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Fairy Tale Beginnings
Date of Scene: 30 October 2014
Location: Fables World
Synopsis: Elites are called in to help when a non-Fabled dragon stumbles upon the Farm.
Cast of Characters: 114, 178, 206, 513, Inga, 585, 600

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
The warp gate nearest to the distress signal opens out into a cave. Not an occupied one, fortunately; and not a nasty moldy one either. A clean, dry stone antechamber opens out into fading sunlight as evening falls outside. The fresh smell of grass and trees and growing things wafts past on a breeze, but it's followed by a whiff of smoke and choking ash. At the cave entrance are several long raking claw marks in the dirt, as if something very large passed through, and leapt aloft from there. For the land-bound, a gentle slope leads down into the farmland valley below.

The source of the trouble is pretty much immediately visible from the cave mouth. A dragon, of the two-wings-two-legs variety, tattered wingsails stretching from fingertips to tailtip, dingy grey in color with a thick, knobbly and spiky leather hide soars back and forth over a field of corn, spitting the intermittent gout of fire down into the greenery as it passes over. The ravaged corpse of a large steer lies scorched and bloody amid a burned patch of grazing field; the torn earth indicates a general panicked stampede of a few dozen other animals.

The local Fables are out in what panicked militia force they could muster on short, surprise notice: Shere Khan and Bagheera snarl conflicting orders across a motley crew of jungle beasts attempting to form up an adequate ground force. Several birds of prey, led by the falcon Commander Arrow seem to be better organized but far outmatched by the fire-breathing monstrosity. And charging up across the trampled field is a single, brave cow with a large, orange cat astride her back, waving a rapier and crying out feline challenges to the invader.

Yeah, they're going to be roasted if someone doesn't help.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Mr. Harry Dresden steps out of the cave adjusting both his duster and his collar with his free hand. He's just gotten done being the tar out of one great power and now there's a dragon. Hopefully of the Big Nasty Lizard variety and not the Centuries Old Intelligent Death Caster sort.
    He grumbles and starts to hoof it down into the field, the motion casting up the sides of the duster. He's got all manner of kit under there, not the least of which are a stout rod and a shotgun hanging from sling holsters underneath. He's certainly armed for bear and/or dragon.

    Though he's a little taken aback by the 'folks' mounting a defense. "...hells bells."

Noh (178) has posed:
    Dragons. Noh has some small level of experience in dealing with them. (They like tea, right? And don't like when knights come calling. Oh, and the kings can be female or male and still be titled King.) And generally, Noh is all about helping ANYWAY, since, well. So when the call was spread, she packed up ber backpack full of all the shiny things she could spare, strapped her BATTLESPOON onto her back, and hit the portal highways, finding herself shortly at the rallypoint of the Farm's ... Melitia.

    One little negro girl in a sea of animal Fables. And yet she's hardly overwhelmed.

    With bells on her fingers and bells on her toes, the strange little creature slips rapidly forward toward the Tiger and The Panther, and salutes them both. "I come to help!" She announces proudly, "Where I go to help, please?"

Inga has posed:
A dragon. A /dragon/. Am I absolutely mad!? Inga thinks to herself when they answer the call. She's going to die--which apparently wouldn't be that big of a deal but she's still rather avoid it, to be honest. That said, a /dragon!/ Could she really resist seeing such a beast of legend. Certainly she'd heard warriors tell stories of the creatures, but to see one in the flesh?

Besides. People were in trouble, and Inga is quite good with wards and other protective charms. Her offensive magic is gaining strength, too. It's Bigby asking for assistance, and she knows Bigby. She couldn't say no.

Inga arrives with Harry. She's armed in her own way, staff in one hand, knife in the other, ready to use her blood magic. A multitude of pouches filled with witchy things are attached to her belt. Inga follows close to Harry, leaning on her staff, limping as quickly as possible. Her face drains of color as she sees the dragon. "By Odin's bloody eye socket," she curses, dread settling deep in her stomach. Oh gods, what are they /doing/!?

First things first, Inga quickly sliced into her arm, flinging blood outward in a spray that seems to glitter, forming a barrier of sorts around Harry and then herself. It shimmers crimson when the light hits it just right, with a barely visible honeycomb pattern for the extra-perceptive. "Ever fought a dragon before?" she asks the wizard, hopeful he'll says yes. Who knows.

It's been a busy week. Month.

There are also animals everywhere!?

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Ankylo darts his beady eyes around the large screen in front of him, silencing a shrieking alarm. The king of the Tyrannos steps up behind him, shrewdly reviewing the data as it flies by.

"The Monster Monitor, Bossasaur! It's a big one!"

Rex narrows his eyes at the screen, then taps the intercom, "A dragon Styraco? One of yours?"

A voice comes back over the intercom, "No, I've not dabbled in Draconology in years. No decent raw materials. I'm reviewing the data on it now ... not sure of the origin."

Rex places a claw to his chin, "Hrm, New York. If we go there, we'll likely have Stark up our tailholes ..."

Ankylo turns and says happily, "Oh NOOOOOOO, Bossasaur! This is a different New York! No Avengers there!"

Rex cocks his head, "Oh REALLY?"

He straightens up, "Prepare a gate and a small squadron of raptors to accompany me. Maybe I'll go introduce myself."

Ankylo looks concerned, "You sure you don't want me to go?"

Rex shakes his head, "No. It'll be fine. I won't get in over my head."

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna does something really weird when she leaves the warp gate and spots the signs of disruption and devastation. A hunter like her is very alert to these kinds of signs, and this is blatant enough that even a dense moron would notice. Something big, something awful, came through here. "A dragon, huh..."

    The weird thing she does is RUN FASTER THAN ANYONE COULD EXPECT. Her steps light and free, she all but glides over the ground, vaulting freely here and there upon emerging. Only the most alert will notice her fox features, but her tail's extended for balance and she manages to spring up into low-hanging tree limb, then execute a few swift flips, swings, and split-second gymnastics to make it to the tree's canopy. Immediately she's planting one hand on her hip and getting a GOOOOOOOD luck at the beast, the layout of the ground, the forces... "Well, this is just like home!"

    ... Home when the Lunars were getting antsy, anyways. Animals doing organized combat? It's happened before. She's seen it a few times.

    The Lunar reaches behind her back, then... springs high into the air, soaring for over a hundred yards over the farmland.

    The instant her hand's back in view, oh hey, it's a revolver! A pretty piddly weapon against a dragon, but she's aiming for eyes. Bang bang bang! Bullets fly, where will they strike?

    The foxgirl flips around in midair and comes in for a landing. She hits with tremendous force and goes skidding across the grass for a good handful of yards. "whew! I thought these hidden supernaturals lived in a city... this is much better! ... As long as THAT thing doesn't burn it down... that's nooooot what I'd call a dragon!"

Snow White (600) has posed:
    As if they didn't have enough problems...

    Normally the deputy mayor and acting leader of Fabletown is busy with paperwork and seeing people to sort out their problems for them. But this required her immediate attention, and Snow White peers up at the sky as she steps out of the car at the edge of the field, a scowl crossing her face. "When did it appear?" she inquires. "And why isn't Weyland here?"

    "We haven't seen him all day, Miss White..." The reply comes from a badger standing by her feet, and he too doesn't look pleased as the dragon flies across the fields. "That thing is messing up our crops!" That isn't the only concern Snow has however. It's unlike the administrator of the Farm to not be around either. Especially when a dragon they are totally unfamiliar with has appeared. Clara is still sleeping according to Reynard... "And you are /sure/ it came from the caves?" she asks further. "Yes! When we checked it out, we found one of those warpgates that the reports mentioned."

    This is just great.

    Though there is little time to think about that as other concerns are evident. Noticing people appearing from the cave, the woman raises her gaze. "It appears that the cavalry is arriving." The Farm inhabitants all peer curiously at the people from the multiverse, though Snow steps forward. Her radio is the one that's been used as a homing signal for the forces who are here to help, after all. "I am glad you could make it," she begins, taking charge of the situation. "A dragon is not easy to handle... especially not a dragon that is not a Fable."

    Not all of the Fables seem as welcoming of the Elites however, as most of them keep back and even peer suspiciously at some of the people from the multiverse... and mutter amongst themselves. Why, it's everything from pigs, bears, some humans, tiny humans, and even three mice that seem to wander by Harry's feet.

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
The Tiger stares at Noh in frank disbelief. "Where did you come from?" he demands in a snarl, abbreviated as a leopard stumbles into him and he has to turn to swipe at the fool with one great, razor-tipped paw.

The Panther is more diplomatic. "Does it matter, Shere Khan? She probably came through the same gate as the creature. You. We need to get that thing on the /ground/ where we can reach it. Do you know how we can do that?"

"Whatever you do, HURRY!" shouts a large orangutan who appears to be trying to organize a bucket brigade from the closest watering hole, a long chain of orange apes sloshing and splashing and ineffectively attempting to douse the burning crops.

"HAVE AT YOU!" shouts the cat riding the cow, leaping from her back up to her head as she gallops heavily up, waving his small, shining blade in the air. "Luna, show them what you can do!"

"I haven't jumped over the Moon in YEARS," the cow replies tiredly, but she bunches her legs under her to make a valiant effort.

"No not yet--" shouts one of the hawks, but too late. The cow is airborne. The dragon sees an unexpected bovine hurtling its way and whips around with a startled shriek, its jaws gaping wide as it draws breath for a retaliatory gout of flame--

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Nope that ain't happening.

    And Harry Dresden, careful to not step on the mice at his feet, raises his staff, points at the dragon and bellows. "FOZARE!"
    There's a THUMP of air and energy, as a blast of power lashes out of his staff, aiming to knock the aim of the dragon off kilter and land a kinetic uppercut on the drake.
    And then he's carefully running forward, hollaring. "Diplomacy later, dragon now! Inga! Get wards on the combatants. Start with the big cats and work your way down!"

Inga has posed:
Inga looks to Snow White, eyes still wide. She does however, square her shoulders a bit. She's come, she's not going to panic and be useless here. She refuses. She is a wisewoman of Uppsala, a chosen of the gods. Kings had given their seats when she visited. She was not going to be rendered useless by fear of a dragon! Nor by talking animals or--

A cow. A cow just leapt into the air with a talking cat wielding a sword on her back.

Bloody Hel.

Inga looks toward Harry, her eyes widening as she raises his staff and lets loose a blast of force, then runs forward, making a huge target out of himself. "God's see us," she breathes, willing her heart to continue beating.

Right. Wards. To Snow, she nods. "This may be...strange, but I am very proficient with protective magics. It is however, blood magic," she comments, then begins to do as Harry suggested. The wound she'd already opened continues to bleed, so she begins throwing wards up as she had over herself an Harry, aiming them for the other obvious combatants. A blood-hued shield that both absorbs some incoming damage, and provides eccelerated healing.

Noh (178) has posed:
    "On the ground," Noh says thoughtfully, tilting her head. (Strangely, despite being roared at by a GIANT TIGER, she's not scared. Probably not SANE either, but.) She nods to Bagheera, and then swings her spoon off her back, and says, "I can try!" Now hefting the pole-axe sized spoon in both hands, she darts forward in a charge for the dragon. Her features become slightly stranger; color turning pallad, body frame leaner, as she diverts blood power from her visage to her speed, and takes extra care of her knowlwedge of stealth, to come up close to where the monsterous DRAGON Roars and flaps about.

    She stops then, and hefts her backpack off her back, digging around in it. She pulls out a LARGE AS A BASEBALL GLASS PRYSM, which looks incredibly like a giant-ass diamond, and tosses it, one handed, up and down, before she grins, tosses it up into the air, and then SWINGS hr spoon like a baseball bat- connecting the owl of the weapon with the 'ball' and swnging it FLINGING for the dragon's face. "HELLO! BIG AND UGLY CREATURE THAT YOU ARE! COMING TO GET ME YOU SHOULD BE, YES?!" She shouts brazenly.

    ... It's two days from halloween, and Noh has lost all sanity she ever had in the first place.

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Rex steps through a portable gate, flanked by a troop of 6 Raptors. The raptors move swiftly, silently, fanning out from either side of their commander. They seem to melt into the shadows that they dart in and out of, moving in a half circle, toward the general location of the Dragon.

Rex, armored and towering over most of the fables and even shoves a few out of his way as he beelines toward the Dragon.

His booming voice rings out, "YOU THERE! CEASE THIS ATTACK! I WISH TO SPEAK WITH YOU!"

At his side rests an odd looking sidearm made of an odd conglomeration of metal and bone.

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
The dragon's jaws gape wide. Gleaming spittle drools over its teeth and then starts to jet forth in a projectile spray, when the revolver bullets thump into its scaly, horny head. It squeezes its eyes shut to protect those delicate organs, and indeed its thick hide seems sufficient to deflect the bullets.

But in closing its eyes it loses sight of its prey, and its whole offensive strategy seems to break down. The would-be jet of flame is only a short, sharp puff, enough to sear the Cow's face as she reaches the apex of her jump; Luna bellows in pain and tucks her head down as she sails back down toward the earth. Puss, on the other hand, leaps free from his mount and latches as only a cat can to the dragon's snout, his claws digging into the thick hide for purchase as his slim rapier flashes trying to reach the closed eyes, and his boots kick out flailing behind him.

And that's when Harry's kinetic uppercut slams into the beast's torso, sending it flapping backward, clawing ineffectively at the air with its taloned hind feet, roaring and choking and bellowing in a blind rage.

Snow White (600) has posed:
    Bravery is not an uncommon thing in some Fables, it seems. Though a dragon is something else...

    Luckily Harry is there to help the poor cow, and while Snow looked worried there for a moment, she nods her head firmly in thanks to the wizard. "You heard the man. I want all able to fight to spread out! Get those who can't to safety! Stinky!"

    "Yes, miss Snow!" the badger salutes and hurries off to help guide the three mice off to the side as well as guiding a panic stricken chicken aside. "WE ARE ALL DOOMED! ALL DOOMED!" Many of the Fables run off towards the buildings themselves, though some stay behind.

    And others take more drastic measures.

    A shot echoes through the area, and the source might easily be spotted as there's a blonde woman up on the roof of the main building, and she adjusts her glasses as she frowns. "Damnit, Puss...!" Down on the ground, one of the bears looks up at the woman with great concern on his face. "Goldilocks, it will see you up there!" She however reloads her rifle, not even looking down. "It's too busy handling them now!"

    It would be crazy to go up against the dragon like this, that much Snow knows even as she pulls out her radio and turns on some dials there. Rules are rules... but how often do they go up against a dragon? These Elites might be strong and formidable, but still... Her jawline tightens as she watches them go up against the beast, and she sighs as she turns on the radio. This will most likely mean a lot of work for her later, but it's easier to clean up paperwork than having to clean up any mess that the dragon makes.

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
Commander Arrow calls his air force off as the dragon is blasted backward by magic and technology both. This is bigger than them, and he doesn't want any of his birds injured if he can avoid it. His sharp eyes pick out Inga below, working some kind of magic. A Witch? They've brought a Witch up from the city to help! "Down!" he cries orders to his troop. "To the Witch! Everyone get yourselves warded, that's an order!"

And so Inga will find herself swarmed in short order by about a dozen birds of prey, some of them quite large.

Bagheera flanks Noh, two wolves flanking him to see what the hell she's planning to do. Is that a magic rock? Will it turn into a giant net? These offworlders are even stranger than the mundies!

Shere Khan, meanwhile, takes offense to Rex showing up and bellowing orders like he owns the place. Dinosaurs? On HIS Farm?

There may also be the matter of wounded pride, in that they seem much better organized than his motley bunch.

The large Tiger bounds to intercept the armored lizard, attempting to halt his forward progress by throwing a hip check into him. Any Raptors that get in his way get snapped and snarled at. "That THING doesn't talk, fool!" he growls. "Who the hell do you think you are, coming in and barking orders?"

The dragon, meanwhile, seems to recover its aerial equilibrium and opens its eyes again just in time to see a large white ROCK flying toward its face. It gets beaned in the snout.

"--MrreEEOWW!" yowls Puss, who is still clinging to said snout.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "...!" Finna blinks as these events play out. She's simultaneously building up speed in a mad dash across the scorched fields. "Hah... who knew those bullets would actually make it flinch? Not bad!" And it flinched at just the right time too, hooray!

    But the revolver's empty and she now knows it's not gonna really pierce that thing's hide. The only weapon she does have which might... is not gonna reach.

    But that's okay. It's why she's running so much.

    Flesh bulges and shifts disturbingly from her back... then explodes forth through her clothes - not tearing them, just sort of melding through them and shifting the clothes out of the way.

    This bulge splits in two and spreads each direction, sprouts feathers... yes, she's just sprouted white-feathered bird wings.

    A few flaps and she converts most of that speed into lift, WHOOOOOSH! Climbing as quickly as she can, her intent is clear: gain superior altitude, and come crashing down on ol' flamebreath here.

    But on the way up she gets a view of the others."Oh, hey, I'm gonna try crippling its wings! Don't stand under this beast!"

    The winged foxgirl sets her sights on the heavens and continues flapping with all her might. Heavens, the calories this is burning. She's working up an appetite, that's for sure.

    Maybe roast dragon heart. Maybe not.

    As soon as she's gained more altitude however, she swoop-loops about and DIVES for the dragon's right wing.


    Nobody ever said you can't have FUN while rescuing crazy, talking animals. Though Finna was really hoping to meet these people before risking her life for them... the dragon's not actually scaring her much yet. It's yet to speak or prove itself anything more than a creature of hungry instinct.

    Now's the time for it to prove otherwise, if it's going to.

    Finna winds up for a dive-by slash of... claws? yes, claws. For her fingers now glow. The light is a thick silver that glows like a divine aura might around some god. The purest of Lunar essence, for the most savage of blows.

    If the Claws of the Silver MOon can't rip this wing leather to shreds, what can?

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Dresden growls vaguely in Snow's direction even as he stomps across the field... running towards the dragon. "Hells bells, man, this isn't even a paid gig. You're an idiot."
     Yes he's talking to himself, he's also drawing up energy from the Farm beneath him, into the graze that's already scorched and lifts that rod this time. Fire spits and crackles along to oak. "You're not even supposed to be here, buddy! GO HOME YOU STUPID DRAGON! FUEGO!" This time the flames are from the Wizard and he's aiming the harass the dragon in the direction that is NOT the Farm.

Noh (178) has posed:
    So a rock to the face didn't do anything to get the Dragon to come down on the ground. Noh frowns a little in thought, and then squints her eyes. She remembers something, what was it- dragons always have a weak spot. A missing scale, a weak muscle, anything. But she's got a Panther and two wolves flanking her at the moment, so she knows she's got to do SOMETHING to help them! She growls a little to herself, then considers the situation. Okay. So getting it's attention subtlyly didn't work. (Noh needs to revisit the dictionary on the definition of Subtle, obviously.)

    Her eyes flash, as she digs into her backpack again and pulls out- ... a sugar shaker full of pepper? She unscrews the lid a little, and then she tosses this, and like before HITS IT WITH HER SPOON, hoping to hit the dragon in the face with the sugar shaker. C'os see, she loosened the lid enough that impact should make it jar off.. and spill pepper all over the dragon's snoot

    ... Either the smartest or the stupidest idea she's ever had.

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
"More fire! Put it out!" shrieks King Louie, and Harry is seconds later doused by a bucket of icy water hurled with the best of intentions by one of the water-brigade orangutans.

Inga has posed:
While Inga is surrounded by stories, she doesn't even know it. All of these things are lost on her. It's mostly just chaos. Most things are these days.

Suddenly a flock of various birds of prey come flying toward her, sent by their leader she would assume. At this, she can't help but smile her amazement. Such beautiful creatures! Warrior-spirits. Inga leans her staff into the crook of her arm, drawing her knife again into the flesh of her inside arm, slicing deeper than should be safe--but to ward all these creatures she'll need a lot of blood. Again and again the shimmering ward is applied until Inga is nearly falling over, her head spinning from blood loss. She waves the creatures away. "Go, spirit-kin! The wards will protect and heal you for a few minutes at least!" she says, then leans heavily on her staff.

She needs a taco.

Inga needs a moment, but then she has a plan. The blood that drips from her arm begins to slow, the wound actually reknitting.

Then Harry is doused with a a bucket of water and a mad little laugh escapes her. Oh goodness. He's going to grump about that.

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Rex jolts to the side and snaps his attention to Shir Khan, grapping him by the scruff. He jams his snout into Khan's and says through a half snarl, "I AM GENGHIS REX, KING OF REPTILON. DARE TOUCH ME AGAIN, MAMMAL, AND I WILL FEED YOU YOUR OWN TAIL!"

He shoves Khan aside and points to the Dragon. "Raptors!"

Rex then drags his thumb across his throat.

A flurry of shurikens slice through the air as the Raptor troops heed their king and unleash flying bladed hell on the dragon. As shurikens glance off the dragon's hide, the bladed knives rain down on the farm and its inhabitants.

Challenging shrieks ring out as bladed halberds swing forth and the Raptors begin leaping and swinging at the Dragon, whenever it is in range.

Rex folds his arms, glaring at the Dragon and says smugly, "THIS will NOT take long ..."

Snow White (600) has posed:
    "SHERE KAN!" Snow's voice rings out as the woman steps forward, a fierce look in her cold blue eyes. "Step back! These are here from the organization knows as the Syndicate, and they are here to help with a multiversal threat!" Not that the look she gives Rex is friendly either, but it's less harsh than that of the tiger. "He is right however, that thing is not sentinent, not a Fable. It cannot be reasoned with. If you are not here to help us deal with this, then I insist that you turn around and leave." Which he seems intent on doing, and Snow is not about to get in the way of the raptors as they charge at the dragon.

    Some of the Fables look rather shocked on as the Elites battle the dragon, and Mama Bear gasps as Finna takes to the air and then dives with the intent to slash off its wings. "My goodness!" The smallest of the pigs stares in shock. "Holy hell...!" Just what are these people made of? It's almost as if they are Fables themselves in how they look! Even as most of the Fables are unable to do much about this threat and are forced to aid with fetching water to put out the fires, Goldilocks fires another shot aimed at the dragon's head.

    The poor girl spilling her own blood... Snow winces, wishing that doctor Swineheart was here and able to help. This all is a complete mess.

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
The dragon shakes its head viciously, alllmost dislodging the orange cat clinging to it, as he dangles precariously by a single claw jammed through the creature's right nostril. "Now I have you where I want you!" Puss declares, and jams his little rapier into the beast's gumline.

The dragon shrieks furiously at this new, painful insult, and twists its head around to get a good snap at the irritating feline, just in time to have a giant jar of pepper smash into its open mouth. It chokes, gags, and spits, gleaming liquid splashing onto Puss's outstretched arm -- and making his fur smoke! "Yeeeoooowwl!" he shouts, jerking back in reflex, and losing his hold on the dragon's nose! The cat tumbles downward!

Finna's strafing slash catches the dragon across its left wing, shredding a great tearing rent in the vast membrane, and it flails trying to snake its head around to snap at her.

And that's when it sneezes. A disgusting ball of phlegm spatters out over the diving fox-girl, and ignites on contact with the open air! The stuff is thick and jelly-ish, like napalm.

Noh (178) has posed:
    Well sneezing made it harder for the dragon to biite people, right? So that's, a win, right? Sort of. Sigh. Noh winces at the sight of GREAT BIG GOBS OF GREASY FLAMING DRAGON SNOT, then shakes her head, before upending her backpack to root through the shiny objects inside. Several pocket watches, a couple more of those big glass prysms, a bottle of marbles.. Dagnabbit, what has she got to use on this dragon? She grimaces, wrinkling her lips back from a mouth full of very visible fangs for a moment, before she suddenly snatches up the pocket watches and... a spool of silver thread?

    Hastily, she uses the thread to tie the watches together into a sort of bolo-ish mass, and then, holding onto all their chains at once, begins to twirl them, before FLINGING it for one of the GREADT WEBBED WINGS of the beat, trying to puncture the serpentine skin and possibly ground it.

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
The birds under Commander Arrow's command bow their heads respectfully as Inga blesses them each in turn, appearing to be unconcerned with the exact manner by which she powers her spellcasting. Witches come in all flavors from the Homelands, and one can't be too picky about one's allies in these strange times. Each takes off as soon as he's warded, circling the battle to look for a good point of attack. When Finna dives at the beast's wings the hawks and falcons swoop in to add their own slashing claws to the attack, while the largest of the eagles breaks off to catch the plummeting Puss in his claws!

Shere Khan gurgles, his golden eyes widening with alarm as he finds himself suddenly picked up and shaken as if he were a cub. Thrown to the ground, he rises with a low, deadly growl, intending to return Rex's insult with tooth and claw -- and that's when that harpy Snow White shrieks at him from across the field of battle. Oh, fuck everything.

"Fine!" the Tiger sneers. "If you'd rather have HIS help than ours, take it! We're leaving. Come with me!" he roars to the jungle beasts, and a few of them do break off from the fight, though not without guilty looks back at Snow and the others, to follow Shere Khan off into the forest on his diva hissy fit.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Aughbh--" A good thing Finna wasn't facing it when she got snot all over her. That would be bad enough if she was, however. She'd probably prefer that to...


    "Ahhhh! Fire, fire fire fire!" Okay, it is all over her... most of 'her' is covered in clothes though, the rest is hair.

    Exhibiting an uncanny amount of midair coordination, she banishes her wings, the most affected bodypart. Somehow managing to channel the reflexes of a cat she actually SPINS in the air, rips off most of her clothes with a few tears of her claws, and uses those same razor-sharp claws to snip down most of her hair to a few inches long.

    It's a feat no human could possibly manage, and it allows her to shed the majority of that snot before the fire can grow out of control.

    She hits the ground naked in most ways that count, only unable to remove her shoes, and immediately starts rolling through dirt and muck to wipe the phlegm off while hollering and yelling in agony!

Inga has posed:
Inga's power to heal is remarkable to be sure. It is still a marvel to her if she takes the time to actually think about it. Mostly, thinking is a luxury. That might actually save her some sanity. Gods be thanked she hasn't had a vision at least.

The wound is nearly closed and she'll need to open another, plans forming in her mind as she feels her stamina returning. She may not have Riva and Wuyin's magical tacos, but she does have a wineskin filled with mead at her belt. This, she drinks quickly, feeling the warm honey liquor burn a warm fire in her belly. Just the act of consuming something seems to help her recover with greater speed.

Right then. Get the dragon on the ground. Destroy its wings if possible. Once it is down, perhaps a rune of Holding. Likely, that will not even be necessary with the sort of attack force they have gathered.

A deep breath is taken as the wisewoman pulls her knife again and slices quickly into her skin. Blood blossoms and floats into the air, the liquid defying gravity as it coalesces and lengthens, forming spears as the blood solidifies, the points sharp.

Gods help her, she's about to get the beast's attention.

Inga throws her hands forward, signaling two blood-spears to fly toward the dragon, hoping to catch it's good wing, or perhaps if she's very lucky, somethig vital in it's belly.

Snow White (600) has posed:
    The dragon phlegm is a cause of worry, and Goldilocks makes a face of disgust as it explodes. "Ugh... fucking disgusting!" she hisses... then aims straight for the dragon's eye.

    The sneering of the tiger doesn't seem to have much effect on Snow where she stands, half glaring down at the dangerous predator. And she inwardly sighs at how he has to make everything so difficult. "They are here to fight for /you/," she points out. There's a disappointed and sort of disapproving look on her face when the jungle beasts follow the tiger, but she doesn't dwell on it. There are other things to worry about!

    "Aid her!" she calls out as Finna hits the ground, and the three pigs run off towards her. "Drop and roll!" one of them calls out to her. "Let's get her in the mud!" And they will not hesitate to use their snouts to push Finna up, even going as far as to push her up onto their backs if necessary to drag her off and away from the field and to the nearest mudhole!

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Pffts at Khan and says loud enough for the cat to hear, "Typical Mammals. Always fighting amongst yourselves. No wonder you can never get anything done!"

Rex sweeps his arm toward the Dragon, "Bring it down! You wish it pinned ... *I* shall pin it!"

The Tyrannosaur slaps the badge on his beast and grown in size, his armor phasing out of existence and his posture bending and shifting into that of his ancient ancestor. In a matter of moments Rex has transformed himself into a 30 foot tall, 22 ton T-rex. He lets out a challenging roar toward the dragon.

He cocks his head and says in a much deeper growling baritone, "Bring it, BITCH!"

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
"PUT HER OUT!" shouts King Louie, and two more orangutans rush up to dump buckets of water over the shrieking foxgirl. Fortunately, water does seem to help to douse the sticky flames rather than simply spreading it.

Meanwhile, Harry's fire spell engulfs the struggling, airborne beast and... appears to have no effect. The dragon's hide is flame proof. The circling, diving birds have to veer off, however, to avoid being singed. This allows the dragon half a moment to regain equilibrium, and with a roar and a screech it returns fire in the wizard's direction, a full blast this time as twin sprays of spittle jet from either side of its lower jaw, meet and ignite in a roaring ball of flame!

It has to hover still for a moment in order to spit fire, though, and that moment is all Goldilocks needs to snipe a pinpoint shot into its eye! No time to snap the lid shut this time; the beast shrieks in rage and pain and folds its tattered wings to dive--

--just in time to slam into a 30 foot tall T-Rex. Truly, a clash of the Titans as the beast roars and flails, slashing with its hind claws and beating at Rex with its wings as it attempts to disentangle itself.

Noh's silver threaded bola, in all of this, sails up and over and tangles itself over the hooked peak of one wing, further fouling it and disabling it -- for the moment at least -- from retaking to the air.

"It's down!" Bagheera roars triumphantly. "Everyone, attack it now!" And there's a rush of furry bodies as the more predatory of the animal Fables converge to assist Rex in the melee.

Noh (178) has posed:
    YES! Small victory dance! Noh takes a moment to do one, before hefting up her POLEAXE-SPOON in both hands and following after Bagheera and his wolves in an attack on the dragon. The little fanged girl charges in, leaping for the Dragon's face with a SWINGING FLING of her spoon, trying to SMASH it in the snout with the heavy metal, not unike a rugby player trying to SMASH someone in the nose to steal the ball. Hey, maybe if she hits it in the face hard enough she can STUN IT or something! Ahahaha yes! HIT ALL THE THINGS!

    ... Halloween sure does a lot to make the Dhampir brave..

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    And Harry is wet. He yelps and spins and points his staff at King Louie and the others, a vague bit of recognition before he goes back to the dragon who's now coming under heavy close assault by the birds. Wait no that's fire.
    Harry drags his staff in the dirt oh god make a circle a circle. No, too late. He ducks and covers, putting himself entirely under his duster, and throwing up his shield as best he can.

    That's only half effective though, as it stops the flaming goop from actually hitting him. The heat though goes right through and starts to cook the wizard as he scrambles back and away, leaving a sticky hot slimy fire stain on the ground.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Don't tell me that didn't bring it dooooown!" Finna whines, but her attention's kind of unable to head skyward right now. She finds herself suddenly being doused by bucket monkeys, then thrown into a blissful mudhole.

    Thankfully, she's a Lunar. This is by no means a disgrace to her. The simple solutions are often the best ones, and having mud to scrub all the goo off with and douse the fire is very acceptable.

    After a good half minute or so of that, she rises from the mud, utterly caked in the filth. Her hair's also still an awful mess...

    Strangely though, she shows no signs of embarassment. "Phew!" She doubles over in relief. "You three are lifesavers! I owe 'ya one! Or maybe not, this is your place I'm defending....owwwgh. Fire snot... never saw THAT coming. Blegh. Is the cat alright? That piddly rapier's not gonna fell a beast this big..." Showing the pigs a smile, she takes some steps out of the mud - still not bothering to fix her appearance (after all, she's utterly surrounded by talking animals, what do they care about it, she'd have to wonder?)

    "Okay then!" And now... now her flesh ripples. Fur sprouts through sloppy mud, muscles - sleek, but dense - bulge visibly where little was before.

    It's not unlike the transformation of a werewolf, all things considered. If anyone couldn't see her Tell before, well, both glitter into view briefly before her whole body gains height and some girth. In moments, she's become a fur-covered anthropomorphic snow fox, and that winter coat is not at all appropriate for this season. It's BOILING HOT in there.

    Thankfully she doesn't have to endure it for too long. Dropping to all fours she lopes into a full speed charge and lashes out with a vicious flurry of claw swipes at the Dragon's neck!

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
Inga's blood-spears pierce the dragon's opposite wing as it raises it to batter again at the dinosaur. It shrieks and recoils, trying to disengage from the onrushing wave of Fables. It seems to want only to escape now.

The beast lashes desperately with its long, heavy tail, sweeping some of the smaller attackers aside, and trips over its own shredded wings as it tries to flee!

Smoking, shaken and bruised, Puss stands up among the charred stand of corn where the eagle set him down, and points at the dragon with his sword. "Just as I thought! Afraid to face me, coward!"

And then a giant white fox is leaping onto its neck. "HEY, NO BIG BAD WOLVES!" someone shouts.

"That's not Bigby!" someone else shouts.

"PUT OUT THAT FIRE!" King Louie's voice rises hysterically over the rest. The bucket brigade chases after Wizard Dresden!

Inga has posed:
Finna goes down, is dragged into the mud by some pigs then has water dumped on her. Oh dear. Poor Finna. If she's alright for the moment, Inga can heal her after the fight is finished. Which it might just be soon. The thing is going down.

But not before breathing a giant fireball at Harry. Inga lets out a quick yell, horrified, praying the ward she placed on him was still in effect and that the various magics at his disposal were enough to protect him. Even still, she beginning to move toward him quickly.

In the periphery she's aware of a girl beating the dragon with a giant /spoon/ and some other gigantic lizard-bird-like monster attacking the dragon. This, she can only barely begin to process. In the back of her mind she vaguely wondering if she's taken any hallucinagenic drugs lately.

Finna has transformed into something bigger and badder, and Inga is pretty darn sure that all their attacks have done the beast in. She reaches Harry and lets them dump water on him before she quickly snaps out with another of those healing wards. "Harry! Are you alright?" she asks, reaching toward him, afraid he'll be covered in nasty burns. She's better save her stength, others will likely need healing as well.

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Rex smiles as his quarry meets him. He snaps his terrible jaws and gets ... nothing and the wildly flailing dragon crashes into him. The big red T-rex lifts a hind leg and tries to pin the dragon, but the dangerous hind claws drag across his flank and send a jet of blood spraying into the air.

Rex roars in pain, but goes tucks his head in and pushes against the dragon, trying to further entwine himself with it.

Tails slash, claws rake, teeth gnash. It is a virtual tornado of pointy shit you don't wanna go anywhere near.

Rex struggles with the smaller, more agile dragon, trying to use his weight to settle it down when ...


A giant spoon crashes against his snout, bringing him to a sudden stop. His eyes cross and a trickle of blood dribbles out of his nostril.

He shakes his massive head, then screams at Noh, "IDIOTOPS!"

Snow White (600) has posed:
    The smallest pig grins up at Finna, and the two others simply nod their heads, all before they rush over towards Harry. "Get in the mud!" they yell to him. It's too far to the pond for that to be an option at this point. Though the moment Finna changes again... and changes into something wolflike, some of the Fables gasp in surprise, and the smallest pig even blinks and does a doubletake at Finna before she charges forward!

    Up on the roof, Goldilocks smirks. "Bullseye." Let's see it dodge more of these shots when it's grounded! The woman reloads her rifle and aims... only to frown when Rex gets involved. However, she does not lower the rifle, instead she keeps on aiming for another shot on any vulnerable part she can make out. Eyes, mouth... there aren't too many options, considering that thick hide it has.

    One of the creatures leaping onto the dragon's back to attack it is a red fox, and he barks back at whoever commented on bad wolves even as he narrowly avoids any strikes from Rex. "If you can't tell the difference between Bigby and a fox, then I suggest you get some new glasses!" And then he runs up the dragon's back, quickly leaping for the beast's throat!

    The entire scene is a lot to take in, and Snow turns to one grinning cat. "Get the main buildings ready so we can offer medical aid. Swineheart is on his way up from New York as we speak, and they might need his expertise." The cat nods its head and vanishes in a cloud of glitter, and Snow turns her attention back to the fight. Does she dare be hopeful? It does look like they are gaining the upper hand...

Noh (178) has posed:
    Noh blinks at the shouting T-Rex, eyes widening a bit. Oh. "Uh. I. Am. Very sorry," she says, quite apolgetically, offering him a cheesy grin of fangs and, trying to, back, away, as, fast as she can. Crapcrapcrapangrydinosaur. This is NOT the time to pull a Was (Not Was) and she don't need to be walking no Dinosaur. *squeak!*

    She whirls and HASTILY retreats back to the line of less than brave animals, suddenly remembering that she left most of her spine elsewhere, yes.

    ... She finds herself lingering near Puss, and looks over at him, with a blink. "... You are a very handsome kitty," she says quietly, "But you should perhaps try, ah, yes. Why not go for the legs? Small you are, it not be able to see you if you hamstring it.."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry... Harry's not too badly burnt, but he's not covered in the goop at least. His duster is, which is easily enough mudded up. He sits on his butt in the mud though and lets the pigs tend to him as the others bring the dragon to the ground.
    A vague wave at Inga though. "Fine fine, look at the others, I'll be fine!"

    He is missing one of his eyebrows.

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
The dragon screeches and snarls and continues trying to drag itself away from what has suddenly become WAY more than it can chew.

Meanwhile, Luna the Cow makes her way over toward Inga and Harry, regarding the latter with concern, and the former with a limpid look that only a cow's eyes can manage. "Excuse me, could I have one of those burn heals too please?" she asks politely. Her face is charred black, the fine hairs nearly all singed away, from her face-first encounter with the beast.

Puss looks up in astonishment at Noh, seems to be trying to formulate an appropriate response, and ends up simply saluting her with his rapier before he dashes off to join the fray dogpiling on the wounded beast.

Inga has posed:
Harry does appear to be alright, minus an eyebrow, but those grow back! Inga finds herself wondering if her hair would grow back as quickly as her wounds healed...Bah, not the time for that thinking.

With a very expressive frown toward Harry, she nods the turns as she's addressed.

By the cow.

Well, alright. Seeing the burn on the poor animal, her eyes soften and she moves toward it, reaching to dip her fingers into the almost healed wound of her arm. "Of course," she replies, reaching out to draw a rune of healing between the cow's brow. A more direct heal, her anima channeled purely toward eccelerating the natural healing process. "Hope that helps," she says, swaying a little on her feet. She catches herself, but she's obviously a little woozy.

Inga glances toward the still struggling dragon, frowning. She hopes Finna gives it a clean end.

Noh (178) has posed:
    The eccentric little dhampir takes a moment to breathe a little, before she turns to look to Harry and Inga, a Fellow of the Union and, a, strange witch person. She hefts up her backpack, and uses her spoon like a walking stick as she approaches them, offering them each a soda from her pockets (where the hell does she get all this crap?) with a beaming smile of fangs. "I would like offer you drink, I am hope it helps you, yes? Is soda I pick up from strange world, is supposed heal you. At least, weird little nose man say it so," She says, smiling widly.

    ... So the Dhampir forgot to put her glamour on. So?

Finna (513) has posed:
    It might be more than the dragon can chew, but that's okay: Finna's quite happy chewing on the dragon instead. her fangs and claws both glow with the sacred power of the savage moon, and even dragonscale can't fend that off for good. She gnaws, rips and tears, all the while snarling gutturally. How quickly and easily this otherwise friendly and bright-natured young woman (if she is the age she appears, anyways...) can show another side, huh?

    She bites through scale and strikes flesh. Using both hands buried deeep into its neck and both feet gripping the ground for leverage, she yanks, growls and jerks on the beast's vulnerable throat.

    This is about to get very, very bloody.

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Rex plants a foot on the squirming dragon's tail and leans forward reaching for the base of it's wings with his tiny cute arms (tm), then he clamps his jaws around the back of the dragon's head, steadying its thrashing, so Finna can finish the bloody work of finishing the beast.

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
The healing energy does seem to help the Cow quite a bit; her face relaxes as a cool feeling washes over the dry, stinging burning sensation. "Thank you," she sighs in relief. And then, as Inga wobbles, "Oh-- dear, you'd better lean on me. I've got four legs to balance where you've only got two!"

The dragon, meanwhile chokes and gurgles its last, slumping heavily along the ground as the Fox spills its lifeblood out through the ragged hole in its throat.

A cheer goes up among the Fables piled up around it. "Yeah, it's dead! We killed it! Woo! Fuck Shere Khan! *gasp* LANGUAGE!"

And so on.

The dragon's blood pools out in a dark, sticky mess through the torn grass and earth. The surrounding area has been scorched black and this field of corn will probably be mostly unsalvageable... but the Farm will survive.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Ugh. Harry had hoped they wouldn't have to kill the drake but clearly Diplomacy Has Failed.

    He sits there in the mud and rubs at where his eyebrow was and watches the bloody end of the drake, before looking down at one of the pigs. "Hi, I'm Harry."

Inga has posed:
The white-haired witch turns to look toward the strange young woman with the giant....spoon. She takes the healing soda, bowing her head lightly in thanks. "Ah, thank you. I should be able to help with the healing of any who are hurt," she says, opeing the soda and taking a sip. At least she'd learned how these containers worked by now. Extremely sweet, but it seems to do the trick.

The cow offers to let Inga lean on her, but Inga decides its time to just...sit down. So she does so, practically flopping. Its not the most graceful of movements. "Heh, yes, and my two legs aren't even particularly good as far as legs go," she comments. "I'll just have a seat for a bit."

Harry introduces himself. Well, she should do the same then. "I am Inga," she offers, taking sips of the soda.

The dragon is dead and Inga very dearly wants a piece of it. Oh what strong charms she could make from dragon parts!

Snow White (600) has posed:
    Harry is given a nod from the smallest of the pigs. "Colin. Thanks for bailing us out, buddy." The two other pigs do look a bit more sour, even as the dragon crashes into the ground with its dying breath. As a matter of fact, not all of the Fables are cheering. Some of those who stand back seem a bit nervous, and the Elites, Rex in particular, are watched with dubious and suspicious looks. Some of them even looks outright fearful, withdrawing off into the buildings and off to other parts of the Farm.

    Snow however looks outright relieved, letting out a heavy sigh she wasn't aware that she was holding back. She steps forward, her usually stern expression softening. "Thank you all for your assistance. Thanks to your combined efforts, the Farm has been saved. Do any of you require medical attention? A physician from Fabletown is on his way as we speak and he will tend to your injuries should you need it."

    At least they aren't getting all glares.

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Rex stands eyeing over the quivering remains of the dragon. His tongue flicks at the blood on his teeth. He glances Finna up and down, then bows his massive head in a show of respect, "You did well, Mammal."

There is a flash of light as Rex returns to his primary form. he holds a claw to his earhole and speaks, "Ankylo, get Styraco over here. Tell him we have a corpse for him to play with. Send in Legion. We're gonna need a cleanup crew with Halon and foam."

A disembodied voice snorts, "You got it Bossasaur!"

Noh (178) has posed:
    Noh smiles to Inga and Harry. She knows Harry is distracted, she sets the soda down near his feet, bows to Inga as well, and then, strapping her spoon back to her back, goes in search of Puss - She wants to give the poor kitty a HUG for his bravery because KITTY and ADORABLE and (such a gullible girl as she for a monster) maybe he'll let her brush him so he feels better. Her cats ike being brushed, after all.

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Genghis Rex snorts at Snow, his free hand over the slash across his side, "I have my physician, I need no assistance from mammals."

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna does spend a moment or two extra for some reason at the torn neck of the beast. When it breathes its last she flickes her tongue out and snatches up some of the blood. Then the girl springs backwards, shifting back to her human form throughout a midair twirl-backflip. Just as she's landing, the transformation finishes. She's still caked in mud and blood, but her clothes are back! As is her long hair. She makes a slight show of licking her lips, and plants both hands on her hips.

    "And that's how you do it! Hm!" The girl announces quietly in a little mock-bragging. TRIUMPH. VICTORY!

    "Whew... is there a riever around here? Please tell me there's a river around here!" Is the next thing she has to say...

    But rather than follow up on that she scans about at the array of others. Her alert gaze checks over damages, casualties, injuries... she does act over the top, teasy, whimsical, even weird, but she's far more alert than she wants to really let on.

    "And the Swords say foxes can't hunt worth a darn when it counts... HAH!"

    They probably don't say that. She's just being weird. And also answering Genghis Rex, as she throws in a grin his way. "Finna." She returns the bow with a deep nod of her own. A momentary show of a more warrior-like conduct.

    "Hey, hey, Ing--ohh..." There's cheers all about. Finna whirls around, giving all the others a big wave and grin show! But then she's approaching Snow, and stops at a conversational distance...

    The foxwoman's gaze darts up and down Snow White, her lips twist about perplexedly. "Hm... So you're the leader of this bunch? or something close to it? ...Ah, I'm fine enough, have the doctor help others out first... I heal really well." Well, she probably hears that a lot regarding Fables, but it's not too different with Exalts!

    "My thanks, though! How did that beast get through? Has nobody secured the warp gates here?!"

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Oh hey a soda. "Thanks Noh, go... go pet the kitty." Harry grumps and cracks it open, before looking over at Colin and the rest. "I'm a detective. Bigby came and helped me in my world so I'm... well, returning the favor at least."
    A detective that shoots fire from a staff. Hmmm. He does chuckle and nod to Inga though. "That's Inga, she's one of my partners in crime. I'm guessing... uh, there's a lot of people I'll have to meet eventually. And Miss White once she's done being... mayor-ish."

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
Puss is a dignified and noble warrior! He does not want to be /brushed/. Noh can find him easily enough, standing on the corpse and cleaning his blade, and participating in the feedback circle of self-congratulation going around among those Fables who haven't slunk off now that the fight is over. When Noh tries to hug him, he takes a step back, and chivalrously tries to deflect the gesture by bowing deeply. "We are in your debt," he acknowledges the SMALL assistance supplied from the other side of the warp gate, though of course he himself played the most important role in the battle. Did he not stab the beast in the mouth? "May I have your name, dark lady? I am... well, you may call me Puss."

Inga has posed:
Ings nods again to Noh, such a strange girl! She'd never thought to see a giant spoon used as a weapon.

The dinosaur gets another look, a look that slowly dips into a frown. He is indeed acting as though he runs the show, claiming the corpse.

Inga turns to Snow, who appears to be the local authority. "You are quite welcome. I would like to ask what you intend to do with the dragon's remains. I could make powerful charms with dragon parts to work with. I assure you it will be done respectfully," she says.

A glance toward Finna, a smile and a bow of her head. "Well faught Finna, you are a fierce warrior--your gods must smile on you," she says.

A sidelong glance to Harry, eyebrows rising. "Crime? Have we committed a crime?" she asks. Sorry Harry, coloquilism lost on time-displaced viking witch.

"Indeed, where is Bigby? I thought he would be here..." she asks then.

Noh (178) has posed:
    Noh smiles! And bows before Puss. "My apology, I am forget sometimes, cat do not like hugs. My two at home are still young, they see me as mama." She says, with a smile, standing up. "I am called Noh Body. I know it sound strange, but it is the name I am given." She grins a little, and now that she's not in UBER FIGHT MODE, her features are a little less.. well, abnormal, even if her vampiric biting fangs are still visible in her smile. "I know you are Puss In Boots! Puss is fine name, and your story, it is one I have told to my two kittens very often! Anza says you are very brave, and Ranjit wants to be like you some day. Or like his father, he cannot decide." She grins.

    "I expect no debt from you! I help because I like to help, I do not need be repaid." She smiles, then offers him her hand to shake (Or something, he's a NOBELCAT after all.) "You fight well! You stab the dragon in mouth, that is very brave! I am, not so brave, but I try best to help."

Snow White (600) has posed:
    As Finna steps up to her, Snow White nods in affirmation. "I am the deputy mayor of Fabletown. The administrator of the Farm seems to be gone at the moment, though I am his direct superior. Thank you for your help, it will not be forgotten." As for the matters with the warpgates...? Snow sighs heavily. "We were only aware of one warpgate in our world. Up until now, that is. We will take appropriate matters to prevent further cases like this, as well as do our best to locate other warpgates wherever they may be."

    However, the fair lady frowns when she beholds Rex. "You are not entitled to take the dragon all for yourself," she states firmly, her tone determined and indicates that she is not about to be talked back to. Inga's question and following request earns a nod. "I do believe that it is fair that the remains are shared among those who wish to take them, as you call helped take it down."

    The mention of Bigby does catch the attention of several of the Fables, and some of those who were cheering before actually look... nervous? Snow however is still firm. "I am afraid that mister Wolf is not allowed up here on the Farm."

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
A swarm of raptors pour out of the Tyranno gate, carrying bandages and halon extinguishers. The raptors with the bandages head toward the injured and deposit them nearby (but do not help in any other way) while the others rapidly head for the still burning areas of the farm, stopping and sending out jets of super cool gason the fire, quickly snuffing it out.

A huge orange Styracosaurus lumbers quickly to the corpse of the dragon and shakes his head, "Must you kill everything?"

Rex flashes an annoyed look at Styraco, "I didn't kill it."

Styraco examines the bite wounds on the dragon's neck, "You didn't ..."

He runs a claw along the dragon's belly and blinks, then places an earhole against the side of the dragon. He points to a nearby raptor, "Quickly! Give me your Halbard"

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
Puss does better than shake the hand; he takes it and kisses it. With a cat-kiss, of course, which amounts to the rasp of his tongue. "I am very brave," he agrees. "And it's good to know that my story is known in the outside worlds, too!"

Nearby, Bagheera snorts, pausing in washing the blood from his face. "The more well-known your story, the more powerful you are, and the harder to kill, is the theory. Of course it's never been proven."

Noh (178) has posed:
    Noh smiles, feighing a blush - she can't really do that on command, of course - but she smiles. At the snort of the Panther, she turns and examines him, then smiles! "You are Bagheera. Shadow of the jungle! I had heard your story before, but I did not know how to read it myself until recently. You are the wise one, while your tiger ... I do not want to say friend? But you know him, he is rash, and sometimes prone to.. ah. How to say this politely.."

    "... Being a poopy head when he does not get his way." ... Yeah, that's the best she can manage. "It is wonderful! Meet so many new people! I am a firm believer that all stories are made to be told to everyone. I love to hear stories, I love to tell them." She smiles! Awww happy Dhampir.

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
Styraco snatches the halberd out of the raptor's claws and slashes the dragon expertly across the belly. In one quick motion the halberd clangs to the ground and Styraco finds himself elbow deep in the dragon's belly. He jostles around a bit, then pulls an egg the size of a beachball out of the dragon's belly.

Styraco says with smirk, cradling the egg in his blood covered arms, "You can have the whole corpse. We'll take this."

Rex steps in front of Styraco, "That is our price, Mayor. It is not too much, now is it? If the egg is viable, it will be put in a nursery and domesticated. My people are not unfamiliar with this type of upbringing. You'll not be visited by THIS dragon, should it hatch. you have my word."

Inga has posed:
Inga nods toward Snow. "That is appreciated," she replies, satisfied. That settled, she prepares herself to stare down Rex if needed. Which as a five nothing woman with a limp ought to be very interesting.

She'd still do it.

The...lizard-thing calls in more of its kind. Most appear to be helpful, but the call for a weapon causes the witch to raise an eyebrow. Surely, it is fully dead? Ah...and egg! Well, alright. She wouldn't have really know what to do with that.

Now, which parts would be best to take...certainly some of the scales, a few bones if she can manage it. The heart, if buried with the appropriate ritual could provide a very powerful ward but that would likely be argued over--blood, yes, blood most certainly. Inga begins pulling empty glass bottles from her pouches. They really ought to not actually fit in there, especially without breaking. Another mystery of the Buzzing.

Inga looks between Harry and Finna then. "If you two would be kind enough to lend me a bit of muscle..." she says, indicating the dragon corpse. Inga begins to pull herself to her feet, intending to get to work.

She looks to Snow as she learns Bigby isn't allowed on the farm. "Ah...I see," she replies. What, had he been eating the livestock? Or...well..goodness, the livestock here probably all talked. What did the people eat!?

Bigby Wolf (585) has posed:
"He is NOT my friend," Bagheera confirms. "Old rival, in fact. But we've all had to adapt, since we left the Homelands. The General Amnesty means I'm not allowed to tear his throat out for... past transgressions." He looks thoughtfully in the direction that Shere Khan and his groupies disappeared into the trees, as if pondering whether that desertion warrants retribution /now/...

Finna (513) has posed:
    "You hear that, 'bossasaur?'" Finna asides sharply as he goes for the halberd, "Don't go wrecking it without the group's input. You fought well, by the way!" Finna can respect warriors no matter the location or world, even if they're really, really weird and arrogant. What she doesn't expect is that Styraco has found something she didn't expect...

    A giant egg. Finna boggles. "... I wonder how much use that would be... ah, lizards don't lay eggs unless they've mated, do they? The egg might be growing! Heh.. biting off a lot there, but I'm not contesting it!"

    She nods to snow, while trying to look a LITTLE dignified. Brushes some dirtied, blodied hair over a shoulder, tilts her head... "Finna Snowdancer. Union ally, if loosely! Glad that didn't turn into a bigger mess... I heard the gist of your people's plight... have some of my own selfish reasons to investigate, I'll freely admit, but you can bet I'm genuinely glad to help!"

    She gestures a bit flippantly Inga's way. "just a moment, you!"

Snow White (600) has posed:
    Somehow Snow doesn't look too pleased as the Tyrannos go digging inside the dragon and even finds an egg. The woman narrows her eyes fiercely, but the promise does make her reconsider it... and she nods her head once. "If we do find that dragon here, then you will regret your actions." But fine, take the egg.

    The rest of the Elites are allowed to take whatever they want of the dragon. It is certain to help clean up the place and make it easier for them to dispose of it. It's not guaranteed that it will be of help to the witches on the Thirteenth floor either, and by offering them materials as payment it might help ease further business should it come to that.

    Bagheera is given a pointed look by Snow before she looks back at the Elites. "All Fables in Fabletown has signed a contract that gives them rights... as well as pardons them for any past misdeeds before our exile. As long as they follow the laws and rules. Though some have to face additional rules... for the sake of upholding the peace we have fought so hard to get," Snow informs Noh. Then she takes a deep breath. "Take as much of the dragon as you need, and we will handle the rest. Feel free to take use of the facilities before you leave as well, some of you probably need a quick swim in the river."

Noh (178) has posed:
    Noh nods. "It is why I would not say 'friend', so much as.. yes." She grins a little, then mms. "I must go but.. I would like to bring my kittens sometime, to visit you both! You are wonderful people!" She smiles! Awww. She then turns, observing Snow's words, and nodding, before she smiles a little warmly to Snow, "You are good woman, Miss White. It is, pleasure to help you, however, I need no payment. The story this will make is all the payment I need - to be able to say I am helping new people, that I am meeting those of legends! Ah! It is wonderful!" She smiles! bows quickly to the Deputy Mayor, then summons out a sleghbell that.. jingles faintly, ith the sound of children's laughter, before opening a whorling purple portal that Noh shortly disappears into.

Genghis Rex (114) has posed:
The Tyrannos begin heading for their gate. Styraco happily tromps off with the egg.

Rex, however, steps over to Snow and crouches down to eye level with her, "Fiery. I like that. Even in a mammal. You have been helped by the confederacy this day. Moreso, you have been helped by the Tyrannos and their king. I am Genghis Rex. Keep that in mind when you require assistance in the future, and beware of whom you seek assistance from. Not everyone is as friendly as I am! Hah hah hah."

He hands Snow a business card that reads, "Genghis Rex - King of Reptilon, Tyranno Leader, All Around Great Guy! Bossasaur@gmail.com".

When the last of his troops passes trough the warp gate, Rex follows after and the gate closes behind him.

Snow White (600) has posed:
    There is no sign of fear on Snow's face even when the dinosaur crouches down to look her in the eyes. Instead she keeps that cold and firm look there, hands resting on her hips... and she accepts the business card, glancing over it before she looks back at Rex. "I will keep that in mind. Though I believe I have made Fabletown's wish to remain neutral in this conflict known to all." The card is put into her coat pocket, and she watches the Elites leave. And then she turns her attention back to the nearby Fables. "Get back to getting this place in order, I expect a list of everything that needs to be replaced on my desk at the end of the day so we can get this place back in full working order."