A Singing, Flying Blade (Tsubasa Kazanari)

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A Singing, Flying Blade (Tsubasa Kazanari)
Date of Cutscene: 25 July 2014
Location: Symphogear Earth
Synopsis: Tsubasa Kazanari has a discussion with her idol manager on her meaning as a blade in life.
Cast of Characters: 489

Shinji Ogawa leaned against the wall outside the dressing room that read 'KAZANARI'. "The producers from Hollywood called again." The sandy-haired suit-wear comments, adjusting his glasses idly as he looks over the paperwork he holds in his hand.

There's a almost exasperated sigh from the room itself, before Tsubasa's voice can be heard. "I've already told you this once, Ogawa-san, tell them 'no!'. Even with the Union's assistance with fighting the noise, I cannot risk being out of this city for that long, even with ..." Tsubasa's voice falters. "Even with Tachibana-san assisting with the power of Gungnir."

"As you wish, Kazanari-san. However, speaking of Gungnir..."

"I am aware, Ogawa." Tsubasa says shortly.

"You are?"

"Of course I know where I am performing, who do you think I am?" Tsubasa asks gently as the door opens, the teenager gently adjusting the large white flower and ribbon around her one little bit of hair that hangs over her head. "Come, let us go. The wings that fell at this place will once agian rise." Tsubasa briskly walks past Shinji, drawing on a pair of off-side gloves, both fingerless, one just going to her upper arm and the other ending around her wrist.

She is, of course, in blue, white, and sparkles.

Shinji tosses a microphone at her, which she catches without blinking, twirling it around in her hand for a few seconds. "So. Are we going for this live practice, or not?" She asks, as a woman scurries past them pushing a rack full of outfits very similiar to the one she's wearing, including a piece with a single angel wing spanning from the right shoulder.

"Are you sure you can handle this?" Shinji Ogawa, one of the two (living) closest people to Tsubasa Kazanari asks.

Tsubasa turns to look at him. "I am a blade that bends in the wind. However far I bend, I will not break. However far I move, I will always return. However much I fight, I will not be dull, for that is who I am. Kanade-chan reminded me of that recently." Shinji quirks an eyebrow at the mention of a dead girl reminding her of that.

"However, I am a blade that is warmth. I am not cold. I am not going to throw myself into the Noise again recklessly. I know what Genjuro-san thought." Tsubasa says quietly, staring out at the wall as the two briskly head off, ascending stairs and winding through corridors until they come to a door marked 'STAGE ENTRY'.

"... I have found the reason to convey my feelings... and how." There's a start of music, and Tsubasa gives Shinji a not-often seen gentle smile. "If you'll excuse me?" She then steps through the door, and as it closes, Shinji smiles broadly.

"Shogyou mujou ya, ya ha-ye ze shoumetsu sou...~" Tsubasa can be heard singing as she flies her way forward.