A Horrible New World (Toph Beifong)

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A Horrible New World (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 23 July 2014
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: On the plane ride to New York, Toph realizes she was wrong.
Cast of Characters: 20

    At first she thought that sitting on the back of a air bison was the worst way ever of getting around. But after this, Toph has demoted that option to a close second.

    Because this? /This/? This is horrible. Everything shakes slightly as the winds brush against the plane. How the hell does it stay up to begin with? There's no airbending involved! Even more, her feet and hands take in all the parts of the engines as the vibrations carry through the floor. What if all the engines suddenly stop? What if there's something wrong and only she can fix it, but Okay, don't think about it. Her bending tells her that the screws are fastened tightly, that even if they are strained against the mighty forces of the sky around them, then they are still sitting tightly in place and--

    As the plane suddenly does a jump due to what the others had called turbulence, the blind girl feels her stomach lurch, and she lets go of the wall she's sitting next to, pressing the hand to her mouth. Her other hand clutches the armrest of her seat though, bending the metal there just a bit, and she pulls her feet up into her seat as she leans forward. Perhaps it's easier for the others for several reasons. Since they can't 'see' the engines or feel the vibrations through the metal like she does, they can only marvel at the blue sky and those white clouds that they are babbling about. Not to mention that the feeling of butterflies in their stomachs most likely passed ages ago, while she fears that the rest of the contents of her stomach will join the rest.

    "You okay there, kid?" There's no mistaking the voice of her supervising officer as he leans closer, and by now she can easily recognize the unique metal stuck in his chest.

    "Another bag, please" she whispers even as she feels her throat tighten up.

    Inwardly she makes a mental note to apologize to Appa when she meets him next.