Another Boss? (Touta Konoe)

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Another Boss? (Touta Konoe)
Date of Cutscene: 28 January 2019
Synopsis: Touta gives a the hand he found to his boss and talk about the possibility of an alternate version of her running around the Multiverse.
Cast of Characters: Touta

Touta stands in the boss' office of Fairyland Hall. A young woman around the appearance of a twenty-five year old going by the alias of Yukihime. She has long-blonde hair, bright blue-eyes, and a somewhat curious if not displeased look as Touta drops something on her desk. A hand. He leaves a dismembered hand right in front of her desk with a completely serious look on his face."So this is the hand you were bugging me about right?" The woman pokes at the palm and it actively beings to move, and there's possibly some sign language being presented as well...It involves just a single finger. The blonde-haired woman giving a smirk as she snaps the finger backwards.

"Yukihime!" The young man protests as he pulls the hand off the desk and out of her reach, trying to pat it as if it to try and calm it like a kitten.

"Hey, I'm not gonna take sass, ESPECIALLY not from a dismembered hand. Besides it's already healing..."

Her own finger pointed to the dismembered hand as the finger was quickly setting itself back into place, beginning to ball up into a fist. Perhaps it was angry? It seemed angry. Though even if its enraged there's a bit of relief on Touta's face as he sees that the hand is fine. He returns his attention to his boss though with an inquisitive look.

"So...Do you really think it was another version of you?"

The young woman stares at the hand for a moment picking it up again from Touta and slowly examining it. In the next moment the woman changes from that of an adult figure to that of a little girl, no bigger than Touta himself. She pulls the fist open and compares it to her own. They're identical in every conceivable way. "At first when I heard you tell me about this whole mess, I honestly thought it was just an impostor. But after you told me this occurred in some random stretch of the Multiverse, I figured it wasn't likely since I've been keeping my nose out of that mess for the most part. Besides if it is an actual Multiverse, it wouldn't be too surprising to have multiple versions of a person. Still..." She stares at Touta with an eyebrow raised, "I know you aren't as smart as Negi, but I thought you were competent enough to save someone without ripping their hand off."

"I told you it was an accident! I thought she was pretending to be weak for the traffickers so I just tried tugging her along and before I knew it she was in the water!"

The girl lets out a sigh as she looks back from the boy to the hand and back to the boy once more as she rests her chin on her hand. "Riiiight, in the future if that ever does happen to me though, I'll kill you if you mess up. Anyway, now that everything's cleared up we might as well get rid of that hand." The woman raises another hand as lightning began to envelop it.

"Wait! You're just gonna blow it up?! Aren't you curious about this girl?! You just said she might be impersonating you!"

"Of course, you should already know that she can get a new one till we destroy this one..." Then she realizes why he would ask such a thing. "Touta...Were you planning on trying to find her again...After ripping off her hand...And leaving her in the ocean? Look, I'm not the one who had all that happen to her, but let me tell you that if it were me, and I saw you again, I be putting you on ice." Frankly speaking though, it still was sorta her.

"That's the thing though. She didn't do anything. No ice magic to deal with the traffickers, no magic to escape the cuffs, no flying when she fell. Nothing... I don't know why but I think something may be wrong with her. She might need help."

She looks at him once more. Personally, the blonde-haired girl doesn't feel like its any of there business, even if the one in trouble is an alternate version of herself. She has a feeling she knows how this will go if she says that though and it brings an even greater sigh to her. Yet she'll give the young man a smirk at the least. "Seriously, you really are too much sometimes. Fine, do what you want. But I won't be much help on this, this is a Multiverse problem so get some of those other friends to help. I'm not dragging anyone from our side into this, we're busy enough as it is." She stops for a moment to think. "Actually, you can drag Jeanne along."

"I thought you said we were bus-"

"I SAID take Jeanne...Besides, if that girl turns out be pulling something, I'm sure Jeanne wouldn't have an issue venting a bit on someone who looks like me after all the holiday cheer I gave her... Anyway, if you want to find that Yukihime, your best bet is having someone try to track the magical link from that hand to the rest of the body."

Touta nodded one last time before exiting. Shutting the door behind him, he looked back down at the hand. He couldn't really communicate with that other Yukihime, but he knew from personal experience that even while a limb was dislodged that it could still retain its sense of touch. So if that was the case even if the two couldn't talk, he thought that at least if he kept holding this hand she'd know that he hadn't just forgotten about her.