Christmas 2015: Gifts (2) (Gudako Ordria)

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Christmas 2015: Gifts (2) (Gudako Ordria)
Date of Cutscene: 23 December 2015
Location: -
Synopsis: Christmas gifts!
Cast of Characters: 908

Shin: To the Hero of Fists, an enchanted scarf that never stops flapping. Even when there's no wind, it flaps dramatically to the side. It's close to seven feet long to accentuate the effect, and if damaged Shin needs but invest a bit of his energy into it to repair it. The gift is not signed from Gudako, but from Berserker.

To the Fangs of Nidhogg: Group members receive a patch in the likeness of the official group insignia, which can be magically grafted onto their choice of clothing:

Sanary: Six bullets for her gunaxe. Rather than offensive spells they're imbued with an assortment of blessings from Caster, allowing Sanary six buff shots without having to spend her own magic on it like she normally would have to. Also a second group emblem for her shield.

Janine: A fancy new fencing sword! It's not magical or anything, but it's a pretty good one. Also a written promise if she lays a hand on Caster again she won't be responsible for what happens.

Misha: A Lyner effigy. It can only transmit minor annoyances, not real pain. (OOC: And also if he ever gets annoyed at it OOCly it will break. Consent etc.)

Finna: A box of dog treats and a chew toy.

Yuna: Elizabeth Bathory collectibles and song singles.

Riva: For generally being the sane one in the excursions, a good luck charm! From Caster.

August: Another cake.

Ark Line: Since he seems so damn fascinated by grass, a conveniently room-sized square of artificial grass. That he can put in his living room or something. Requires no upkeep! Besides maybe vacuuming once in a while.

M... maybe more gifts coming if I forgot people?