Aftermath & Just Beginning (Allo) (TP)

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Aftermath & Just Beginning (Allo) (TP)
Date of Cutscene: 28 February 2015
Location: Reptilon
Synopsis: Allo reflects on recent events.
Cast of Characters: 724
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

You couldn't actually see Freeport from orbit, but that didn't make Allo feel any less like it was leering at him as he stared out at Reptilon from the observation deck of the Dinosaucer carrier. Mocking him, trying to taunt him with past faults and failures. There was no denying that some of this was his fault. But where were the lines drawn? Where had he actually gone wrong? Was he wrong in trying to focus on Reptilon and the Tyranno uprising after Earth banished them, leaving them so unaware to outside threats? Or was this because he had taken such desperate measures to keep Genghis Rex from stepping into power? What of the dimensional phasing of Rex and his personal crew was what dragged Reptilon into this new 'world' and it had just gone unnoticed.... So many what-ifs, so few answers...

The railing creaked a bit as clawed hands clenched around it. Allo had never asked for this sort of responsablity, this leadership. But yet here he was, here he was doing it; not because he wanted to but because -they-, his Dinosaucers, his race, needed him to. The failure to resolve peacefully with Earth still hung heavily over his head, regardless of how many times the others tried to reassure him it wasn't his fault. It was wanting to avoid a similar fiasco with the Tyrannos surge in popularity afterwards that had pushed him to take the depserate measure he had. They had hoped the gap in power would collapse the rebellion in on itself, but instead it had flourish when Princess Dei managed to rally even her detractors together to some degree.

He'd never admit it, but some part of him was glad to see Genghis Rex come back. Rex was a foe he was familiar with. Almost, as much as he loathed admitting it to himself, comfortable dealing with. Genghis Rex was a tyrant and conquerer, but at least he was forward about it, showing no denial of what he was and what his aspirations were. Unlike his manipulative and sinister sister, who knew how to play political games as well.

Dimentro had finally spared him dealing with Hex by calling the old kodger-saur to help with restoring Freeport's power grid and full communications network. Brontothunder and Stego were overseeing recovering operations until he came back to the surface. Tricero was helping get local authority back in order. Icky had gone down to check below water so any sunken ships or damages could be dealt with before they became an ecological issue, and Allow wouldn't be surprised if Plecio showed up to help. As much as those two dispised each others scientific methods, they shared a concern for aquatic life of any form. Allo had sent his nephew 'Bonehead' (so nicknamed because his mother was one of Reptilon's top arechologists (however this applies to giant alien dinosaurs, it's 80's logic)) to check on his family. Bonehead meant well but he was... well... very inexperienced and often confused as being a soldier. This was the best way to be sure his family in general was somewhere safe and out of trouble.

So deep in his own thoughts Allo hadn't noticed someone else on the deck until a slender hand came to rest on one of his arms, making him jump slightly. He turned his head a bit, then managed a faint and somewhat forced smile of greeting to the one female member of his crew. "Hello Teryx. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in." Pause. "Would of thought you'd be down with the triage camps still."

"Needing to retrieve some more supplies," the medical officer replied as she stood at the railing next to him. "And to check on the status -all- of my teammates," she replied in that tone of voice that was equal parts compassionate and 'you are not going to argue with me' Teryx often had to use to keep soldiers like Brontothunder and himself in line. "This is going to be a trying to time to get through, for all of us."

"I know," Allo replies with a soft sigh as he turned his gaze back to the viewport. For a moment he couldn't help but wonder if, even after all this time, Rex still had his... inability to let go towards Teryx. Then shoved it out of his mind again. That wasn't important right now, nor was their personal issues any of his business as long as it didn't become part of the problems at hand. "We weren't ready for this. *I* wasn't ready for this."

"You need to stop hanging everything over your own head, Allo. Even the best of leaders make mistakes." Allo opened his mouth to object to being associated anywhere near 'best', but the look Teryx gave him cut the reply off. "What you did or didn't do before doesn't matter. Right now Reptilon needs a leader. -We- need a leader." She gave his arm a reassuring squeeze before finally withdrawing her hand, but a concerned smile remained across her beak-like snout. "I know you're not going to let us down."

Allo nodded a bit as he continued to stare at the planet below. The reassurance made him feel a little better, though at the same time he couldn't help to think 'but what if I let myself down again?'...