A Brighter Future (Henry Jekyll)

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A Brighter Future (Henry Jekyll)
Date of Cutscene: 10 December 2016
Location: Multiple places
Synopsis: The League starts recruitment for a brighter future.
Cast of Characters: 1080

"Assassin, you're smiling."

An unassuming young gentleman gets chided by a mechanical companion as they go over initial data analyzing the nature of the grand tragedy that ripped apart the factions that locked the Multiverse in endless war. He looks up and over to this companion, his smile isn't fading. "You know what this means, right?" There's passion in his voice, devotion to a cause.

The mechanical companion sighs. "It means that you're being an incomprehensible optimist and finding ways to be cheerful about a tragedy of this scope. What is wrong with you?" It doesn't seem to expect an answer that'll satisfy him.

"The Multiversal war is over. What ended it took too many lives, but think of all the lives spared by the dawn of peace." Then he adds, "Think of what we can do now they aren't demanding our attention." His smile only grows wider.


"Thus it is decided." The chair of a meeting announces, after tallying the votes. The chairperson looks towards the others, "If there are no last objections to petition a revote, we will go public. We will start mass recruitment." Though he has no face, the joy and excitement in his voice is no less apparent.

The person to his left speaks up, "We'll need someone to take charge of matters, a project of this scope needs the full attention of someone we can trust." The person to the chair's right adds, "Someone we know is dedicated and capable. Who can lead us into a brighter future."

Assassin's mechanical friend speaks up, "Though I do not share this optimism, I have voiced my concerns abundantly and am clearly outnumbered. Regardless, I agree. If we are to proceed, we need a leader." He turns to look towards this Assassin, "Though he is one of the newest of our number, his enthusiasm is clear and his track record proven. He will make a fine leader."

The chair nods, "All in favor?" The series of ayes is resounding.


"People of the Multiverse, we stand in the wake of tremendous cataclysm." Doctor Jekyll is smiling as he addresses the camera, "We must mourn those who are gone, but we cannot allow ourselves to lose sight of the truth. For the first time in ages, we know peace." He shows footage of the remnants of Njorun Station and the Citadel, "That which was once dominating the Multiverse in an endless, pointless war has fallen. We can look towards the future not as soldiers, not as civilians, but as equals."

"And there will be a future." He puts great emphasis on that.

"Honour the fallen by pickup up the pieaces. Honour this opportunity by forging the way forward. The League of Progress is ready to help any and all who wish to put the darkness of the past behind us, and march onwards to a new dawn."

"For a Brighter Future. A better future."

The transmission concludes with some disclaimers and contact information for recruitment.