A word from our sponsor... (Mister Satan (TP))

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A word from our sponsor... (Mister Satan (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 30 September 2015
Synopsis: WMAT 2015 sponsorship ad from ReGenesis.
Thanks to: Eryl Fairfax
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

Another prize is announced in the form of an elaborate commercial from one of the WMAT's sponsors -- ReGenesis!

The advert begins with the letters 'REGENES_S' in dull brown, crumbling away. Suddenly, a green sprout pops up with a cheery jingle to form the 'I.'

"In an ever-changing Multiverse," a deep, gruff voice says, "shouldn't your arsenal change to better protect you?" A montage of videos of people using conventional firearms begins. "Firearms with chemical propellants are outdated. They're NOISY, the propellants STINK, and they have RECOIL!" Each one of these points is accompanied by a bullet point to reinforce them. "You don't need to put up with that anymore! It's time to upgrade!"

An explosion wipes away the clips, only to be replaced with clips of Eden Defence Force soldiers using ReGenesis-brand weapons. "ReGenesis produces high-quality firearms that utilize electromagnetic propulsion! This means they are WHISPER QUIET, they produce NO STENCH OR GUNSMOKE, and they are TOTALLY RECOIL-FREE! In addition, since we don't have to make room for cartridges, our firearms boast GREATER AMMO CAPACITY!" Again, each point is punctuated with a bullet point that restates the point.

"But that's not all! ReGenesis also offers incredible options for personal defense! Lightweight body armour that can absorb rifle rounds!" A clip shows a full set of body armour wrapped around a mannequin being shot with the mannequin not even dented afterwards. "Riot shields that can intercept incoming projectiles!" A clip of a riot shield suddenly deploying from the middle to hit an incoming rocket mid-flight, destroying it.

"And for all you melee-oriented folk, don't you worry! ReGenesis also offers high-frequency vibrating versions of any bladed weapon you care to name!" A clip plays of someone using a longsword with edges that are glowing hot to carve up a tank with basic swordplay.

"And THAT'S not all! The winners of the World Martial Arts Tournament will receive a selection of the finest equipment ReGenesis has to offer! From the ashes of the old arises the brilliance of the new! REGENESIS!" The company logo comes up again, bringing the advertisement to an end.