Ascend (Rhapsody)

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Ascend (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 30 August 2016
Location: Ravnica
Synopsis: Rhapsody tries to send a message to Yunomi
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: Moeru

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               A message was received.

A friend, a new friend, had reached out to Rhapsody while she was in the lair atop Thirix, coordinating drones, the Izzet League, and so much more. She refused to offer assistance to this 'Ijiwaru' and yet in the middle of the night someone called her, her and Richard Stadler, to provide a thread for them to cling to. While uncertain what Stadler would do as a result, Rhapsody had only one course of action.

       Much like the week before, the guildmaster ascended the communications tower above Thirix to the tiny netsuke charm, and the artifact it rested on. She had wished that her own message of hope would reach Yunomi wherever she was. Now, however, she was changing the message. She had never lost hope. That message was more for herself than Yunomi, in hindsight. Now, however, a message would be sent that was for the tanuki alone. With the new message imprinted, the dragon would descend back into Thirix to resume her efforts, to check on Thianel, to check on everything, and then, sleep. Tonight she would sleep far better than the week prior. And the message?
               I forgive you.