Complications (Allo) (TP)

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Complications (Allo) (TP)
Date of Cutscene: 08 April 2015
Location: Reptilon
Synopsis: The discoveries under Freeport bring up more potential future problems
Cast of Characters: 724
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future


Even though he was on the other end of the video comm-link Roman still flinched when the clenched fists slammed into the screen on Tricero's side. The bitter contention between the former Triceracop and both Blackhorns, Styraco or his father, was not a secret amongst Tricero's previous fellow officers. But that was why Roman had called him personally, knowing it was likely important to the Dinosaucers and their dealing with the allies of the Tyrannos.

The brief outburst didn't last long though, and Tricero recomposed himself into his usual noir-esque gritty neutrality. "Did they recover anything from the lab?"

"No directly, sir. The armor clad Earthling from the Union did considerable collateral damage to the equipment. He made it look like crossfire in the fight with the mutants... but a good cop knows intentional evidence damage when he sees it." Roman huffed softly. "They did take some of the salvage though, and I heard one of their allies muttering about 'using her powers' whatever they may be, to try and fix it."

"Means it will still take them time to put anything together." Tricero grumbles. That Styraco had even a chance of getting claws on some of his father's work made his frill twitch, and not in that pleasant way when some female at a seedy bar was stroking it while he was chugging a cold one after a long day on the beat. Yet, Reptilon had bigger threats to worry about right now, and as much as this made his personal obsession flare, he couldn't abandon Allo when the Dinosaucers needed him mos .. Oh for crying out loud, he was internalizing to himself again. Never could get rid of that habit. "What about the specimens?"

"I tried to recover the two-necked sauropod, but it's injuries were too far for field medicine to save. They got two of the raptor... things." Roman hung his head, which was an almost comical looking expression due to his sauropod neck. "I'm sorry sir, I was focused on getting the wounded and the non-mutant survivors out of there... Was that wrong?"

Fists clenched again, but Tricero forced himself to subdue the temper flare this time. The officer was only doing his job, to help the people of Reptilon. Regardless of which side of the lines they stood. Civilians and their home first was the Triceracop creedance... One he hated to admit he often overlooked when the Blackhorns came up. "No, you did the right thing. Innocents first. Good work, officer." Tricero saluted, and Roman returned it briefly before the transmission ended.

And then Tricero stomped from the room so fast he didn't bother picking up the chair after his tail smacked it over. Tricero knew the Blackhorns, and it wasn't just Styraco getting some of his father's goods that concerned him. It was the fact that this was likely NOT the only hidden lab he'd left behind. And either the Tyrannos or their allies could use 'helping' Reptilon as a cover to search for more of them. He was being a bit of a conspiratorist, he admitted that to himself. But the potential was too great to not consider it.

Either way, he had to talk to Allo, and now.