A Little Bit o'Groot (Rocket)

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A Little Bit o'Groot (Rocket)
Date of Cutscene: 24 June 2015
Location: Desert Mountains
Synopsis: Following the previous night's Operation: Foxhole the living splinter of Groot fights his way back to the Rack 'n' Ruin, encountering ants and rough terrain as well as dealing with anger towards Rocket for not seeking him out only to find his friend unconscious in the ship's medbay.
Cast of Characters: 781

The night before there had been a battle (2514/Operation: Foxhole) and in a small part of the battlefield is an area covered with a fine carpet of splintered wood and shredded leaves.

However, if someone was observing this area at dawn they would find that one of those splinters sprouts a pair of spindly arms and legs and stands up. And begins to walk across the mountainous terrain, heading towards the warp gate and the Rack 'n' Ruin -- not that the small wooden humanoid can see the ship from its perspective inches above the ground.

"I. Am. Groot." ((If I have to get myself out of here, that is what I must do.))

As the day passes this mini-Groot covers thousands of yards, pouring all of his energy into the effort of traversing the treacherous -- for him -- terrain, traversing obstacles that would barely register as an irritant for most denizens of the Multiverse.

"I am Groot." ((I will find Rocket. And if he isn't hurt... he will be.))

As the sun passes the zenith and mini-Groot's shadow shrinks to a puddle beneath him he has to fend off the advances of a pair of aggressive fire ant scouts -- the size of wolves at his current scale. The battle is grueling, and before it is done he one of his arms is bitten off but one ant is twitching on its back -- completely limbless -- and the other is decapitated as well as dismembered. Mini-Groot conitnues along dragging the ant's head like a trophy behind him with his good arm as the other slowly grows back like twisting vines extending from the woody stump.

"I am Groot!" ((You will not stop me cruel nature!))

As the shadows begin to lengthen in late afternoon mini-Groot can see the monumentally large spacecraft looming above him -- the ant head long ago abandoned after consuming the nutritious innards which have allows him to more than double his height despite the trials he has undergone... to a full quarter of a foot! Knowing he cannot enter in the normal fashion, Groot finds an unsealed exhaust port and crawls his way into the innards of the starship. He finds his way though the ship and finds his friend... in medbay.

"I am Groot. I. Am. Groot." ((Oh Rocket. Of course you hadn't found me, you... You get better. I wonder how I can help.))

His trials not over, mini-Groot begins climbing the table which will allow him to see what the sensors can tell him about Rocket's condition.