An Exercise in Futility (Raditz)

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An Exercise in Futility (Raditz)
Date of Cutscene: 17 July 2014
Location: Dragon Ball Earths
Synopsis: Seeking to find Saiyans in the Muliverse that might aid the Saiyan King, Raditz looks to King Kai in every Dragon Ball universe who will speak to him. He doesn't like what they have to say.
Cast of Characters: 486

The Capsule Corp patented Gravity Chamber that sat next to the house of the son of Bardock, and Raditz is not happy. One can tell because he has been exercising in there for three hours, and has got the gravity level pushing at 1000 times that of Earth. Right now he was at his handstand push-ups, gritting his teeth as he pushed himself to his three hundredth handstand.

Why was Raditz unhappy? Well, he has been quite busy for the last day or so, traversing the Multiverse into variant Dragon Ball Worlds, as they're categorized, trying to get in touch with the King Kai in each one (an exhausting effort in itself), and when he could get in touch, his conversation with them went something like this every time...

King Kai 1: "King of the Saiyans, huh? That's definitely different from this Universe."

King Kai 2: "And you want to unite the Saiyans across the Multiverse..."

King Kai 3: "... Against the Planet Trade Organization?"

King Kai 4: "HAHAHAHA!! That's hilarious! Unite them against the PTO! That's funny!"

King Kai 5:"Oh wait, you're serious? Hmmm... This is kind of Disconcerting."

King Kai 6: "It's not that trying to ally the Saiyans agains the PTO isn't a noble goal..."

King Kai 7: "But even if the Saiyans in this Universe survived Frieza.."

King Kai 8: "And it's a miracle that they did here... But the problem is..."

King Kai 9: "There is no convincing them to change their path."

King Kai 10: "You know how they are, since you are one. They are ruthless, barbaric, arrogant..."

King Kai 11: "And worst of all, evil beyond rehabilitation..."

King Kai 12: "As it stands, your brother's kindness was an isolated incident..."

King Kai 13: "Not in this Universe though... But even so..."

King Kai 14: "SHUT UP, BOJACK!"

King Kai 15: "They're just as likely to make life hell for the rest of the Multiverse..." King Kai 16: "There is no changing them... Not in this universe."

King Kai 17: "And not likely in any other..."

King Kai 18: "I'm sorry that I couldn't be more helpful."

King Kai 19: "I'd wish you on your quest to change your people, Raditz, but I feel its an exercise in futility, Raditz..."

King Kai 20: "And you're the only one who cares about it."

The capsule corp gravity chamber explodes, as Raditz roars in anger. Merra runs out of the house and goes wide eyed as she watches the Saiyan walk out of the inferno, having used his Super Saiyan transformation in the process. All he says as he passes her by is, "I'm going for a walk..."And with that, he flies off.