A Visit Home (James Rogers)

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A Visit Home (James Rogers)
Date of Cutscene: 28 June 2015
Location: Savage Land - Earth-555326
Synopsis: James visits home, spends time with his 'family' and discusses his issues with AIs with his adopted 'father' Anthony Stark
Cast of Characters: 802

Having realized he has a problem, James sought assistance within the Union but when time went by he decided to have a sit down with his childhood role model -- Anthony Stark of Earth-555326.

Saturday he flew to the Archipelagos and spent some time with his family over the weekend. His siblings had questions about the Multiverse which he answered to the best of his ability and he also spent some time practicing with them. Dicsussions also occurred -- regarding the WMAT with his 'brother' Azari and AIs with Anthony as he had intended.

Anthony and James stayed up late into the night talking about robots, 'mechanical life forms' and the like. James discussed the details of his capture by a South American cybernetic installation that he'd never discussed before and Anthony discussed robots he had fought with and beside over the years. Anthony then asked why the big talk and James discussed how common robots and AIs are in the Multiverse. Tony listened and then gave James some advice...

"Some robots can't be trusted. Ultron's attack robots for example, but others... you know Vision for example," Anthony Stark said.

James nodded. "Its just, some of them... One of them calls us squishies and it is hard to take that."

Anthony replies by saying "The friendly ones... give them a chance. The ones with rough personas... keep them at arm's length but... be better than them. The ones that go rogue... well, I know you know how to handle them, James."

They talked furhter, about the philosophy of AI and the posibility of 'natural' mechanical life, with James going to bed only a few hours before the artificial dawn of the Savage Land. Waking briefly during the morning his fears seemed to be well founded with a recent contact and then he realizes it was a misunderstanding yet again. After brunch with his family he flew his quinjet back to Njorun Station and files his registration for the WMAT.