A Helping Hand (Medusa Gorgon)

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A Helping Hand (Medusa Gorgon)
Date of Cutscene: 19 February 2014
Location: Earth 11000 AD
Synopsis: Medusa gathers resources with the help of her child Crona.
Cast of Characters: 22
Tinyplot: Black Blood

It would have been easier if he had opted for somewhere else to rest.

"The 60 ml syringe."

With an extra set of hands however, it's easier. Medusa doesn't even look up, keeping her eyes on the back of the pale neck, her left hand pushing the head and torso forward to expose the spine fully. Within seconds, she is handed the requested syringe. "Hold his head forward." Knowing better than to dally and make the witch wait, Crona moves away from the attache case and glances down at the pale face that sticks up from the ground.

Is he really sleeping? It almost looks like he's dead...

But the meister swallows any nervousness and kneels down, not looking directly at Medusa as bony fingers grab onto each side of D's head, yanking the hunter's head forward. No word of thanks is given as usual, and the witch seems more intent on D's spine, setting the syringe between the vertebrae there before she pushes roughly forward, causing the youth to wince, fingers gripping the head a bit tighter.

Rather than look at what fills the syringe, Crona shifts, glancing around at the other equipment next to them.

Jar of muscle tissue, bloodied.

Several syringes of blood.

Bone marrow collected in small bottles.

White lymph in three ampules.

The other things Crona doesn't even want to guess what the other things are.

All in all, Medusa seems rather pleased as she finally withdraws the needle. Will he heal up like this, Crona wonders. Medusa did take a lot of samples, more than she's taken before... None of these words are voiced out loud, not even as the witch packs up all the bottles and syringes.

"We are going, Crona."


One final glance is given to the hunter as they walk off though, staring at where he lies, bloodied and sliced up in various places and half way dug up from the ground.