But Thou Must (Shyra)

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But Thou Must (Shyra)
Date of Cutscene: 14 January 2020
Location: Last Illusion
Synopsis: Shyra visits the saved Finaria and enjoys the ambiance. So why is she sad?
Cast of Characters: Shyra

The day is pleasant in Finaria. Shyra wanders about the village, taking in the sights and sounds of the simple place. The town is intact. It is a miracle, wrought by the brave hands of those who put themselves in the path of the deadly Evil Knight... Mordred, it seems, is just as incredibly powerful as Linehart was.

She sits among the villagers, watching them mill about as they are wont to do, the light, pleasant music playing in the background. Just... Letting it go. They have time again. She even wanders about, talking to them all, listening to the things they say... Just as they always have.

It never changed. They are the same as they always were. Always have been. It nearly drove her to madness before, but there is a soothing certainty about it for now, a crystalline moment in time. A time of happiness and innocence. Do they know what happened before? What could have happened again?

She pauses at the small plots of farmland, poking at the green sprouts in the earth. She makes happy little noises at the lush little leaves. She knows they will never actually come to harvest, but that's all right. Why did she never notice before? So many questions now without answers. Things have gotten so complicated since she saw The End. So many things that have been done. Still have to be done.

She visits the Tavern again, the jaunty music causing her to hum along as she samples the neverending chicken legs once more. She does, however, refrain from drinking the ale. The smell is quite enough. Her expression changes when she finally leaves the tavern, and notices something out of place. She looks upon the man that is staring at a medallion. He's different... And she remembers. He is the one who they spoke of. The one who knows.

She steps up to him and says, Please come with me. There is a look of confusion for a moment from Jude, but he nods, standing up and following along. Please board the airship. We'll start you a new life in a new place.

Do you think it would make a difference? All right... Jude follows along, walking with Shyra out of town, but there is a moment at the edge where she stops, a strange look on her face as she looks down to the ground. Jude is already walking past her, not noticing this immediately.

It's when she speaks that he stops. I'm sorry.

For what?

There is no answer.