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Lost on Pioneer 2
Date of Scene: 26 October 2014
Location: Pioneer 2
Synopsis: Auron and Ziggy take a heck of a wrong turn and end up on Pioneer 2, much to Crys' amusement.
Cast of Characters: Crys Gattz, 236, Ziggy Grover

Crys Gattz has posed:
The ship was massive large enough to house tens of thousands of humanoids of various sort there are three notable types here humans, who seem to be the weeds of the multiverse and their. There was no paper posoter os sign here lights hologram and very busy people going about. Androids known as CASTs, Newmans who looked like elves that were about. There's a number of hab and enterainment blocks located through out the city and one such location has a white haited Newman trotting along swaing to some music from a music player of some sort.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Whatever was meant by the weed of the multiverse...? It couldn't have possibly been Ziggy Grover, he of the wild hair.

Wandering from sight to sight, in that leather jacket overlaying a green shirt combination, the young man from Corinth had to check out every stall there was. Some longer than others, especially the food stalls... or those with a cute young lady that... he could get absolutely nowhere with.

But that was all right, really, mostly because food was more precious. Plus, given his luck, he'd probably run into Tenaya 7 again.

Auron (236) has posed:
    It's Auron's policy to explore new territory, especially when it's in space, via proxy whenever possible. He's not willing to put lives at risk to be nosy. Including his own. But the only way he can really do that is likely to get him funny looks. Which sort of defeats the purpose. So he splits the difference.

    Thus there is a six foot man in a hooded red robe poking around in this area. Though the hood doesn't hide his face very much. Just the top of his head. That actually doesn't divert much suspicion, because every once in a while the top of the hood will twitch, like something's moving on top of his head...

Crys Gattz has posed:
Crys Gattz pauses for a moment at Ziggy his style of stress is alien and that gets her attention. Her one good eye looks Ziggy over for a moment a smile forms on her face.

"Your looking a bit lost, could you use some help?"

Auron does get notice he sticks out too and a strange hovering creature that almoist looks like a kinda of flying fork lift zips over to him staring at him intently.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Blinking and looking up with surprise on his face, Ziggy holds his hands up. "Oh, no no. Not lost at all, just... window-shopping. Only there's no windows, and there's nothing I'm really looking for," the Corinthian citizen replies, shaking his head.

Auron draws a curious glance, followed by a curious strange look at the red hooded man. "Wow. What's going on there...?" That he was being assaulted by a ... what the heck -is- that supposed to be?

Auron (236) has posed:
    Auron pauses as the thing comes flying at him, taking a step back. It diverts his attention from Ziggy, actually, whom he was about to approach. He blinks at the flying forklift thing -- notably he has both eyes like this -- and inquires of the thing, "Yes?"

    His hood twitches again as Ziggy speaks, and Auron looks over to him, raising a hand to wave pleasantly. Apparently he knows Ziggy, if the friendly smile is any indication.

Crys Gattz has posed:
Crys Gattz says "Window shoppping humm curious so you liking what's on display?"

She aks tiling her head she looks over at the Mag pestering Auron.

"Hey enough out of you get your floaty butt back over here."

The thing obeys after giving Auron a staredown for a moment hovering at Crys's shoulder.

"Sorry it normally doesn't do that it tends to keep pretty close to me. As for here? This is a colony ship."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Ziggy, on the other hand, is uncertain about the look. "Excuse me, have we met...? Because if I owe you something, I've got to let you know, I've not been doing any of that -business- for a very long time." If a year was a long time...

Shaking his head, Ziggy responds back to Crys, "Well, it's... different. It's not a city I've been to... oh... wait, this is a colony ship...? And... that thing's yours? What is -that- supposed to be...?"

Auron (236) has posed:
    The floaty thing leaves, and Auron follows over to where Crys and Ziggy are. "Excuse me... might I ask what that is?" he inquires politely. He doesn't want to upset anyone, so there's a respectful tone to his voice. If it's a pet, asking 'what's that?' has been known to offend people.

    Shaking his head to Ziggy's comment, he explains, "Not as far as I know." As to owing him anything. "Do you remember a man who wears a red longcoat on one arm, and uses a Katana?" He reaches up and indicates a vertical line across his right eye. "Missing this eye?"

Crys Gattz has posed:
Crys Gattz says "I heard you over the radio a few times. Names Crys, Crys Gattz you don't see me much I tend to do ...lower profile work relaly and yes. No I just live here it's mg home been on it for most of my live really."

She looks to Auron

"That's my Mag, a partner a lot of soliders and hunters tend to use, a biomachinal machine that acts as a support unit. Yes, not many other elites who are missing an eye like I am."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Oh... name's Ziggy Grover," the Corinthian native says, offering a hand to Crys, even while gesticulating wildly with his other hand. "And you... I remember you now. You're that Red Ranger... except you look -different-. Do you have, like... one of those bio-energy suits that pops on whenever you activate it?"

Squinting, Ziggy takes a better look at Auron's face. "And you know, I don't know if you know this, but I thought you had a bad eye...?"

Auron (236) has posed:
    Auron nods to the explanation of the Mag, looking to the mechanical assistant and offering a 'Hm' of interest. "I see." A little like the Familiars he uses in his present form. He nods politely. "Please forgive the curiosity. I just hadn't seen one before."

    Ziggy's observation gets a chuckle. Auron seems to be more animated like this. "I do normally." This of the bad eye. "This is not exactly a biosuit," he replies. "A virtual reality avatar. It's a safer way to explore regions I've not been to before. This one being in space, I thought it would be better if I used this."

    He hasn't bothered to correct the 'Red Ranger' part, either. If it's easier for Ziggy to associate him with an aspect of his own world to understand better, Auron is okay with that.

Crys Gattz has posed:
Crys Gattz says "Good to meet you."

She shakes his hand for a moment and she tilts her head for a moment.

"No, energy field build into what I'm wearing actually. Has enough power to dampen energy attacks and lessen the impact from physical. I seen other hunters go out in swimsuits on jobs before."

Then it hits Crys Ziggy is talking to the other man and she looks sheepish for a moment.

"Ahem umm Mags are not too common really, feel free to enjoy your selfd here but sorry the planet's still off limits due to the incident seven years ago."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Um..." Now Ziggy's eyes widen as he looks back at Crys. "S-swimsuits? Really?" Canting his head as he assesses her, Ziggy decides his attention is best returned to Auron, as he peers. "How does the virtual reality avatar work...? It's not like, a hologram, is it?"

His attention is shifted towards the Mag, and Ziggy reaches out to prod at it curiously. "The Mag works like a partner...? It looks a lot like a drone."

Auron (236) has posed:
    In contrast to whatever Ziggy might be thinking -- which is completely forgiveable; Ziggy /is/ a teenager (or near enough to it) -- the mention of hunters going out in swimsuits gets a raised eyebrow from Auron. His expression looks less 'interested' and more 'what even the hell'. "...That seems like a remarkably dangerous thing to do." No protective gear? Unless the swimsuits are protective gear. Which again seems remarkably silly, since they cover so little.

    Ziggy asks about the avatar, and Auron looks around. Making sure no one's about to freak out when he pushes the hood back. Because his avatar has cat ears. And they're rather large, impossible to miss. Rather than being on top of his head, though, they're set kind of low on his head, not too much higher than where a human's ears would be. And they point back instead of straight up. But they twitch and react to sound in a way that's far too real for them to be fake.

    As to it being a hologram? "Kind of, if my understanding of them is right." Auron does come from a 'backwater' world, after all. "Though it's less hologram, I think, and more... digital projection. I'm controlling it from a safe location," he explains.

Crys Gattz has posed:
Crys Gattz Says "Totally? I could show you if you really wanted to."

She doesn't even skip a beat at this point. She she nods for a moment at Ziggy.

"Not quite a robot really I don't know the science behind em but I can't argue about the results. As for that armours mostly for shows with how photone shields and barriers get used I admit. The smarter hunters do wear a layer of armour of some sort. Unless your like me and need the moblity over protection. Humm remote rig basically?"