Adapt and Overcome (Soundwave)

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Adapt and Overcome (Soundwave)
Date of Cutscene: 01 May 2015
Location: Decepticon Base
Synopsis: Soundwave explains recent activity while hard-won new hardware is installed.
Cast of Characters: 552

Soundwave lies on his back on a metal gurney in a hidden Decepticon base, his shattered chestplate and internal protective plating missing, which fully exposes the vital components and lines of his inner workings. A Decepticon medic is hard at work carefully installing the stolen Holomatter Generator, the black box easily nestled deep amongst the various components within. It is painstaking work, connecting each unfamiliar cable to its proper place.

"I do not understand your thinking, Soundwave!" The Decepticon Tapemaster is immensely glad for his visor and faceplate obscuring his expressions as the familiar screeching voice of the Air Commander rants and raves at him. "You're supposed to be on a very specific mission! Not galavanding all over this 'Multiverse' at the whim of every species within it!"

"-Mission: unchanged,-" Soundwave interjects, ignoring the glare he gets for his interruption. "-Traditional methods: insufficient.-"

Starscream snorts, crossing his arms over his own chest. "Really. Do tell, Soundwave. Explain to me why months have passed with no results!"

Soundwave pins the Seeker with a glare of his own, visor glinting red, noting how Starscream stiffens in response. Good, he's intimidated -- that should quiet him down long enough to listen. "-The Multiverse is too vast and open. We are oversized. Using traditional methods such as fascimile constructs is impossible and detrimental to long-term viability.-" His voice pitches downwards. "-Priority: Adaptation.-"

"So that's why you stole the Autobot tech?" Starscream motions towards Soundwave's open chest. "To 'blend in'?"

Soundwave dips his chin in a faint nod. "-Holomatter technology allows direct integration with minimal effort. More opportunities to gain allies, open exchanges, gather intelligence.-" He hums as the medic finishes connecting the generator into his systems. "-There is a promising lead in the Garlean Empire. Cereleum: possible similarities to natural Energon.-" This seems to really surprise Starscream. "-Avatar required to investigate further.-"

Starscream rubs his chin thoughtfully, making no efforts to hide his thoughts from the Tapemaster. How typical, trying to find the best line to serve his own interests and give him the best image. "Fine. I suppose you're off the hook. For now." He turns on his pede as the medic re-installs Soundwave's chestplate assembly. "Keep me informed of your progress. I expect favorable results!"

"-Of course.-" Soundwave sits up, data scrolling across his vision as his systems integrate and configure the data in the new Holomatter Generator. "-/Lord/ Starscream.-"