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More Questions. Any Answers
Date of Scene: 09 November 2014
Location: Divided Equestria
Synopsis: Further investigations throughout Equestria... But they only provide new obstacles to face.
Cast of Characters: 178, 239, 264, 470, 475, 513
Tinyplot: Crying Clowns

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    On the last episode of My Little Pony: Everything Gets Worse:

    Equestria's state of panic is rising, marginlly, each passing day something new and more heinous than the last pops up, murders and disappearances in all six factional holds, getting more grisly than the last.
    Detective Gum Shoe still has his problem in Sunny Hills to the west.
    The priest of the Church of Celestia still hasn't been questioned.
    The church in Riversplit is still under lockdown and can be investigated. But now there's more.
    There are dread rumors of dark things happening in a refugee camp just within the borders of the Everfree Forest.
    Greenfields, another town in House Moon and Star's territory has come under some stressing times...
    So much to look into, so little time.

Noh (178) has posed:
    Believe it or not, the mostly harmless seeming Dhampir, small and spry, once again using her glamour and latent familiar powers to look slightly manticore-ish (Well, as far as such things go in Equestria with pony-humans, etc,) has once again arrived.. But she's headed this time for Everfree, tail swishing lazily about her ankles, leaning on a -giant ass- spoon like a walking stick. Honestly it probably looks pretty... weird. She's also rather casual as she walks the path- Which probably means she's an out of worlder man.

Finna (513) has posed:
    With ominous rumors spreading once again through Ponyland, Finna's chosen to investigate. She did agree to investigate the Church stuffs and over a nose, but honestly... unless someone asks for her help, why would she go and do that?

    No, ominous rumors about Bad Things hapening to refugees is FAR more pressing, and so she bounds as a fox across the lands, only having to stop for directions once in a great while.

    And it won't take too long, either! Those four legs of hers are bleeping FAST, turning her into a white streak across the ground. Sometimes her pawprints leave a momentary silvery light as residue, but you'd have to be looking REALLY CLOSE to notice it at this point.

Eliot Ness (264) has posed:
    Questioning the priest seems like the natural thing for a detective and Federal Agent to do. Ness is here wearing a brown suit with tan shirt and brown tie, along with a hat across his eyes and a long coat due to the onset of fall and winter. The detective is here and holding a notepad in his hand and preparing to conduct a totally-not-interrogation.

Magister Twilight (475) has posed:
    It's been a little while, long enough for the Priest to settle out of his panic and the like. Twilight is going to be handling this one personally, and she's arrived at the church again, at last, to have a little word with said priest. Attacking the Church of Celestia is one of those things that makes her very upset, very quickly, so it shouldn't be a big surprise that she's come personally.

    Twilight is in human form right now, with a wide floppy hat on her head, but the robes and amulet of office are plainly displayed. As usual she has two bodyguards with her, which halt just outside of the small but relatively comfortable cell that the priest is held within. After all, he isn't necessarily under suspicion, this could be for his own protection.

    "Good evening. Please try to relax as much as you are able."

Polite Words (239) has posed:
    Generally when Polite Words is in this area, it's in the company of Magister Twilight, the rather anonymous Sidereal being an excellent contact for those who want to keep their involvement with the Confederacy a bit lower key. This is not true today; she's visiting in other areas in the country, for reasons of her own.

    In this particular case, she's gone to the town of Greenfields, wearing a nice enough suit, her feet completely bare as she walks into town. It's certainly completely normal that she's armed to the teeth as she looks around, and nothing worth any alarm or note from the locals at all.

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    It's not long before Finna and Noh reach the Everfree Forest. It's hard to miss, a gigantic, jungle-like mass of trees and wood. Overgrown and utterly wild. The canopy above is so dense that not an ounce of sunlight reaches through, once beyond the borders, and the woods get very dark, very lonely, very fast. At all times it feels like someone or some THING might be watching the two.
    The refugee camp is right on the border fringe, but even so close to the edge, there's no light here, and the people making this place into their makeshift homes have to rely on torches, bonfires, and lanterns to see anything at all. And strangers make them instantly guarded... And these people have reason to be.
    Old men, women, children, aged old nags, colts, fillies, and foals, the refugees run the gamut of anyone and everyone who were forced to leave their homes, run, and hide somewhere in poverty and squalor from the constant and chronic warring state that shakes their world everywhere they go. A fox is just a normal animal- or so they think- but a manticore with a huge spoon immediately raises a ruckus and a panic. Considering what these people must be going through, and the local residents of the Everfree, this seems like a logical response for them.

    Back at Riversplit, Secret Service and his federal ponies under Twilight's command have kept the events and the twon under wraps, the locals are on edge like nothing you can believe, but the priest has had time to cool down, in the local sheriff office, where Secret Service and his henchmen-henchponies have taken over as their base of operations, in typical FBI manner.
    The priest is an older man- currently in pony form, his age showes even this way, as he uses a flickering sparkle of magic from his horn to adjust the bifocals on his snout. Aged though he may be, he still looks sharp in the eyes albeit timid and scared, when Ness, and Twilight come to see him, and he dips his head. "Archmagister. Friend." Greeted in a soft voice. "I do not know how much help I will be."
    His name is Divine Intervention, as stated for the record.

     MEANWHILE IN GREENFIELDS. The locals seem completely unaware of any problems. Except for the police force, who look jittery, indeed, someone in a suit, wandering barefoot is oinly going to get looks for... Being barefoot. But it looks like the police have cordoned off a large building close to the center of town, with tape and a perimeter. Polite's connections with Twilight should be able to easily get her through if she so wishes, but there also seems to be something of ruckus going on in the nearby park as well.

Noh (178) has posed:
    Noh pauses at the gates of the camp, and scans across the people present, tail swishing slightly, before she raises her hand, speaking softly. "I do not come cause trouble, I come from outside forest to help." She's trying to be reassuring to them, but, of course, Noh is... Noh. She's not going to immediately realize her appearance is causing trouble, simply because she's trying to look more animal to put them at ease. (And really. What would they fear more, Noh's lionish form, or if she tries to mimic her form from the other equestria, and showed up as a Zebra?)

Polite Words (239) has posed:
    Outdoors is more what Emily's in the mood for this evening, so she'll just offer over a friendly wave to the police - at least she's not actually HOLDING a weapon for the moment, other than her hands - and head in the direction of the ruckus she can hear in the park, sighing as she feels the breeze around her.

    She'll keep her distance from whatever it might be, just folding her arms to watch and take it all in.

Finna (513) has posed:
    A normal animal indeed, but how many animals from the arctic would show in a forest like this? Finna's actually overheating a little bit, and... for some strange reason, doesn't seem to have any problems wandering into the camp. No fox would do that, chances are. Such creature avoid people. But this white-furred fox, it seems, does NOT know what to do about a strange manticore arriving at about the same time. With everyone else getting riled up, the creature turns about and is about to growl at her - but then she explains herself.

    So the fox hops up atop a tent pole - WITH PERFECT BALANCE - and BARKS once.

    The next moment, this part of the camp is filled with a brilliant... though not harsh, light. The fox burns with a divine aura, phantasmal silver-blue flames that warp and twist about in a non-existent wind, mixed with streaks of shadowy purples and deep blues resembling the night sky.

    The light carries with it the feeling of the night air... topping it off, the mark of the Crescent Moon shines on the little fox's forehead.

    And it can speak.

    "As have I. This place reeks of death and rot, it is no place for the living. Have you nowhere else to go, and what would harass you even here?"

    Sometimes acting like the local guardian spirit leads to good results, after all.

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    While the refugee ponies are scrambling to flee Noh, in an instant three of the local defenders are upon her; a triof cloaked and hooded figured, wearing armor made from tree bark and grass, ankles jingling with bracelets covered in talismans and fetishes, and judging from their white and black striped coloration, they are Zebras. Piercing teal green eyes peek out from under the leader's hood.
    "An outsider not of our forest, here to help? Who are you but just a manticore whelp?" She demands, one hoof stomping.

    In Greenfields, the police have their hands and hooves tied, busy with their scene. The park seems to have gathered something of a small crowd, and the local officials are a little too busy to break it up. Two small ponies, dressed in clownish outfits, wearing masks of bronze seem to be putting on a performance. One is a pegasus, with brown mane, holding up a girl who could pass exactly for his twin if not for the fact that her hair is bright orange and she's a unicorn- balancing in his grasp upside down.
    "Now who wants-" "-to play a game?" "Tell us a secret!" "We'll tell you no lies."

Eliot Ness (264) has posed:
    "Ah, greetings Miss Sparkle." Ness uses a more familiar greeting, though still semi-formal. He associates with Twilight enough to slowly drop the Archmagister out unless they're in public. He looks at the small journal in his hand and takes out a fountain pen, "You didn't have to come personally, but your presence is always appreciated."

    Ness sits down across from the priest, "Can we get you anything? An apple, perhaps? Or a salad?" He asks seriously. He wants this old man to feel comfortable, that way he might remember more. Or be willing to say more, "Where were you when the incident happened?" He asks a moment later.

Polite Words (239) has posed:
    Oh. More possibly culty sorts. Twilight would probably appreciate her stepping in, even if she couldn't bill for it, and Polite Words has a bit of a grudge at this point in any case.

    She'll move over towards the duo, speaking up in a calm, gentle sort of tone. "Secrets aren't really my department. You know that you can get into a great deal of trouble for this, right?"

Noh (178) has posed:
    Noh blinks up at the zebras- Sometimes being small is a pain! But she offers a slightly fangy smile. "Actually, I am a vampire but I am able to assume form of animal closest to my demon's true nature. I thought be animal would make more comfortable, because people in Canterlot make fun of, what is term? Blank flanks." She offers the Zebra speaking to her a hand. "I am Noh Body, I am from Union. I promise, I mean no harm. If you are liking, I can offer you bread? I bring some loaves in my backpack for a snack, but, your people, look hungry and scared. I would rather, to sharing with them?" She smiles. Yeah, no, Noh is Clueless to most danger unless it sets off her Demon/Vampire radar or looks like a werewolf.

Magister Twilight (475) has posed:
    Twilight is well aware that she has an intimidating presence among many, even if most don't know exactly how MUCH they should fear her. The fact that she is sister to the current ruler of House Moon and Star is enough for most to be wary of her presence. That's why she does her best to put the priest at ease, taking off her hat and taking a seat nearby.

    "Please relax and just tell us everything you can, no matter how minor," she says in as pleasant a tone as she can muster.

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    The priest is as calm as he's going to get right now, and Ness playing nice seems to keep him that way, which is good, because after a week of incarceration he's most likely wholly willing to talk. "Water, if you please." Divine Intervention does request, before one of the pivotal questions regarding the church murder is asked. "A shepherd must tend to his flock. One of the local colts had taken ill, and I had just left that morning to tend to him. Our town is small, and while I am the priest, I also double as the doctor. I was just returning from the boy's home."

    The fox just wandering into the camp is confusing. And the locals who are already scrambling, flash looks of worry, they try to go faster when the Lunar bares her silvery light but the zebra trio immediately lock on Finna as well. "Not a natural being, it is creatures like you the locals are fleeing." The Zebra replies. She does not take Noh's hand, but does tentatively lean in to sniff at it. Bread? "Food here is not the problem, that is not the reason these ponies are so solemn." A stomp of her hoof seems to set the other zebras at ease, though the locals are no longer all out panicking and trying to run, they are still looking warily at the two.
    "Death and rot these lands are frought, a darkness here, the light has blot." She says with a grunt, indicating the edge of the camp where six 'lumps' are shrouded under dark-stained cloth. They look fresh. Smells ripe. And they will need to be buried soon.

Eliot Ness (264) has posed:
    Ness nods his head, "Healing a child is a noble endeavor," Ness states simply, motioning to a guard to get the old man some water. Ness can't smoke in a cell, so he opts to instead open up a small tin and take out brown shreds which he sticks under his upper lip. A story in the news had said that more dentists recommend chew anyway, so he was trying to use that more. Healthier for the teeth.

    He spits into a mug after a moment, "Tell me." He asks in a calm tone, "Do you know if anyone has been acting strangely lately? Any strangers around the church before this happened?"

Finna (513) has posed:
    "I see..." Finna lowers her head some after a glance to the camp's edge. "Theny ou are being preyed upon? Creatures like me, you say? I am a Champion sent by the Moon Goddess of another world... but do you mean to say shapechangers, or beasts that are not as they appear in general? I heard there was trouble in these parts."

Noh (178) has posed:
    Rounded ears peeking from her messy dreadlocks twicth and perk in thought. Hm! Noh smiles, and turns, setting her spoon on the ground as she pulls her backpack off, and pulls out three large loaves of crusty bread wrapped in plastic to keep them fresh, putting them on the ground, before also pulling out a six pak of rootbeer. Hey, soda pop makes HER feel better sometimes, and she's sure the foals and fillies will be thirsty. She ties her backpack closed again, slips it back on and turns, sauting the Zebra: "I will help ward off animal if you need, but I am curious about forest. It does not seem natural that it be this wild and untamed. Is there person causing this?" She asks, looking to Everfree around them.

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    And the Sidereal has come to ruin the party. In an instant the twins ditch their balance act, and press shoulder to shoulder, back to back in an almost theatrical fashion. "Sister this one has no shoes." "Brother I can't tell if it's a joke or not." They quip back and forth. "It's good though-" "-yes it's good. I remember this one." "I do too, sister."
    Indeed, on closer inspection, there's a reason the twins remember this particular resplendant destiny. It's the same one she wore in the sewers of Star Harbor. Which makes another thing obvious.
    Polite Words will recognize the twins as the two smaller clowns that were with the Assassin in said sewers.
    "We're already in trouble." "We always are." "We try to be good." "It just never works out."
    "Brother, do you think we'll be blamed?" "Most likely we will, sister."

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    Water acquired, the old priest takes a sip before opening his mouth to speak another voice just comes from out of nowhere.
    "HOLD IT!"
    Hold it indeed, the guards are all instantly on alert, because there's another person in the interrogation room. There wasn't, just a second ago, but he just fucking appeared out of nowhere. An outlandishly tall mismatched-winged man with one antler and one crooked horn. Grey-black hair tugged back in a ponytail, he flashes a snaggletoothed smile while stroking his goatee with one hand and adjusts his garishly purple and lightning bolt colored suit with the other.
    "My client shouldn't be talking without ME present." He croons, before suddenly looking exceedingly gleeful, "Twiiiiiiiliiiiihgt! HELLO!"
    He pauses.
    "That's unhealthy for you, you know." Noted to Ness.

Polite Words (239) has posed:
    The Sidereal tilts her head for a moment, seeming to consider as she recognizes. And is recognized; that's rare enough, even in a Destiny.

    She considers just shooting them. She'll keep considering it, even if she doesn't do it right away.

    "Do they cast blame at funerals here? I think you might get to have a happier memorial, if you stand still. What are the two of you doing here?"

Eliot Ness (264) has posed:
    Lawyers. Feds hate lawyers. Cops hate Lawyers. Ness is a Fed and a Cop, he double-dips in his dislike of lawyers. They get mobsters out of jail, they muck up the entire system with flimflam.

    Ness spits in a cup a moment after this, "Nonsense. A study showed that 27,948 Nationwide dentists recommend Hanson's Plug Chew. Easy on the throat and the natural juices reinforce the teeth." Ness says absent-mindedly.

    Then he looks between both Twilight and Discord, taking a few moments before asking, "You two seem out of sorts with eachother. You an ex-item?" He asks casually, spitting into a cup again.

    To Discord he says simply, "If he did nothing wrong, he's got nothing to hide. Just answer our questions and he goes on his way."

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    With the zebra trio present, the refugees are slowly returning to their tents and makeshift huts, the young helping the old along as best they can. "To prey implies there is a hunt." The lead zebra muses. "These ponies, of sorrow receieve the brunt. Come with me and I suppose I can show. Things of which not many know."
    Some of the smaller, more adventurous, if downtrodden colts and fillies are approach Noh and make off with the bread and rootbeer, scurrying away once they get something.
    "Animals to defend from is a must... But from these, everything is almost a bust."
    One hoof yanks aside a tarp, showing a half-rotten beast of a pony, body utterly broken. ... With a terrible rictus of a smile plastered on its face.
    Finna will recognize one of the Laughing Dead.

Magister Twilight (475) has posed:
    Twilight groans softly and rubs her temple. "Discord. What a... pleasant surprise." It's almost painful to see the vein throb in her forehead. She glances at Ness. "No, nothing of the sort. Former Arch-enemies, is more like it. Discord has kept to himself for the last decade, so I suppose I can't fault this."

    Twilight turns back to the priest and representation with a sigh. "Fine, representation. This is not your style, Discord, so I have no... major objections. Can we get back to the questioning? I would like to get to the bottom of this, and Federal Agent here is very good at his job."

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    "Blame is everywhere." "We just happen to be there where it's flung." "We're not bad ponies."
    The twins continue with their freakish havig of finishing thoughts for each other as they begin to juggle brightly colored balls in tandem.
    "Actually you were-" "-One of the people we were hoping to see." The masked clowns do note. "We have somthing we think-" "-You'de be delighted to take back with you."
    Now they stop, just letting the balls and scarves stop as they shrug in unison. "We left it here somewhere." "But we forgot where."
    "I guess you're going to have to look for it in town."
    "I guess you're going to have to look for it in town."

Finna (513) has posed:

    Put simply, getting a view of the LAUGHING DEAD again is enough to bring back those awful memory flashes. Finna recoils right back... "Th-them... again. The Laughing Dead." Ever see a fox freak? In this case, all of her hairs really are standing on end, so she gets a liiiiittle bit puffier.

    "Burning them might be wiser, somewhere where the flames won't spread. Please explain, then...when did this happen? And what did happen? ... This is the second time I've seen such abominations... and the one responsible must be tracked down and dealt with."

Noh (178) has posed:
    Noh nods. She's not going to stop any of the colts and fillies from taking the food or the drink! But she follows the Zebras, falling into ine at Finna's side, and when lead to the tarp tent, looks in.. and stares. She frowns- And then attempts to move past the Zebras into the tent to get a closer look; leaning in to sniff at the ... creature, but (should it be alive still, hah hah, 'alive',) staying mostly out of reach, as she examines it.

    Keen green eyes look for any sign of a bite, a stab, some clue as to how it came about, even over the rotten flesh and broken form. Her tufted tail twitches, and then she turns, and looks to the Zebras again. "Which direction did it come from?"

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    In an instant, Discord is reaching into his jacket, producing a business card. He hands it to Ness. Twilight probably has boxes and stacks of this card already.
    D. Iscord Esq, Attorney at Law.
    He puts up one hand and makes a mouth-flapping motion, eyes rolling as Twilight talks, but when there are no objections, the now very surly looking priest grunts. This is prettymuch the equivalent of hiring Satan for a lawyer to him.
    "There were some strange ponies skulking about." He does admit. "One a westerner from the plains, one a posh-seeming pony- though very dour. Always spoke in a monotone... I did not see them very well, my eyes are failing me with age. But they did seem to linger around the church graveyard for most of the previous day."
    "Twilight and I go wayyyyy back~." Discord notes entirely unhelpfully. "Why I watched her grow from a happy young librarian to a governing tyrant-- if I were the old me I'd be ~so proud~."
    He is not going to be helpful here at ALL.

Polite Words (239) has posed:
    "And just what is it that I'm going to be looking for? I think I might get a perfectly acceptable reward for just bringing the two of you in. It wouldn't do to go getting greedy to look for something else to take home and let you slip away, would it?"

    She'll pause to consider, speckled eyes falling on the duo in a manner that probably feels at least a little bit threatening.

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    Yes, them again. A tug on the other sheets shows several more dead ponies. Though only two have that monster grin on them, the others look more like victims. Terrible bites and kick marks adorn the broken bodies, but it looks like they were killed before the taint could spread. All the bodies have had their necks snapped and broken.
    "From deeper in the forest this blight came. Though who is behind it I cannot name. The victims we will bury at dusk, but the tainted ones I fear, yes, burning is a must."
    This might explain the reason the locals were so scared. These things must have been handled JUST NOW before Noh and Finna got here.
    "The first attack came two weeks ago by night. Since then, day ang night, against these, my zebras and I have been putting up a fight."

Magister Twilight (475) has posed:
    "Hmm..." Twilight says, trying to ignore Discord's taunts. "That is more than we had before. The graveyard, you say? Two of them?" She taps her fingers together in thought and stares into the distance for a long moment.
    She does have /a/ reply to Discord though. "I do not govern," she corrects. Which, publically, is true! "I simply hold a position of influence."

Noh (178) has posed:
    Ears lay back at the sight of more, and she shakes her head; then Noh makes a few hand gestures vaguely related to blessings for the dead from her long long gone tribe- something that might look vaguly Zebra in action, actually. Then she turns, and nods, and starts for the gates of the vllage again. "Deep in the forest? And repeat attack? Then we not have much time. Something in the forest is make these things every day to attack you, and we must stop this." She says, firmly.

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    And to Polite Words the twins spread their palms. The menacing aura means they're getting placating fairly easy, but they are still obfusciating by nature.
    "Turn us in?" "But then we can't work." "That would be bad." "The worst." "Sister I think wouldn't do well in a cell." "Speak for yourself brother, you'd be the one who has to worry about dropping soap."
    A clap, from each, however and four fingers point off in the direction of the police cordon. "We can tell you with absolute certainty." "We had nothing to do with that."
    "That was-" "-Someone worse."
    A glance to each other, and a glance deeper into the park, however, and they twirl but once. "If you let us go..." "There'd be a treat in it for you." "A good one." "We think your purple and smart friend might like it."

Eliot Ness (264) has posed:
    Eliot Ness looks to Twilight and says, "Could be they hid something out there. Either way," He looks over to Discord, "I think it's obvious he wasn't involved. He wants to be as helpful as he can be." Ness doesn't want to make an enemy of the lawyer, he just doesn't trust him fully, "Your client is clearly not a suspect. A man his age could never have committed the assault that took multiple suspects. And he has an alibi."

    Ness does have one more question for the man, though. He spits the rest of his chew into a mug and then asks, "Anyone around the town been strange? Misbehaving when they don't usually? Any newcomers?" He figures it worth asking.

    He DOES take a moment away from his questions to say, very firmly, "Miss Twilight is an advisor and an upstanding dame. Don't call her a tyrant." It's a pretty firm statement from him despite his calm demeanor.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Ugly." Finna's divine act is turning a bit flimsy. even the anima flare's quickly dying down to a faint glow by now, since she's not keeping it up. "Then they will come again... and someone must be unleashing them. Probably very close..."

    Drawing in the stench is a revolting act, but does so. A few whiffs of the rotten flesh, and flooding her senses with Lunar Essence might suffice to lock onto the scent even through this awful forest...

    "possibly closer than you'd expect." Meaning, possibly, someone in the camp itself might be being an asshole... "Those who do this love to see the results, they will expose themselves when the next attack comes."

Polite Words (239) has posed:
    "I could simply bring in your heads." Polite Words says, glancing over towards the police cordon. "It would save you from any issues within a cell, at least." She adds, before sighing. "But I don't really want to get into that today. What is it that you're willing to give me, then?" The Sidereal asks, curiously.

    It's really more a practical consideration than anything else. She didn't bring a bag to carry heads around in.

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    That snagglesmile only seems to widen when Twilight denies her behind the scenes governance, and Ness defends her. But Satan The Lawyer feigns a look of injury. "Ohoooo... Touchy touchy... I'm sorry if my political opinions got the best of me there. But when the world falls into such shambles that even I have to stop and say 'Well I just can top that' and retire, a Draconequus-man can still put two and two together to come up with eleven."
    The priest clears his throat, glancing to Twilight first, then Ness in a very 'please help me' manner when Discord puts an arm around him. "Other than the two, I saw no difference among my own flock aside from a growing sense of dread in a few of the locals. The woman spoke in a monotone. The man seemed... Manic. Acting like a western movie hero at first, before devolving into fits of glee and... Playing an accordion. I did not see them beyond that, and when I returned to the church, Grave Marker was already dead. I contacted the authorities as fast as I could."

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    Repeat attacks for over two weeks would have the refugees at their wits end. The zebras protecting them have been theor only defense, and it shows. Aside from the leader, the two with her show how ragged and tired they look.
    "Stopping them is a must. Lady Fluttershy left it to me with her utmost trust." The zebra grunts before covering up the bodies. "But the forest is dangerous even for us. Scouts I send do not come back, or return in a state of fuss. Insane and deranged, it is not natural. The ruins nearby takes away from them all thoughts natural."
    The ruins. A lead perhaps.

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    It is now that the twins heave an exasperated sigh at the threat to their heads.
    "Sister she does not get it." "I don't think she gets it brother."
    Now the two are directly pointing to the park.
    "In the park." "By a tree." "Beneath a rock." "Through a bush-" "and under lake." "That might just be where we-" "Left you a cupcake."
    "And a puzzlebox containing an enigma." "Within a riddle." "Within a clue." "Something that might just be of value to you."
    They're not going to repeat the treasure map they just gave the Sidereal as they turn on their heels. Looks like their little performance is done here.

Polite Words (239) has posed:
    Polite Words will sigh at that description. "I don't think I'll be eating a cupcake made by you. And if this is a trick, I'll be killing you for it later." She threatens, rather irritably. She may not be a fan of the approach that the twins take to giving out clues! Though she is perfectly capable of following such a map.

    Evidently having reached a decision to not execute the duo, she'll begin to start to look for the location they have described. Keeping an eye out for cupcakes will help.

Eliot Ness (264) has posed:
    "Four." Ness corrects Discord without humor to his voice. He simply, instead, focuses on writing down the things that the old man is saying. The two suspects involved are definitely a good place to start. ESPECIALLY with the mentioning of fits of glee.

Magister Twilight (475) has posed:
    "An Accordion?" Twilight looks... concerned. "Definitely Cultlike... not many would do something like that. But a... hm." She leans back and frowns, only to sigh faintly at Discord. "Please, this is serious. The Cult of Laughter is no laughing matter."

    Twilight doesn't seem to notice the oddity of that statement, and moves right on to speaking to the priest, "Thank you, you've been most helpful."

Pinkie (470) has posed:
    The four Discords in the room all roll their eyes in unison, before scoffing. "Well I think that's enough for today, my client is old, infirm, and getting senile, so you'd best keep it all short and sweet before he needs his diapers changed."
    Divine Intervention says, "No I'm not." And looks amazingly sour at Discord. "But Twilight my dear, I simply find them hilarious." The Draconequus-man points out before giving a sweeping bow. "Nevertheless, Federal Agent, Archmaster, you'll probably be hearing from me again~." Because with a clap of his hands he vanishes in a puff of purple smoke.
    That's something to look forward to isn't it?

    The twins wave thier hands lazily behind them as they hop, skip, and trot off. "Nope not a trick." "Scout's honor." "Brother you were never a scout." "No but you were, sister." "Please don't swear on my honor."

    Meanwhile back at Everfree, the zebras are covering up the bodies again. And one is preparing a bonfire to get ready for disposal. "Fow now I suggest you leave. These ponies need some time to grieve."