Arise (Kongou)

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Arise (Kongou)
Date of Cutscene: 03 February 2015
Location: Great Ocean (North)
Synopsis: That which will sink does not peacefully lie.
Cast of Characters: 637

At approximately 17:00 hours, battleship Kongou was en route from Hikari Seaport to Boston-666 when ambushed by an unknown submersible attack craft (see A). The vessel initially attacked from a submerged position, demonstrating use of subsurface-surface laser cannons and vertical-launch "Keel-Breaker" torpedo rockets. The foe's presence underwater prompted Kongou to shift to her land fit-out to present a smaller target.

The Enemy's inability to strike Kongou in this smaller formation goaded it into surfacing, where it demonstrated a large scale energy cannon (See B1, B2). Kongou managed to avoid serious damage, though lost transverse ability on Turret Z.

With the enemy surfaced, it was now vulnerable to Kongou's arsenal. She greeted it with a broadside and then changed back to her Ocean fitting, ramming the machine. This prompted it to wrap around her and open fire in close quarters. Damage was severe for both parties, including the destruction of the enemy's defensive shield.

It retreated and prepared its primary weapon again. Without the shield in place, Kongou was able to destroy the weapon, causing the enemy vessel to explode with no way to disperse the built up energy.

Kongou sustained heavy damage in the encounter and, by the end, became unable to navigate. (See C) She reported heavy flooding and fires on all decks. At 19:12, Kongou sank by the bow.

I'm very sorry (See D).

  • A-- Grainy WW2-era photograph of a large sea-serpant like machine with maneuvering fins. Each section of its body appears to be a subsurface engine. In this picture, it is surfacing in an arc where the head has nearly struck the surface before the tail even emerged. Kongou's Ocean fit-out is also visible, giving a sense of scale. The machine is quite a deal longer than she is.
  • B1-- The Arma's triangular head has unfolded into pincers, with a large glowing ball between them that has resulted in the film's overexposure around its head.
  • B2-- A massive explosion close to a mile across. It is very obviously nuclear in nature.
  • C-- Kongou in her human form, battered, burned, and smoldering. She floats on her back, heavy in the water and starting to submerge.
  • D-- The Type 0 Observation Plane fairy prostrating in apology, her toy-sized aircraft in the background.


It's cold. Peaceful. Empty and alone.

At the bottom of the sea, a girl in a tattered, burned white hakama rests where she has fallen, propped up in a sitting position against the ruined metal kit attached to her hips. Unmoving, though peaceful, she seems lifeless.

A thump resounds through the depths, like the first lub of a heartbeat. By the second beat, the girl's fingers twitch. A second thump-thump, twitching fingers cause a curious crab to scuttle away.


The girl's eyes snap open, glowing from within with a cold crimson light.



Site of battle between Kongou and the Type 6 Anti-Daughter Arma

Patches of burning oil and floating wreckage still litter the sea, providing light in the otherwise featureless black expanse of rolling ocean and night sky. The darkness of the water is interrupted by a tiny, faint prick of red light in the distant depths. This rapidly grows in size and brightness, approaching the surface.

Upon reaching the surface there is a colossal explosion, a burst of foam and seawater in all directions. As water hurled skyward re-acknowledges gravity and descends as salty rain, it falls upon the shoulders of a pale-skinned woman in black, a harness of twisted metal wrapped around her hips.

A single hand, crafted from crimson bones, reaches down. It's met by the rising head of a mutilated eels' head, covered in jagged metal plates and large silver-tinged teeth. Those fingers rest upon it, petting as one would pet a trusted pet. When satisfied, the dragon-like head recoils and the girl steps forward, disappearing through the flames and wreckage, into the black of the night.