An Unexpected Turn of Events (Deelel)

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An Unexpected Turn of Events (Deelel)
Date of Cutscene: 06 December 2014
Location: The Grid/Tron City
Synopsis: Deelel and friends were able to get out without getting into trouble, but they were not unnoticed.
Cast of Characters: Deelel

The Grid: Tron City

The central administration tower was a massive and impressive building one of the oldest structure in the city itself it was the central nexus of everything operating on the grid and in the depth of the command centre a program stared at the screen and the results there. It should be impossible he thought but there was the data, it was binary really. It was certainly a one and he called out to his superior.

"Sir I think I have something"

The tall man clad in the same armour as the first save he had no helmet on his face was nice enough enough but those who looked at him could tell something about the man was dead when you looked in his eyes. He eyed the soldier for a moment before he spoke.

"What is it?"

"Looks like some sort of file transfer sir, from ... out of system sir."

The officer paused narrowing his eyes for a moment and nods slightly as he comments to the Blackguard, he paused to look at the data to check it. For a moment he pondered something but then thought better of it.

"Good eye if this is true we may need not to worry about finding Flynn any longer. I will inform Clu about this."

"Should we make ready to intercept the next one?"

The officer looked at the blackguard for a moment longer

"No just monitor them for now, we need to figure out how they are doing this and where it's going to. We need more data before we can act upon this. We might scare off whatever might be causing this if we act to quickly upon it. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir, Dyson, sir."

Dyson grinned it was an empty one, it seemed fate had just dropped a gift into his lap.