Bad Decisions? (Rhapsody)

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Bad Decisions? (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 17 April 2015
Location: Ravnica - The Cauldron
Synopsis: Word of Stark's death reaches the Izzet.
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Starset - Down with the Fallen

The return trip from Reptilon after speaking with Allo again was calm enough. It was clear that the people of Reptilon were going to need the Izzet League's assistance sooner than later. Once Rhapsody had returned to Ravnica, she had set orders for the Magewrights, requesting a number of mana batteries, converters, a second letter to Yunomi to see if she would want to test her Mana Nexus, and then she would let the Izzet begin to do its work, feeling as though everything was running smoothly. They had time. This did not need to be rushed.

               Four Days later

The project was nearly completed. A few Izzet said they could have it done by Sunday without much complication. After that, it would simply need installation at Lavadome and then, hopefully, with no issue, the power plant of an entire planet would be reinforced. Something in the back of her head called, insisting she try to have the project completed sooner, but why? There were reports of the fight on Reptilon, one of Rex's Tyrannos had fallen, but an old grudge insisted she not care about it. She was helping Reptilon for Reptilon's sake, not for Genghis Rex. This did not need to be rushed.

               April 17 AU23, 8 AM, Ravnican Time

In the dark of night, Rizix had come, pounding on the door's to the lair that had once belonged to a far larger dragon. She knew the news couldn't be good if the goblin was so insistent, but to hear that a Union Elite had fallen, and one that had so impressed her father years earlier, was not the news she expected. 'This did not need to be rushed' roared through her head in a rage, leading to a flood of emotion that she didn't even remember how she arrived at the Cauldron, but here she was, sitting before a broken obelisk that had still not been repaired. She had once said it was a reminder of why she hated a distant alien from a distant planet... but for what? What did this grudge gain her now but a fallen ally? As her gaze shifted from the broken obelisk to the sky, a familiar sight hung in the sky. In that moment she realized the difference between herself and the one that had come before. It was time for a -change-.

"Rizix.."She knew the goblin had followed. He was like Sidonia sometimes, always trying to keep up with the Guildmaster. With his name called, he quickly made his way over from behind a dead tree that stood nearby. Before he had a chance to acknowledge her call, she began to speak again. "Tibor and Lumina are to be given all the rights and privledges they need to take care of the utilities of Ravnica. In the same vein, Tibor will be in charge of the approval of all minor requests for utility repair while Lumina will be in charge for coordinating said projects and ensuring they are completed."

A deep breath, a sigh, then her gaze would settle back on the obelisk. "Have this repaired, the time for holding old grudges is past. Also, make sure to remind me later to have something sent to New York. If you forget I'll be looking for a new secretary." Another pause, and then the Guildmaster would climb to her feet, starting to make her way back toward Ravnica.

"And, lastly, I'd like to write a letter." She'd clear her throat, collecting her thoughts while Rizix put away one piece of paper and produced another.

               "To Amalthea..."