body, while Mantigora's piercing claws strike into a stubby back leg with remarkable precision. The Nibelsnarf howls, blood seeping from its wounds, and in that last straining struggle, the shock trap's main disc finally explodes, unable to continue pouring out more energy.

    The leviathan is quick to get into action again, though perhaps not in the way the hunters may expect. Its head lifts, and its gills flare out again; as it slams its head down once more, an extremely powerful gust of wind and sand is propelled from its gills to blast along its sides, aimed to blow Mantigora and Carbunkle away from causing any further damage.

    Those fleshy gills are quick to retract again, and the creature does seem to limp slightly as it turns its hefty form to face Mihk next. Rather than charge at her, however, it opens its gigantic mouth, draws in a breath...and then blasts forth a whirling tornado of gusting air and swirling sand, interspersed with lingering moisture from the salamander's innards. It's an assault that's as powerful as it is irritating and gross, surely, but the leviathan seems to be weakening by now.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
    Mantigora crosses her arms in front of herself as a bit of protection, mostly from the sand and bits of rock being thrown about by the air blasts. The wind in itself doesn't do so much harm as it does push her away from the behemoth salamander, giving it enough relief time from the attacks to turn towards Mihk. While it focusing on the caster for a few moments is annoying, she can still capitalize on the oppritunity.

    You don't turn your back on a hungry predator. Though hungry is more figurative in this regard, it still fit.

    While it is blasting disgusting air and spittle at Mihk, Mantigora lives up to her class name and stalks up behind the much larger monster. An almost sickly, tainted glow ripples across her blades as she mentally keys in a specific setting of nanotech. One designed to, despite it's technological generation, function similar to a viral weapon. She doesn't even need to stab very hard or deep when she does strike, just enough to 'inject' the nano-contagion. It will do the rest if the penetration is successful, spreading through the Nibblesnarf's body and specifically attacking its equivilent to blood and essentially eating at it from the inside-out as it debilitates the bloodstream's ability to effectivelly carry precious oxygen and energy throughout that massive body.

    The technique is aptly named 'Phlebotomize' for a reason.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    "Carbuncle!" cries Mihk, as the red gemstone loses its form and clinks down into the sand a few hundred meters away. It's easy to spot, glinting in the light. The Aether dissipates away in golden motes, some of it floating back to the Arcanist, absorbing back into her form.

    Mihk doesn't have any time to react, though. That tornado of mucus and sand catches her, picks her up and sends her sailing through the air to bounce and roll in the sand. She pulls herself up, slowly forcing herself to stand once more. "Unaspected... Purrfect." she literally purrs, flipping to a new page in her Tome. The 'wave' of Aether washes over her, and she begins to glow. The quill returns, and she once more inscribes into the page of her book with pure Aether. "Ruinous powers, hear me and obey. I call upon thee in this, my time of dire need. Wrathful vengeance and decaying ruin, fly forth from this Tome and wrack my foes with thy power. Blind and Beguile, still hearts and taint blood, rend flesh and shatter bone." to the last dot, once more the quill vanishes, and a powerful burst of energy erupts from the tomes pages, kicking up sand in a great furrow. There should be enough warning and 'telegraphing' that Mantigora should see it coming. Lets just hope that whatever she did to the beast, and the damage it's already sustained mean that the Nibbelsnarf can't dodge the blast.

Ysabel Thibault (581) has posed:
    Sandy gusts of air puff from the Nibelsnarf's nostrils in its rage once that whirlwind quiets down. Temporarily forgetting about Mantigora, the beast instead focuses on Mihk as the miqo'te pushes herself to her feet. Growling hungrily and practically drooling, the great salamander limpss toward her, mouth agape and teeth glistening with saliva as it no doubt considers how satisfying this cat-person will no doubt taste.

    All thoughts of hunger, however, quickly leave its mind once Mantigora slips in and pierces the lumbering beast through its scales. The sound it makes is more one of surprise than pain, but the devouring effect of that substance is more than enough to quickly spread agony through the massive creature. It snarls, howls, and snaps, lashing out both in pain and to try and strike Mantigora with its heavy tail, but it all seems to be for naught. Especially when Mihk's next attack comes into play.

    The Nibelsnarf's attention turns to Mihk just a split second before that tome activates. Energy blasts through the air, hurtling toward the leviathan's gaping mouth...and, really, there's no way it can endure something like that. It's not a mystical creature like an elder dragon; as huge and armored as it is, it's not much different in endurance than a rhino or a hippo.

    Once the burst of energy dissipates, the Nibelsnarf simply stands there for several moments, mouth agape and steaming. Finally, however, the creature slowly keels over to one side until it tumbles onto its back, tongue lolling and vibrant belly bared to the searing sky. Unlike last time, however, it doesn't seem interested in getting up.

    Victory! http://goo.gl/FC6n26

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk falls to her knees after that outlay of energy. The tome snaps closed and swings into the sand on its chain, while the catwoman pants for breath. She gulps once, to steady her voice, before pressing a finger to her right ear, opening short-range comms. "Tell me it is not getting up again... I was lucky a surge of Unaspected Aether washed through at that moment." she says, hoping Mantigora has her radio turned on.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
    Fortunately for Mantigora one of the benefits of her hardwired tactical tech is detecting the brief signals of ally attacks as well as enemy ones, giving her just enough of a warning to double-roll out of the way of both the tail and Mihk's retaliation. She tumbles onto her feet, remaining in a crouch for a few tense moments....

    But the Nibblesnarf doesn't get back up.

    "No, it is not," Mantigora replies over her datacron as she stands fully and retracts her claw-blades. "And you were worried you would not be of use."

    Followed moments later by a thundercrack SFX interrupting over her comm, and a deep overly boisterous voice bellowing "I don't know what the *BLEEEEP* I just saw but it. Was. BAD. ASS!"

    Mantigora.. actually cringes slightly, partially in embarassment, and gives Mihk a hapless shrug. "Sorry! It automatic setting in comm unit! Some sort of encouragement subroutine."

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk winces at the sudden sound, and literally topples over onto her side. "... ... ... ow." She lays there for a few moments, before slowly getting back up, and half-dragging her way over to where the gemstone landed. "We should secure any useful artefacts... take proof of the beast's death to fulfill the contract, and leave this Twelve cursed desert before it burns irrevocably into my eyes."

Mantigora (583) has posed:
"... Find it rather pleasant, myself. Reminds me of home." Oh well. Hunting in a familiar environment was a rare comfort. "But yes. Before it's death attracts potentially larger problems we are not quite so equipped to deal with...."

But instead of extending her claws again Mantigora pulls a rather intricate hunting knife out of a sheath on her belt. Considering the culture of her race centers around hunting it is probably ceremonial. Though that doesn't make it any less effective in its utilitarian purpose either. "Your struggle was valiant, creature... but yet you fall to the superior predators."

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk wanders over to Mantigora, having secured her gemstone and returned it to the pouch from whence it came. "S'eni would probably have enjoyed this venture more than I. However this was invigorating... should another opportunity arise, I would be honoured to join you in this. Hunt. Once more."

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora turns her head enough to give Mihk one of her toothy, almost feral grins. "Prehaps sometime we can take the hunt 'home' to Nexus. It has its own share of such.. challenging beasts to contend with."