Behind Closed Doors (Flint Hawke)

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Behind Closed Doors (Flint Hawke)
Date of Cutscene: 03 May 2014
Location: The Black Sun
Synopsis: Flint is forced to justify taking Testarossa Fate, Takamachi Nanoha, and their friends onto his ship. This was the action that officially involved his world in the Greater Multiverse.
Cast of Characters: 320

In the Captain's Chambers of the Black Sun, the lights are dim, barely illuminating the room. Most of the illumination comes from the 8 screens fanned out in front of the large chair which contains one bored looking blonde man. His jacket hangs over the back, but his hat is hanging haphazardly on his head. Instead of sitting in the chair properly, he is slouched sideways in it, one leg draped over the arm of the chair and the other planted on the ground while he picks his teeth with one hand. Each of the screens contains a figure whose face is wrapped in shadows, some masculine and some feminine.

"What you did yesterday is unspeakable. It goes against our laws, decency, and puts all of our lives in danger, Flint Hawke," A feminine voice from one of the screens lectures him, "You acted rashly, you made a decision you had no right to, and you were motivated entirely by your own greed," The feminine voice finishes, her screen dimming out as she is done talking.

"Seems rather the point of being a pirate, don't it?" Flint asks boredly, more interested in staring at his nails and cleaning them with the tip of a knife than he does to look at any of the faces on the screens. His soft red eyes are half-lidded in focus, squinting gently as the tip of a blade works at a difficult piece of dirt. Eventually, he adds, "Parley was called... by me. Parley was moderated... by me. Had I not done what you are yelling at me over, none would ever trust parley with Captain Flint Hawke again. So do not lecture me about our laws."

With a lazy motion of his wrist, he flicks the knife and sends it sailing through the screen of the woman that was just lecturing him, causing it to explode in a spray of sparks as the emitter is damaged. The man firmly plants the foot that was dangling onto the ground as a male voice speaks up, "And if these other military powers become involved in our world, what then? How many have you involved? Can you guarantee our way of life is not jeopardized?"

With a sigh, Flint rolls his head and waves his hand once more, fingers curling until just an index finger taps at a screen, "Our way of life is always jeopardized, we are Pirates. Were it not jeopardized, I would be more worried, and so too should you be." He waves a finger and then adds, "At any time you all so desire, you may come take my right to sit in these meetings. But until you catch me and do so, I intend to continue on as I will. As we are all... wont... to do."

He waves his hand and banishes the screens, room slowly fading to a higher level of light while he picks up a bottle from his table and pulls the cork out with his teeth, "What a bother..." He murmurs around the cork before spitting it out and then taking a deep drink.